Republicans Want to Lie Their Way Into a Senate Majority to Impeach President Obama

mitch-mcconnellI listened to conservative talk radio yesterday, as is often my habit while driving to and from my day job. I know you wonder why anybody would subject themselves to that, but it’s actually a very good exercise in seeing how much intellectual pain one can take. In addition to that, it is also an important thing to do if you want to see what the other side is up to without relying on MSNBC or the myriad of liberal/progressive pages to tell you what’s going on.

It also doesn’t hurt to do that on a regular basis if you’re a writer like I am, and yesterday proved to be a gold mine.

As I’m sitting at the traffic light I heard a caller on KPEL 96.5’s morning The Moon Griffon show actually claim that the county that Moore, Oklahoma is in had not registered a single vote for President Obama in the 2012 election. To the show’s credit, he was pretty much laughed off the air.

That was the stupid, but here’s what I was privy to on the way home. You see, on the evening drive, I get Andy Dean. Andy isn’t your normal Teabagger with a misspelled sign who rambles on and on incoherently about how the President is a Marxist fascist Kenyan Muslim. He’s actually smart, and he also graduated from Harvard (with honors).

The part of the discussion I caught was about all the “scandals” made up by the GOP over the last year or so. While Mr. Dean didn’t actually come out and say it, what dawned on me was the fact that the GOP didn’t care about Benghazi or anything else. What they do care about is making the President look bad, for political purposes. You see, they lost the last election in an embarrassing fashion. They’ve got the House gerrymandered into what could be a flustercluck until the next census, but they want the Senate.

Why do they want the Senate? Easy — they want to impeach the President, and they believe that if they can keep the false outrage going into November 2014, they might be able to pull it off. Unlike the House, they can’t gerrymander the Senate and there’s a different strategy now in play. They’re pushing all in with every hand like a hyper-aggressive rookie poker player with an unlimited stack of pseudo-scandals drummed up by the scores of rightwing sites on their massive payroll. It’s not about finding something they could legitimately criticize the President on and sticking with it. They’re counting on the absent-mindedness of the American public while coming up with a new made up scandal every few days. They’re basically throwing feces at the wall like caged animals, hoping that this constant blitz will stick somehow. That’s how propaganda works — it’s about telling a lie big enough (and repeating it often enough) that people will believe it. Are we going to let them get away with it, or are they doing nothing but sabotaging their own party through their multitude of lies? It’s up to us to decide.

“But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.”

– “War Propaganda“, Volume 1, Chapter 6 of Mein Kampf (1925), by Adolf Hitler.


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  • I Once Was Andrew

    You’ve written better, Manny. This gold mine looks empty.

    • proud2beDem

      The gold mine always looks empty until you start digging . That’s the laziness of your comment .

      • I Once Was Andrew

        Huh? The dude writes how “yesterday proved to be a gold mine.” Then he goes on to cite exactly zero examples of conservative idiocy except for one caller who was laughed off the air. Then he finishes with his own little rant about what he thinks Republicans are doing.

        Listen, I’m all in favor of trashing conservative talk radio, and I read ThinkProgress regularly and typically like Manny’s work. But this article is largely empty and meaningless.

      • Donovan Marsden

        It’s called an oppinion piece Andrew or whoever you are now.

  • outoftheway

    Didn’t Republicans try this before? “Impeach Clinton” didn’t work out so well for them.

    • JBS

      it did. it got them the white house in 2000

      • Well, they were GIVEN the White House in 2000.

      • Charlene Mambretti Wrisley

        got it by cheating!

    • Good news for progressives — Republicans lost Congress in ’98. They could be heading for that same phenomenon in ’14.

    • rkilpela

      Unfortunately it did work to slander Clinton, Bush jr was elected (by the supreme court according to many on the left) and our country (at least the middle class and poor) have been in trouble ever since.

  • This is really nothing we all had not already figured out. But it is good to keep writing about it to keep the truth out there. If we do not continue to write about what they are doing then they win with their spin machine.

  • Thank you for this! I had made the same argument the other day about how the Republicans are bitter about losing the election especially after spending millions and millions of dollars on the Mitt Romney campaign only to realize that money can’t buy an election. A bitter pill for most of them to swallow and hence their need to beat the drum of psuedo -scandals. They are bordering on the edge of true insanity with their need to toss President Obama out of their White House; and then, I asked or is it really about that or the color of his skin or both? The childhood friend with whom I was talking with via Facebook comments could only answer with a “Wow.” Knowing that this person took a right turn after marrying into a wealthy old money family from a working class union protected family of origin, I could only interpret that as a negative wow. I am beginning to think that having a reasonable dialogue with some of my conservative friends is nearly impossible as they seem to be convinced that our first Black President is destroying our country. Even to the extend when I point out that there really isn’t much difference between President Obama and Dwight D. Eisenhower..both are Liberal Republicans in their approach to policy while Democrats are still conservative-moderate. No Democrat since President Clinton has moved as far left as say Walter Mondale or Herbert Humphrey but still the Republicans of today have painted our President even further left than either of them. God help us all.

    • Don’t worry, if he were a heterosexual white male (like Clinton) they would also find a reason to hate him. You are right about the borderline insanity — they need some kind of re-hab.

    • I don’t think anyone outside of DC really cares that much about the IRS thing because everyone hates the IRS. The AP thing means nothing to the average person because they don’t read newspapers anymore, and unless you know a journalist, they don’t know how the AP works. Same with Benghazi. Your average person doesn’t even know where it is. People are busy trying to get by, keep a job, and take care of their families. Two of my grown children do not have health insurance, so they are anxiously waiting for Obamacare to get up and running. The GOP has morphed into the party of old, white, angry men and isn’t pretty to look at.

  • Mr. Smith

    Actually he is spot on with his points, we all know the details of where he is going with this with out reiterating what has been said in hundreds of articles. It is the stupid, ignorant or wishful thinking of bigots that keeps the shenanigans rolling in Washington. People that follow this kind of stuff blindly want so badly for it to be true that they have no interest in doing something as simple as performing a Google search for facts. More so those that voted these jokers into office. They do not want to prove to themselves that they were wrong in the side they took or god forbid prove to themselves how stupid and gullible they really are.

  • I was going to leave a satirical comment here, but after typing a few out, I realized that none of them would be distinguishable from something actual tbaggers would say.

    • That’s the problem with today’s world Spencer — Satire has almost no envelope to push.

  • THEY are clinging at straws, I thank you for your posting, could someone get this info to the main stream press so the nation see and read it. Republicans should take a page from Romney 47%

  • Why can’t they just do their jobs?

  • like i said elswere they want us to forget about the lack of a budget.

  • Do y’all remember the “Swift Boat Veterans For Justice” bullshit that screwed Kerry over??????

  • linda

    The Republicans have a bad case of Romnesia. They forget that the country they envision is confined to the pages of “NIRVANA,’ and does not exist. Thye want to take over a country where, if we progressives got our heads out of our own cracks, we could steamroll them into the ground.

    • Lawrence Hartman

      Amen on that sister!!!

    • Dave Brown

      Linda; that’s what we need to do, get active in the next election cycle and do some of the work ourselves. It’s time for US to get up off our flabby butts and get this done! One more could sound thashing and the
      GOPeer’s are down for the count and out!

  • Good luck with that.

  • DrDouglar

    The piece would be more effective sans the scatological language. I am not a prude, but that kind of writing is more characteristic of the thoughtless right.

    • merietta smith

      or con
      fuck you
      still fuck
      even in
      the form
      a hai ku

      • rkilpela

        DOMO HARIGATU, spelling may not be accurate but I like your style.

  • I listen to Con-Rad too, its called balance, not very even but its best to get both sides of the story, and make your mind up from there.

  • baruchzed

    The thing is, if they went after Obama for his REAL crimes, they could remove him from office because he has discarded his oath of office pretty much entirely. His real crimes of course include graft and corruption (He has allowed bankers and Monsanto execs to essentially buy their way into the cabinet) and of course the completely illegal kill list and murdering of people with drones. But the republicans are actually OK with all that stuff, showing that they are as corrupt.

    Both parties are despicable corrupt lying sacks of offal.

    • Lawrence Hartman

      You are just another of those pathetic souls just like the Tea Baggin Ball Suckin Neo-Conservatives Fascist Pigs. You should go in and get a brain transplant you wimp of a person. The world courts want to try the Bush Administration for Crimes Against Humanity and you come up with this bullshit about drones and etc. Those Americans killed by the drones were enemy combatants and if they would have been caught alive they would have went before a military tribunal and found guilty and executed by a military firing squad. And if you keep up your disinformation and misinformation, falsehoods and outright lies, they might come for you also and be tried for treason. I would even donate money to the government to pay for the shells that would execute a pathetic soul like yourself.

  • Andy Wallace

    This is hilarious to me because it shows the standard liberal mindset. For liberals everything truly is political. That is the end result and goal of everything that goes on. So every scandal has that filter. Therefore, no one actually cares about Benghazi. Which, by the way, is how liberals think of the huge failure that took place as well as the actions that were taken which led to people dying. They just think of a word, Benghazi, and thereby utterly disassociate themselves with the people that died. In their head it is all about politics, and therefore it must be about politics for republicans too. It could be nothing else. So from this mindset they try to make sense of it. Because to a liberal the death of these people means nothing so therefore it must be an event being used to damage their messiah, obama. Liberals generally have no concept of right and wrong, to them its what is politically advantageous and not. Shame on liberals for justifying to themselves every illegal action democrats do by saying republicans are playing politics. If Clinton was not president he would be in jail. Countless Obama appointees are tax cheats. Obama’s administration uses ‘espionage’ as the excuse for the first time in history to go after a reporter for a story. He is actively killing americans with drones. The highest levels of his administration knew the IRS was illegally targeting individuals. The list really goes on and on. But to a liberal, it really is just about politics. Liberalism is a pure plague of a philosophy because you can ignore documented facts and blatant immoral behavior but liberals simply only see politics. There is no morality, no right and wrong for liberalism. But oh well, liberals simply do not care.

    • rkilpela

      I am a liberal and I give a s**t. I don’t care for your polemics but I do care about the truth and you are seriously lacking in intelligence if you think that conservatives who are beating the scandal bushes for any old penny that falls out because they “CARE”. THEY WANT POLITICAL CONTROL, and will tell any lie, stretch any truth, throw away any FACTS that don’t support their POLITICAL view to obtain this goal. Not all conservatives are idiots but you sir are a COMPLETE IDIOT.

      • Andy Wallace

        You prove my point by your reply. Neither the article nor your reply attempt or care to attempt to make an account for the illegal activities that have taken place or at the least are blatantly unethical. This is all politics to you and right or wrong does not factor into it. Liberalism is a dead end philosophy that corrupts everything it touches and those that follow it, as you indicated by your reply care nothing for that corruption but only care about what they can get.