Republicans Are Absolutely Terrified of Hillary Clinton

hillaryI’ve seen a lot of political ridiculousness in my lifetime, but this Benghazi obsession by the right-wing media is some kind of next-level insanity.

But it’s not just their media—in January, Rand Paul called Benghazi the “worst tragedy since 9/11.”

No, seriously, he said that.

Personally, I’d say the over 4,000 American deaths in Iraq, a war which produced exactly zero WMD’s and had nothing to do with the attack on September 11, 2001, would be considered a worse tragedy.

But that’s how pathetic many conservatives have acted when it comes to the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to diminish life. Whenever somebody dies at the hands of a terrorist, it’s a tragic event. However, for the party which started 2 wars (sending thousands to their deaths) to seem disgusted and appalled because 4 Americans died in Libya—give me a break.

Especially when the vast majority of these people couldn’t care less about those who died in Benghazi.  Hell, they re-elected Bush in 2004—how many Americans had died in Afghanistan and Iraq by then?  I promise you a few more than 4.

They also seem to completely ignore the fact that American embassies suffered 11 different attacks while Bush was President—again, the same man many of them voted for twice.

But their “outrage” over Benghazi has nothing to do with the deaths of 4 Americans and everything to do with the fact Republicans are terrified of Hillary Clinton.  Somewhere in the back channels of the political world, the “talk” must be pretty definitive about Hillary and her plans to run for President in 2016.

And Republicans are flipping right the hell out.

See, Republicans did all they could to try and sabotage President Obama to get him out of the White House in 2012.  This, of course, failed miserably.  Their only recourse to this defeat was, “Well, we’ve got 2016.”

But let me break this down very simply; Hillary Clinton is popular—very popular.  How popular, you ask?  According to Gallup, she’s more popular than both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

So, if Republicans got crushed by President Obama (someone who’s seen less favorably than Hillary Clinton) just how in the hell do you think they’ll do against her in 2016?

They know they stand absolutely zero chance at beating her.  That’s why they’re trying to make Benghazi into some giant conspiracy where she’s painted as the one who was incompetent.  It’s the only thing they have that might be able to put some kind of dent in her armor.

They’re absolutely terrified, and it’s hilarious.  Even a friend of mine who doesn’t really follow politics at all (but does watch the news) said yesterday, “What is with Fox News and Republicans trying to create some huge thing about Benghazi?  I don’t even follow politics and you can tell the only reason they care is because they know Hillary is probably running in 2016.”  I just laughed and thanked him for being a great example to support my theory.

A guy with no political affiliation whatsoever, who doesn’t really follow politics (he’s novice at best), sat there and pinpointed exactly what the right-wing media has been doing with Benghazi.  He identified exactly what is going on, with absolutely no bias at all in his political ideology—because he has none.

He’s the one who posed the question to me, “Are Republicans really that terrified of Hillary Clinton?”

And the answer is, yes—very much so.

They have such an overwhelming fear of Hillary Clinton running for President that Karl Rove and friends have begun running anti-Clinton ads for the 2016 presidential election, in 2013. I never thought I’d see an entire political party so afraid of just one person.

And that’s why Republicans just need to admit that they don’t care about Benghazi—they’re just absolutely terrified of Hillary Clinton.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • So we know these guys are listening to the people since they know how popular Hillary is, but they don’t give a damn about what the people think about background checks to buy guns and them voting on a jobs bill or any of the other issues that are important to the people. The Republicans don’t care what the people want, only that they don’t want Mrs. Clinton to run for President in 2016, because they know that they will lose yet another election.

    • Dissenter

      The kleptocrats are fighting over the right to service the plutocrats.

      Obama ran as an agent of hope and change, but assumed his role as Wall Street’s water-boy.

    • You are not a very bright person lady, really you are a joke.

      • Wh don’t you shut up with the insults. Either respond respectfully or don;t respond at all.

        This is typical when you can’t come up with a good reason to oppose another person’s viewpoint.

      • John Gavel

        Ill respond to her asinine viewpoint- 1) democrats voted against the expanded background checks. Many who did had viable reasons of doing so and have purposes fixes to secure their vote. Many know that gun show and online purchases already require a background check, the problem arises with private sales. 2). Harry reid (democrat) pulled the jobs bill from coming to vote back in 2011 bit passed in 2012 w bipartisan support. 3) Hillary clinton remained w her cheating husband bc she needed his last name. Any woman with an ounce of respect for themselves knows this is not how you do things- what a role model. Hillary was not capable of leaving Bill, shes not capable of running the state department and certainly could not run this country. Stop with the jokes, we need to clear house n put individuals like hillary, biden, mccain out to pasture. They are whats wrong w america

      • I Once Was Andrew

        Hilary Clinton is what’s wrong with America because she didn’t divorce Bill Clinton? Because that’s “not how you do things”? Who the hell are you to tell the Clintons how to deal with the problems in their marriage? You, sir, are an idiot.

      • John Gavel

        Hillary’s whole political career depended on her last name being clinton. Shes a bum and a pushover, has no backbone

      • No it didn;t. If you knew anything at all about her background before Bill and her own accomplishments, you’ll see that having been married to him might’ve been a bit of a liability in terms of people like you who judge her by what he does and also by her relationship decisions.

        As far as backbone, she has plenty. But, of course, she is female, so you will judge her according to her relationship to a man and as how she matches up to other masculine tactics for dealing with issues.


      • allah_speaking

        More lunacy of the left. The only reason to come to these websites is to witness how delusional so many of you really are.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Like you? You voted for Bush twice. That wasn’t delusional? He wrecked the country’s economy.

      • kcponte

        WOW, Allah_speaking, your name says it all.

      • So this means you’ll be voting for the white guy who invokes the name of Jesus at every opportunity, then? Got it.

      • Raymond Pelfrey

        Damn Right.

      • Cathy Baumgardner

        And has a mistress stashed someplace. Give me a damn break! You act like they are the only couple who have had problems in their marriage. Maybe you should do your homework.

      • allah_speaking

        A far better choice than a proven liar…

      • kcponte

        Monica, not Allah-speaking, he will be voting for the brown man for the same reason except it won’t be Jesus.

      • Beawild

        You obviously haven’t ever met the woman. The last thing she is, is a pushover.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        So why is she so popular and why are the Republicans afraid of her?

      • kcponte

        BIne646, You are fighting a losing battle mostly because you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. It kind of sounds like you may still be in Grade School.

      • Beawild

        Hear, hear!!!

      • Um, 4 dems voted against background checks. Private sales exemptions are the reason the existing law is so weak as to be a joke.

        As far as Hillary, I don;t see what her staying with Bill has to do with anything. Seriously? Do you judge relationship decisions as harshly for male politicians? Hillary had a pretty promosing career before she even met him. She was starting to become known on a national level and was even featured on the cover of LIFE magazine for her graduation address at Wellesley and her efforts in dealing with all the Vietnam controversy and protests at her school. As far as the State Department, she ran it better than anyone who’s come along in a long time. You can’t realistically expect that she is going to be directly culpable for every thing her thousands of staff members do. Benghazi is a made up scandal. She took administrative responsibility right away and Republicans accused her of doing so to protect Obama. Then after the election, they have now flipped and are trying to blame her with no real evidence. Claiming she is incompetent just because you disagree with her politics is ridiculous.

        As for whatever else you may think of her and Bill Clinton, you should stop conflating the two. They are two different people. As for sex scandals and cheating, there are many women who choose for whatever reason to stay in the relationship. It’s no one’s business and has nothing to do with this discussion or anything else for that matter.

        Also, I wasn’t joking at all in my statement.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Remember, Mark Sanford was elected to the Senate after getting lost on the Appalachian Trail and ending up in Argentina.

      • John Cross

        C’mon, he’s a guy and a Republican. NOBODY expects to hold them to the same standards…

      • Beawild

        Crazy much? The Clintons marriage is no one’s business but their own.
        If Hillary runs, she wins. It’s as simple as that.

      • Mark Peters

        Who would you put in their place?

      • Mark Peters

        I thought conservatives would have been the ones supporting Hillary for “observing the sanctity of marriage” and “keeping to her vows”. Til’ death do us part. Not Til death (or 3rd party fellatio) do us part. I wouldn’t have blamed her for leaving but its amazing to see conservatives suggesting it.

      • Raymond Pelfrey

        I agree.

      • Baaly

        Wow, it’s wrong for one person to stay with the person they love because that person cheated? I think it’s great she did that. It shows strength of character to work through a significant life problem.

      • allah_speaking

        I’ll give you a reason. There are far too many skeletons in Hillary’s closet to be gotten rid off… and some of them are still alive and well protected and ready to come forward…

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        *SNORE* Try again. What skeletons?

      • kcponte

        Name one, Allah_speaking

      • kcponte

        Paula you realize you are asking someone from the Right to respond respectfully don’t you? They don’t even respect their own women, what makes you think they will respect Kathryne or anyone else that makes sense?

      • Beawild

        Sorry to inform you, but there aren’t enough old white guys left in the country to vote in one of the Tea Party loons.

      • Mark Peters

        Insults are not arguments. If you just insult her you hold up a banner saying “SHE JUST MADE ME ANGRY BECAUSE SHE SAID SOMETHING I DON’T LIKE BUT I CAN’T ARGUE AGAINST.”.. Did you intend to give that impression?

    • drilbit

      She has proven to lack good decision making skills under fire. She is not Presidential material, as is the case with Mr. Obama. Benghazi will be her final failure at the Presidency.

      • Cathy Baumgardner

        Sarah you really need to get out of the FOX dream world.

    • kcponte

      I am surprised that the Republicans have time to spend on Hilary because they are so busy with woman’s vagina’s.

  • Don’t forget about the ripple effect of those wars in lost treasure on our debt which the conservatives always whine about but seem determined to not pay.

  • RDnDC

    The GOP is an Orchestrated Deception Machine.

    • John Gavel

      Bengahzi coverup, irs scandal, ap subpoenas- none of which the white house knows about hahaha, man you people need to wake up- its scary

      • I Once Was Andrew

        Sorry, you lost all reasonable people at “Benghazi coverup.”

      • John Gavel

        Facts are facts man. Theyd still be saying youtube video if they could. Any reasonable person can see altering emails, shown on cnn, is a coverup

      • I Once Was Andrew

        Sounds like you’re a typical victim of the conservative media, tricked into thinking something that isn’t the case.

        Do you have a source for this nonsense?

      • John Gavel

        CNN has obtained an e-mail sent by a top aide to President Barack Obama about White House reaction to the deadly attack last September 11 on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, that apparently differs from how sources characterized it to two different media organizations.

        The actual e-mail from then-Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes appears to show that whomever leaked it did so in a way that made it appear that the White House was primarily concerned with the State Department’s desire to remove references and warnings about specific terrorist groups so as to not bring criticism to the department.

        Rhodes, White House communications director Jennifer Palmieri, and White House press secretary Jay Carney, could not be reached for comment.

        Cnn is conservative media now, stopppppp

      • I Once Was Andrew

        You’re not very quick, are you?

        Let me spell this out for you: Someone “leaked” an email that made the Obama administration look bad, (Gee, I wonder whether that someone was a Democrat or a Republican.) Then the real email came out. This is not a matter of a coverup; it’s a matter of someone trying to smear the administration.

      • I Once Was Andrew

        You people are really ridiculous with this Benghazi nonsense. I know you hate Obama, because if you didn’t, you would have said something when our embassies were attacked and people died under Bush. Did you? I bet you didn’t.

        You know, there are real problems in this country. Benghazi? Benghazi is probably a CIA op gone wrong — and publicly. That’s not good, but it certainly is INCREDIBLY far down the list of concerns you should have as an American citizen right now.

  • Can you think of the outrage the GOP will try to drum up if Michelle Obama ran with Mrs. Clinton. Those are the two most admired women in the world and that would get the vote out.

    Sadly, it would also bring out the racist vote.

    • crafty

      I like the idea of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

      • Omg, yes! As much as I like Michelle, she really has no experience. It seems like it would be more of a popularity appointment, versus merit. If she ran for some sort of public office beforehand, or something.

        But Warren is so amazing that I would LOVE that ticket!

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        CLINTON/WARREN 2016!!!

      • kcponte

        I happen to think Bernie Sanders is the only person in Congress that really gives a crap about the people. Elizabeth Warren is a good second but she is focused mostly on Wall Street.

    • John Gavel

      Admired? Her husband ran train on countless women and hillary stuck with him bc she needed his last name. Admired? You better reevaluate man, woman is a push over n a joke

      • No seriously, polls show she is the most popular diplomat in the world right now. She is head and tails above anything that the Republicans would throw at her. She would destroy them on a ballot.

      • John Gavel

        Says alot about the state of the world these days, i wouldnt trust the polls tho

      • Of course not. That’s the new trends right now. If the polls don;t match up with what you think, just deny the data. Or make up new data.

      • Bine646

        If i actually participated in these polls or if more than 100k selected individuals did i would believe them- we saw the popular percentage in the last election- country is divided. Please admit it

      • kcponte

        Bline666, really getting your ass kicked aren’t you?

      • John Cross

        Bine, your comments show that you are just another ignorant troll. Just give up already…

      • Bine646

        Give up? 3months to late to this convo queerbate, welcome tho

      • Raymond Pelfrey

        True. The Liberal Progressives do it All the time.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon


      • Dave Brown

        I can see, after the 2012 election, why you would not trust the polls!

      • Bine646

        I can see after this administrations latest moves why people are not trusting them….do not be so quick to assume i voted romney- there were other candidates which would of actually brought “change” and “tranparency”… You guys got fooled

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Rand Paul? Get real.

      • Bine646

        Rand paul ran in 2012? Naaa he didnt- alittle slow to the convo and even slower upstairs. Gary johnson baby

      • kcponte

        How did that work out?

      • Bine646

        Fine knowing i voted for real change instead of looking like an idiot getting duped by Obama haha, hows that working for ya?

      • kcponte

        Bine, I voted for real change as well, but the Republicans decided the only change that would be made in this Country was anything that would put money in the pockets of the rich, and to Hell with the rest of the Country.If Obama approved anything then the Republicans made certain to disapprove it. Your candidate was one of those that decided that he would make certain Obama would fail.

        The only ones being duped are the Republicans now that they realize the Tea Party is nothing but a bunch of Greedy Bigots that are so full of hate they would sell their souls to get the “Big Scary Black Man” out the White House by any means possible.

      • kcponte

        Surburbancuurmudgeon, don’t waste your time, I doubt if 646 was old enough to vote last election.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        People like you never do.

      • allah_speaking

        At this point, my dog could run for President and get more votes.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        More than Romney? Easy!

      • kcponte

        A dog did run last election and he won, because he was on top of Romney’s car. That turned a lot of people against him. That was the first thing that brought his incompetence to light.

      • Bill Thompson

        E.H., you say that as if it would be a good thing for her to be president. Why is that?

      • Wow. This is really the only point you keep making to every argument. Get a new one. This one is stale and not specifically related to anything anyone is saying or this article.

      • Dave Brown

        Bine; Your the joke, Why she stayed in the marriage is unknown to us, and the name is hers to keep if she so desires after a divorce!

      • Bine646

        Says alot about her decision making and her personal agenda- time to put her out to pasture

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        At least she didn’t get us into a needless war that cost 4000 lives. So I think the point goes to Hillary.

      • Beawild

        You, sir, live in a parallel world.
        Hillary has been the # 1 most admired woman in the nation since she became first lady. She only came in second place three times (twice to Mother Teresa and once to Laura Bush after 9/11). That means that for 19 years in a row, she’s been in the top two spots.

      • Cathy Baumgardner

        You are the joke and the truth is every Republican knows she is not a push over. You might have pulled your crap on President Obama but you won’t on Hillary and you all know it. That is why you are all afraid she is going to win….and she will!

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Bill is STILL popular. Let’s look at what they do after they leave office.

        Jimmy Carter: The Carter Center – Advancing human rights and fighting disease.

        Bill Clinton: The Clinton Global Initiative – create innovative solutions to global problems.

        Dubya: learned how to paint naked pictures of himself in the shower.

      • Bine646

        Doma? Ya. Bush is in africa fighting aids- you do not know very much huh?

      • kcponte

        Bline646, GIve it up, you are getting more stupid every time you open your mouth. You would make the Republicans proud.

      • Bine646

        Maybe she stuck with him to get the kickbacks for her brothers and friends. Apparently they benefitted from her last name too- rodham wasnt enough to get the job done

      • kcponte

        FYI, Hilary ran the country when Bill was in office, so if you don’t think she can do it again, please feel free to vote for Ron Paul, Bahahaha!

      • Bine646

        So she was the mastermind of DOMA- no wonder she let bill stick that cigar up monica since he gave her the country, had to give him the intern. All makes sense now. Guess if she runs it again we can expect another housing collapse

      • kcponte

        Your comment does not surprise me at all. Your comments comes down to having nothing credible to add to this thread so you post your filth and hate. I suspect you are probably 14, maybe 15 years old. I pity trashy fools like you. John Cross is correct, you are an Ignorant Troll.

      • Bine646

        Haha has a different opinion- must be a troll or child- maybe ill be coming home with your daughter. Convo was 3 months ago, youve joined it now- get with the times lady, clintons a bum, her brothers are bums- time to put them out to pasture.

  • Hillary Clinton has her own demons in the closet . How many of her ( and Bills ) close associates have died under mysterious circumstances ? The answer is far more than can be explained by science or the mathematics of chance. It would be a sad day in history for her to be elected but frankly she couldn’t possibly be worse than whomever the Repugnicants come up with . Hillary is Pro war Pro torture Pro Imperialism at the expense of anyone and anything that oppose US supremacy. Exactly the opposite of what the USA needs .

    • chico22

      I don’t know? How many of Secretary Clinton’s close associates have died under mysterious circumstances and what were their names and what were the circumstances? Also, which mathematical theory or theory of chance were you using so that I can also run the numbers myself. But I also need which numbers you considered. Did you compare the dead people to just the total amount of people Clinton has ever worked with? ever been friends with? or both? Or did you also count acquaintances? I’m not being sarcastic. I actually don’t know the answer. So, please let me know because if your accusation is true, then shouldn’t something be done? Maybe you should contact the authorities? Please let me know. Thank you.

      • Sherry

        LOL Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply. These people always throw stuff out as facts, but can NEVER back them up with one ounce of proof.

      • Angela

        The trolls come out only to throw half truths and paranoia at the rest of us. These so-called mysterious deaths are more than likely fictitious. More over, scandals tend to haunt everyone in the public eye. Every family has their own scandals… The Kennedy’s had their fair share as well. I wouldn’t waste your time reading too much into paranoid babble.

      • crafty

        If you knew as many people as the Clinton’s have, and at their ages, I’m sure quite of few have died by now.

    • LOL you must be Rush Limbaugh’s last listener.

    • Mark Strange

      OH MY GOD! Hillary Clinton must be a voodoo cultess with magical fingers! Science can not explain the deaths she caused. Shes a demon from another dimension! HA HA HA! 😀

    • Evidence please? Or I could just say “Dick Cheney shot a guy.” See what I did there? My statement is true. You should try it:)

      • crafty

        Another reason for Gun Control and background checks…lol.

    • Adjust your tinfoil hat or provide actual proof. Oh wait, all you have are talking points? Or did Glen/Rush/Sean “tell” you that? LMAO

  • CherylT

    You know, she’s incompetent. That’s what matters. Benghazi was a debacle and is currently the subject of a cover-up. I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t want Hillary running this country.

    • As apposed to what? the Iraqi invasion and over a million lives lost based on trumped up intel?

      You people crack me up…. I dislike Obama entirely as he is same old same old Washington insider. But for Gods sake shut the fuck up about Benghazi, it is a non issue.

    • I think that she’s a terrific secretary of state, and I would be happy to have her run this country. Is there any bit of evidence that you can use to point out her supposed incompetence? No, not rumors and speculations, those don’t count.

      • crafty

        That’s because these people only watch Fox News and live in herds.

      • John Gavel

        Cnn has released more emails today. Cnn is not fox news

      • CNN is not FOX, but they have screwed up so many stories to their embarrassment this year. Most recently, the sensationalism and inaccuracies in reporting the Boston Bombings. If they can’t even get THAT right…

        Maybe you should do some actual research instead of relying on “news” pundits and their interpretations. Just saying.

      • John Gavel

        Ok show me your sources, i quoted cnn bc of his bringing up fox. I personally like rtdotcom

    • crafty

      Facts please!

      • Yes, from you. What exactly are YOUR facts for making these claims. Anytime anyone has asked the Benghazi nuts to produce evidence of her direct culpability, or the adminitrations for that matter, they haven’t been able to come up with anything and immediately start talking about the talking points to distract,

        Newsflash: talking points get edited and tweaked numerous times as they are passed back and forth between agencies. Everyone does it. Also, Susan Rice qualified all of her statements before she made them. She stressed they didn’t have all the information and that it was changing rapidly.

        Aside from talking points rhetoric, what exactly (that is factual and you can provide sources—other than FOX News for) do you have?

      • John Gavel

        Cnn has a story on it today and has released more of the email thread. I dont know why you dont believe it

      • I’ve read it. From sources other than the joke that is CNN. Still nothing more than typical talking point information as to the how and why of what was said. If Reps were REALLY interested in this tragedy, they’d be focused on the actual events and finding who did this.

        Oh, and by the way, I don’t get my info solely from partisan sources.

        Again, today, NO ONE interviewed could come up with an answer without deflecting and talking about talking points. There is no “there” there.

      • John Gavel

        They know who was behind the attack and they knew of it then. They kept it under wraps bc of the election- crazy you say? Not possible? Irs blocking conservative groups and doj taking ap’s phone records are proof enough

      • The IRS is cracking down on fake non-profits, It has nothing to do with Obama or his administration. As much as I dislike Obama, you have to be a freaking idiot, to NOT understand this.

      • Cathy Baumgardner

        Because CNN has shown to be as incompetent at reporting the news as FOX is about out right lying when they are reporting it.

      • John Gavel

        Facts is they missed key intel on the threats in bengahzi. Then they told us it was a youtube video which caused it. Now it really was a planned attack, emails were altered a dozen or so times- FACTTTTS

      • No one said definitively that it was specifically because of that video. They ALWAYS qualified it with making sure people knew that info was changing rapidly and that it SEEMED from what they could tell AT THAT MOMENT that it was INSPIRED by OTHER riots in OTHER areas that had to do with the video.

        The actual video of Susan Rice discussing this clarifies all this crap and if you spent more time watching that instead of listening to the evolving mistruths you’d know.

      • Also, Benghazi wasn’t actually a consulate. It was a cover for a CIA operation. Chris Stevens knew that. The reason there wasn’t enough security is because congress slashed over 300 million dollars for embassy security and started requiring them to rely on each country’s local security.

        What was missed was a request for more security and some bad choices and decisions many rungs down in the chain.

        So yes, she’s ultimately accountable from an admin standpoint, but NOT personally culpable or even aware.

      • John Gavel

        Yawnnnnn shes in charge

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton is popular? With whom??? Nothing would please me more than to see her and her phony husband go away. Thank you for playing… now leave!

    • crafty

      Maybe if you got your head out of Fox News and watched some real news, you would know exactly how popular Hillary Clinton is….and that’s a FACT.

      • John Gavel

        Shes a push over. No girl should want to be her, unless they have no self respect

      • John keeps repeating the same talking point, so much so that it makes me wonder if he came on to Hilary way back when and she laughed at him. Actually, John’s talking points are those of a guy who just doesn’t understand much about women at all. Are you alone John? It won’t surprise me, no girl wants a guy whose head is stuck in the 19th century.

      • John Gavel

        So wives ok are with their husbands cheating? News to me

      • Cyreathia reyer

        One cannot get real news these days. Obama administration is in bed with the networks (in some cases literally). Between spouses, brothers and sisters working for networks. Check it out.

  • I would love if Hillary and Michelle ran, I would sign up to help in anyway I could. Two strong women can get done what a lot of limp wristed pussy politicians haven’t been able to do.The freaking republicans are so far out of this countries ideas of fairness and proper care of our people, or our country, that they should pack up and move to where ever Rush Lumbars going on a one way ticket. Maybe even we could get Olympia Snow back in it. She’s as sick of congress as anyone. No bipartisan, no real interest to get anything done, is her mantra, and she’s sick of it to. She may be REB. but guess what she actually is willing to work together with others for the betterment of the people of her state and country. Maybe Hillary and Michelle is the answer, because all these men with there big balls and mouths haven’t got the shit done that the people of this country have very plainly told them to do.And we are sick of it. I hope they do it.

    • maybe that’s what we need to stop the beltway boys

    • You can’t be right in the head.

      • crafty

        Lady…it’s 2013 not 1913…get real and get into th 21st century!

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Paula is completely in her right mind. You aren’t

    • John Gavel

      Strong? Thats why she left her cheating husband and made her political career by herself…. Rightttt

      • Why are you so hung up on her still being with her husband? A lot of couples have marital issues and work through them to be happier on the other side. Maybe they really do love each other.

        Why is that such a threat to you? Did your little miss cheat on you and you kick her to the curb? Just goes to show how committed you would be in a relationship.

      • John Gavel

        If my career depended on someone elses last name i guess id do what she did, says alot about her

      • It’s a typical sexist move to judge a woman in relation to other people around her and not on her own merits. She is either a man’s wife, mother, daughter, sister, etc. Obama is also guilty of talking about women this way. So, if you’re only argument to anyone’s comments about her record is this divorce issue, it’s not only sexist but also irrelevant.

        Stop trolling. Or get a new talking point.

      • that’s the point you are missing, her career DOESN’T depend on bill’s last name, people knew who she was BEFORE he married her….and people know of the deeds she accomplished during his terms AND during hers.

      • Cathy Baumgardner

        Actually her last name before she met Bill was a pretty important one. The Rodhams were well known in politics and more. All you can do is keep saying the same thing over and over. Like someone said before the Republicans are all about marriage and women staying with their husbands until it is a woman running for office that is a threat to them.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Mark Sanford.

      • Bine646

        Talking about hillary pal

    • Let’s scare them even more! LOL How about Hillary and Elizabeth Warren! She is going to put Wall Street and bankers to their knees ~ ALONE because there are no men with backbone like her!

    • Raymond Pelfrey

      They would continue the Distruction of our Once Great Nation.

      • Cathy Baumgardner

        Continue? Well at least you admit that is what the Republicans have been doing for years. They will bring it back to life but you will continue to believe all those old white guys who tell you how to think.

  • Hairy Richard

    Give us a break and don’t spew such immaturity mixed with fresh cowpie fragrance. Your assessment is an embarrassment but with the internet at least you can look like the fool you are without having anything to be face to face. Pure rubbish as Hillary did enough with Bill and now this to be of little trust as Commander in Chief. Your wet dream is either in your hand or the panties you stole from your mommies dresser drawer.

    • crafty

      Real mature!

    • Nice sexism displayed there. You should be SO proud of yourself for such an intelligent response.

      Also, how about NOT conflating Hillary with BIll. She is her own person and whatever he did or didn’t do as President is his own stuff.

      Again, that in itself if sexist.

  • No they arent.They just want to prosecute her for benghazi cover up

    • Dissenter

      And what were they covering up? Secret arms shipments to the Syrian rebels (according to Geraldo)? Exactly why would REPUBLICANS be bent out of shape over that?

      There is no “there” there. Under Bush, there were over 50 attacks on ambassadorial facilities and/or personnel. BFD.

      • Sherry

        Under Bush, there were over 50 attacks on ambassadorial facilities and/or personnel. BFD.

        We’re not supposed to point that out. LOL

    • I’ll bite. What are they covering up?

  • I hope to God that she does not run for…
    If Hillary ran republicans would vote in record numbers to defeat her.
    I even know many Dems that would vote against her. She is much too abrasive.

  • Dissenter

    Benghazi is “a fight between two prostitutes over who gets to control the best streetcorner in town.” Same old Rovian sideshow.

    If the ‘Pubs had an obvious candidate, the knives would be out on the other side.

  • shelby

    Wow, she lied about, refused to send help, and covered up the reasons good Americans dying on her watch. Then you blind sheep run to support her like she had no part in it. Remember we impeached a president for the same thing, but in his case no one got killed because of his actions.

    • There is actually no evidence to support your claim. Fox news keeps talking about how horrible it would be if there was a cover up. Notice the “if” there? Did you not read the factual evidence in the article? Bush had 11 of these attacks happen under his watch. Republicans are sinking fast, and resorting to this fake outrage because they need to be right about something. And it’s not going to work, because people are starting to realize what clowns they are.

    • Sherry

      Could you post the proof of your claims? Or are you going strictly by what the Repubs are claiming on Fox News?

    • crafty

      Maybe she could have sent help if they had the resouces since in the past 3 years the Republicans cut embassy spending by almost $300 billion …some people will never get a clue and stop watching Fox News…no facts there.

  • you are diminishing life and excusing it because someone else did something worse in your opinion. you have no values.

    • No. We are simply asking for evidence. And we are calling out the false, disingenuous outrage as being purely political. Huge difference,

      Where was the outrage during Bush? The fact that there was none and that there is now over this tragedy of which there is no real evidence of any cover-up is despicable.

      • Cathy Baumgardner

        Do you notice that not one of them has responded to anyone talking about the 11 Embassy attacks under Bush. I wonder why? They know they don’t have a leg to stand on that is why. They have no irrefutable proof about anything they say. That is why they keep repeating the same, tired, stupid lines.

  • Does it really matter who is president in 2016? Who ever it is will only continue running us into the ground! I am an advocate of there is something more sinister going on than we know. How can all of these presidents come from the same bloodline. Maybe I am pissing in the wind but don’t you think there is something fishy going on. Bush, Obama, Clinton, Reagen, all of these presidents had to answer to somebody, and that somebody was not the citizens of the USA. This is just my opinion. Remember an opinion is like a but hole we all have one and they all stink!

    • crafty

      Just a little info…check into the history of the Mason’s…very interesting…you may find some of your answers there. (Free Mason’s)

      • Ah ok. This totally explains your “views.”

        Carry on, then with the crazy conspiracy theories.

      • RDnDC

        For a Nation 237 Years Old… History from many walks of life, brings much folklore, issues previous generations lived through, dealt with, moved on, stories passed down, differing points of view discussed, agreed, sometimes enacted into Law or fought over….
        Very unique Country with much citizen diversity providing happiness for millions.

    • Another conspiracy theorist?

  • Blah blah blah……

    Keep drinking the juice dems. You people scare me. Just a bunch of sheep.

    • Caribou “FIRED” Barbie™

      “…and Romney will win in a landslide”

  • I don’t care what any of you do. I am voting for Hillary.

    • Caribou “FIRED” Barbie™

      Me too.

  • Rrddbb

    I wonder who doctored this pic of hitllary and wiped the crevices off of her ugly mug?? I don’t blame liar Bill for cheating on her w/ that puss!!

    • Caribou “FIRED” Barbie™

      You fear Hillary Clinton.

      • Rrddbb

        No I don’t fear her, I DESPISE & LOATHE HER!! She’s a power mad tnuc. She’d shoot her daughter if she could be da prez. Considering what America calls the prez currently, the old hag just might steal the office as oblammo has thnx to fools like you.

  • Cheri Bovell

    I LOVE this article! You’re damned right the GOP is scared as hell of Hillary!! I’m sick to death of Republicans selling their crap…the only thing they care about is getting into the White House, so they can devise more ways to bleed this country dry! They don’t know what the word compromise means! Hell, they probably can’t SPELL it… try and repeal Obamacare 37 TIMES!! Are you kidding me? Do they honestly think IF it passed the House and the Senate, Pres. Obama would sign it? DUH!! Where are the moderate Republicans? Why do they let the extreme right-wingers dictate their Party’s message? Do they not see what has happened to the Republican Party?

  • Dave Brown

    I think it is worth mentioning that the war in Iraq killed around 190,000 Iraq’s!

  • Bob’s Kid

    All of you who say she stayed with her husband because she needed his last name, did you ever count up the number of divorced women, especially those who have children, as Hilary Clinton does, retain the name of the husband they divorced. Her name after a divorce would have been her choice. She stayed for reasons of her own, but not that one.

  • The graveyard of politics is filled with people who underestimated Hillary.
    I hope Democrats will expand the roster a little; it’s always good to have a backup. Meanwhile, it’s funny to see the Dead GOP Talking.

  • ElleJae

    Terrorist attacks on U.S. embassies & consulates in George W. Bush first term: Nine. Total fatalities: 30

    Terrorist attacks on U.S. embassies & consulates under Barack Obama with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State: Two. Total fatalities: 12.

    Two. Advantage: Hillary.

  • JT Shroyer


    -Over 50 people died from 13 embassy/consulate attacks under Bush. Where was the outrage over that?

    -The nonpartisan Accountability Review Board did not find Hillary Clinton responsible for Benghazi.

    -Hillary did not receive the cables from Benghazi.

    -The biggest security failure, 9/11/2001, happened under a Republican administration.

    -Republicans in Congress cut MILLIONS in embassy security.

    -The Obama Administration did not lie to the American people, they simply told us what the intelligence community told them and Congress. The intelligence community was wrong. Now we know. At least we weren’t lied into another war based on false intelligence!

    Benghazi is a case of fake outrage and a witch hunt against Hillary Clinton. Why weren’t the Republicans outraged over 9/11/2001? Why weren’t Republicans outraged over the deaths from the unnecessary Iraq war? Why weren’t Republicans outraged over the 13 embassies that were attacked (and 50+ people that died) under George Bush?

    The fact is, our embassies will never be 100% secure. We’ve had 20 Accountability Review Boards since 1988 because security overseas is never a perfect science. This is not the first embassy attack, nor will it be the last.

    Those who decide to pursue careers in diplomatic work know the risks. Obviously we try to do everything we can to make sure our embassies are secure, but embassy security is NEVER 100%.

    In addition, Republicans continue to attack Hillary Clinton by misrepresenting her words and taking them out of context.

    Obviously Hillary did not say, “What difference does it make?” in regards to the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi.

    If Republicans bothered to look at where this quote came from, they would realize it came from an exchange between Hillary and Senator Ron Johnston.

    Mr. Johnston repeatedly asked Hillary why the Obama Administration and Susan Rice said Benghazi began because of a YouTube video (when it could have been easily discovered that was not the case by interviewing the people on the ground).

    Hillary explained to Mr. Johnston (repeatedly) that it would have been inappropriate to contact those on the ground before the FBI had conducted their interviews. Hillary continued to explain to Mr. Johnston that at the time of Susan Rice’s statements, her statements did not contradict the intelligence communities talking-points.

    But Mr. Johnston would not accept Hillary’s explanation. He continued to imply that the Obama Administration lied and misled the American people.

    Hillary, becoming fed up with Mr. Johnston playing politics with a tragedy, said, “What difference, AT THIS POINT, does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened, and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.”

    (funny how Republicans always leave out her next sentence)

    Hillary’s point was that it doesn’t make any difference what Susan Rice said on a Sunday morning talk show. Focusing on that will not solve the problem. Mr. Johnston was playing politics with a tragedy and Hillary grew impatient with him after she repeatedly tried to explain to him what should be common sense.

    I’m sick and tired of seeing this quote misrepresented and taken out of context.

    BOTTOM LINE — Hillary Clinton was not found responsible for the Benghazi attacks according to the non-partasian Accountability Review Board, and she implemented all of their recommendations. This is not the first, nor the last, embassy attack that will result in the death of American lives. Remember — we had more people die in embassy attacks during Bush’s Administration.

  • Hillary for President!

  • Bill Thompson

    people should not fear their government. Government should fear its people. Hillary should not be president.