Republicans Know Trump’s Guilty, That’s Why They’re Pushing Conspiracies About the FBI

Right now there’s a very deliberate effort by Republicans and the conservative media to paint the FBI as some sort of “shadow government working to take down Trump.” The go-to move for them is to dig into the past of anyone working for the FBI who might have any sort of remote ties to being pro-Clinton or pro-Democrats, then sensationalize that information to claim that because a couple of agents might be Democrats, that somehow “proves” Trump’s claims that the investigation is a “witch hunt.”

This is how conspiracy theorists operate. They have their agenda, then they seek out ways to “fulfill the prophecy,” so to speak. They’re not looking for the truth, nor do they care what the facts are, they’re simply trying to find ways to make their asinine conspiracies seem plausible. All the while, any evidence you use to debunk whatever drivel they’re trying to sell is, of course, “all part of the conspiracy.”

Currently, Republicans and the conservative media don’t want it to be credibly proven that Trump colluded with Russia (or did anything else illegal or unethical, for that matter), because that will hurt them politically. If that’s discovered it would almost certainly lead to his impeachment or resignation, with the ripple effect impacting nearly every aspect of the GOP.

That’s why so many of them are desperate to paint Robert Mueller as some unethical, corrupt crook who’s out to get Trump, while trying to undermine the credibility of the FBI. Deep down, they know Trump’s guilty. They may or may not believe he directly colluded with the Russian government — but they know he’s guilty of something that will almost certainly threaten to bring down his “presidency.”

Republicans know that if Trump’s truly guilty of impeachable offenses, as I think many of them believe he is, pushing ridiculous conspiracies about Mueller and the FBI’s investigation is the only option they have.

For instance, this idea that because some people working with the FBI are Democrats, or have worked with Democrats in the past, that somehow makes the entire investigation invalid.

That’s absurd.

An FBI agent can have certain political leanings while still being ethical and credible at doing their job. While the individuals who work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation are some of the top law enforcement agents we have in this country, they’re still humans who are allowed to have private lives or certain political beliefs.

And here’s a “fun fact”: I’m sure there are plenty of Republican and pro-Trump FBI agents, too.

Though, of course, you won’t hear Republicans or the conservative media mention that fact because, as I pointed out earlier, that doesn’t fit the agenda they’re trying to push.

But I would like to take a moment to point out the hypocrisy of Republicans who seem to never have any trouble when they’re in charge of “investigations” into Democrats, such as Benghazi or during Bill Clinton’s presidency, yet seem to think that Democrats shouldn’t be allowed to investigate Republicans because that’s unfair.

Essentially, Republicans think it’s okay for Republicans to investigate Democrats; however, under no circumstances should anyone investigate Republicans — aside from other Republicans.

I’d also like to point out that, while Republicans and the conservative media continue to try to portray Mueller’s investigation as some sort of “witch hunt against Trump,” both he and James Comey are actually Republicans and Mueller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who was appointed to that position by Trump.

Another fun fact: The FBI is currently being run by Christopher Wray, who was appointed by Trump.

So, to put that in another way:

  • Robert Mueller, former head of the FBI appointed by George W. Bush who’s now leading the special investigation into Trump, Republican.
  • James Comey, former head of the FBI, Republican.
  • Rod Rosenstein, current deputy attorney general, Republican.
  • Christopher Wray, current head of the FBI nominated by Trump after firing Comey, Republican.
  • Both the House and the Senate, controlled by Republicans.
  • The Department of Justice, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a Republican who was nominated by Trump.

Yet Republicans and the conservative media are still claiming that this is all some “pro-Clinton, Democratic-led witch hunt” and the FBI is some “shadow government conspiring against Trump.”

Leave it to Republicans to have people who back their own party essentially controlling everything, yet still claim that there’s some sort of conspiracy working against them.

The truth is, if Republicans and the conservative media didn’t know Donald Trump was almost certainly guilty of something that could bring down his “presidency,” and severely hurt the party, then they wouldn’t be trying to undermine the credibility of the FBI, and they certainly wouldn’t be out there pushing outrageous conspiracies against “deep states” and “shadow governments” conspiring against this “president.”

Their behavior is indicative of desperate people who know that it’s not a matter of if things are about to go badly for them — just when.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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