Republicans Approve $310 Billion in Tax Cuts for Big Corporations, Remove $12 Million to Help Foster Children

boehner-immigrationI think the thing that baffles me so much about Republican voters is that their own party doesn’t try to hide the fact that they’re a shill for the richest among us and big business.  Nearly every economic policy they support clearly favors these two groups, while almost every cut they push for targets the poor and middle class.

Heck, a couple of years ago when all the Bush tax cuts were set to expire they essentially said that they would rather the taxes for every single American go up if it meant that taxes for the top two percent were set to return to their Clinton-era levels.  You know, when we had a balanced budget and a record-setting economy.  Luckily for us, that didn’t go over so well with most Americans, and Republicans eventually caved.

Well, their most recent blatant display of contempt towards needy Americans comes in the form of Republicans on a congressional tax-writing committee removing $12 million from a program aimed at keeping foster children out of the sex trade business.

Oh, but they made sure to keep $310 billion over 10 years in an attempt to make permanent certain tax cuts and breaks that benefit big corporations.  One of these tax breaks is sometimes called the “GE loophole,” which allows some companies to avoid paying taxes altogether.

By the way, that $310 billion in tax cuts would just be added to our deficit.  You know, the deficit Republicans continually harp on and on about being something we “must reduce.”  And while millions of Americans suffering from long-term unemployment lost their benefits a few months ago (because Republicans claimed the deficit couldn’t handle the spending) they seem to have no problem handing out billions for big corporations to cheat our tax system.

Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) said it best, “It is an incredible conflict in priorities where we can’t do $1 million a year for desperate youth, but we can do $310 billion over the next 10 years in significant corporate tax breaks that are not being paid for.”

Time and time again Republicans brazenly show the entire country exactly who they represent, yet tens of millions of poor and middle class Americans continue to vote for these corporate sellouts.

It’s no wonder people like me just can’t help but ask ourselves, “Why the hell do these people continually vote against their own interests?”

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Stephen Barlow

    Surprise, surprise, surprise.

    • I read that in the voice of Gomer Pyle. 😀

      • Xenrae

        Me too.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Ghee whiz Eddie! Why did you do THAT?

  • John Spriggs

    Time to charge them with treason and hang them and keep doing ut until we get politicians who understand its we the people not we the corporations

  • Edward Krebbs

    To make it perfectly clear, the reason we couldn’t spend $12 million to keep children out of prostitution was given as they hadn’t identified any off-setting funding decreases elsewhere in the budget (And what percent of the USA budget is $12 million ? Quite inconsequential). But the money for big business had no off-settinig funds and they voted for it anyway.

    • topmim

      We allow people to foster children and then these people sex trade them. Am I understanding this correctly? Then, the American taxpayer should spend 12 million to stop this. That this makes sense to anyone is mind blowing.

  • Outraged13

    I boggles my mind that these people still have the influence that they do in this country, especially with working people and religious people-it’s like trying to comprehend infinity. They CLEARLY have no concern for people who work for a living and they CLEARLY manipulate Christianity to fit their own beliefs. How can people NOT see what is as obvious as the nose on their own face? Then they talk about how we need to generate more tax revenue in this country and continuously give big business and the 1% the tax breaks which prevents generating the very tax revenue they say we need! It’s absolutely absurd.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      to quote the great beatle john
      ” there are none so blind as those who will not see”

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    ” oh where O where have my crybaby tea party brethren gone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, o where O where can they beeeee……………..” Im wondering,,,,,, ( sounds like glenn beck/cliven bundy) where the OUTRAGE! of the white trash religious Obama hating ( see: racist) scumbags who bemoan such SPENDING are when crap like this hits the airwaves!!
    ……………..perhaps in a tax free church; BEGGING?????
    ==================================================== to quote the greatest American EVER( bugs bunny),,,,,,,,,,,,
    ……………………..” aint I a stinker?”

    • Outraged13

      Excellent point.

  • Darkthunder

    Wouldn’t it be great, if politicians were forced to have big logos stamped onto their suits (like in Nascar), where every corporation that are paying for the politician, is plainly visible?

    • Stephen Barlow

      I would LOVE that!!!! Particularly @ the debates!!!

  • Jim Bean

    Toyota is moving their headquarters from California to Texas because of the tax incentives offered by Texas. That’s the way economics works. You could look at it as the Pubs being shills for the Corps, but you’d be wrong. Or, you could look at it as if, when you want private money invested in your country you have to compete for it rather than trying to confiscate it. Then you’d be right.

    • Xenrae

      Texas. Jobs, and no humanity. People starving, people dying for medical care the fed wants to pay for, women treated like second class. But woo-hoo, those tax breaks for business are booming!

      • Jim Bean

        New York – ground zero for leftism – is leading the way with StartUp New York. Have yet to hear a liberal complain about that.

      • Stephen Barlow

        That DOES strike Me as VERY odd. I understand it, but honestly? how many CEO’s actually watch, the Big Bang Theory? LMAO. they watch CNBC, Fox Business. Most likely have Bloomberg or a proprietary network for business news.

        But seeing ads for New York… during a crime drama.. is just a bit incongruous to Me.

      • Rob Bailey

        It’s a bit more complicated. New York has a much higher average income level, a much more educated (read liberal) population, and tax rates that are high enough to allow for investment. Texas? Not so much.
        If you really want to see a Con program in action at state level, look at Kansas.

      • Jim Bean

        If you do a search for – 10 fast growing states – you’ll find Texas on the list but not New York. That seems to directly contradict your ‘more educated’ (read liberal) theory.

      • Rob Bailey

        More Bee Ess. Pick a stat, Princess. How about per capita income? New York is about 20% higher.
        Fastest growing is mostly a function of oil price/oil industry gains. Now that we’re rocking about $75 a barrel instead of $110, that growth is ‘gonna be negative for a lot. And liberal states (read more-educated) will still be the states that are net givers to you Red State takers.

      • Jim Bean

        Wrong. You adjust that stat for Medicaid/ACA subsidies, and you’ll find the Blue states overtaking the Red as the takers. And it was always a false narrative anyway because two thirds of the takers in the Red states vote for Democrats.

    • John Patrick Lichtenberg

      What if we would rather have shitty bottom line only companies ruin other countries?

      • Jim Bean

        All companies are ‘bottom line companies.’ Its only government run agencies who operate under the concept of “who cares about the bottom line?”

      • Rob Bailey

        Love the hypocricy the cons throw out… “Run the country like a business”… “Families have to balance their budget, so should government”…
        Then there’s a fact: Companies have to use debt to invest for a future return. Bottom line. Cons are freeloaders that work in the short term to screw over whomever they can without consideration for future returns (unless they can rig the system to make sure said future returns only go into THEIR pockets).
        So… Call it confiscation if you want. A fair tax system – which we no longer have – is necessary to prevent the powerful from abusing the less-powerful. We no longer have that. So we’re screwed.

      • Jim Bean

        I agree with the concept of a ‘fair’ tax system. However, a system where 10% of the taxpayers are paying 70% of the taxes and 50% of the taxpayers are paying none falls outside my definition of ‘fair.’

      • Stuart Harrison

        Not even when those 10% hold over 95% of the wealth, and the majority of the expenditure is relevant in one way or another to enabling them to continue raking in more? Infrastructure enables commerce. Education enables commerce. policing enables commerce. Diplomacy and defence enable commerce.

        If everyone were to “pro-rata”, rather than according to a proportion of what they receive, how would you suggest the poor pay? Through indentured servitude (ie: slavery)?

      • Jim Bean

        > 95% of that wealth is not liquid. Its invested in the things that provide a hundred million people with jobs.

        > Infrastructure enables commerce, yes. Hiring someone to paint your house also enables some commerce but you don’t do it until it needs it or more often than is needed.

        > If we had half as many police, we’d still have just as much commerce.

        > Education enables commerce, yes, but we already have too many people over educated for the jobs that are available. That DOES enrich educators but impoverishes taxpayers and students.

        > 24 year old lives comfortably with mom who provides for all his needs. He does a little part time work to relieve the boredom. Annual earning place him below the ‘poverty’ threshold so Big Government gives him some of the money they took from me (EITC) . Ain’t right.

      • Stuart Harrison

        Billionaire family run a chain of department stores raking in obscene wealth for themselves while paying their workers so little they qualify for food stamps.

        Who is more resposible for the dig into your pocket – the billionaire getting rich from his poolside or the worker doing his 8+ hours a day and not getting by?

        We can both pluck examples of abusing the system, surely the debate should be about ways of making the system deal with both abuses, not using one to excuse the other.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        he will not answer u there

      • laura0109

        Jim, the arrogance and ignorance of all these liberals is painful to read. Thank you for TRYING to educate them. Good luck! You have more patience than I do for this silliness! Why in the world do they think they are entitled to money that corporations earned?

      • Jim Bean

        If I can save just one.

    • regressive teaparty trash

      notice how idiot jimbo avoids the topic presented by the author?

      • Jim Bean

        You mean ‘how idiot jimbo saw that there was hook in the bait – the hook being there to snag ‘smart’ liberals into assuming that Democrats don’t regularly use the same tax incentives they condemn Pubs for using.’

      • regressive teaparty trash

        nice try james,,,,,,,
        topic: repub cut taxes on wealthy while screwing little kids,,,
        did U read the article? cut taxes: see– ” starve the beast” in that article
        you will

      • Jim Bean

        Ah, yes. The poor little starving fat kids. Whatever will we do about that? (They weren’t starving until Michelle ‘fixed’ their school lunches.)

      • regressive teaparty trash

        you are spinning again james,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        tax CUTS for huge businesses — and do not try that ‘ job creators ” BS: they didn’t do shit in the tax cuts 2000-2008………..
        foster kids are fat kids?? jimbo…? jimbo??? U have proof of this jimbo?
        james…….U still here??? jimbo?? any facts tp back up any % of foster kids being fat? jimbo????

  • Tony Bartlett

    Obama can cancel one of his vacations to restore $12mil many times over!

    • Karen Cooper

      Why don’t you go back in time and suggest that to the laziest president of all time, Dubya?

      • Tony Bartlett

        Why don’t you go back in time and tell dad to wear a condom or mom to excercise her “right to choose” Like a good liberal? We need more people producing wealth and fewer spending their entire existence trying to get at what someone else has produced!

      • Greg

        You must be an idiot/Democrat. If you recall, G.W.B. chose not to play a round of golf while he was POTUS. He also would go on a vacation to Crawford, which was set up to be the White House in Texas. Not like Obama, who will just go to spend more of our taxpayer’s money. And the other stuff President Bush did was he didn’t have to watch TV to learn the news like the idiot in office says he finds out about news now. So face it, Obama is an idiot.

      • Stephen Barlow

        And none of the Secret Service entourage can take a message to Obo if Putin nukes Palin’s porch?

        you are deluded!!

      • Bill Baylis

        somebody should nuke Caribou Barbie’s porch

      • regressive teaparty trash

        naaaah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just give the whole clan more alcohol

      • Retrodude

        YOU must be the idiot, as GWB golfed and vacationed far more than Obama has.

      • Mark Williams

        Is that the same GWB who let the World Trade Center get destroyed by terrorists?

      • laura0109

        He LET the WTC be destroyed by terrorists??? Are you delusional?

  • Mike Rubin

    There’s nothing baffling about Republican voters at all, actually. They are as predictable as the day is long. The one thing that binds the base is that it is opposed to dark-skinned freeloaders being supported by hard-working caucasians’ tax dollars. Beyond that, government can be as big or as small as it wishes, as activist and intrusive or reclusive and moribund as it wishes, as wealth-redistributing as it wishes. Just make sure that the minorities keep getting fewer and fewer benefits until they have none and all is good.

  • Stephen Barlow

    Forget the Rich/poor conflict. Since Reds insist on “paying for’ every ‘handout’, make them JUSTIFY AND FUND these 310 Billion in TAX cuts with 310 BILLION in REVENUE from BUDGET CUTS.That’s right, make them live by their own standards. They wanna GIVE to big oil? Make them TAKE from Big Pharma.

    Let them fight among themselves for their piece of the Corruptipublican pie.

  • Jack Modena

    Well You you republicans will now reap what you sow.

  • James


  • George Bredestege

    When will it get through to the American public that a tax on corporations is a tax on them. The tax is not paid it is simply added to the cost of the product or service and is paid by the consumer, you and I? This is one of the biggest causes of inflation. It is just one more method of the government to shield how much the government is taking from you and wasting. (on treadmills for shrimp)

  • 10acres

    Trash is as trash does.

  • Jeff Laz

    And, yet, people keep voting them into office. I just don’t get it.

  • topmim

    Maybe I am too stupid to understand. We allow people to foster children and these people sex trade them. Then, the American taxpayer has to spend 12 million dollars to stop this. Does this actually make sense to you? We are doomed.

  • Shepardwong

    Mr. Clifton, the answer you’re looking for is plain and simple; you just can’t fix stupid!

  • Jesse Smith

    This is just the beginning. It will get worse, unless the sleeping giant, common hard working people, wake up and take action! The wealthy care for only one thing, more money, at the expense of the common people. Also let’s stop letting the power elite continue to divide us on many issues. This allows the elite to assume more wealth and power which weakens our country and lowers our standard of living. Let’s unite!!!

  • Be Responsible for yourself

    Corporations do NOT pay taxes. Taxing a company does nothing more than increase the cost of what they sell. Here are your options, feel free to offer another if you have it: 1) company loses profits due to increase in taxes, shareholders just paid the tax, 2) company cuts cost to make up for increased tax, employees lose jobs thus they paid the tax, or 3) company raises prices to pay for extra tax, consumer pays tax. Businesses do not pay taxes fees or even mandated increases in wages, someone else ALWAYS does. This is just economics. Sorry but this the truth which is EXACTLY why Obama cut taxes and removed regulations in his economic zones.

    • Joel Palmer

      Yes! fucking tax revenue with NO deductions; lets see ’em escape that tax; bloodsucking whores

      • Be Responsible for yourself

        How exactly does that change anything? All a business will do is increase the price for what they sell. The consumer will still be paying the tax. Please explain Joel