Republicans: Your Lies, Propaganda and Fear-Mongering Led to the Deaths of 3 People in Colorado Springs

planned-parenthood-co-springsWhile it was easy to assume what motivated Robert Lewis Dear to open fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic on Friday, resulting in the deaths of three people with several more wounded, I put off writing anything about it until there were verified facts about what led him to commit such a heinous act.

But with reports from law enforcement officials confirming that Dear spoke of “no more baby parts” and other anti-abortion rhetoric, along with anti-Obama and anti-government views verified by more than one source, it’s clear Dear is exactly who most liberals thought he was: A right-wing nut job driven by fear-mongering GOP rhetoric.

Before going forward, let me address conservatives who I’ve seen posting all over the Internet that “liberals are hoping this guy’s a Republican so they can bash conservatives.” For some, that’s absolutely true. As a progressive, I spent the better part of my day Saturday calling out many liberals for seemingly caring more about “gotcha” politically commentary than addressing this situation genuinely and factually.

The truth is, what most liberals want – and what conservatives don’t seem to understand – isn’t the ability to point and say, “See, it’s a Republican.” What we want is for Republicans to stop infringing upon the Constitutional rights of Americans; to stop pushing anti-abortion propaganda and lies; and to start minding your own damn business.

That’s what we want.

With that said, much of the responsibility for the deaths of three people (including a police officer) in Colorado Springs rests on the shoulders of the Republican party.

And I can promise you this much, if this myth-based propaganda, constant fear-mongering and outlandish vitriolic rhetoric continues to become accepted among the Republican party, we’re going to see more of these instances of violence carried out by conservatives who feel their actions are justified because they’ve been told by the right-wing media that their delusions are valid concerns.

Doubt me? Just look back a few months ago at the Jade Helm shootings directed at military personnel that were a result of the Republican party embracing conspiracy theorists, adding legitimacy to bona fide crazy people who were then empowered to act out on their insanity. Hell, there were groups of people monitoring the movements of our military “just in case” Jade Helm really was an attempt by President Obama to confiscate guns.

(Oh, by the way, there’s a good chunk of conservatives out there who honestly believe Dear is a plant by the Obama administration to enact stricter gun control laws.)

Speaking of guns, this would be the second incident of gun violence in Colorado Springs where a “good guy with a gun” was simply exercising his open carry rights. Well, that is, until he turned into the “bad guy with a gun,” brutally murdering multiple people. Back on Halloween, 911 ignored pleas from residents of Colorado Springs who were concerned that a man who eventually gunned down three people was openly stalking around their neighborhood carrying an AR-15 rifle. The reason 911 dispatchers mostly ignored those pleas is because, until he opened fire, he was legally allowed to openly carry his rifle.

This begs the question, in a pro-gun city like Colorado Springs, where were all the “good guys” to stop these “bad guys”? (That’s a topic for another article.)

There’s no real gray area to this. With reports that Dear specifically mentioned “no more baby parts,” that’s rhetoric taken directly from Republican propaganda which they know is based on highly edited anti-abortion videos. Yet, despite that knowledge, they’ve used these discredited videos to push their political agenda anyway.

Congressional Republicans who’ve called for an “investigation” into Planned Parenthood based upon these edited videos.

Governors and other state-level Republicans who’ve pushed to defund Planned Parenthood based upon these edited videos.

Republicans like Ted Cruz who suggested that the government should have been shut down to prevent funding for Planned Parenthood. Then there was Carly Fiorina who blatantly lied during a presidential debate about things she had seen in these videos – that didn’t exist. A lie she has since doubled down on.

Then there was Mike Huckabee, another presidential candidate, who compared Planned Parenthood to terrorists.

A political party backed by tens of millions of people cannot fill a large part of its base with this hate-filled, fear-mongering propaganda without it eventually leading to violence. Republicans are lying to people, willfully trying to make them terrified of practically everything, so they can use that hatred and fear to benefit their party politically.

Many of these people actually seemed to feel the shooting was justified because it happened at a Planned Parenthood clinic where “babies are murdered every day,” seemingly unaware that 97 percent of what Planned Parenthood does has nothing to do with abortion. Then again, why would they know that? That’s not something factual that you’ll ever hear Republicans or the conservative media ever admit.

And trust me when I say this, if this anti-Muslim rhetoric continues to grow within the GOP, it’s only a matter of time before another mosque or Muslim center is violently attacked by a right-wing, gun-loving fanatic. That’s exactly what terrorist groups like ISIS want to happen.

This rhetoric from Republicans cannot continue. If it does, acts of violence like we saw happen on Friday are only going to become more common and more violent.

Why wouldn’t they?

The modern-day Republican party, built upon lies and fear-mongering, has validated the beliefs of crazy people. So, when these lunatics act out violently, in their minds, their actions are justified. After all, they’re seeing elected officials in Congress and all over the country tell them that it’s reasonable to believe that President Obama is going to confiscate guns; or that he’s working with terrorists to take down the United States; or that Planned Parenthood is selling “baby parts” for profit. Even when none of that is true.

Hell, as of my writing this it’s been nearly 48 hours since the shooting and almost none of the Republican presidential candidates have even had the courage to address it – and the ones who have declined to admit that their lies and propaganda need to stop.

That’s why I don’t hesitate when I say that I fully believe the modern-day Republican party has become America’s largest hate group.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Bonta-kun

    The wrong wing has so much blood on its hands, the Iowa Caucuses are going to look like a remake of the last scenes of Carrie.

  • Cemetery Girl

    What I want is for people to not be shot in mass violence. Hearing this was justified because it was Planned Parenthood is insane. I have read that this was a location that didn’t even do abortions. While I consider the shooting horrible either way, having an attitude where it is perfectly acceptable to start randomly killing people at a place that offers women’s health services should be astounding. That is really the point we are at in this country? Being shot shouldn’t be an acceptable risk of getting a PAP smear, but that’s reality is someone is justified when they shoot strangers at a clinic that doesn’t even preform abortions because heaven forbid women have a say in what happens to their own uteruses.

  • Wayne Stephenson

    No one is responsible for this reprehensible crime except the shooter himself. Makes me wonder who’s inspiring those killers in Chicago.

    • boB

      So you put all blame on this shooter, absolving the liars that motivated him with their misinformation, and then IMMEDIATELY switch to finding blame with anyone BUT the killers in Chicago? Nice double standard there.

      • Wayne Stephenson

        boB I’m just being facetious when I mention Chicago. Just making the point that we need not to equivocate when we have tragedies like this.

      • strayaway

        Eight people were murdered in Chicago the weekend before three were killed in the Planned Parenthood clinic. Another eight people were murdered in Chicago the weekend after those three were killed in the Planned Parenthood clinic. I’m curious why the death three people received so much more attention than, for instance, the other 16 whose names and killers’ motives are ignored by the national press. Any ideas?

    • Cemetery Girl

      The shooter is 100% responsible for his actions. A sick, violent mind will find justification for violence.
      There is a problem when people believe he should have killed more or that his violence was acceptable because of the location. We need to evaluate our society when we find that happening. We need to question the messages being sent when we are condoning random acts of violence. People reacting positively are not the responsibility of the shooter. How our society reacts is our responsibility. We can’t control what a violent mind will latch onto, but we do have control over how we react.

  • Jake Spooz

    Actually, as a pro-choice conservative….Planned Parenthood is a good thing, just read where they aborted 90,000 black babies last year.

    That’s 90,000 less nigléts that we won’t have to support for decades and their baby momma’s…..not to mention, probable incarceration costs and future hood rats they would produce.

    Kudos, PP. Let’s shoot for 100,000 thus year.

    • boB

      You call yourself a pro-choice conservative, but your words call you a hate-filled bigoted asshole.

      • Jake Spooz

        Thank you, coming from a mental midget liberal, I take that as a compliment.

      • Wayne Stephenson

        Anger boB, anger. Stop lest ye be mistaken for a conservative.. Lmao

  • Tommy Hilfiger

    Republicans aren’t even a party anymore. They used to represent a core of fiscal responsibility, family values, etc., etc.. Now they’re a splintered faction of right wing fringe groups who represent the most disgusting philosophies that spew anti-establishment rhetoric, encourages violence, and bigotry.