Republicans in North Carolina Slip Abortion Measures Into Motorcycle Safety Bill

motorcycle-womensrightsI’ve been wondering for a little while exactly why are Republican lawmakers suddenly launching an all-out assault on women’s rights. Prior to the last year or so, it was always something that a state legislator or member of Congress would introduce, only to usually end up dying in a committee or on the floor if it was lucky to make it that far.

In the latest chapter in the diary of madness that is the GOP blitzkrieg against abortion and even contraception, the North Carolina House of Representatives slipped new anti-abortion regulations into a motorcycle safety bill. Yes, you heard that right. A bill that puts regulations on motorcycle riders quietly got language slipped into it designed to further restrict abortion access in the Tarheel State. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. This is something that is so completely ludicrous and absolutely crooked at the same time that if I had heard it on Stephen Colbert, I’d think it was a hilarious bit of satirical comedy. Sadly, it isn’t and it is proof as to what means the anti-choice crowd are willing to stoop to push through their radical agenda.

In fact, it would have gone through the committee completely unnoticed had not someone with inside knowledge leaked the secret, literally just minutes before they were to discuss the bill. It brings back memories of just last week when North Carolina Senate Republicans slipped abortion measures into their ridiculous anti-Sharia law bill. What’s in the water in North Carolina? First they come up with an anti-Sharia law bill (which is nothing more than symbolic legislation to start with), then they link abortion to that at the last second in their attempt to enforce their own theocratic law. Now they come up with a motorcycle safety bill and slip similar abortion measures into that at the last second. Because we all know how unsafe abortion can be while riding a motorcycle.

Melissa Reed of Planned Parenthood Health Systems stated:

“It is a disgrace to North Carolina that legislators have again resorted to sneak attacks to move their anti-women’s health agenda forward. Once again there was no public notice that this bill would be heard. The public and even many legislators on the committee only learned this was a possibility at 9:57 a.m. — three minutes before the committee was to meet — when a political reporter was tipped off and posted it on Twitter. This is outrageous and not how the people’s business should be conducted.”

So why has the GOP suddenly decided to go after abortion nationwide? I think I have an idea why. You see, after the thumping they took in the last two Presidential elections, they’ve decided to double down on being the “Party of Stupid”. Even Bobby Jindal himself signed a bill last year which banned abortions after 20 weeks in Louisiana. All of this is designed to show the religious right who has voted for them for decades now that their campaign promises about abortion aren’t empty rhetoric. There’s been a lot of grumbling from the Bible-thumpers and abortion clinic protesters who are the support beams of the Republican party that their pet issues of reversing Roe v. Wade and pushing gays back into the closet have been ignored by the politicians they supported.

This is an all-in push by the GOP to convince that large portion of the base that they shouldn’t split off and form an even more conservative party of their own as some have been threatening to do. It’s like someone who has taken their romantic partner for granted for far too long and is now desperately trying to keep them from leaving. Whether they like it or not, the GOP is forever dependent on the white evangelical social issue voter. The fact that they’re linking abortion measures first to Sharia law, and now motorcycle safety, is proof positive of that fact.


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