Republicans, Just Admit It — You Lost

boehner-lostPride is a funny thing.  It often gets a lot of people in trouble and can cause people to look absolutely foolish.  And it’s ultimately what caused this government shutdown to begin with.

Well, that and a whole lot of lies.

First you had Ted Cruz whose entire stance against “Obamacare” seemed to be built on one lie after another.  But that doesn’t really matter much for him — he really has no desire to govern as a senator.  The only reason he even became a United States Senator was to put himself in a position to run for president in 2016.  And his strategy for that seems simple — pander to the Republican base in hopes of securing the GOP candidacy for president.

Knowing that the Republican base is comprised mainly of people who desire to be told what they want to hear instead of the truth, “facts” really don’t matter to Ted Cruz.

But for the Republican party as a whole, pride is what kept this shutdown going.  Sure, it was the right-wing rhetoric from Cruz which triggered this whole mess to begin with, but make no mistake about it — pride is what kept it going.

After a day or two, Republicans should have just admitted they had no chance at reaching their goal of delaying or defunding “Obamacare.”  I mean, they knew going into this they really had no chance at doing either one of those things, but after the government had been shut down, they should have just admitted this shutdown was utterly pointless.

But they didn’t.  Instead they sat there, repeated the same worn out talking points, and stretched this thing out to nearly the last minute.

All because they were too proud to simply say, “We can’t win.”

Sure, some are saying that they couldn’t get what they wanted, but even then many of them are putting the blame on others.  Some have blamed the media while others are blaming specific Republicans like Ted Cruz.  But this entire fiasco should be spread across the entire Republican party.

They’re the ones who handed over power to the tea party.  They’re the ones who sold their souls to the most radical reaches of their base in hopes of doing anything to defeat President Obama.  And now that they’ve unleashed the monster known as the tea party, they can’t seem to rid themselves of it.  In fact, it seems to be growing in influence over the GOP, with many Republicans afraid of facing a primary challenger in their next election.

But make no mistake, there were no “winners” here.  Millions of Americans suffered, our country looks foolish and even the deal that was reached is only temporary.  Meaning that a few months from now, we might be facing this same level of idiocy yet again.

Yet, even with the majority of Americans blaming Republicans for this shutdown, most members of the GOP can’t admit that they lost.

I’m sure in the coming days you’ll see Republicans try to spin this as some sort of “victory” for their party.  They’ll try to say that they won something.  Exactly what will they have won?  Who knows.  I’ve given up trying to understand exactly what goes on in the fantasy wonderland where many Republicans seem to mentally reside.

But with the majority of Americans putting the blame on their party, “Obamacare” fully funded, the debt ceiling raised and almost no goal Republicans had hoped to achieve in this shutdown having been reached — pride will still get in the way of Republicans admitting one simple thing…

They lost, and they tried their damndest to bring the entire country down with them.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • strayaway

    There are three ways to end the budget problem.
    1) raise taxes
    2) cut spending
    3) borrow more and bill it to our children.

    Congress, for now, has again chosen solution number 3.

    Republicans did lose big time. They caved. They got nothing. But the even bigger losers are today’s children who will be billed for us living beyond our means

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Nope, the solutions are 1&2. Problem is, your side doesn’t like #1. Back in the 1950s, we had higher taxes and built our infrastructure. We had higher taxes (but dirt cheap by 1950s standards) in the 1990s, had a great decade and a budget surplus by the end. Bush came in, cut taxes, waged two wars on a credit card and passed an unfunded Medicare drug benefit. The result was a debt that doubled from $5 trillion to $10 trillion.

      Republicans got nothing because they deserved nothing. You wanna cut spending, start with defense and corporate subsidies.

    • Skyhollower

      You forgot a 4th. Don’t close the government down, I am hearing estimates that the 16 day closing cost this country 24 billion. I hope that number is high. The last time the Republicans took the argument of the debt ceiling to the brink, it has cost this country 12 billion in additional interest when our credit rating was lowered and our interest rate was raised. The Republicans / Tea party are being fiscally irresponsible if their actions of closing the govt caused our debt to climb. Congress in general is not very good at keeping a balanced budget. As one commentator put it, it would have been better to burn the money to help keep the homeless warm. Maybe they should all watch the move “Dave”, they showed how it could be done. If the true mission of the Republicans is to end the budget problem they are seriously going about it backwards.

      • gemma liar

        vote for ted cruz in primaries,,,,please ? we need a non factor who is easily castrated ( politically) against hillary

    • gemma liar

      Obama has EASILY been shrinking the deficit. check the CBO chart and the chart they project.. please do this as soon as U dry those lachrymose eyes

  • Bill Rubin

    Asking the GOP leadershio to admit anything honest and truthful (and often obvious) is challenging these days, so no one should be surprised that they will try to spin the latest shutdown/debt ceiling fiasco as anything other than a loss. Their ignorant adherents will not stomach hearing that they lost, so their leadership will find any words possible to avoid that declaration. Placating the base is rule #1 for the GOP in modern times, and their base is ignorant, stupid, and hateful–and avoids any chance to recognize truth, facts, or evidence to the contrary. Why would this scenario be any different?

  • Mike

    know why Republicans may not say this? Because in their opinion, the
    whole nation lost and is losing and that’s a perfectly valid viewpoint.
    Enough with the team comradery bs already. The headline of this article
    alone is part of the problem, pretending this is some board game or
    sporting match instead of a nation of people hoping for the best,
    regardless of how they believe that can be achieved.

    • AnyoneButTed

      I think the headline is appropriate considering this is not governing to the GOP… It IS a game to them… They are totally comfortable bringing hardship, and uncertainty to all Americans for their own selfish agenda. And they’re LOSERS!

  • James Daley

    The obvious characteristics of the republicans who inflicted this much pain on the country is………..we don’t want to govern, we want to rule. In three months the country will be back to this same narrative. If these truly conservative republicans hate the Affordable Care Act so much, then come up with something better to replace it with. They bitch and complain about it, yet have no frame work or plan that is a vast improvement over it. The sad thing is the Tea Party crazies in the Republican Party have learned nothing and will keep this up till they do even more damage to this country. This is a classic case of “You can’t help stupid”. The so-called moderates of the party are just as bad as the crazies. They are cowards and lack any kind of backbone and they allowed this to happen to the party. In the end, they got what they deserved……’s just to bad other people had to suffer at the same time. If poor, stupid, and misinformed GOP voters continue to elect people who will work their hardest to make their lives more difficult and dreary, those voters get what they deserve as well. Be proud, poor, and republican. Be pro-life…..just not for a good life.