Republicans Do Love a Constitution, Just Not Ours

republicansI constantly hear Republicans harp on and on about how they’re the fighters for a “Constitutional United States.”  Whenever I hear this rhetoric I just have to laugh, because I’ve said for a while now that Republicans follow a version of our Constitution that doesn’t exist.  Sure they claim they love our Constitution, but reality tells another story.


  • Ignore the First Amendment when it comes to religion.
  • Ignore the fact that the Second Amendment contains the words “well regulated” and was really talking about the need for militias during a time in our country when our states were often defended by armed citizens, not a well organized military.  It was meant to keep “well regulated militias,” comprised of local citizens, armed for times of war—not so civilians could carry them into movie theaters and schools.
  • Want to change the Fourteenth Amendment which defines what it is to be an American citizen.
  • Were the architects of the Patriot Act, which allows the government to spy on its citizens, violating the Fourth Amendment.  Hell, the Patriot Act violates the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Amendments as well when it comes to GITMO, terrorists and openly supporting torture. Oh wait, George W. Bush didn’t call it torture, he call it “enhanced interrogation methods”—that makes it better.
  • Support an amendment banning same-sex marriage, which violates the First Amendment.
  • Ignore the fact that the Third Amendment proves just how outdated some of the ideas of the Constitution are.  Quartering soldiers? When was the last time this was an issue, 200 years ago?
  • Ignore the Judiciary Act of 1789 in the case of abortion, where the Supreme Court ruled a woman has the right to chose.  They openly continue to restrict that right which the Supreme Court says women have and our Constitution protects.
  • Like to ignore the Twenty-fourth Amendment as many GOP legislatures continue to push for stricter voter ID laws.  Our Twenty-fourth Amendment prevents any kind of fees charged (also known as a poll tax) to citizens exercising their right to vote.
  • Also ignore the First Amendment when it comes to the insistence that prayer should be allowed in school.
  • Often support the further violation of the Fourth Amendment when it comes to immigration.  Supporting bills that determine suspicion based on the “appearance of being illegal” rather than any actual evidence.

And those are just a few example.

Real “Constitutional defenders,” I tell ya.

So this myth that Republicans stand for our Constitution is complete bullcrap.  These people don’t love our Constitution, they love what they wish our Constitution was—but never has been.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Mograph

    Point number 6 (quartering) doesn’t seem to fit your pro-constitution argument. Clarification, please.

  • Please don’t forget that Republicans want to run roughshod over everybody else’s exercise of rights. Bullying, supporting the 1%, wanting to gut the social safety net . . .these people don’t stand a chance of getting into Heaven, at least, not as I have been lead to understand the process. Perhaps they are trying to make this a Hell on Earth because, deep down, they know they are going to Hell.

    • Dan Eric

      not to mention gerrymandering to make sure they win all over even when most voters wont vote for the dictators

  • Proud Republican

    In your title, you spelled “Democrat” wrong.

    You really need to study the constitution before writing about it because you have it all wrong.

    First Ammendment: Freedom OF religion,( which gives every child the right to pray in school )not freedom from. Has nothing to do with marriage, marriage is NOT a right.

    Second Ammendment: We have a right to defend ourselves, yes with guns. Just because the constitution was written in the 1700’s does not make this any less valid. Just because some sicko brings a gun into the back door of a movie theater or into a school does not take away this right to law abiding citizens. We don’t need gun control, we need criminal control.

    Nothing in the constitution gives criminals a free ride just because they can swim a river or crawl under a fence. Illegal means you are a criminal. However since you do seem to feel criminals deserve a free ride, we’ll start by sending them to your home to break in and live off of you for several generations, and when you complain we’ll say “if they weren’t there taking your garbage out and mopping your floors….you went into your front door so why can’t they?”

    Abortion is not a constitutional right. Abortion kills. Of course a woman can choose…she chose to have unprotected sex. The next choice is to live with the consequences of your actions. Abortion doesn’t make you not pregnant, it makes you the mother of a dead child.

    Mr. Clifton, you need to get a refund on that Political Science Degree.

    • Joe

      Anyone “proud” to be a Republican today is pretty sick. Bark about pro-life after your party lead us to slaughtering 500,000 innocent civilians in Iraq.

      Steal from the poor and give to the rich.

      Lie, lie, lie and then lie some more. It is proven that no one lies as much as Republicans.

      Republican definition of life: Life begins at conception and ends at birth.

      There is a special place in hell for Republicans, get over it, you made your choice.

    • Heather Ferris

      No. No. The first amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion. It continues to just blow my mind that so many Americans don’t grasp this simple, basic idea. You MAY NOT, at any time, establish ANY law that has ANYTHING to do with religion. Period. Freedom of religion means ANY religion, not just Christianity. That means if kids can pray to a Christian God in school, then they can also pray to Allah. Do you understand that?

      • Kevin Stowell

        Too bad Islam’s not a religion.

      • Heather Ferris


    • Heather Ferris

      Also, the author of this piece said nothing about abortion or giving criminals a “free ride” (what are you talking about??). Seriously. How can you understand the Constitution when you fail basic reading comprehension?

    • You just gave us a demonstration of what Republicans do that is so annoying. The Second Amendment was reviewed again in a case that came before the Supreme Court in 2008. They brought it up-to-date on newer weapons and changed conditions. Republicans want the founding documents to be read and interpreted like scripture, but that was NEVER the intent of the founding fathers and you can read that in the Federalist Papers. It is a problem of half-educated people trying to make rules for everyone else.

    • The right to marry is protected in the 14th Amendment under the Due Process Clause/ Freedom of Contract. So yes, people have the right to marry.

    • TCgrandma

      I’m confused… The title is, “Republicans Do Love a Constitution, Just Not Ours”… The word “Democrat” isn’t in the title or the article. Typical. Just make things up and state them as facts. That’s what proud Republicans do every day. All you have to do is turn on Fox News to see that.

      • Tony

        He’s trying to be clever by saying “Republican” should say “Democrat” because he doesn’t believe the title of the story.

    • The first amendment is about the freedom of religion yes, but it is more that the government can not make a law to control or endorse a particular religion. It makes clear no religion gets to have special privileges and especially can’t be led by administrators who are paid by the government. As it stands you can pray all you want in school you just can’t have it led by teachers or administration since that would be government endorsement of a particular religion not to mention a form of indoctrination. I tend to think it is all or nothing and nothing being a better idea since I remember how bad peer pressure and bullying can be in school. Not to mention the hassle of making sure everyone is represented.

      When reading the federalist and anti-federalist papers I found that when the Amendments were proposed in both major debates the original wording of the 2nd amendment is much different than what we ended up with and is in line with the militia act of 1792 that was passed less than 12 months after the ratification of the Amendments. “That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and their own state, or the United States, or for the purpose of killing game; and no law shall be passed for disarming the people or any of them, unless for crimes committed, or real danger of public injury from individuals;”

      Now from your abortion comment I can tell your pro-birth so won’t even bother since no matter what I say you will think that way. I will only point out that if you are so set against abortion why aren’t we doing more to make sure birth control is available to prevent the need for them. Outlawing abortion will not make them stop. Seems to me the solution lies in helping prevent the pregnancies that result in women choosing that route. We also need to offer more assistance to those women who would choose to terminate based on the inability to afford a child. I also think that this is a health matter and in reality isn’t anyone’s business except the patient and the doctor. Which is the gist of the supreme courts various rulings. But something tells me you have never met or spoke with a woman who was faced with the choice so it makes it easy for you to judge. Plus given the tone and content of what you said I would hazard a guess that you are a man. I don’t see as many women advocating forcing a woman to carry to term as a form of punishment. Then there is the fact, that the far right espouses regularly, which is we already have too much government so why add more by making it illegal?

      As far as immigration that is an issue every country has to deal with. And up until fairly recently was generally encouraged for immigrants to come to America.

      Now the marriage issue is tricky, but no one has been able to give me a non religious reason for not allowing it. It is for that very reason I tend to think since the government can not be seen to endorse a particular religion or give favoritism that the denying of the civil right of marriage based on religious reasons. But I still don’t get why this is even an issue. I think there are more important things to deal with and this serves as nothing more than a petty way to stir up the far right.

      But here is the funny thing every one of your points is precisely why I left the Republican party.

    • I believe that you need to take a refresher course on what is or is not in the constitution. You clearly do not understand anything about it. Call Fox and ask them for some new talking points.

  • hankusmc

    Why won’t Republicans look in the mirror and face up to what the party is looking like today, rather than “defending” whomever for “whatever” they say that embarrasses the party?

  • Arch

    If you think about it, the Patriot Act violates the third amendment too.

  • wunelle

    I love how you’re chided for spelling “democrat” wrong by someone who can’t spell “amendment” (and are then schooled on the imagined contents of a document). Priceless.

  • A degree in political science, but has never won a spelling bee.

  • It simply comes down to the fact that each and every one of these narcissist want badly to be the next Dubya, “The Decider”, the leader of their version of the free world. They want a Utopia where people never question their motives and march in lock step with their ideology and while they, each and every one, to be Christians, there is not a one among them that is worthy of the title. They label Social Safety Nets “Socialism” , well it’s in the name stupid Social Security but now it’s a bad thing and it has to go, not really, it just has to be handed over to the same people that destroyed our economy. They rationalize that at any moment a vast invasion of Umpa Lumpas will float down the filthy waters of the Mississippi and invade Homophobe AL. killing the good Christian people in their wake in an effort to corner the market on Trailer Parks and rusted Cars. They cannot comprehend the fact that a Black Man now resides in the ( wait for it) White House! How in Gawd’s name did this illegal alien, socialist, Muslim, Islamic Terrorist fool Millions of people and become one of an exclusive group of people that have been elected to the position of POTUS twice by both the Popular as well as the Electoral vote Simply amazing given the obvious choice they put forth as their Flag Bearer and in a Country where so many Rebel Flags fly proudly over the Court Houses and Capitol Building of the Southern City’s. But you must understand that they fly these trademarks of racism and bigotry only to celebrate their rich cultural heritage. They cannot grasp why any Woman would not want some pasty old man dictating to her how she should dress, act, and think and most importantly blindly trust them to be the caretakers of their on intellectual property., it’s as if they believe the patent has expired on the Rights that Women fought like hell to get. They treat their Holy book like they do the Constitution, the parts they like they hold near and dear to their hearts and the parts they don’t they rip out and use to roll tobacco with. Many of these Patriots are calling now for an armed rebellion, they want to fight the Civil War again because you know “The South Will Rise Again” which is more than I can say for the genitals of most of the republican males that now sit in Congress. Most of them are 80 yrs old and the women they married are ugly as a bag full of assholes and as contentious as a Honey Badger. Ironic when they act like kindergarten children in Romper Room!
    Patriots do not hold a Country hostage because they don’t like the President. They are as much traitors as any spy. The outcome of their actions is the same.
    2014 cannot come fast enough.

  • This article is right on spot… That’s exactly the way Teapublicans think.

  • Brittany Butts

    I don’t agree with the statement that about the first amendment and allowing prayer in school. By not allowing it in school you are violating the rights of the students who want to be able to pray.

    • But students can pray in school as long as it is not disruptive.
      But no religion gets to have special privileges and especially can’t be led by administrators or teachers who are paid by the government. As it stands you can pray all you want in school you just can’t have it led by teachers or administration since that would be government endorsement of a particular religion not to mention a form of indoctrination. I find it amusing that there are people out there who think that because the school can not lead a prayer means that prayer can’t happen in school.

    • Students can pray all they want in school. Privately. Organized prayer in school can not be allowed. That is a violation of the constitution.

  • Dissenter

    I can see that Mr. Clifton has had no legal training.

    “A constitutional provision should not be construed so as to defeat its evident purpose, but rather so as to give it effective operation and suppress the mischief at which it was aimed.” Jarrolt v. Moberly, 103 U.S. 580, 586 (1880). The Framers were terrified of a standing army, as the problem with armies is that leaders have this tendency to use them. Iraq, anyone? Also, they declared that “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” The Declaration of Independence para. 2 (U.S. 1776). If you have a right and a duty to do so, you must also have the means, and that must mean an adequately-armed populace. See Iran and Nazi Germany for what happens in its absence.

    The highest and best use of a Glock with a 32-chamber magazine was, in the view of the Framers, the assassination of a tyrannical public official. Remember that in Colonial times, even cannons were in private hands.

    Sure, people will abuse their liberty. It is part of the bargain. Our Framers made a conscious decision to trust the people with arms. You may not like the result, but the Constitution says what it means and means what it says. Your remedy is to change it.

  • Dissenter

    As for the Fourteenth, the purpose of its odd verbiage was to exclude Indians from the list of those with the franchise, as they were supposed to be citizens of actual sovereign Indian nations. I am not persuaded that jus soli citizenship is an inexorable corollary.

  • DrBubba

    Are you aware that Well Regulated Militia’s have been outlawed in many states? It is Illegal for armed men to gather for the purpose of military training in most states. The National guard is not the militia by the way. The Dick Act of 1903 established the National Guard, it also defined what the militia was. Part of which is all males between the ages of 18 and 45, and the other part is everybody else. The patriot act is a horrible piece of legislation. AS is the NDAA that has followed it and was passed by congress and signed by President Obama. It needs to go. As for voter I.D. laws, the argument goes, you shouldn’t have to have an I.D. to exercise your constitutional right to vote. Well then you shouldn’t need one to exercise your constitutional right to have a gun either then. Make up your mind, one way or the other. Abortion.. do as you please, if god exists, he can judge you, if not, let your conscious be your guide. Prayer should be allowed anywhere. But it should be a personal thing. Either by yourself, with your close friends, but now led by the teacher, or in the immedient presence of anybody that doesn’t want any part of it. Forcing the removal of the 10 commandments ect from places they have existed for many years is idiotic. If you don’t like, be a big boy and just ignore it. The third amemdment is there because it was a horrible abuse back then. It still needs to stay, and as you have acknowledged, it is working very well. The only soldiers that have been quartered in my house is me. Profiling is a hotspot. The fact is it works. The Israeli’s use it prolifically at the airports. Guess what, they have not had a hijacking or a bomber on board in many many years. It is crazy to scrutinize granny and granpa or some 5 yr old in a wheelchair in the TSA lines at the airport just to show that you are not profiling.

    • “Forcing the removal of the 10 commandments ect from places they have existed for many years is idiotic.”

      Conservatives periodically chip away at the Law trying to push their Religious documents on public land; that is Unconstitutional — be a “big boy” and admit that.

      ” the argument goes, you shouldn’t have to have an I.D. to exercise your constitutional right to vote.”

      Correct. Because Americans have voted in their home precincts, establishing their legitimacy with a DOZEN forms of ID, for over 200 years.

      The bullcrap the GOP came up with about Voter Fraud was completely unfounded, an attempt to block poor people from voting.

      Clinton suggested a National ID and the Religious Right freaked out.

      NOW you claim you want it ?

      Okay, YOU pay for it; the ID has to be FREE.

  • Rob Stanley

    I wish you were right.That would mean that all this corruption would be limited to only 1 political party. Seems to me that this mutual disrespect for the constitution starts at the local law enforcement and goes all the way to the top.Hell. Even the people selected for jury duty just follow the instructions of a DA instead of doing what their suppose to do and trying the law as well. A big part of the problem is that the constitution is not taught in school. Most people are ignorant to it including our politicians on both (only 2) sides.If we don’t educate our children properly. Things will only continue to deteriorate until it becomes unrepairable.My own party is embarrassing me.

  • TJ2000

    Republicans hate our Constitution??? — An article — pointing out, “Ignores the fact that the Third Amendment proves just how **outdated** some of the ideas of the Constitution are.” LMAO..

    You people who buy into this crap are really “that stupid”. I have no words except; “ya can’t fix stupid I guess..” Though the abortion matter (of which is repeated like 20-times) is a fault of the Republican party trying to construe the terms – otherwise, all the rest is just a flat stupid, taken out of context or flat out construed. Freedom of religion means NO-ONE can practice religion?? You people must have a mind disease. And SCHOOL is not and never has been an enumerated power. NEVER WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A FEDERAL responsibility.