Republican Senator: Fox News ‘Totally Not Fair and Totally Not Balanced’

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.22.11 AMMost liberals are well aware that when it comes to reporting the news, Fox News is an absolute joke. Their slogan is “fair and balanced,” but it’s obvious to anyone who’s even the slightest bit objective that they’re neither.

Which is fine. If they want to be a shill for the GOP, go right ahead. But at least admit to it.

As a liberal, I’m more than willing to admit that MSNBC clearly caters to a liberal audience. Heck, most liberals wouldn’t disagree with that. Even if many might claim that while MSNBC might be bias, they still don’t come anywhere close to Fox News when it comes to blatant partisan propaganda.

In fact, I pretty much agree with that assessment. MSNBC is partisan, but it doesn’t really try to hide that fact. It doesn’t masquerade as the network giving “fair and balanced” news. It doesn’t go around telling its viewers that they’re the only network they can trust.

That’s what Fox News does.

Well, it seems even a fairly right-wing Senate Republican, Tom Coburn (R-OK), doesn’t think Fox News is “fair and balanced.”

While speaking at Tulsa Community College in Oklahoma, Coburn said, “There are certain shows on Fox I can’t watch. Because they’re totally not fair and totally not balanced. What I want is, I want all the information in which I can make the best decision.”

Interesting comments to say the least. It could be that Senator Coburn isn’t afraid to be a little more candid knowing he’s leaving the Senate at the end of this year due to his declining health. In fact, this was his last town hall he’ll hold as a Senator.

The main question I have is, which shows does he claim are “fair and balanced”?

Fox & Friends sure as heck isn’t. Neither are The Fix or Outnumbered. Looking at their primetime lineup, the best bet for any kind of impartiality might be Megyn Kelly, but even she clearly leans to the right.  But you damn sure couldn’t call Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly “fair and balanced.”

So which programs exactly was he talking about? That’s the question I’d love for him to answer.

But regardless of his answer to that question, at least he’s one of the few Republicans I’ve ever seen admit that Fox News isn’t some beacon of “fair and balanced truth.” And while he didn’t go as far as to call them a cheerleader for the Republican party, I think we can all figure out what he meant when he said this.

Watch his comments below via The Washington Post

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Stephen Barlow

    He won’t be missed, but he’s not a Grassley or Imhofe. Both of whom have been deceased yet cashing tax payer checks for years.

  • Matthew Reece

    At best, Fox News is balanced on a false dichotomy. At worst, they are completely unbalanced.

  • Haskell Cherry

    As an Oklahoman I can guarantee you without any doubt that Coburn is a JOKE!!! The guys a Right Wing Clown of the purest form. Hearing him dare to speak out against the propaganda of FUX NewZZZ is a bit surprising. He’s usually just a mouth piece for the far right wing. He was the “BAGMAN” for Ensign when he got caught cheating on his wife. Coburn is the guy that handled the payoff to the jilted husband. And he markets himself as a “Family Values Conservative”. BWAHA-HA-HA-HAAAA!!! What a JOKE. As for FUX sNewZZZ “FAIR & BALANCED” propaganda. I couldn’t care less about so called “FAIR & BALANCED” I want “FACTS & REALITY” anything else is just KOOL-AID for the RUBES!!!!

    • Jim Bean

      Where do you go for your facts and realities?

  • FMJ

    This is the first thing I agree with him on. Being from OK, I can tell you, none of the Congressmen/women, ever tell us the truth, and if we didn’t get our news from other sources, we would never know it. The Oklahoma City paper is called The Daily Republican, as that is all it is, plus it is so wrong on so many points, but that is all most of these people read, and they believe it. It really is so sad here, no one knows why they are republicans, and they can’t tell you what part of the party platform they support, but they just know they are republican. Very, very sick.

  • Jim Bean

    Fox News is a joke? Well, then, who should I be trusting to invest massive amounts of resources into ferreting out misconduct in the Obama administration?

    • Stephen Barlow

      Issa has found NOTHING. notice the impeachment talks are ZERO and the Bonehead Suit is not being filled out.

      Can you SPECIFICALLY name events that Obama is criminally liable for?

      Not talking points. EVENTS.

      • Jim Bean

        Should I interpret that to mean you can’t identify an alternate new source that invests heavy amounts of resources into ferreting out misconduct in the Obama administration or should I interpret it to mean you would prefer if no one, including Fox, do that?

      • Lawrencia

        Should we interpret that you cant name any misconduct by the Obama administration?

      • Jim Bean

        IRS/TeaParty. Fast & Furious.

      • rubbish

        I think what the writer is trying to say is that Fox should at least admit to being right wing. As a British conservative living in America, the first time I watched Fox News, I genuinely thought it was satire. In Britain, it’s illegal for a biased news outlet to operate under a banner of faux impartiality. The Daily Mail(which I read every day) is very right wing and does not pretend not to be. It still hasn’t stopped them from consistently pacing in the top 2 most read on-line newspapers in the world. Like the senator in the video says, the assumption behind opinion masquerading as actual news is ”you’re not smart enough to form your own opinion” which sadly appears to be true.

      • Jim Bean

        During the late stages of the 2012 presidential campaign, a Pew Research analysis found that Barack Obama received far more negative coverage than positive on the Fox News Channel. Yet Fox found its ideological mirror image in MSNBC. In the final stretch of the campaign, nearly half (46%) of Obama’s coverage on Fox was negative, while just 6% was positive in tone. But MSNBC produced an even harsher narrative about the Republican in the race: 71% of Romney’s coverage was negative, versus 3% positive.

      • rubbish

        I do not think you understood my point Jim, I don’t care about MSNBC’s liberal bias because they don’t try to pass it off as ”fair and balanced.” All I ask for is an acknowledgement of bias, there’s nothing wrong with a privately owned news network supporting a political party as long as they don’t deny it. What Fox does is false advertising which seems legal in america. There’s a video of on YouTube where Tom Hartman discusses why Fox News is allowed to lie to you along with a case study and comparison with other examples of false advertising in America.

    • Lawrencia

      haha you are cute little one.

    • jonjstrine42

      Ferreting out “alleged” misconduct, you mean. They have yet to find anything against the Obama administration that has any basis in fact. And even then I wouldn’t be so bothered, if only they had invested massive amounts of resources into ferreting out misconduct in the Bush administration as well. Instead, it was softball questions to members of that administration, and puff pieces that bordered on slobbering fandom when they left office.
      So, yes. Fox “News” is indeed a joke. People capable of rational thought figured this out a long, long time ago.

      • Jim Bean

        The Bush administration is in the past. The need to be informed is ongoing and constant. Few things make less sense than the “Bush gored my ox so I’m authorizing Obama to do the same.’ IRS/TeaParty and Fast & Furious are not ‘alleged misconduct.’ They are confessed misconduct. I note you were unable to offer an alternate news source and don’t like Fox which would indicate you are OK with remaining ignorant of any ‘alleged misconduct.’ People capable of rational though would not arrive at the conclusion.

      • jonjstrine42

        Sorry. But when did they find evidence linking President Obama to the IRS kerfuffle? As for F&F, seeing as how that was an maybe not a complete extension of Operation Gunrunner, run under the previous administration, but was quite similar in nature. Why wasn’t it a scandal then, and again, how has President Obama been directly linked to it?
        And I was at no point saying that “Bush did it, so Obama can too.” What I’m saying is Fox doesn’t care if Republicans are engaged in malfeasance. They only care when it’s Democrats being bad. And if they can’t find anything the Democrats are doing that rise to the level of “scandal”, well then by golly they’ll just make something up.
        As for the news sources I watch… non-existent. Haven’t had cable in two years and have never been happier. And am I really okay with remaining ignorant of supposed misconduct? If
        it were real misconduct, you bet I’d be interested. But the fake
        outrage spewed daily by Fox isn’t in the hunt for the truth. It’s all
        in the service of one political party. Don’t try and attempt to say
        that Fox does all this “ferreting out” because they’re such an honorable
        news station only out for truth, justice and the American Way. They’re
        shills for the GOP. The fact that they don’t just admit it is the
        biggest joke of all. Considering how big of a joke Fox “News” is, in and of itself, that’s saying something.

      • Jim Bean

        HAHA!! “When did they find evidence?” Good one! When have they been allowed to SEE evidence?

      • jonjstrine42

        Nice deflection. So, 11 hearings and close to 10,000 documents turned over in the F&F “scandal”, and they haven’t been allowed to see evidence?
        So, basically, what you’re saying is that you have no evidence and can’t make your case, so you’re going to try to deflect attention away from that fact.
        Got it. Nice way to never be wrong. “They did it, but I can’t prove it because they won’t give me the proof!” You can’t lose with that one.

  • Dave Suton

    So take a huge GOP donator like Murdoch, then hire the Republican press agent for two Republican presidents. Throw in a couple of billionaires buying GOP elections like the Koch Brothers…and what do you have ? Fox News. “Everything a republican wants to hear. All day. All night”