Republicans in North Carolina Slip Abortion Measures Into Motorcycle Safety Bill

motorcycle-womensrightsI’ve been wondering for a little while exactly why are Republican lawmakers suddenly launching an all-out assault on women’s rights. Prior to the last year or so, it was always something that a state legislator or member of Congress would introduce, only to usually end up dying in a committee or on the floor if it was lucky to make it that far.

In the latest chapter in the diary of madness that is the GOP blitzkrieg against abortion and even contraception, the North Carolina House of Representatives slipped new anti-abortion regulations into a motorcycle safety bill. Yes, you heard that right. A bill that puts regulations on motorcycle riders quietly got language slipped into it designed to further restrict abortion access in the Tarheel State. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. This is something that is so completely ludicrous and absolutely crooked at the same time that if I had heard it on Stephen Colbert, I’d think it was a hilarious bit of satirical comedy. Sadly, it isn’t and it is proof as to what means the anti-choice crowd are willing to stoop to push through their radical agenda.

In fact, it would have gone through the committee completely unnoticed had not someone with inside knowledge leaked the secret, literally just minutes before they were to discuss the bill. It brings back memories of just last week when North Carolina Senate Republicans slipped abortion measures into their ridiculous anti-Sharia law bill. What’s in the water in North Carolina? First they come up with an anti-Sharia law bill (which is nothing more than symbolic legislation to start with), then they link abortion to that at the last second in their attempt to enforce their own theocratic law. Now they come up with a motorcycle safety bill and slip similar abortion measures into that at the last second. Because we all know how unsafe abortion can be while riding a motorcycle.

Melissa Reed of Planned Parenthood Health Systems stated:

“It is a disgrace to North Carolina that legislators have again resorted to sneak attacks to move their anti-women’s health agenda forward. Once again there was no public notice that this bill would be heard. The public and even many legislators on the committee only learned this was a possibility at 9:57 a.m. — three minutes before the committee was to meet — when a political reporter was tipped off and posted it on Twitter. This is outrageous and not how the people’s business should be conducted.”

So why has the GOP suddenly decided to go after abortion nationwide? I think I have an idea why. You see, after the thumping they took in the last two Presidential elections, they’ve decided to double down on being the “Party of Stupid”. Even Bobby Jindal himself signed a bill last year which banned abortions after 20 weeks in Louisiana. All of this is designed to show the religious right who has voted for them for decades now that their campaign promises about abortion aren’t empty rhetoric. There’s been a lot of grumbling from the Bible-thumpers and abortion clinic protesters who are the support beams of the Republican party that their pet issues of reversing Roe v. Wade and pushing gays back into the closet have been ignored by the politicians they supported.

This is an all-in push by the GOP to convince that large portion of the base that they shouldn’t split off and form an even more conservative party of their own as some have been threatening to do. It’s like someone who has taken their romantic partner for granted for far too long and is now desperately trying to keep them from leaving. Whether they like it or not, the GOP is forever dependent on the white evangelical social issue voter. The fact that they’re linking abortion measures first to Sharia law, and now motorcycle safety, is proof positive of that fact.


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  • ssteph111

    They will try anything!

    • yourdumb

      obamacare… try again

  • Mike Harrison

    One of “three strikes” that Texas Senate Republicans used to stop Wendy Davis’ June 25 filibuster was that she mentioned something that “was not germane” to the topic.

    The idea that North Carolina Republicans were successful in getting something about abortion into a bill on motorcycle safety is absolutely ludicrous and appalling, and this kind of action should be made illegal.

    Republicans have continued to demonstrate time after time that they are nothing more than devious and crafty obstructionist rights thieves who exploit the most microscopic loopholes to further their agenda while tossing Americans to the curb, if not shoving them under the bus.

  • MontgoDB

    Or, they see the writing on the wall that demographics are forever moving against their favor and they will never get this chance again.

    • Chuck Reed

      Its all about a boogie man, they badly need a boogie man to keep their base aroused…

  • roninmd

    These evangelicals aren’t the only ones obstructing rights. The progressives are obstructing the 2nd amendment to the constitution. The progressives are also obstructing the right to bear arms. So these republicans aren’t the only ones taking people’s rights away.. the progressives are doing it too!!! That’s why we vote libertarian. We want our freedoms back. I am a pro choice libertarian by the way. We don’t need a government to force a law about seat belts on us.. we just know it’s the right thing to do but we aren’t going to make a law enforcing seat belts use because that is the heavy hand of government getting onto our private lives and enriching the insurance companies. Likewise we don’t need a law preventing abortions because it’s is not government’s place in deciding what goes on in people’s bodies. We have confidence that women will do the right thing even if the unborn child has the right to live.

    • Elena

      The second amendment refers to an organized militia not just anyone.

      • bigremo

        Not to mention how he conveniently forgets about the “well-regulated” part of the 2nd amendment.

    • Road

      The assault weapons ban was put in place in 1994 and President George W. Bush in 2004 wanted to renew the ban. Bush also wanted to ban large capacity clips and many of the other measures recently brought up. I completely agree with you that there are some things that progressives do also that are not the best ideas in the world but when it comes to alienating people, particularly classes of people, (such as gays/lesbians/bi-sexuals/transgender, women, minorities, etc.) the Republicans are particularly hypocritical, clearly misinformed, elitist and are obviously not working for anything other than re-election by other misinformed, hypocritical and elitist people.

      • yourdumb

        at what age do they become gay?

      • Road

        I assume you agree that they alienate women and minorities then? Excellent. I also assume that you are referring to all GLBT people as “gay” even though that is an inaccurate way to label all of those groups. To answer your question, they are born that way. Before you drone on about “no gay gene” blah blah blah, let’s pretend a 16 year old straight person suddenly decided to be gay. Do you honestly think that person would choose that? Do they think “I bet it would be super fun to be made fun of, discriminated against, beaten up, possibly disowned by my own family, shunned from my church, lose friends, be less equal than the rest of my friends in the eyes of the law and be treated differently every day for the rest of my life! Awesome plan!” If that is the case then your screen name of “yourdumb” (which by the by should be you’re dumb… Just so ya know) is painfully fitting for you. I hope that answers your question. 🙂

      • MLee

        Hahaha your response was priceless. Thank-you, well said!!

    • RobiDon

      Your equating a woman’s right to control her own body with gun rights and the right to not use a safety belt shows the libertarian curse: the inability to distinguish between issues that advance both the interests of individuals and society, and issues that serve the interests of a only a minority of people while not serving society’s interests at all.

      Likewise, your assertion that “I am pro choice” is disproved in your last sentences final phrase: “…even if the unborn child has the right to live.” It’s as if you claimed to be a scientist but still held to the belief that the world is flat.

    • Sam Knudson

      the second amendment is not an open slate for any and all guns. The 2nd amendment was written because the brits were arresting people for having knives not just guns. Also it is speaking of a militia NOT the average american. Also my i remind you of the time this was written when a gun would be lucky to kill someone shot at point blank range hell the people died more often from the infection from the gun shot than the shot itself. There is no possible way the founding fathers would know of sheer killing power guns would have in the future. Or any weapon for that matter WMDs were not even something they could imagine back then. You guys REALLY need to stop looking at our founding fathers as gods. They were just men and some of them were quite dull in the head.

      • Cactus_Wren

        I’m just waiting to hear some intent-of-the-Framers Constitutional-constructionist type argue that the right of the people to carry muzzle-loading smoothbore black-powder muskets should not be infringed. (Remember Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe, in a story set twenty years *after* the Constitution was written, arguing that what made a soldier was the ability to fire three shots a minute in any weather? Not thirty. THREE.)

    • Baaly

      No one is trying to obstruct the 2nd amendment. All we want is better regulation and background checks to help insure that those with less than good intents don’t get their hands on weapons with the potential to hurt and kill. That’s it. It’s common sense really. No one wants to take your gun away. We just want to know that a deadly weapon isn’t going to be in the hands of someone who is going to use it for wrong intent.

      I’m British. I come from a culture where guns are not the norm. However, I now live in Texas and realize that a lot of people around my area actually need a gun to protect their property or even to help feed their families. I have no problem at all with that. What I do have a problem with is the lack of regulation which allows criminals easy access to guns.

  • Bobbi Beecher

    When the ship starts sinking you can be calm cool and collected…. Or you can be like a republican, arms flailing and irrational decisions that expend a lot of effort and energy.

  • yourdumb

    called fighting fire with fire.

  • Siobhan Elizabeth

    I’m Progressive/Liberal but I do have my ethical qualms about abortion. However, I despise the ultra-right’s efforts like this. Want to outlaw abortion, put a bill just about that up, and let the people know what you’re up to. Any other thing is sneaky and anti-democratic.

  • Siobhan Elizabeth

    I’m Progressive/Liberal but I do have my ethical qualms about abortion. But I think that the Pro-Lifers and the Evangelical Right must shut up about it as long as block any measures that would reduce the instances where women would feel the need for abortion. Stop opposing birth control, including emergency contraception. Do something to stop crime, including rape, by addressing the root causes of crime instead of a punish-then-release prison system. And stop all “abstinence-only” sex ed. It’s been proven that comprehensive sex ed, that tells kids that “sex is a grown-up activity, and here are the consequences, but if you decide to have sex anyway, here is how you can protect yourself” results not just in fewer teen pregnancies, but fewer kids/teens having sex. I think that is because when you tell kids “don’t have sex cause I said to” (i.e. abstinence-only), like anything else you tell them not to do just because, that’s what they will do. But if you talk to them like they are not stupid, and explain things in detail, they are less likely to risk pregnancy and disease, and opt to wait till they are older. When Pro-Lifers decide to support all that, then they can talk about outlawing abortion.

  • Rick Myers

    Two party system is a joke.Vote third party!!

    • spookytooth

      The two pay system loves third party voters.

      • Rick Myers

        They wouldn’t if enough of us had the balls to do it!

  • john hofheimer

    these f*#king republicans have no honor.

  • bigremo

    We are watching the death throes of a dying party. The humane thing to do is to put them out of their misery come 2014. After that, they will be free to form the He-Man-Woman-Haters Club (or join the KKK or the Nazi party or whatever group that discriminates/hates in the manner that they most enjoy) and then slink away into irrelevance.

    “The bitches, fags, niggers, and wetbacks don’t seem to like us for some reason that we are unable to determine.” – GOP Rebranding Strategist.

  • Penny

    This would be a lot more convincing if you quoted the wording… I can’t even imagine how it would connect.

    (, the North Carolina House of Representatives slipped new anti-abortion regulations into a motorcycle safety bill. Yes, you heard that right. A bill that puts regulations on motorcycle riders quietly got language slipped into it designed to further restrict abortion access in the Tarheel State. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.)

  • Anon

    This article was about abortions, not gun control. And for anyone thinking “Oh wait, the 2nd amendment only applies to militias and not the ‘average american citizen'” How the F*CK do you expect to defend yourself against a HEAVILY armed military force with a little pea-shooter pistol or less? The public SHOULD have access to (at the very least) comparable weaponry. As for the TRUE issue at hand, I would be extremely interested in exactly how the abortion issue was “slipped in” to a motorcycle safety bill. I, for one, cannot fathom ANY relationship at all between motorcycling and childbirth, and would love the opportunity to debate with (and defeat in said debate) anyone who DID make such a connection.