Republican Steve King says Liberals “Don’t Like the Constitution, They Don’t Love This Country”

steve-king-1Iowa Republican Representative Steve King has made quite the name for himself by making asinine comments.  Granted, many Republicans have made a name for themselves by doing this, but his are often so outlandish even other Republicans have distanced themselves from this lunatic.

Speaking in front of a group of young conservatives calling themselves the Eagle Forum Collegians, King babbled on about how he took the naturalization test and if President Obama took it, he would fail the part about what kind of economy the United States has.  The answer, of course, is free market capitalism.

Personally, President Obama seems to be doing a great job at capitalism.  Considering corporate profits are up, stocks are at all-time highs and the rich have never been richer—capitalism is working just fine under our current president.

However, that’s also the problem. The rich are doing great, big business is doing great, but ninety-eight percent of Americans are falling behind.

King said:

“Forty-seven percent of the students in college don’t believe in capitalism?  What is happening America?  That’s because the leftists have done this thing: they have verbal jackhammers, they have keyboard jackhammers and they are chiseling away as if they had a jackhammer at the beautiful marble pillars of American exceptionalism.  They don’t like the constitution, they don’t love this country, they don’t appreciate the greatness of America, they don’t think of this country the way I do.”

I have no idea where he got that “forty-seven percent” of students don’t believe in capitalism.  Maybe that number is true, maybe it’s not.  Who knows.  But if it is correct, maybe it’s because these people have grown up during the years of “Reaganomics” and see exactly what unregulated capitalism looks like.  They’ve seen the richest among us get richer while everyone else suffers.  Those aren’t ideological talking points, they’re indisputable facts.

When he whines about “verbal jackhammers” and “keyboard jackhammers,” does he mean technology and education?  That we’re using social media, the Internet and big words to “chisel” away at “American exceptionalism?”  What the hell is he even talking about?  Is he mad that liberals use technology better than conservatives?

I apologize that we’re more educated and tech savvy.  I guess if we just have a good ol’ fashioned hoedown at the Clampant farm every Sunday after church we’d be more on the level of many conservatives.

Then comes the claim that we don’t love the Constitution or love this country.  Complete and total garbage.

Exactly where are conservatives “constitutional?”  Well, other than in their minds.  In the minds of most conservatives, if they feel something should be Constitutional, then it is.  The Affordable Care Act was deemed Constitutional by our Supreme Court, as was the right for women to have an abortion, but the record tells us Rep. King supports anti-choice laws and has done everything he can to block the implementation of “Obamacare.”

Oh, then there’s the whole First Amendment conservatives like to ignore.  You know, that little part that gives Americans the “freedom of religion.”  Yes, by all means, go ahead and pass a Constitutional Amendment that bans same-sex marriage on the premise that it violates some religious definitions of the “traditional family” and prove how “Constitutional” you are.

It just baffles me when Republicans like Steve King say liberals don’t love this country.  It’s such a stupid, ignorant, blanket statement that has nearly no factual backing.  We don’t love the country conservatives are trying to turn this into.  You know, something ruled by theocracy blended with Ayn Rand philosophies.  A society ruled by sociopaths.

And of course we don’t view this country the way he does.  We’re not some right-wing fanatical lunatic spouting off idiotic comments like he’s trying to win some contest of, “Who’s the biggest idiot in Congress?” (a hard one to win these days with all the competition out there).

We believe in equal rights for all Americans.  We believe health care should be a right, not a privilege.  We believe in helping the poor and building the middle class.  We believe in actual freedom, not the illusion of it under the guise of religious control.  We don’t believe that a handful of Americans should control the vast majority of our wealth.  We believe greed does exist.  We believe in science, history and math.  We believe in reality.

You know, everything that individuals like Rep. Steve King don’t believe in.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • johnbuoy

    I take issue with his use of the phrase “American Exceptionalism”. The USA is now exceptional in it’s poor education system, massive number of gun deaths, lack of empathy for the healthcare of its citizens and ass-kissing of huge banks and copororations.

    • Why5ks

      @johnbouy, American Exceptionalism is one of those terms that conjures up visions of grandeur within the minds of the masses. It has no actual meaning and you will never hear it defined you are just supposed to feel good because WE ARE EXCEPTIONAL, doesn’t that make you feel good and all your problems disappear? You know how the Tea Party and Republicans all continue to say “Support Our Troops”. How are you supporting them? You want to increase Defense Spending and use our military as the bully force to go into Syria, Iran, Iraq, and any other place on earth to push people around, that is true. But that isn’t supporting the troops that is supporting an ideological viewpoint that is actually supporting the Industrial/Military corporations. Supporting our “troops” would mean paying them a wage commensurate with the job they do not making them apply for food stamps and then cutting them. It would mean taking care of the Veterans and their families who have suffered and endured hardships to defend this country. It would mean taking care of all the healthcare needs of those disabled while serving and not making them resort to a national fundraising plan like “Wounded Warrior Project” or “Paralyzed Veterans of America” to take care of basic needs of those returning to their homes forever damaged by their patriotic duty.

      • kurt

        ummm, did you read the second sentence of johnbuoy’s post?

        i would suggest you two are in full agreement.

      • Why5ks

        I know we are in agreement, I was just expanding the thoughts he had started.

      • kurt

        i see. it seemed like “you” meant johnbuoy, but i guess it was people in general! thx.

      • Why5ks

        You are aware that “you” has various meanings? You can singularly mean you as an individual, or you collectively as in all of a group. I was using the later meaning in what I wrote.

      • kurt


    • Marco127

      You, like most liberals in my experience, clearly do not even understand the meaning of the term “American Exceptionalism.” The term does NOT mean that Americans are somehow better than everyone else. Nor does it mean that the USA should rule over all the nations of the world. What American Exceptionalism MEANS is that the principles affirmed in our founding documents are magnificent and exceptional in the history of the world. What it MEANS is that the concept of individual, God-given (rather than government-granted) rights that are therefore un-alienable and that belong to every human being equally, is a NOBLE CONCEPT, and one that is better than the ideas that form the basis of other governing systems in the world. What it MEANS is that the American experiment should be a model for the world to look at and seek to emulate. Has the USA fostered injustice at times? Certainly. But when it did so, it was in denial of the principles enshrined in out Constitution and Bill of Rights – not in agreement with them. American Exceptionalism is perfectly justified and should be unabashedly embraced by all Americans.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        hey scumbag…………Im a 55 yr old self employed CHEF( 26 yrs) who is delightfully liberal and centrist as I abhor the regressive crybaby white trash “conservatives” ( conserve WHAT exactly???? crappy rights for all who are NOT white scum CHRISTIANS???) and I know that phrase is simply a phrase to promote MORE capitalism. BUY and be ” exceptional”!!! get the big house and fancy car and ostentatious clothing –on CREDIT– while uber wealthy get MORE wealthy screwing the middle class and lower class .Your so-called GOD given rights MUST be ratified BY the government. GOD aint part of OUR equation,,,,, bur the trash on the right have 2 bring JEEEESUS into everything TRYING 2 say we are a Christian nation. we are NOT a Christian nation. we are a republic which allows equality of ALL religions ( except when white trash Christian scum cry about mosques and jews and hindus and all OTHER cartoons of religion. When the regressive RIGHT has the (for now unwanted) ability to truly “embrace ” people of other backrounds we will indeed be the AMERICA the ‘founding fathers’ wanted

      • Marco127

        No, we are not a nation which allows equality of all religions. We are a nation which allows the free practice of any religion in ways that don’t infringe upon others’ God-given rights. If we were a nation that treated all ideas or religions as equal, a Muslim would be able to kill someone for leaving Islam inside the United States. However, in the United States we affirm freedom of conscience, which means that a person can choose to believe whatever they want, and to change their beliefs, including being an atheist, and to talk about it as openly as they wish, even if their speech is offensive to others. This is what is exceptional about America.

      • Ana Waybur Hale

        Would that all you say about American Exceptionalism were true but in the real daily world- how it manifests is as a belief in American superiority, a justification to bully and dominate, to control resources as we inflict war and violence on other countries in the name of American “interests.” We’ve rarely practiced as a nation some of the ideals on which this country was founded. However, if one reads closely the words of many of the Founders, these ideals were always designed to prioritize privilege and wealth— To ensure that the wealthy would not be subjugated to the claims of the masses relative to a decent life, protection under the law, etc. The people were “a great beast,” viewed as a danger to governance by the few, whose primary concern was maintaining power and protecting their wealth, to wit, Shay’s Rebellion (just one example). We haven’t fallen far from that tree these days.

    • regressive rightwing trash

      and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t forget the exceptionalism we sadly have regarding regressive white trash Christian rightwingers who want us to PRAISE “their” JEEEESUS and give money ( tax free) to a scumbag business church

    • Ana Waybur Hale

      More people in prison per capita than any other country, still utilize capital punishment, more poverty and hungry children, increasingly militarized police forces, racial, ethnic and religious intolerance— yep. So much to be proud of.

      • Animal63

        And military spending which equals that of the next 25 countries COMBINED, 24 of which are ALLIES.

    • Animal63

      The Romans thought they were exceptional. Look what happened to them.

  • The Green Devilish One

    We’re exceptional in that ours is the only 1st world country that is a defacto theocracy and we don’t have universal healthcare. AmeriKKKa, FTW!

  • DAV

    You obviously don’t understand the Republican interpretation of the first amendment – it means you are free to follow their religious beliefs and they are free to punish you if you don’t. Clear as day “Freedom of religion” to conservative Republicans.

  • crabjack

    And where in the constitution does it say that ours is or should be a free-market capitalist economy?

    • Why5ks

      It doesn’t and mainly because the Theories of Capitalism weren’t even published until 1776 in “Wealth of Nations”. During the founding of this country we were an Agrarian/Mercantile economy. Which meant farming and skilled tradesmen accounted for the majority of our economy. The growth of Capitalism in this country can be traced by the decline of the Whig party. The years between Jackson and Lincoln were when the Industrial Revolution took firm hold in this country and the Civil War was the final straw in securing Capitalism as our economic system. The free market part always has been and always will be a joke because we use government repeatedly to alter and adjust our economy to our personal wants and desires.

      • Marco127

        This is nonsense. Capitalism has been the basic and most just economic system throughout all of history. The use of government to falsely manipulate and distort the markets you refer to (AKA cronyism) is embraced by (and increased by) big-centralized-government – i.e. liberalism / statism.

      • Eric

        You’re an idiot, and yes this is an insult because I don’t have time to deal with fools like you.

      • Marco127

        That’s about the answer I would expect. Take care.

      • Why5ks

        You have to be a troll to make that statement. So which news (Republican mouthpiece) agency or elected official do you work for anyway? Just coming on to this website to try and distort the truth and confuse people looking for real answers. Too bad for you some of us have been to college and studied this stuff. We come on these sites to try an enlighten people with facts and counter act idiots like you. I say you must be a troll because no one could be that sure of themselves and be so completely stupid at the same time.

      • Marco127

        “counteract” is one word. No, I am not working for anyone. And I am within months of a PhD. Perhaps you should step out of your echo chamber once in a while.

      • $80856350

        What is your PhD going to be, English? It certainly can’t be economics.

      • Ana Waybur Hale

        What makes Capitalism a just system? It is driven solely by profits not justice, human rights or compassion. Does it oversee or censor itself? Does it rein itself in? What we see now is unregulated capitalism run amok.
        Where do you get the idea that government has manipulated and distorted the markets in ways not beneficial to this economic system? Currently the rich are as rich or richer than they have ever been, corporate profits and the stock market stand at record-breaking heights…. Capitalism is THRIVING in America.

      • Marco127

        Hi Ana, capitalism is just because it allows people to create their own way and it protects their rights to that which they have created and/or engaged in honest commerce/exchange to secure. Capitalism, it is important to note, cannot function without a strong rule of law and equality under that law. But these things being in place, there is no need for anyone to “censor” or “rein in” capitalism … it results in a just outcome naturally, as millions of independent people seeking their own interests and those of their families naturally provide goods and services that elevate the entire society. It is not, by the way, unjust if some people have more than others – only if they gained it unjustly. There are stages of life and other dynamics, but in a capitalist society there are no classes, and there is opportunity for everyone. Socialism, on the other hand, gains a foothold only by appealing to people’s covetousness and greedy feelings against their neighbors. I suggest reading “Capitalism and Freedom,” by Friedman if you truly want to understand why free markets are most just.

      • Ana Waybur Hale

        Do you actually think the inequities present in the country now are just along with the ways this HUGE gap has been engineered?
        No CLASS under Capitalism? Wow. Guess I missed that.
        Free markets which are unregulated and/or given a leg up by government in the form of the immense subsidies and legal blind eye we see now being given to the fattest corporations are exactly what has led to the brutal disparities millions of people are suffering now.

      • Marco127

        Correct. No class under capitalism. Class exists when there is no opportunity for mobility. Capitalism is the only economic system that preserves the opportunity of mobility for anyone, because it affirms the rule of law under which everyone is equal and also protects property honestly gained. This does not mean everyone will achieve the same results – what happens is based in large part upon what is important to any given individual, the choices people make, how hard they work and how smart they work, and how they choose to live. One person may dream of a big house and a boat and work very hard to achieve it, another may take satisfaction in a simple life as an artist living on the road, etc. Again, the problems you point out (i.e. subsidies or bailouts) are NOT capitalism – these are cronyism and government meddling by picking winners and losers.

      • ProgressiveVoice

        “Socialism, on the other hand, gains a foothold only by appealing to people’s covetousness and greedy feelings”

        I thought you claimed we were a capitalist society. The above sounds like the perfect one sentence definition of our economy being demonstrated as I write, on Thanksgiving 2013.

        “independent people seeking their own interests and those of their families naturally provide goods and services that elevate the entire society”

        This quote sounds more like Marx restated than a definition of “Capitalism.”

      • Marco127

        Socialists get support by making people angry at others who have more than they do. Socialism (which is hiring the government to steal from your neighbors and give their property to you) is immoral and evil.

        Capitalism affirms laws and the right of a person to that which they have earned or traded honestly to acquire (also known as “property”).

        Socialism does not elevate a society. It deadens the human spirit, destroys goodwill, fosters corruption, and stifles creativity and innovation. Capitalism does the opposite on all counts (except that I would add: God having his place in society is also an important element of the goodwill aspect).

    • Marco127

      Where it talks about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as unalienable rights. Also the commerce clause, which does not permit government to compel purchase of a product or service – this was the one bright light of the Obamacare Supreme Court decision, which underscored this fact.

      • crabjack

        Still nothing that mandates a capitalist economy.

      • Marco127

        I can’t help you then. A certain level of intellectual capacity is needed to have a discussion like this. Good luck to you.

      • crabjack

        My thoughts exactly. I suppose you think, along with so many other conservatives, that the founding fathers and the constitution meant for Christianity to be the national religion of the U.S.

      • Marco127

        Nope. The first Amendment protects the free exercise of religion, i.e. freedom of conscience. Therefore, no: Christian ethics are neither prohibited from influencing leaders nor prescribed for the nation as a whole. However, no policy can infringe upon the God-given rights recognized in the Constitution (so, for example, someone cannot be killed for changing religions and therefore this aspect of Islamic law is incompatible with the United States Constitution).

      • crabjack

        Now we’re getting somewhere. Someone also cannot be killed for committing adultery, so Christian law is also incompatible with the U.S. constitution.

      • slg321

        Marco – Where in the Constitution are the rights of citizens described as “God-given” ?

      • strayaway

        “Lord” is only mention once in the Constitution. God-given is mentioned nowhere. The Declaration of independence does mention that ” all men… are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted…”

        I like to point out that there is only one reason, according to the Declaration, that governments are created; “to secure these rights”. The Constitution goes on to spell out the mechanics of implementation.

      • Mister

        “Where it talks about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. Maybe you should request a refund on your PhD tuition.

      • Marco127

        You are correct about life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. However, this is a foundational principle upon which our republic separated from England in the first place.

      • strayaway

        There is one mention in the 5th Amendment. French writers had been using ‘life, liberty, or property”. Jefferson expanded on the property part in the Declaration.

        “No person …shall be…deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”
        -5th. Amendment

        There is nothing mandating a capitalist economy in the Constitution which does delegate specific powers to the federal government. The ignored 10th Amendment gives all other power to States and the people. Capitalism, it seems would find its place among the people. Otherwise, ownership is pretty much a battle between state and local governments and the people. I’m not suggesting that’s bad. Public schools, municipal fire and police departments, roads, etc. most often make sense.

        Dennis Kucinich always kept a copy of the Constitution in his pocket. That is a rarity amongst Democrats of course. I suspect his concern about Obama’s executive war on Libya was a factor in why his congressional district and Kucinich were eliminated. When he was running for president in 2008, he said he wanted Ron Paul for his VP.

  • Keith Mcbee

    They just get dummer and dummer.

    • Jerry


      • Marco127

        Yes, I think Keith was projecting!

  • kurt

    pay no attention to the idiot, steve king, in front of the gerry-mandered curtain. he is an embarrassment to thinking iowans.

  • Nicholas A Kocal

    Most republicans are anti-American and this can be easily proved by how many Americans that they hate.

  • shogun768

    The United States actually has a “mixed” economy, so either Steve King would be the one to fail that question, or the test itself has an incorrect answer if it says “free market”

  • labman57

    Free Market Capitalist: Someone who, if given the means and opportunity, would take control of the global atmospheric oxygen supply … and then charge humanity usage fees for breathing.

    Reality check — most Americans are neither pure capitalists nor pure socialists, but rather a hybrid of the two.

    Furthermore, since when is restoring the progressive income tax to pre-GWB levels and making affordable health care available to all Americans “socialist” policies? I suppose it makes a great GOP sound bite and talking point to stir up the conservative base, but in terms of substance it is little more than cotton candy for the mind.

    Capitalism can be an important component of our economic structure, because it sometimes promotes competition which leads to innovation. But the inherent danger of unbridled, unregulated capitalism is that it leaves the consumer open to abuse by a self-regulating private sector in which the only protection available is the motto: buyer beware.

    Bottom line: for many self-proclaimed American capitalists (read “profiteers”), patriotism has more to do with GREEN than it does red, white, and blue.

    • strayaway

      Progressive income taxes were not restored to pre-GWB levels. President Obama locked some of those tax breaks in for the rich.

  • Robb Thompson

    North Koreans think that they are exceptional.

    The Soviets thought that they were exceptional.

    Nazi Germany thought that it was exceptional.

    Rome thought that it was exceptional.

  • atunionbob

    No wonder they say Iowa means Idiot Out Wandering Around. He is the idiot.

  • cconover1

    The only part of the Constitution that right-wingers like is the 2nd Amendment. Probably because they don’t know any of the others. But when we had a president that removed the 1st, 4th and 14th amendments with the Patriot Act, they all just voted him another term. Not that Obama did any better by re-signing the Patriot Act, but then that’s one reason I didn’t vote for Obama in 2012.

  • Sandra Kellstrom

    I love the name of this, Forward Progressives. I’d love to hear what they’ve put forward or progressed toward. It seems as if they’re not going anywhere unless it’s back to 1776. We need to look at countries in which citizens are being treated with respect and compassion. I’m thinking Denmark, Sweden, Finland to get started. There is no such thing as American Exceptionalism. That is a phrase that first saw light in American propaganda. We are coming in dead last in every phase of life when compared to the rest of the so-called civilized world. If we can’t help people to actually see what is going on around them, then we’re pretty much going to end up a banana republic and we’ll deserve it.