Republican Senator: GOP Will “Fold Like Hotcakes” if Government is Shutdown Over Obamacare

tom-coburnYou know it’s a sad day for the Republican party when fellow Republicans, who on many issues are very right-wing, are calling out other Republicans for being too radical.  But that’s essentially what Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn did when he said that the GOP will “fold like hotcakes” following a government shutdown.

Speaking with reporters, Coburn said, “The only time you shut down the government is when you shut it down and refuse to open it until you accomplish what you want.  But we’ll fold like hotcakes.  You do not take a hostage you are not going to for sure shoot.  And we will not for sure shoot this hostage.”

First of all, he basically admits that the GOP is trying to cowardly take Obamacare (and as a result, our nation) hostage.  As I said last week, we’ve watched the Republican party transform from an actual political party to nothing more than domestic terrorists.

Secondly, he’s absolutely right.  It’s something I’ve said countless times over the last few weeks.  Unless Republicans are willing to go 3+ years without our government being funded (the time Obama has left in office) or even a full year (next year’s elections), then this whole spectacle is just that—a spectacle.

The backlash that will ignite following a government shutdown will be aimed directly at Republicans, and eventually they’ll do exactly as Senator Coburn said—-“fold like hotcakes.”

It’s just stunning how there are millions of Americans who simply don’t get this.  It’s even more terrifying that there are actually elected officials who are willing to play partisan politics with the lives of millions of Americans just so they can claim on their next campaign commercial, “I shutdown the government because I oppose Obamacare that much.”

And that’s really what all of this equates to.  It’s a group of right-wing radical tea party-backed Republicans pandering to the neanderthals within their party.  The people who are so grossly misinformed about even the simplest of facts that you can’t even call them competent human beings.

Because at the end of the day, Senator Coburn knows the truth—Republicans can’t win this.  They’re not going to shutdown the government for weeks and months on end and President Obama is in no way going to sign off on a bill which defunds his landmark health care law.

The keyword in that last sentence is “law.”  This isn’t a bill up for debate—the debate is over.  The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land.  Republicans are simply using these desperate tactics as a means of last resort to try to delay the inevitable.

Because once again, like Senator Coburn said, when all is said and done the GOP will “fold like hotcakes,” Obamacare will be funded and it will continue to be the law of the land.

And at the end of the day, these tea party-backed Republicans will have ended up accomplishing nothing — except putting the lives of millions of Americans at risk to simply pander to their far right-wing primary voters for their next campaign ad.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • RRuin

    The Republicans are determined to destroy the fabric of democracy. Their fear is the ACA will work. If they really believed it would be a mess why wouldn’t they let it happen? They know it will work and then their lies will be exposed. They’re no longer a political party. They’re a hate group and yes, they are domestic terrorists.

    • Kelli Hernandez

      This is the absolute truth. It is exactly why they fear it will work and what the outcome will be. They’re sunk. Their arrogance and sense of entitlement and years of exploiting the hate of their base, is not going to pay off for them.

      This is a huge victory for the black man in the White House they hate…

      Hopefully next year, it will also be a lose- lose for the GOP and we have a new and BLUE House…these people are sociopaths, they’re dangerous and they have to go…

      • hdusey

        It’s not only their fear that it will work…. they see it as just another “entitlement”… and God forbid we give anything else to the American poor and middle class. They have convinced their followers that the main problem with our country are the “takers”. The only problem with that is…. the TRUE TAKERS aren’t the poor and middle class…. they are the top 1%. Yes this country has seen recovery over the last 4 years, but do you realize 95% of the recovery dollars have gone to the 1% with record profits. The top billionaires have seen there wealth increase by upwards of 12 billion dollars. That is why the poor and middle class are still struggling. When are we going to take back our country?? Beginning with the 2014 elections would be a GREAT PLACE TO START.

      • RRuin

        I believe the Republicans are a hate group and they’re prepared to commit treason. What is it when they’re doing everything in their power to hurt their own country and its people. It’s treason, domestic terrorism and they should have to pay dearly for it.

      • CharlieSelf

        I believe they, or at least the rabid tea party faction, are traitors. They and those who follow them should be treated as such.

      • RRuin

        Yes! They are sociopaths. It’s all about them. The US is irrelevant, the government a tool to destroy to feed their vision of a narrow bigoted America. They want an underclass of serfs ruled by a handful of white, wealthy, Christian, straight, men.

    • Paul Shene

      Use NDAA to arrest the TPGOP terrorists and then write the CR as the POTUS wants it, with the DEMAND (not request, not optional for Congress) to approve it without amendment. If it fails to pass the House, repeat process until the GOP in the House capitulate. Only total surrender is acceptable now. (said it a year ago, and it’s still the best option)

  • AnnieRae

    Is there a petition somewhere for people to sign for a vote of no confidence in the Republican members of Congress?

  • Paul Shene

    Use NDAA to arrest the TPGOP terrorists and then write the CR as the POTUS wants it, with the DEMAND (not request, not optional for Congress) to approve it without amendment. If it fails to pass the House, repeat process until the GOP in the House capitulate. Only total surrender is acceptable now.

  • GMUPatriots

    Allen I really hope you’re right but I’m still very nervous about this, and not only because as a federal worker I won’t get to work or get paid during a shutdown. I’m nervous about this because we’re dealing with a whole different level of ideologues in the House than we’ve ever had before. Thanks to gerrymandering, several members of the House will IMO be immensely popular back home for shutting down the government over the ACA and that’s all they care about. Furthermore, unlike Gingrich’s Republicans these people can’t be led or reasoned with. It took 21 days but eventually Newt knew he lost that battle with Bill Clinton. John Boehner IMO already knows a shutdown is a disaster but his caucus won’t listen to him. What’s he to do? Even if he appeals to Nancy Pelosi for help he’s still got to convince some Republicans to cross over and vote for a clean bill.

    I’d feel much more confident about winning this fight over the ACA if it were attached to the debt ceiling bill. At that point even the Koch brothers won’t let the Tea Party Terrorists take us over that cliff because it would severely harm Wall Street. We’ve had lengthy government shutdowns before and I don’t think Wall Street is worried about this one.

    Lastly, as I read today, current benefit checks will get mailed out in October. Only new disability/VA claims won’t be processed if there’s a shutdown (unless we go over the debt ceiling too). A large percentage of the people who voted for these clowns won’t be harmed by a shutdown for weeks.

    • RRuin

      I fear for the people who will be hurt by this shutdown too. The thing is even with gerrymandering some of the people who will be hurt are in those gerrymandered districts. All this is great to the true believers, in theory. But when reality hits, they might be aware to be careful what they wish for. As for the debt ceiling. I believe the Koch brothers have no issues with breaching it. They don’t care as long as they feel they can gain more control.
      Boehner doesn’t care either. He could stop this by going to the Democrats but he’s too in love with his gavel.

      • Dee

        R Ruin, did you mean to say he is too in love with his gravel flask?

      • vocqueen

        I’m not so sure the fools in the gerrymandered districts will vote against their favorite terrorist teapublican. The teapublicans will just keep saying it’s the President’s fault and/or the Democrat’s fault,and the fools will believe them.

  • TheDivineMisterM

    You know, back in August of ’12, just three months before the election, a friend and I were on a road-trip through New England, and just for kicks we decided to listen to Michelangelo Signorile’s show on Sirius radio. I’m not Michael’s biggest fan, but we know each other and definitely respect each other as journalists. His guest that day was Bryan Fischer from the American Family Association, which we all know is a hate group, but I was impressed that Fischer would be a guest on Michael’s show and it was actually a very intelligent discussion. But at one point, Michael asked him, “Bryan, what’s REALLY bothering you about the possibility of Obama being re-elected?” and Fischer responded, “If that man gets re-elected, we will literally all watch the crumbling of the Republican Party. Maybe not overnight, it might take a year or eighteen months or so, but it’ll all be over and done with. It’s going to implode upon itself. It can’t survive if HE’S back in the White House.” Good guess, Bryan.

    • Adam Gault

      Can’t happen soon enough.

    • Karen Hayes

      very interesting. I wish I had heard yhe show. I can’t wait for the Repubs to implode!

  • Bob Bloomquist

    Of course they will. They have no other choice.

  • Jim Olson

    Well, they will have accomplished one thing; the complete implosion and destruction of the Republican party.

    • Wayne Heddinger

      finally !

    • CharlieSelf

      Yes, and about time. Today’s Republican Party makes me ashamed of the years in the late ’50s and early ’60s I was a Republican, but Ike was a different sort, a true moderate in most areas, something none of today’s Republicans would recognize.

  • CherMoe

    I don’t believe for one minute that this whole shutdown thing is over Obamacare. It’s a power play to get to the real bargaining chips …. Social Security cuts, Medicare, Medicaid, the Keystone XL pipeline and all the other “goodies” that were listed in the Republican RANSOM NOTE. More deregulation, abolishing consumer protections. ANYTHING that benefits WE, THE PEOPLE, they want to STEAL from us or abolish it. That is the REAL issue, make no mistake!

    • That makes sense. The ACA imaybe just a rally cry for a Teapublican voter base too dumb to understand how their elected representatives are doing their best to rip them off in a hundred other ways. The GOP has spent the last fifty years building the party of “stupid” from the ground up, and they know how easily they can manipulate them.

  • Linda J Glick

    Let the Teapugs ALL Fall on their “Swords”…..!

    • MrLightRail

      My pugs resent your comment.

      • Linda J Glick

        I apologize to your Pugs! They are always Adorable!

  • abs1

    As a citizen of the US I keep hoping that this will be the last drop. That the Republican Party has finally self destructed and rendered itself unable to win future elections, because no one in their right mind would vote for these rightwing extremist wackos. But as an American I know that Republicans will continue to win elections, will continue to sabotage government, will continue to push extremist anti-enlightenment hogwash. Because in America there are millions of people who are NOT in their right minds. There are millions of willing fools ready to take their bigotry and dark age mentality to the polls and vote for the biggest lunatic they can find. Because this is America. This is the Idiot Nation that re-elected George W. Bush and gave the Tea Party sweeping victories across the nation in 2010. This is one stupid country, full of very very stupid people, and the Republican Party will never run out of voters to keep them in power.

    • Adam Gault

      Boy did u ever say it!

  • Janet

    Republicans are now exemplars of my theory: “other people’s insecurities are your worst enemy.”

  • Sanguinocrat

    If ACA succeeds, I guess the only thing left for the GOP is outright election fraud as I just don’t see how voters could possibly vote for a party that has done nothing for eight years.

    • Wayne Heddinger

      they have already planned it !

    • We NEED real campaign reform

      How would the GOP committing election fraud be different from any other election in the past 15 years?

  • I doubt the GOP will implode over this. Some thought they were through in 2008 when President Obama was elected but the GOP reinvented itself as more stupid, more obnoxious, more racist than ever before and managed to win back the house in in the mid-terms two years later. The party of “stupid” isn’t at all stupid at it’s top level, which consists more of powerful CEO’s lobbyists and political operatives than elected officials. It’s stupid at the grass roots level and the guys at the top have been building on the “stupid” foundation for fifty years, successfully convincing their supporters to vote against their interests the whole time. And they’ve been very good at it too. So long as corporate America can throw unlimited sums of cash into Teapublican party coffers, they will continue to thrive no matter how stupidly they behave. Their voter base is too stupid to notice.

  • TK

    So why isn’t this group of republicans, grabbing hold of their party and doing what’s right for this country. Are they just willing to stand by and let this crazy conservative group hold our nation hostage? As a progressive, I respect your right to a different opinion then mine, but I expect you to come to the table with the best interest of all Americans not just the tiny group with all the money. The problem I see with the ACA, it should go farther then it does. I think it has been compromised as much as it can be for now. If the republicans are willing to shut the government down because we won’t go further, then I think we should go for broke and have universal health care.

    • CharlieSelf

      I may have misunderstood, but I read somewhere that this whole deal swings around 40 Grover Norquist lovers who have expropriated the power of the entire Congress to serve ol’ Grover. He’s an unelected evildoer who needs to be thoroughly investigated, charged, and, if convicted, jailed.

  • dave

    i guess democrats will make some gains in the house in 2014

  • Patch

    No what’s sad is Cruz and others are becoming martyrs to their cause. Millions of people don’t like Obama and think what they are doing is a valiant effort to stop Obamacare. Cruz and others are simply going to say “look how far we’re willing to go for you to stop this for YOU”. Many Americans are buying into it too. They know there’s no way to possibly stop funding Obamacare this time around but think that by trying they will pickup support in 2014 not lose it because premium costs are going up in many states. What people don’t seem to realize is yes they are up but if you don’t use your services companies are going to pay you back %80 of your cost. But that wont be seen until 2015 as rebates and refunds are given out AFTER the 2014 elections. Only 2014 will tell if they were right or not about picking up votes.

    Whatever you do don’t think 2014 is in the bag because that usually means lower turn outs and republicans are loyal and get themselves out to vote more than democrats do. If everyone turns out democrats tend to win if few show up republicans invariably do. So the only way to win in 2014 (mid term elections have much lower turnouts) is for people to actually show up and VOTE not just complain about things and think no one will put up with this so I don’t have to vote or you WILL LOSE.

  • Jo-Ann Lumley

    The Republican Party would be delighted to see the American economy in shambles when President Obama leaves office. Then they can say “I told you so” and they do NOT care who they hurt to accomplish this. Every thing
    else is a smoke screen or a means to that end.

  • Jeff

    You progressives really have no clue. Have you looked at the state of the economy after five years of liberal policies debacles. Obamacare will be the nail in the coffin. Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money.

  • That is still only “color of law” not a law.

    A law has to have its justly derived powers and this does not.

    Follow the line of authority:
    The only entities with rights are individuals. Not groups, not states, not
    governments. They have no rights. The only entity with rights is an

    These are called natural rights by one John Locke and many others.

    The individual, however, can give privilege to a government to help protect
    those rights and use the collective power of other interested parties
    to fend off those that would oppress them and take their rights away.

    The government however, cannot do anything beyond the rights of the
    individual. Whatever an individual can do morally, then the government
    may be given privilege to do (but it has to be given permission). The
    permission is in the form of a contract.

    The Constitution is the contract for the Federal Government. It was signed
    by representatives from the people of the states. (Not actually by the
    States themselves, although there is some shenanigans about corporations
    not being able to contract with live people but that is distracting and
    totally esoteric.)

    So the Constitution is actually not a contract that binds the people, but
    binds the Federal Government to what privileges the people have given
    it. It has very specific enumerated powers that are justly derived. But
    if it ever does anything that is outside of those specific enumerated
    powers, then it no longer has the authority given to it by those with
    the authority and it just a tool of tyranny.

    You cannot morally force your neighbor to buy a crab apple pie you made out of mud and I cannot force you to buy my health insurance. The
    government cannot either.

    The ACA is unconstitutional as it disregards the justly derived powers and
    is very much outside of its specific enumerated powers.

    The Supreme Court cannot declare itself the interpreter of
    Constitutionality either under judicial review and did so in error in
    1803 (the Founders talked about this and still did not include it in
    the Constitution on purpose, and while there are implied rights
    maintained by the people, there are no implied powers unspecified). It
    merely can correct the federal government, it cannot amend the
    Constitution by majority vote from 9 unelected person. Only 3/4ths of
    the states can approve an amendment.

    Furthermore, anything added to the Constitution that violates the source of the authority (individual rights) is null and void immediately whether it is
    approved by both house, the president and the supreme court or not.

  • hoser4

    Now that the Republican Party has assumed Best Death Panel status I MUST get health insurance. That is the (R) mandate.