Republican Who Voted Against Sandy Relief Spends Eve of Storm’s Anniversary Fundraising in New York

Tom CoburnOklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has made quite the name for himself.  Unfortunately, most of what he’s made headlines for recently has been negative.

A great example came Monday when he was in New York City speaking at the New York Young Republicans Club, at a fundraising event, on the eve of the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

Why is this so deplorable?  Well, because Senator Coburn voted against Hurricane Sandy relief.

Nothing quite like voting against money to help millions of people whose lives were devastated by a massive hurricane—then, on the eve of that storm’s anniversary, you’re in one of the areas that was severely impacted—asking people for money.

Thankfully, some Republicans in the area have taken to criticizing members of their own party who voted against disaster relief, calling upon people in the areas that were impacted to stop opening up their wallets for the benefit of these politicians that abandoned them when they desperately needed help.

House Republican Peter King called these fundraising actions “disgraceful,” and current Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota agreed.  In fact, Mr. Lhota took it a step further by saying, “I don’t like when New York City is used as an ATM for senators and members of the House who voted against the interests of New York.”

But Coburn’s disgusting behavior didn’t just stop at fundraising in the area he voted against helping — he also went on to call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid an “a–hole.”

Apparently Mr. Coburn blames Harry Reid for the problems in the Senate.  After all, he’s forced Republicans to continually set records for the number of filibusters used in the Senate, right?  He’s forced people like Texas Senator Ted Cruz to push the party so far to the right, Ronald Reagan wouldn’t even cut it in Cruz’s “perfect conservative world.”

And while I’m not the biggest fan of Harry Reid, Senator Coburn is out of his mind if he thinks Reid is the biggest problem in the Senate.

But as Rep. King said, it’s “disgraceful” that any politician who had the nerve to vote against Hurricane Sandy relief would ever visit the areas impacted seeking money from those they abandoned during their desperate time of need.  Especially on the eve of the anniversary of the storm that wreaked havoc across the northeast.

Monday’s fundraising event, and subsequent comments about Harry Reid, put on full display the true “moral character” of an individual like Tom Coburn.

He’s an absolute disgrace, and most everybody I know in Oklahoma is ashamed that he represents their state.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Michael Siever

    Coburn has already said he’s not running for re-election for another term in the Senate. His current one ends in early 2017. Why is he holding a fundraiser if he’s not going anywhere for the next 3 years? Is he running for President in 2016?

    • MrLightRail

      Or he is diverting the funds to bankroll other baggers, or to get new carpet in his second home.

  • Kim Wilson-Young

    Stay classy you piece of sh*t.

  • MrLightRail

    Doesn’t his head look huge in this pic?

  • strayaway

    CGI, the company that built the HealthcareDOTcom website is also in charge of distributing federal Sandy money. It is doing no better with that. CGI was given the job of distributing $1.7B of Sandy money but, so far, has only distributed 1.2% of that amount. Some homeowners want their $150,000 or $300,000 now so they can rebuild on this sandbar before the next big storm. Congress threw a preposterous amount of money at the people who built their houses on sand and very little of it has been distributed. CGI has enough crony connections to the White House that it will probably survive all its glitches.

    • Raylusk

      Typical conservative. Can’t stay with the real issue.

      • strayaway

        Point of fact; CGI was also the company that built the HealthcareDOTcom website and did who knows what with hundreds of millions of dollars. CGI is dreadfully slow in distributing $1.7B to people who want to rebuild. In your mind, that may not be relevant, To me it is. After all, the article vilifies Tom Colburn as this scrooge of a guy who makes people who build houses in a risky location go without. I simply pointed out that the good guys aren’t doing much better, they flubbed up an even bigger project, and have close ties to the Obamas suggesting that cronyism allows this inept, costly company to survive. Do you have any idea how corrupt and inept this makes the administration seem? This is the gang that can’t shoot straight.

    • IQdaRadical Thinker

      Whatever, jackass.

      You teabaggers are all the same…dishonest and stupid.

      • strayaway

        IQdaRadicalThinker, Nice, You sound like you come from a classy family.

      • Grand_Old_Partier

        Your post short-circuited her brain so the best she could do was to hurl petulant teen girl insults.

      • Grand_Old_Partier

        Your response is symptomatic of CRIS (cranial-rectal inversion syndrome.)

        And hilarious.

  • nellpost

    I’d like to know who gave this bum monies!!!!

    • thomasbone63

      Republican fools.

  • thomasbone63

    They need to stop giving these political whores money when they don’t give a sh*&^t about you and your pain. How stupid can people be to open up their purse strings to put money in their pockets..I’m a independent, but if I was a New York republican I wouldn’t give them sh*^t.

  • Grand_Old_Partier

    Smart people asked why he voted against the bill that included Sandy Relief. Clearly he didn’t vote against relief for Sandy victims, he’s Oklahoman. We understand how natural disasters creates victims.

    He voted against the bill because it was stuff with pork.

  • Michael Hill

    Hypocrite, thy name is Republican