Republican Senator: Fox News ‘Totally Not Fair and Totally Not Balanced’

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.22.11 AMMost liberals are well aware that when it comes to reporting the news, Fox News is an absolute joke. Their slogan is “fair and balanced,” but it’s obvious to anyone who’s even the slightest bit objective that they’re neither.

Which is fine. If they want to be a shill for the GOP, go right ahead. But at least admit to it.

As a liberal, I’m more than willing to admit that MSNBC clearly caters to a liberal audience. Heck, most liberals wouldn’t disagree with that. Even if many might claim that while MSNBC might be bias, they still don’t come anywhere close to Fox News when it comes to blatant partisan propaganda.

In fact, I pretty much agree with that assessment. MSNBC is partisan, but it doesn’t really try to hide that fact. It doesn’t masquerade as the network giving “fair and balanced” news. It doesn’t go around telling its viewers that they’re the only network they can trust.

That’s what Fox News does.

Well, it seems even a fairly right-wing Senate Republican, Tom Coburn (R-OK), doesn’t think Fox News is “fair and balanced.”

While speaking at Tulsa Community College in Oklahoma, Coburn said, “There are certain shows on Fox I can’t watch. Because they’re totally not fair and totally not balanced. What I want is, I want all the information in which I can make the best decision.”

Interesting comments to say the least. It could be that Senator Coburn isn’t afraid to be a little more candid knowing he’s leaving the Senate at the end of this year due to his declining health. In fact, this was his last town hall he’ll hold as a Senator.

The main question I have is, which shows does he claim are “fair and balanced”?

Fox & Friends sure as heck isn’t. Neither are The Fix or Outnumbered. Looking at their primetime lineup, the best bet for any kind of impartiality might be Megyn Kelly, but even she clearly leans to the right.  But you damn sure couldn’t call Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly “fair and balanced.”

So which programs exactly was he talking about? That’s the question I’d love for him to answer.

But regardless of his answer to that question, at least he’s one of the few Republicans I’ve ever seen admit that Fox News isn’t some beacon of “fair and balanced truth.” And while he didn’t go as far as to call them a cheerleader for the Republican party, I think we can all figure out what he meant when he said this.

Watch his comments below via The Washington Post

Allen Clifton

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