Republicans Calling This “Obama’s Shutdown” Simply Prove How Clueless They Are

Obama-shutdownI don’t know if there’s ever been a time where I’ve been this dumbfounded by Republican rhetoric.  I mean sure, they’ve always been pretty detached from reality on many things, but this whole “shutdown the government to defund Obamacare” thing takes the cake.

And the ones who keep blaming the shutdown on Democrats or President Obama are simply out of their minds.  This is all on the Republican party—period.

Sure, conservatives are trying to talk a good game by pinning this on Democrats who are simply being “unreasonable,” but for anyone to seriously believe that just shows how out of touch these people have become.

How in the world is this “Obama’s shutdown?”

Here’s a fun fact: The Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare,” is the law of the land.  This isn’t a bill up for debate Republicans are trying to block, or some piece of legislation they oppose, it’s the law. 

A law that was passed by our process of government through our Congress and signed by our president.  Then to even take it a step further, it was deemed Constitutional by our Supreme Court.  Outside of a Constitutional Amendment to top it all off, this is about as legal as you can get.

Also, Democrats and President Obama have said since day one that any measure to repeal, defund or delay “Obamacare” isn’t negotiable.  Once again, it’s the law of the land.  Republicans, you lost—get over it.

So Republicans can continue to send proposal after proposal to the Senate which includes some kind of measure to either delay, defund or repeal “Obamacare,” and it won’t be the fault of Senate Democrats for not even bothering to consider it.  Why would they?  They’ve said from the start that anything having to do with “Obamacare,” when it comes to funding the government or raising the debt ceiling, is non-negotiable.

This is something Republicans simply don’t seem to understand.  There’s no “negotiation” to be had if part of the “compromise” from Republicans includes delaying, defunding or repealing the Affordable Care Act.

You don’t “negotiate” with anyone or anything by requiring the one thing that the other side has clearly stated isn’t up for negotiation.  If your stance is that must be included then there simply won’t be a negotiation.  What would be the point?  So when Republicans whine and throw hissy fits about Democrats refusing to talk with them it’s absolutely pathetic.

This is how these “negotiations” seem to be going:

Senate Democrats: So, do you finally have a proposal which doesn’t include defunding, delaying or repealing the Affordable Care Act? 

House Republicans: No.

Senate Democrats: Come back when you do.  

That’s it.  No further negotiation necessary.

House Republicans can send over 300 different proposals to Senate Democrats.  If each one of them includes delaying, defunding or repealing “Obamacare,” there’s no need to even continue.

But for the main reason why this isn’t “Obama’s shutdown,” we just need to take a look back to last November — that was when the American people (you know, the people Republicans claim are telling them what to do) could have elected Mitt Romney and gave full Congressional power back to Republicans, but they didn’t.

Not only did the American people not elect Mitt Romney, or give power back to Republicans in Congress, Democrats actually gained seats in both the House and Senate.  If the American people badly wanted “Obamacare” repealed, that was their chance to do so.

But they didn’t.  Instead they re-elected the president who signed “Obamacare” into law and gave more power back to the party which supports it.

Now Democrats control the Senate and the White House, otherwise known as two-thirds of our government, while Republicans control one-third.  Yet somehow Republicans see this as some “statement” from the American people that a handful of delusional tea party-backed Republicans are somehow the “voice of government,” when in all actuality they represent a very small minority.  All while Democrats control two of the necessary three levels of government to pass law.

And the kicker to all of this is that many Republicans are calling this shutdown foolish.  This shutdown isn’t even the entire Republican party, it’s just a handful of mainly tea party-backed whack jobs that have just enough power to cause disruption, but not actually get anything productive done.

Which is all tea party politicians seem focused on doing.  They never really support anything, they just obstruct everything.  They seem hell bent to do everything they can to prove once and for all “government doesn’t work” by—making government not work.

Get it now?  These buffoons want government to fail.  Hell, it’s what they run for office on.  The evils of government.  Why in the world would these people ever want government to succeed when opposing the government is the cornerstone of their entire political movement?

So for those who keep saying, “This is Obama’s shutdown!”—please get a clue.

The blame for this shutdown falls squarely on the shoulders of the Republican party.  But don’t take my word for it, just ask a few Congressional Republicans who have said the very same thing.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • raggedcompany

    Last night I found myself (not by my choice, mind you) watching Fox News. I literally heard a man say it was Obama’s fault, it was the Democrats’ fault. Not sure who he was, but I’m not sure I want to know, considering the crap that was coming out of his mouth. I thought my head was going to explode.
    It would make me feel better if those who oppose the ACA would offer alternatives, but I never seem to find anyone who opposes the law who can come up with anything better.

    • Karen Christie

      Because they don’t want the “peons” to have healthcare at all

      • Joy

        You got that right Karen. The only thing they care about is their own pockets. They are still getting a paycheck. paid vacation on our dime.

      • Bruce

        Actually its my duty to take care of my family not everyone else. If I have money left over it goes to a charity of my choice which is always better than funding a failed government bureaucracy.

      • William Carr

        Ah, so… you’re disloyal to the United States.

        You feel no obligation to support the Nation of your birth, or repay the debt you incurred growing up, when the Armed Forces protected you, the Cops and the Courts watched out for criminals, and the Firefighters were on call to save your ass if your house caught on fire.

        Because that’s the “Bureaucracy” you’re talking about.

        But you feel you have no obligation to the rest of Society.

        You must be an Objectivist.

      • eb

        DO you even understand the ACA? Before, millions of Americans who DID NOT have access to healthcare were on medicaid or other government assistance (paid for by YOUR taxes) or not anything at all and that, my friend, was what you were paying for with your tax dollars. Now, millions will have access to affordable care so that the rest of us will not have to foot the bill. You are just like the rest of the morons who just blurt out stupid, selfish comments without having a clue what you are talking about. I feel sorry for you and your family. Their father is obviously an “I have mine, who cares about everyone else” kind of guy. Too bad for them.

      • richard

        You do know that under ACA, people pay for their own health insurance….just like they do now. Are you missing that very important fact? It’s not a government giveaway…’s an organized way to provide health insurance coverage that participants PAY for. Not free medicine.

      • raggedcompany

        Pretty ironic coming from people who tend to call themselves “pro-life” isn’t it?


      Hannity, one of the UNELECTED, right-wing EXTREMEST leaders
      of the GOP, Republican, & T-Baggers, gave the order.
      His minions, in lockstep, dutifully complied.
      Blissfully following the orders of Rush, Sean, Billy, & Glenn,

      they fail to realize, these RADICALS don’t care about THEM!
      The don’t care about America OR Americans.
      They only care about RATINGS & MONEY (their money!)
      They believe following ‘orders’ will assure Election in
      2014 & 2016.
      Cuz’ it worked SO well for ROMNEY!

      Please proceed Sean…….

      • Bruce

        What is so radical about being a constitutionalist?

      • JS

        Nothing, if you’ve actually READ the Constitution.

      • William Carr

        “Figures don’t lie, but Liars Figure.”

        The trend lately has been for mentally limited people to point at the Tenth Amendment and claim loudly that it invalidates the Constitutional power of the Federal Government.

        That’s what the Tea Party thinks “constitutionalist” means.

        Or in English “we’ll re-word the Constitution to give our Party more power”.

  • xnerd

    This is not a Democrat Vs Republican compromise issue.

    ACA (Obamacare) was voted on and passed in the Senate.

    ACA was voted on and PASSED the House of Representatives

    AVA was signed INTO LAW!

    The TEA party challenged it in YET AGAIN in the supreme court and

    The supreme court UPHELD the ACA and found it constitutional.

    The republicans tried to defeat is over 40 times and failed.

    You don’t shut down an entire government because you can not defeat a bill

    through the legislative process.

    This is not a debate, the blame is NOT ON the democrats.

    It is not ON the president,

    The blame for this falls completely and utterly in the laps

    of the Republicans.

  • Pipercat

    The minor detail that all parties seem to overlook in their partisan zeal, is the simple fact we have two budget resolutions sitting on a desk gathering dust since April. I have one simple question, why has there not been a conference called, required by law, to hammer out the details and produce an actual budget for FY 2014? Democrats fail to raise this question and Republican must have forgot about the process. This shutdown was a plan in the works for a very long time. Yet, this pales in comparison to the debt ceiling catastrophe looming on the horizon. As bad as it is to not fund discretionary spending, failure of raising the debt ceiling, well, I dread the ramifications all together…

    • joy

      I just don’t get it where does it all stop. if the democrats give into the republicans it will never end they will shut down the government and hold the American people hostage for ever LAW they do not like. Hate to say it but the are acting like terrorist , a kidnapper holding a loved one for ransom . As far as the debt ceiling they will drive us all of the cliff as long as they still get paid. cut off their money and their paid vacation until they can iron this thing out, or it will never stop.

      • Pipercat

        The issue resides within the Republican party. There seems to be some frustration building up with about 30, or so, hard liners. Make no mistake, should these fanatics block the raising of the debt ceiling, the big money will flee the party because it has become, bad for business…

      • macabr

        Would that not be a good thing? Would that mean that the Koch brothers would no longer own Congress?

      • Pipercat

        Dave and Chuck will never leave their Tea brothers behind!!! Unless the profit margin goes over 20 percent then, the baggers are toast!

      • Bruce

        Joy, they could only shutdown the government and hold it hostage if people continue to spend without a budget. Were only at this point because congress and the president spent all the money the law would allow.

      • William Carr


        Congress passes spending Bills, and expects the President to sign them into Law and then pay the piper.

        But renegade elements are using the Debt Limit as a weapon.

        They WANT to spend money, but they don’t want to raise Revenue to balance the Budget !

        Remember, Eisenhower balanced the Budget. And so did President Clinton !

        We got back into this mess of increasing debt because the Supreme Court intervened in the 2000 Elections and appointed an incompetent named “Bush”.

        It all started to go wrong with Reagan. He ran on the platform of reducing the Debt and then TRIPLED it in eight years !

        No Republican since has done anything different.

        H.W. Bush doubled the amount Reagan left.

        Clinton Balanced the Budget and we had a projected surplus, enough to pay down the Debt to $1 Trillion again.

        G.W. Bush took power and when the Republicans had a deadlock on the entire Government, blew the Economy to Hell, failed to stop the 9/11 attacks, and started two Wars… all while cutting taxes on the Rich!

        Obama has submitted Budget Proposals on time EVERY YEAR.

        It’s the GOP in Congress that blocks them from being acted on.

    • SisH

      The Republicans have blocked 18 separate attempts from the Dems to go to a budget conference – since April.

      • Pipercat

        Yep! Must be that amnesia I was alluding to!

    • 84547277

      this is not a minor detail. And Senator Patty Murray has asked for 18 conferences since April and the house republicans have refused to come to table. She is the senate budget chairman btw.

      • Pipercat

        I was being facetious…

      • 84547277

        I should have caught the sarcasm, sorry.

      • Pipercat

        No worries. This is the tact the Democrats must take to support their position and end this folly. There is too much Rovian projection going on by the insurgent Republicans. Along with your example, there was a Times piece that goes into further detail about this. Properly arguing this position will knock any standing out of the position of said insurgents and allow the adults in house to put the children to bed…

      • strayaway

        Republican House members offered to go into committee with Senate Democrats but Republicans wanted to bring in some issues Senate Democrats already rejected. Democrats refused the offer.

        “We will not go to conference with a gun to our head,” – Harry Reid said Monday night. (My way or the highway)

  • aliciaelaine

    The republicans know EXACTLY what they are doing…… if it will make THIS president look bad they will do it and then place the blame on him. sort of like a bait and switch type thing. They do not want to see THIS president succeed at anything other than to be a failure and that is the Gods honest truth. They are against EVERYTHING President Obama stands for even though they were for it before but as soon as he agrees with them they are against it. So the fact that the republicans (who by the way refuse to be accountable for ANYTHING that they do) are calling this Obama’s shutdown is no surprise to me. This is their so-called strategy, that seems to be failing badly, and when it does fail that too will be Obama’s fault. Damn shame

  • John Krepps

    Don’t know that I’ve ever been so angry or depressed by the mainstream media these last few days. Giving Republicans “equal time” when they are spewing lies is not journalism or accuracy. If you want proof of who caused this mess, forget about the political positions for a moment and look at the reactions of those involved. I have yet to see one Democrat who is happy about the shutdown, while Palin, Bachman, and several others of their ilk reacted with glee. My God, they were even ecstatic. When Boehner can show me one Democrat who reacted to the shutdown in the manner of the tea party whackjobs, THEN he can try to convince me its the fault of the Democrats.

    • William Carr

      It’s the rebirth of the Anti-Federalist Movement and the Know Nothings.

    • Larry

      I know exactly how you feel John. I am so depressed to see this absolute Madness every day. How can normally rational people fall for this crazy, totally Irrational crap the Republicans spout. I have friends and family that I Love, put all of the Blame for this Government Mess on Obama. Its frightening that there are so,so many people that are totally Blind.

  • gemma liar

    we should let the tea party actually show the rest of us some “policies” that they want to implement as “governing”…….such as : NO ABORTIONS ( great for our defense and building jobs) or maybe cutting those silly benefits to kids and disabled and older americans who busted their butts all those decades in helping america be great,,,, Im really into how they cry about spending,,,,yet they( regressives in congress) just spent a TON in the 40-plus times they “voted” to defund a constitutional law ( SEE: “aca”). Ted Cruz? soon to join Bachmann and herm cain and trump and pawlenty ET AL as ephemeral ‘candidates’ deluding themselves as what the majority of America wants

  • Kevin

    It’s not just the republican’s fault. It’s unreasonable to blame just one group of people for the government shutdown. Decisions made by both parties led to this point.

    • I Once Was Andrew

      It’s pretty reasonable to blame one side when one side is holding up the government because it doesn’t like a law that’s been passed by Congress and the Senate, signed by the president and upheld by the (conservative) Supreme Court.

  • Jacob Pashia

    So by this logic, “You don’t “negotiate” with anyone or anything by requiring the one thing that the other side has clearly stated isn’t up for negotiation. “, the republicans have stated that leaving off ACA alterations is not up for negotiation and therefore the Dems are doing the exact thing the author is accusing the Republicans of doing.

    • I Once Was Andrew

      Yeah, because when your negotiations start with “we want to entirely nerf the cornerstone law of your presidency,” you’re not really negotiating.

      Is your collective Republican memory so short that you don’t remember the entire reasoning behind Obamacare — healthcare costs ballooning out of control? Have you heard one — just one — alternative plan from Republicans? They don’t HAVE an alternative, because this IS their plan in the first place, and the only reason they’re opposing it is that Obama implemented it. There is a section of the Republican Party that will oppose Obama on every single thing he does, no matter what it is, and that’s impossible to compromise with.

      When one side assumes an extremist position, it does not warrant equal treatment.

      • Jacob Pashia

        First of all, the POTUS has already nerfed his cornerstone law. He’s given exemptions and delayed quite a few parts of the law. But for you, that’s okay, because Obama did it. But now that the Republicans are trying to stop this train wreck before it happens, it’s somehow unconscionable. Even Harry Reid was opposed to removing the subsidies for congress and their staff. He framed it as the GOP wants to hurt congressional staff. It’s intellectually dishonest.

      • Pipercat

        Nerfed? You think this is some MMO? False equivalencies do not equal shitty proposals being wrapped up as compromise. Tertiary details do not compare to lynchpins in the law. Moreover, what asshole would be stupid enough to take a two and a half month deal in exchange for a one year moratorium and an all out repeal. Then in two and a half months we start this shit all over again; so they can try and nit pick even more out of the bill. That’s worse than dishonest, it’s despicable..

      • Jacob Pashia

        I was using the words the poster used to respond. And there is no false equivalencies at all. It’s fine with you people when Obama unilaterally delays certain mandates of a law he championed. But when the GOP demands a delay, then it’s all about trying to sabotage the law. And company mandate =/= a tertiary detail, it is a lynch pin of the law.

        What a88hole would let the government shut down to save their fragile ego….I’ll give you a clue, he’s a half black/half white, self-righteous narcissist who thinks he does not have to enforce the laws that are enacted by the legislature.

      • Pipercat

        It’s OK dude, you can say asshole here. Your second false equivalency regarding the employer mandate is completely overshadowed by your real motive behind your “opposition.” Your singular hatred for one individual.

      • csharpe90

        What does that make the asshole that demanded the shutdown over a piece of legislation that’s been passed by both houses of Congress, signed by the President and upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court? All three branches of our government have signed off and approved of this law. And the hilarious thing is the shutdown has done nothing to stop the ACA from going into effect, so the Republitards caused all this for nothing at all.

  • Mr. Right

    Law of the land? Are you for real or just a troll? If you knew anything about the Constitution you would know that your so called “Law of the land” has no teeth until it is funded. This puts the system of checks and balances that were built in to our system of government by the framers of the Constitution. This government shutdown is proof that the system works. And as for your comment about conservatives being detached from reality, you libtards claim that the economy is in good shape when in fact it is in shambles, turn a blind eye to the scandals of Benghazi, IRS, etc., and try to convince yourselves that we are better off than we were five years ago? Wake up and smell what you are shoveling.

    • mbws

      This puts the system of checks and balances that were built in to our system of government by the framers of the Constitution.

      That is not even a sentence.

    • Pipercat

      We’re shoveling your bullshit out of the way…

  • richard

    That’s like John Wilkes Booth referring to “Lincoln’s suicide”.

  • speakoutforscience

    The minority behind this effort are the same people who think Sarah Palin is a genius and that “Obamacare” and the Affordable Care Act are two different laws.

  • SGC

    omfg, whats wrong with you -.- saying its the Republicans fault is just as stupid as them saying its obamas fault, they’re all fracking stupid. The Democrats being so damn obstinate, makes them just as guilty as the Republicans. Negotiation goes both ways. I love America, i believe in it, its the government im not so sure of. Obama said he would veto any legislation that came before him that did not propose raising the debt ceiling without any funding being cut TO ANYTHING. he wants a straight up “oh look we’ve decided the ceiling needs to be higher” granted obamacare is a popular target for reduction (which might i mention makes things much worse for our senior citizens) but that doesnt mean obama isnt guilty too, hell if we froze their paychecks instead of social security or the military, i bet we’d see alot more getting done up on the hill

    • Darcie Livingston

      Republicans own this, but refuse to take ownership. Raising the debt ceiling does not raise the amount you plan to spend. It provides the money to pay for what has already been spent. It’s like agreeing to pay on your credit card. You have already bought the goods. Now you have to pay for it. The subjects that President Obama has refused to negotiate on are the very examples you give…Social Security, the ACA, Medicare, military benefits, various programs that help people, protect the environment or would lead to increased prosperity and jobs. Some of these programs do not even contribute to the debt as they are self-funding or programs that you have paid for every day that you have worked. Look back, do some research. These Tea Party members of the House planned on shutting down the government. It was their goal from day one. They do not believe in government. They are funded by very wealthy groups and individuals who do not like government because it interferes with their power and ability to increase their profits. The people who elected them are not generally well versed in how government works or how it is necessary for order and their own well-being. They scream and yell about government interference, yet cash their SS checks, accept SNAP benefits when needed, expect their house fires to be promptly put out, their children educated, and their libraries to be fully stocked with the latest romance novel published. These are the same people who do not even realize that ObamaCare is the same as the ACA, think Obama was born in Kenya making him an illegitimate president, yet think Cruz who actually was born in a foreign country is ok. They listen to FOX news exclusively and would refuse to accept that the sky is blue if FOX news told them it wasn’t. Sorry, but the House Republicans own this. They just don’t have the backbone to accept it.

  • DP

    Just remember who the Republicans represent. These are people who actually believe Obama was born in Kenya and is Muslim. They think he caused the financial meltdown of 2008. These are people who believe Obama is literally the anti-Christ and he is a direct sign of End Times. They really do and they are not kidding! They are people who don’t live in the real world and don’t get information from anywhere other than Fox or crazy Christian newsletters. It should never be surprising that they blame everything on Obama.

  • Dakotah Patison

    Negotiation is always key. Not all of the bills were to defund obamacare but to ensure the people knew of what they are getting into. this program isn’t even fully developed. Shutting everything down is extreme, and i wish they had chose another route to achieve the same goal. yes, Obama has no obligation to consider a bill to add on to this plan, but when a president practically has control of his position AND the congress is mainly democratic, what can you expect from the republicans? they fought tooth and nails for their beliefs and can’t get ANYWHERE. this is not solely the republican’s fault. this is a total failure on our government to pull together on an issue. one side not yielding and the other not meeting a common ground. we can all assume to know one side, but not look at the other?
    Will Obamacare really help america? its a program that COSTS just like everything. things have been starting to look up. The war on terrorism is nearing its end (so they say *sigh*) and unemployment, though slowly and almost nonexistent at times, is improving. adding another program to throw the government further in debt? how does that sound any better than what we have now? obamacare is not cost efficient. these statements are bitter sweet for me to admit because i know what it is like going through an emergency room visit without healthcare and what it does to your pocketbook, but is this the solution? i think we should have never passed obamacare, for i was always taught:

    if it looks too good to be true, then it is.

    and THAT is what this seems to be like. So blame who you will, but the fault is on every man and woman in our government. we have let things get too far out of control, and are now suffering the consequences.

    Wake up America.

  • guest

    Remember back in 2000, Bush VS Gore, hot topic: health care reform. President GW Bush spent 8 years in office. Once elected the topic was never brought up again. The Republicans had 8 years to address the issue and chose not to. They have had 5 years to work with the Democrats to improve the ACA. Once again, they chose not to.

  • mjsmart

    Basically, it has always been Obama’s shutdown. He has the pen, he has the phone, he has the right of presidential veto. You Progressives (really Retrogrades) always see things the way that they will fit in with your, frankly bizarre, paradigm, rather than with ALL the facts. But, you can think what you want, I don’t care. Just stop destroying America. Got it.