I’m Sick of Republicans Lying About the Healthcare System that Saved My Life

healthcare-and-education-gop“Government healthcare programs everywhere in the world do three things. They promise you the world. They say, oh we’re going to cover everything. Then what they do is they run out of money and they underpay hospitals, doctors, and guess what happens? They don’t want to take care of you. There’s fewer of them, just like what’s happened in England, Canada, places like that.”

~ Governor Rick Scott, (R-Fla), July 2, 2012


I was trying to catch a softball. That’s what changed everything. It was coming down from way up high, and I was charging it down, focusing hard on catching it. I was focused so hard on it, in fact, I didn’t notice my buddy was parked underneath the ball, waiting for it to drop into his glove.

Neither guy realized there was an imminent collision. He saw me at the last second and threw his arms up to cover his face. I didn’t see him at all, and ran full blast, jaw-first, into the point of his elbow. I pin-wheeled in mid-air and landed flat on my front. At the time I was out of breath, and my face stung, but I wanted to be a tough guy and shook it off.

I was lucky my jaw wasn’t broken. As it was, the right side of my face stung for days afterwards. But there was no swelling, and I didn’t want to be seen as a wuss so I worked through it. See a doctor? Nah.

Fast forward to the end of May, 2007, and I seem to be coming down with a bug of some kind. Over the next three days, cold and flu symptoms multiplied, and then intensified dramatically. A sore throat turned to burning pain. My head started aching and then pounded relentlessly. Sniffling turned to a full on, disgusting flow of constant phlegm that wouldn’t stop or let me sleep.

I was the sickest I had ever been in my life. Come the morning of the third day, and my neck had swollen up to a size bigger than my head. It looked like I was trying to swallow a volleyball. There was nothing for it now but to go to the hospital.


“On average, how many Canadian patients on a waiting list die each year?”

~Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), March 12, 2014


Unfortunately, I was lost in delirium at this point. I shuffled out of my apartment and headed down the street, ostensibly to the hospital. The memory of doing this now is watery and inconsistent, like trying to watch television from the other side of an aquarium. I ended up collapsed in the street, and a friend got me to the hospital.

I spent the next two months there. Six weeks of that in Intensive Care. I was admitted on June 1st, 2007, and wasn’t released until August 1st. In that time, multiple procedures and surgeries were performed on me.

They had to cut my neck open to drain it and performed a tracheotomy because there was a real danger of my airway swelling closed. I was induced into a coma for this. They opened up my back to clean out my upper body. They decided to go that way because otherwise, they would have had to remove my sternum.

I hovered on the edge of septic shock for days. My family and friends were told to say goodbye to me three different times. My oldest friend, who works in an operating room, told me later he was convinced I would not pull through. He’d seen plenty of people who looked as bad as I did. He said I looked like I was “circling the drain.”

I pulled through, of course. I was the only one in the room who had no idea I was in that much trouble. For the next week or so, I was a damn difficult patient. I had no clear idea what had happened or why. I kept trying to leave and go to work. The combination of painkillers and delirium made me unreasonable on many, many occasions.

My neck had been cut open and the dressings in the wound needed to be taken out, changed, and packed back into it. Yes. Back into my neck. Think about having to lie there, unable to speak, while someone took bandages out of your neck and then put more back in. This would happen every couple of hours.


Seniors and the disabled “will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care.”

~Sarah Palin on Friday, August 7th, 2009, Politifact’s Lie of the Year, 2009


I was helpless on a bed for six weeks while tubes were attached to my side to clean out the infection. Oh hey, ever had to have a feeding tube inserted? That’s what they shove up your nose and down your throat so you can be fed this vanilla pudding-looking stuff. It’s horrible. So they had to replace the feeding tube every once in a while. Remember “Welcome Back Kotter,” and “Up your nose with a rubber hose?” I will never wish that on anyone.

After six weeks my neck had healed enough so that I could eat and drink again. My voice began returning, although I sounded like Kermit the Frog for the first bit. I had spent the last month or so fantasizing about eating and drinking. Apple juice. I craved apple juice so badly I cried a few times.

My healthcare staff were above and beyond wonderful. They talked to me like a human being when I looked like an overstuffed sausage with wires stuck in it all over the place. They held my hand when I was scared, which was a lot. They didn’t hold it against me that I’d been a raving lunatic. They pretended to not know what I was talking about when I wrote apology notes to them.

Nobody ever seemed annoyed that they had to clean me up every time I had a bowel movement. One nurse sang softly when she cleaned me because she could see I was mortified. Everybody knew my name and what my interests were. They talked to me about baseball and Star Wars.

By the time I was released I had learned to stand and walk again. There were therapists for that. Across the board, everyone was encouraging and confident I could come back, and that helped give me the confidence to do so. It wasn’t the most pleasant summer of my life, but I sure learned a lot.

It turned out to be an abscessed tooth. I had chipped a corner off of my right rear bottom molar that day trying to catch a softball. The pain of it had blended into the general soreness of my entire face. When it became infected, I had no idea. By the time I got help, it was so very close to being too late. That’s how I lost the summer of 2007.

What happened to me could have happened to anyone. Yeah, it was a freak accident and odd circumstances, but I was healthy as a horse before that. Never broken a bone, never had to stay in a hospital before.


“Realize that the doctor’s fight against socialized medicine is your fight. We can’t socialize the doctors without socializing the patients.” ~ Ronald Reagan, October 27, 1964


Now, what do you think that bill would be? Two months in the hospital, six weeks of that in the ICU. Multiple procedures, intricate and sophisticated. Around the clock care, teams of medical professionals in all areas making sure I was healing.

Food. Medication. Therapies. Use of dozens of machines, ventilators, monitors, and what have you. You would need a top notch insurance plan for that, wouldn’t you? Luckily, I had one. This happened in Canada. I was automatically covered. There were no bills. Had this happened to me in the USA, I would have been buried under crushing debt.

Growing up, my mother was often very ill. She suffered from diabetes, and it took her a long time to adjust to life with the disease. There were many harrowing days, racing her to the local hospital. We lived in a rural area of the province, and she needed to be airlifted to the city more than once.

While my mother’s health was a constant source of worry, her care never was. That was how I grew up. That’s how everyone should grow up. If you are sick, if you are hurt, then get the help you need. You won’t be turned away. You don’t need to worry about how you’ll pay if your insurance won’t cover you. You might be poor, but you are still human.

And yeah, taxes are high. It’s worth it.


“The question is how can you go step by step to improve the American health care system? It is already the finest health care system in the world.”

~ Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)


The Affordable Health Care Act, regardless of the debate over it; the fifty some-odd attempts to repeal it; shutting the government down over it; and the recent SCOTUS ruling providing escape clauses from it; is ultimately a good first step for Americans. It makes no sense to me why it’s so viciously opposed. Taxes? The evils of “socialism?” Political partisan-ship?

It’s a combination of all these factors, and a few others. But it is absolutely mystifying to me why there is so much resistance to improving America’s healthcare system. Just look at how much damage the Republicans have done in their raging against it. And it’s all needless, every last bit of it. People are dying every day the longer the GOP drags this out, and they don’t need to die at all.

Canadians have always been mystified when Republicans lie about our healthcare system. It isn’t just me who thinks this. Stop listening to conservative lies. They don’t know what they are talking about. Check that, actually they do. They have to know they are lying to you.

And meanwhile, the ACA is working, despite all of the opposition. Personally, my family has seen our health insurance costs halved, just in time for the arrival of of son. There was a brief scary moment, but the professionalism in that New York hospital was on par with Canada’s. But there sure was a lot of talk about billing while we were there. You don’t get that in Canada.

Everyone needs healthcare eventually. It is not “if” it is “when.” The main difference between Canada and the USA is the healthcare systems of both countries. The Canadian system is far superior to America’s. It’s not even close. Don’t believe me? Ask Sarah Palin.

There are critics who will dismiss my experiences out of hand because they’re “anecdotal evidence.” Whatever. Doesn’t make them any less true. And, funnily enough, these are usually the same folks who go on and on about how terrible the Canadian healthcare system is. They’re lying. I’m not.

It’s up to you to choose who to believe.

Chad R. MacDonald

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English Literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York. He is a former security professional, a veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in administration and the arts. He loves baseball, hockey, marine photography, science, New York City, and his family.
He lives in Hell's Kitchen with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.
Chad also writes for spoiledNYC.com, quietmike.org, and contributes at politicalmoll.com. You can follow him on Twitter @ChadMac19 and on Facebook as well!


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  • Shea Butter

    As a fellow Canadian, I agree entirely! It’s such a relief to me to know that when I need healthcare it’s going to be there for me, and the healthcare in Canada is great! Our taxes may be a little higher, but they aren’t that much higher. That’s why I am mystified by the rabid opposition to Obamacare in U.S., especially from the people that need affordable healthcare the most! The only conclusion I can make is that those people have such an (unfounded) hatred of Obama that they hate anything he is associated with, even if they ultimately benefit from the policies he implements!

    • Nancy B

      Well before ACA, my husband’s small US company had several Canadian clients, whom we got to know very well over the years. When the subject of health insurance came up, usually by them, they were always mystified by our system (often laughed at it, actually), and our citizens’ disdain for the Canadian system. I spent most of my career working in the health insurance field, and see some flaws in Canada’s system. But it’s still has far better outcomes for less money overall. It’s definitely superior. Too many Americans are as blind as bats and have swallowed our oligarchs’ lies. And yes, that’s led to a hatred of Obama and a self-destructive support of obstructionism.

    • Luke

      The rabid opposition is simple. A lot of Americans are assholes and want to see anyone worse off (lesser) than them suffer. If that means that poor people die of preventable ills, then so be it. It’s another way the asshole can look down on them.

      It’s the pure capitalism mentality. Everything I have, I earned. Everything you don’t have, is your fault.

      It’s embarassing.

      • mister_roboto

        I recommend Googling “mark ames spite voters” if you want an eye-opening look at what really makes this sorry-ass society tick.

    • rossbro

      Mr. Butter, The American Idiots want to repeal the ACA so that our President, Mr. Obama will not have any accomplishments to show for his tenure in office. The ENTIRE Republican Party has been the ‘ Party of NO’. They see to it that nothing gets done to deny any American a feeling of warmth toward the current President. The Republicans are the ‘Party of Hate’. They hate : Black people, gay people , poor people, starving people, female people, and more. They hate everyone not like themselves, mostly fat, old, white, so-called Christian. The only hope there is for this Country is that all the people on the ‘hate list’ vote out all the haters and resume the actions of a Government which cares for all her citizens.

      • BuckTard

        You are so fulla crap. Let me show you some FACTS about the real racist party in America. 13th amendment Abolish slavery.

        100% Republican support, 23% demoncrat support.

        15th amendment. Right to vote for all

        100% Republican support. ZERO support from Demoncrats

        14th amendment Gave citizenship to freed slaves.

        94% Republican support. ZERO Demoncrat support.

        Obama care.

        ZERO support from the GOP and 86% from the Demoncrats.

        Keep voting Democrat and keep yourself in the ghetto begging for handouts.

      • Aesir

        So in order to counter his evidence about the current political climate you take evidence from the political climate in the late 1800s? You do realize that things can change, especially in the space of over 100 years, right?

      • BuckTard

        How about MLK Jr? He was in the GOP. That recent enough for you?

      • Ric Babel

        Another GOTP lie. MLK Jr. did not claim affiliation with either the Democratic or Republican Party.

      • EverTheGreen

        Stop lying, he was not in the GOP. Now, let’s go back to your first post. Back then, the GOP was against slavery. Today several GOP legislators have said they’d bring it back if that’s what their constituents wanted.
        Back to today, who supported the Voting Rights Act? GOP? No, it was the Democrats.

      • Larry Berry

        Not only was MLK Jr not in the GOP, While we are on the subject, He was seriously supportive of universal health care.

      • brig

        Hey BUCKTARD,Republicans and Democrats have both changed dramatically over the last 100 years! These days they have been bought by the tea partiers therefore making them lunatics.

      • Jimmy Calhoun

        “…keep yourself in the ghetto begging for handouts.”

        No racist implications there, right?

      • Stephen Barlow

        What do you expect from a BuckTard

      • Carol Parker

        It’s okay, Buck the Tard is right, his statistics are true, but by my estimation he is either in his late sixties living in Appalachia or Texas, or, much younger in one of those areas and was raised and home-schooled by his right-wing republitard grandpa who sits on his front porch with his shotgun waiting for Obama to personally come and take his guns. He has neither the sense nor the intellect to care about fact checking to see that the once racist freedom blocking democratic party is now the Republican party and the once people supporting Republican party is now the Democratic party. If he did in fact take the time to learn these things his head might explode.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I am betting on a trailer parkerublican, who thinkes his mother’s JOB as a ‘magician’ is why he spent his childhood evenings sitting on the front steps while his mother entertained…
        one of his myriad of ‘uncles’ and ‘cousins’.

      • KaeTay

        hey hey hey! I was born and raised in Appalachia not all are like him! Ohio adopted the Affordable care act and yes ohio IS part of the appalachia (the southeastern half.. where I grew up).

      • Carol Parker

        Not saying all are like him, nor that all areas of Appalachia are, most people know the kinds of areas I’m talking about, the parts where Bubba with three teeth is sitting on his front porch of his shack with his cousinsister Lerline rockin the latest of fifteen babies while he cleans his shotguns

      • Francine Anoia Price

        Don’t feed trolls–better to let them starve to death.

      • Jamie Quinones

        Yeah Jimmy; like theirs no whites in Appalachia with their hands out.

      • Joseph

        The stupid just drips off you lol. Have anything from, say, the last 50 years that supports your theory about which party is racist?

        Oh wait, no. You don’t. Because all the racists in the Democratic Party flocked to the GOP as part of the infamous “Southern Strategy” after Democrats had the audacity to support integration.

      • BuckTard

        You actually think anyone believes that? LMAO. Of course the Dems wont own up to their history or own it. The first person to scream racism is the racist. Now who is ALWAYS pulling out the race card? Think on that one.

      • EverTheGreen

        Everyone believes that, you’re the only one who doesn’t.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Who is vested in Voter Suppression, paying one gender more than others, starving non white children in schools AND closing their schools?

      • Jimmy Calhoun

        “The first person to scream racism is the racist.”

        Then why are you “screaming racism” at the Dems? Sort of defeats your own logic.

      • brig

        Then explain the outright hatred towards this man? he’s not the shifty crooked war criminal that just killed 4000 of our young people over a LIE to line their pockets.

      • Kevj1

        Obama can not be trusted. He said he would work with the GOP on a health care reform bill, then allowed Reid to lock us out. He said it would be passed fairly. It wasn’t. Bribes, LIES, (ask Jon Gruber), secret deals(Joe Wilson). He Promised it WASN’T A TAX. The Court said it is a TAX, or it isn’t a law. And Obama brags he taught Constitutional law? I don’t think so.
        The LIE-It was President Bill Clinton on 12/20/2000 who said-“We have started bombing Saddam’s warehouses and factories again, we gave him a chance to work for peace, he refused. He resumed building WMD’s again and he will use them again”. But you’re OK when Obama targets and kills Americans with drones, or kills hundreds of children with drones overseas, huh? You have your head shoved so far up Obama’s ass, you need a flashlight to find your way out. Oh yeah, it seems that the American people have tired of the hope & change bull shit lies, fraud, bribes and lack of experience that the GOP was blamed with Obama’s 18 day gov. shutdown, they just gave us 10 senate seat, 14 house seats, 31 Governors and major wins across the USA on Nov. 4. You and the lame shiny object followers you associate with are on the wrong side of history now. Let there be TEA in every cup!

      • Stephen Barlow

        Today’s Republican is yesterday’s Democrat. Why are you always blaming other’s for YOUR failure’s and taking credit for other people’s work?

      • BuckTard

        Nice try. Its a load of crap but nice try. MLK Jr was in the GOP. I suppose HE was a racist too?

      • Ric Babel

        No Tard, he wasn’t. I suppose your stupidity allowed you to fall for the lie that JFK was Republican when the Party of Stupid try touting that as well.

      • BuckTard

        Check your facts. He even tried to get a CC permit but was denied.

      • EverTheGreen

        There was no such thing as a concealed carry permit back then. And back then there was no way a black down south would ever be issued one. Massa Republican like his black Dems UNARMED.

      • BuckTard

        You really are stupid arent you? Google it you braindead moron.

      • Stephen Barlow

        A nanosmidgen of PROOF?

        Testicle deprived REDS like you can NNEEVVEERR provide that can you?

      • Kearston Marie Miles

        This is what happens when your understanding of political events is generated by Fox News and facebook memes…. I would encourage you to read a history book, or a paper, or really anything that isn’t found on a right wing propaganda site….

      • Francine Anoia Price

        No sense feeding the Troll just let the trailer trash ramble.

      • Patty Martin

        Yes, finally someone who understands history! Bravo and thank you.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Thankyou. In listened in school, read the texts AND asked questions. YES, I did My homework…

      • Norman Clark

        you do know that today’s republican party is not the party of your grandparents, right. if you don’t then you are too far buried in the rt wing lies

      • Cemetery Girl

        This is a prime example of how statistics can mislead when their context is not given. These statistics don’t provide the information that not all that long ago the major political parties basically exchanged views. Stances that had long been Republican became Democrat, ect. These statistics don’t prove the point you attempt to prove. A Democrat from the 1870’s would be mortified by views held by the party today. Learn about history, not just parrot selections. Question the context of statistics. I could easily provide that statistics show that trains cause much more loss of life than airplanes or cars (depending on the year I choose to compile the information from) or that teething is a potentially fatal process for infants (if I go back over a century to when teething was considered a cause of death when actually mothers sometimes weaned their teething infants to animal milk which was unpasteurized that could cause sickness and death).

      • Francine Anoia Price

        Well, since that amendment was written nearly 150 yers ago Bucky, things have changed and the Blacks–excuse me, African Americans, have since realized things were better for them under Dems–Truman did end segregation and it was Dems who end school segregation–that they now trust Democrats. Republicans on the other hand did their damndest to shut down Colin Powell when he was secretery of state. Connie Rice basically was to much of a beotch and in the Bush’s pocket to be affected. Bush was an arse who got us into two words with one a complete out and out lie. So piss of Bucko

      • BuckTard

        Better for them under dems? You speak for the Black race? That right there is what Im talking about. Under Barry Blacks have suffered more than any other group as a whole. Unemployment has run rampant. Crime in the inner cities is out of control. Demoncrat ideals are NOT working. Other wise Chicago would be crime free and they wouldnt have had 60 shootings last weekend. Healthcare is going to sky rocket, when Barry shuts down the coal industry electricity is going to skyrocket and HE SAID THAT HIMSELF!! You think giving the poor handouts is the answer. The GOP would rather give a hand up. The Dems keep the Blacks poor and dependent and they have done a really good job of hiding that fact. Keep up your racist bullshit. You may even actually believe it yourself. You come off as that stupid.

      • Tariq Williams

        Damn, you really got in for President B. Husain Obama, though I’m sure he doesn’t even know that you exist. You can sit on this site and tell all the lies and spew all the hate that you dead heart desires, but every other person on this site who has the slightest bit of intelligence knows for an absolute fact that you are simply lying and spewing ignorance and hate. You’re not fooling anyone, but yourself.

      • Joni McMillan

        That would be two wars and not “two words” , I believe?

      • BuckShot

        Dude, you are definitely a tard. Comparing historical decisions to the decisions we face now is like saying that cell phones should be outlawed because they cause pre-marital sex.

      • Francine Anoia Price

        Listen Up Folks! BuckTard is a Troll–Please don’ Feed them. Better to let them starve to death. He’s an uneducated racist Hill Billy and a genuine Retard all though most retards are smarter than this degenerate idiot.

      • Kale

        The parties actually used to be flipped back in the 1800’s… Then the democrats became the republicans and the republicans became democrats.

      • gregry mainord

        If you read your history the republican party used to be the party that represents most of the policies currently touted by the democratic party of corse they voted that way but eventualy the positions flipped.

        If the republican party from back then was here now they would have ran as democrats

      • KaeTay

        I’m going to say this as someone who experienced universal healthcare in the U.S before the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. I was a military spouse on tricare Prime. I never had to worry about getting sick, or getting covered for a surgery. I paid a very small amount every month maybe like 20 bucks. It worked!

        Now I’m in need of surgery. I wasn’t able to get it due to my husbands discharge date in the military. My recovery would have been difficult while on a 1600 mile trip, moving.

        I live in a state that is fighting affordable care act and the medical plans and prices reflect it. I cannot afford medical insurance now.. so my organs which are completely out of place (I need surgery to put a few back in place). Have to stay that way, it’s horribly uncomfortable. I am also asthmatic (which I developed from my parents smoking), and now cannot afford my medication. I’m 27 years old.. this shouldn’t be an issue for me.

      • koopapoopas

        You are lying.

        The southern Democrats became Republicans.

        Also, you are forgetting the Southern Strategy.

      • pdquick

        To be clear, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a socialist. A self-declared, proud, democratic socialist.

      • AngryBM

        I enjoy this argument, I know the Southern Strategy is just something created by Democrats to hide their past BUT I have proof that party has switched. I know we call them facts but you will ignore them. Southern states during the Civil war where Democrat states, and they were what created the confederacy. Our southern states are now Republican states. That proves nothing, blah blah, wait, how many democrats you think in Southern states own a Confederate flag? ha ha ha……..

      • Stephen Barlow

        Vote NO!!! against the Party of no!!

      • Kevj1

        Can you get any other channel other than MSnbc? The party of NO, isn’t the Republicans. They passed 376 Bi-partisan bills along with 5 Bi-partisan Budgets. Harry Reid allowed 4 Bills on the floor for discussion. He passes 1 budget, and 4 CR’s. Now Who’s not doing anything to help the citizens?
        And the party of HATE? Well Nov. 4th. just proved that bull shit, they gave the GOP, who were blamed with Obama’s 18% Gov. shutdown, 10 Senate seats, 14 House seats, 31 Governor seats and Hundreds o seats held by the hating Democratic candidates for too long. And the Republicans ran on NOTHING, promised NOTHING, and will do NOTHING, and crushed the Democrats nationwide! America would rather have NOTHING, then the Lying shiny object RACIST hate filled Democrats.
        There will be TEA in every cup, and TEA at every party.

    • Benny

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. This health care plan was actually a republican idea, until Obama said he was for it. Many other republican ideas the President tries to get passed do not get republican support when he brings it up.

      • BuckTard

        In itas present form it wasnt even CLOSE to what the GOP wanted and even Romney pulled it off in Ma.

      • pdquick

        Oh, please. You can’t name a significant difference. You’re deluded.

    • Tariq Williams

      You are absolutely correct, but that is only half of the answer. The other half of the answer is that those people with the pathological hatred for President Obama, also have a pathological hatred for everyone who faintly resembles President Obama. And in the cases where they are fortunate enough to be financially secure enough to be able to afford good health care/insurance many , many of them are so consumed with hatred for so called minorities, particularly so called “Black” people who nothing brings more joy to their lives than personally participating in the process and/or the political arena to deny the object of their hatred (so called minorities, particularly so called “Black” people) anything and everything that will be beneficial to them including affordable health care.

      • BuckTard

        13th amendment Abolish slavery.

        100% Republican support, 23% demoncrat support.

        15th amendment. Right to vote for all

        100% Republican support. ZERO support from Demoncrats

        14th amendment Gave citizenship to freed slaves.

        94% Republican support. ZERO Demoncrat support.

        Obama care.

        ZERO support from the GOP and 86% from the Demoncrats.

        Keep voting Democrat and keep yourself in the ghetto begging for handouts.

        Spread your racist hate elsewhere. Sadly the blacks dont see the Dems for what they are but the rest of us do.

      • Tariq Williams

        You hate consumed people always pull that bull shyt out of your azzes as if everyone doesn’t know that when all of those things that you mentioned took place the conservative members of the Democratic party (Dixiecrats or Southern Democrats) realized that they would have more influence if they aligned themselves with the racist southerners in the Southern States and made the transition to the republican party. In 1948 when Nelson Rockafeller lost the Presidential primary, that’s when the liberal and moderate republicans converted to the Democrat party and conservative Democrats moved to the republican party. By 1952 the Dixiecrats began their transition back to the Democratic party and when Barry Goldwater came on the scene in 1964 with his extreme racist policies that accelerated the transition from a solid South for Democrats to one for the republicans

      • BuckTard

        Wrong. Google Strom Thurman. That was as recent as 1950. MLK Jr was a Republican. The parties never magically swapped polar ends like you racists would have everyone believe. I know it hurts to know the truth. But its right there in the history books the liberals are trying to change.

      • Ric Babel

        reTard. MLK JR. was not a Republican. Another lie the GOTP has spread and mouthbreathers like you fell for.

      • EverTheGreen

        Actually, they did “swap polar ends.” Roosevelt desegregated the public parks. Truman desegregated the military in 1947. That’s what caused Strom to leave the Democrats in 1948 and start the States’ Rights Party, under which he ran for President.

      • Larry Berry

        The republicans of yesteryear were liberal and the dems of that time were conservative. The views and make up of the parties switched long ago.

      • Tariq Williams

        So spread that horse shyt somewhere else where everyone is as stupid as you think they are. Although in all reality you have to be the stupid if you truly believe that everyone is too stupid to see through your cock and bull story.

    • Katychicago


    • Larry Berry

      And the funny thing is I keep seeing posts from American republicans that always say “everyone in Canada hates their healthcare system”. When in reality, every single thing I’ve heard from anyone actually living in Canada is that they are very happy with it. So the ones who aren’t Canadian will tell you that they hear that Canadians hate it, but the words out of the Canadians mouths says just the opposite. It would be different if both sides were saying “I heard from Canadians….”
      But one side is saying they heard, and the Canadians themselves are actually speaking the opposite.

    • KaeTay

      the only problem for me .. maybe it’s because I am stuck living in texas right now. But when i went to sign up for healthcare it was 200 a month for me.. for the LOWEST coverage option.. and all I have is asthma. It wouldn’t let my husband and I pair together either.. 7 years ago before I married and had military tricare insurance my medical insurance cost me 36 a month for 80/20.. but I also lived in ohio.

    • mrpink99 .

      Not only isn’t the minor tax increase that big of a deal, but it’s more than offset by the monthly health insurance premiums you’re not paying. Even if our employers offer insurance we still have to pay a premium of around $200 a month. But here in America, “taxes” is a dirty word, and so even if we see a benefit in other areas, we are trained to hate any and all taxes.

  • Pipercat

    The big test will come from Vermont. I am skeptical that they can pull it off however; but, nothing like real data for going forward, I reckon.

    • pdquick

      The problem with Vermont is that it’s too small and has too many close neighbor who will not be participating in the plan. Therefore it will be less stable actuarially, and it will be subject to people relocating across state lines to get care (that’s called adverse selection). It will also have multiple private insurance options, which negates the cost savings of true single-payer, where much of the savings are realized by doctors and hospitals NOT having to bill multiple payers. That’s why it’s called SINGLE payer, and that’s why it’s efficient. What makes Canada’s system efficient and effective is not that Canada’s doctors and hospitals bill the *government* for care (although they do), it’s that the only have to bill one place (i.e., the SINGLE payer, which happens to be the government).

      • Pipercat

        Moreover, the cost will be more than double the current revenue the state takes in now. I applaud the effort, but fear they are doomed.

  • Curlene Crawford Reamy

    If after realizing how Republicans have been lying to them, let’s hope these “getting healthier everyday” voters come out to the polls in November…..VOTE Blue, and really make a difference…!!

  • Sandy Greer

    Thank you for writing this! I’m glad you made it through. And that your wife and baby are safely ensconced, with Fat Cat Mickey to watch over them.

    I note – with some chagrin, but honesty demands – the blue link (they don’t need to die at all) is to a projected study. A good one, but still, projections. And it needs to be said there will be deaths, even in the best of healthcare systems.

    Thanks especially for the link to Forbes article (the ACA is working) Who can argue with Forbes? Loved the Sarah Palin link (Ask Sarah Palin)

    Finally, I too – know people whose insurance premiums are halved. Know others (young, working) insured for the first time.

    ACA isn’t perfect. But it’s the next best thing to Single Payer. Baby steps,
    to someday.

    >They pretended to not know what I was talking about when I wrote apology notes to them.

    ^^^It’s the little kindnesses that both lift our hearts and humble us – give us hope for mankind.

    • Patty Martin

      Thank you.

  • Steve Temke

    People here in the US have been fed this line about “American Exceptionalism” for so long that they actually believe it. Honestly, the US WAS an exceptional country…60 or 70 years ago. We were a country that created an economy and a middle class that was the envy of the world. Unfortunately, the conservatives and their corporate mentality have chipped away at our exceptionalism for the last four decades. Now we’re just middle of the road, but, by God, every man woman and child can have a gun…or three.

    This misplaced sense of exceptionalism has left us with the notion that NO ONE can do ANYTHING better than us, especially healthcare. Bull!

    Congress, give us a single payer health care system…like Canada and the UK and every other industrialized country in the world. It’s time the lealth care industry got out of the business of profiting from our misfortune.

    • Patty Martin


    • Jillz

      We (Canadians) complain about our healthcare sometimes – for instance when services get de-listed from the program – but overall I doubt you would find too many (if any) Canadians who aren’t grateful for the fact that we don’t have to worry about healthcare. The lack of affordable health care in the USA has completely mystified me for years: one of the, if not THE wealthiest country in the world and her citizens can die or bankrupt themselves for lack of affordable healthcare. Add me to the list of Canadians who just don’t get the ‘rabid opposition’ by American politicians to improving the quality of life for American citizens.

  • Ellen H.

    Wow, what an experience. I’ve always been mystified by people who claim to be Christian yet want to deny healthcare to others. I wish we had Canada’s health system and Finland’s education system, but there are too many people who believe that just because they’re Mericans they can’t take a cue from another country.

  • Sandra Carpenter

    I,m all for socialized medicine. I don,t see how a country as rich as the United States,can actually turn away a person in need of health care? it’s barbaric.

    • pdquick

      Canada does not have socialized medicine. It has a national health insurance plan. Patients get their choice of mostly private health care providers.

  • Charles Vincent

    Fast forward to the end of May, 2007,

    • It was made pretty clear that happened to me in Canada, Charles.

      I understand you believe your role here is to oppose everything the site puts out, but you should at least read the whole thing before you start trying to virtually shout it down.

      Thanks anyway!

      • Charles Vincent

        Firstly you didn’t say you went to a Canadian doctor, and in your story you conveniently left out that important bit of information or left it vague to say the least. Your bio also states you live in NYC in brooklyn and doesnt say when you moved there either before or after your tooth incident. nor does it mention that in the article. The onus is on you to provide that for your readers to prevent misunderstandings.

        Secondly there are many articles talking about Canada’s healthcare system and the problems they have written Canadian media. I have listed them before.

      • Katy Zimmerman

        ‘Food. Medication. Therapies. Use of dozens of machines, ventilators, monitors, and what have you. You would need a top notch insurance plan for that, wouldn’t you? Luckily, I had one. This happened in Canada. I was automatically covered. There were no bills. Had this happened to me in the USA, I would have been buried under crushing debt’ READ THE ARTICLE BEFORE YOU COMMENT.

      • Charles Vincent

        I did the author was vague and did not mention in the Story about his accident that this took place in Canada

      • Eioljg

        “This happened in Canada.” is about as clear as you can be, plus the headline implies a contrast. Plus if he had ACA, there would be deductibles, copays, and co-insurance. Guess you don’t know much about insurance besides lacking reading comprehension.

      • Charles Vincent

        Its only clear because the author answered my post and stated it as such.

      • Nick

        Actually he states in the article itself quite clearly that this was in Canada. Had you bothered to read it you would know that.

      • Charles Vincent

        At nearly the end in a bunch of other vague comments. Nowhere did he mention this in the context of the story. He also replied to me directly and stated this which satisfied the question i posed.

      • Deadpool1984

        He mentioned it right after the Ronald Reagan quote in the article itself. The exact paragraph reads as follows: “Food. Medication. Therapies. Use of dozens of machines, ventilators, monitors, and what have you. You would need a top notch insurance plan for that, wouldn’t you? Luckily, I had one. This happened in Canada. I was automatically covered. There were no bills. Had this happened to me in the USA, I would have been buried under crushing debt.” Re-read the article.

      • pdquick

        Reading comprehension is hard. We understand. Perhaps it is better to refrain from participating in discussing a reading passage until you have learned the skill of understanding it. There’s that old saying, “It is better for a man to be keep his mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.”

      • Gini Denninger

        Charles, the writer did not let you know which country he was in until the end, to make a point. This is a well understood technique in writing…if you would read without an agenda already in mind, you would be able to process the intent of the writer. I hope you are being obstinate and are not illiterate?

      • TheyCallMeDrJ

        “You would need a top notch insurance plan for that, wouldn’t you? Luckily, I had one. This happened in Canada. I was automatically covered. There were no bills. Had this happened to me in the USA, I would have been buried under crushing debt.”

      • Benny

        It absolutely did! You decided you did not want to know the whole truth. Why are you the only one confused? Maybe because you are a right winger, we need to print things in big letters, with crayons maybe, so you can understand.

      • Wingsfan81

        Really? Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing …

        “This happened in Canada. I was automatically covered.”
        Doesn’t look vague to me.

      • EverTheGreen

        You really need to read EVERY SENTENCE f that article before commenting again.

      • Larry Berry

        “you didn’t say you went to a Canadian doctor”
        It mentions Canada several times. Now when he said he walked headed to the hospital, did you actually think he was walking from Canada to an American hospital???

        I live in Kansas in the US. Knowing that, if I say that I went to the grocery store, do you somehow assume that I went to Japan if I don’t say I went to the American grocery store????

      • pdquick

        Somehow, most of us managed to understand that Charles was in Canada, because he mentioned it over and over, and that he was getting great care under the Canadian health care system, because he wrote that explicity, and that his objection is to how politicians in the U.S. demonize the Canadian health insurance system in order to score political points against the ACA. He was also clear to point out that while the ACA is NOT a Canadian-style system, it was at least an effort.

      • Sandy Greer

        While I agree I knew it was Canada – and with all due respect – I’m disappointed to see this. Two reasons:

        1) Charles is my favorite Opponent, and a most formidable
        one – whom I respect – above all others here.

        My favorite people are Opponents, who I manage to like, through all our disagreements. And who like me. A rarity,
        to be treasured.

        2) They ‘perfect’ my arguments by keeping me on my toes, and holding my feet to the fire.

        Give me an Opponent any day. I learn the most from them.

        I hope I didn’t embarrass anybody, by speaking out of turn.

      • pdquick

        Stupid arguments don’t perfect anyone’s game. They just waste time and create false debates.

      • Sandy Greer

        Mine is not a stupid argument:

        That a columnist not initiate what amounts to a shark feeding frenzy that goes on for three days now. And counting.

        Unless we want Yes Men in our ranks, that is.

        Used to be – Lefties fought for the Underdog. No more. Few of us left.

        More’s the pity.

        It’s a Brave New World out there. Blood still in the water. Sharks still circling.

      • Eg Kbbs

        The word “Canada” appears 5 times in the article plus in the indexing words at the end of the article.

    • Roslyn Holloway

      He is CANADIAN, dummy. In Canada, they have National Health Care, not unlike the ACA.

      • Katychicago

        It Is Somewhat Unlike the ACA. Here in America we have to pay a premium it sounds like they don’t have to do that in Canada. But at least it’s a start in the right direction. Hopefully by the time my children are growN the ACA will have become more like Canada’s health system.
        And yes to the comment about doctors moving to the United States from Canada. They don’t receive as much payment as American doctors do. It seems to me that would mean the Men and women who go into Medicine do so because it is something they truly want to do, not because of the salaries involved.

      • Jillz

        In Ontario, we don’t pay healthcare premiums out of pocket – it is covered through our taxes. Not everything is covered under our government health plan. Employers also offer health and dental plans (unlike the ACA, offering this coverage to employees is not mandatory) – I would not consider accepting a full time job, though, if it didn’t offer a health and dental plan. Our employment (or private) plans cover most of what the government plan does not cover (and usually makes up any shortfall between actual cost and government coverage) – so the way it works is the government plan pays for everything covered under it and then private or employment plans cover anything that is left over. For things covered by neither, we have the option to purchase out of pocket.

      • pdquick

        It’s much unlike the ACA, in that it is far more efficient, and covers everybody who is legally present in the country for every dollar of non-pharmacy costs. Because the first principle of the ACA is to preserve the role of insurance companies, it will cost us a trillion dollars a year more than a Canadian-style system would cost.

    • Wingsfan81

      Charles did you even read the article? Or did you just skim through it. He clearly stated he was from Canada and that this happened in Canada. He was showing how their heath care system is superior to ours and how the republicans lie about it. Anyone here that had that happen would have had thousands and thousands in bills even if they HAD insurance in many cases.

    • Guest

      Charles, most browsers will let you do a search for a word or phrase – often CTL-F will bring it up. The word “Canada” appears 5 times in the article plus in the indexing words at the end of the article.

    • Benny

      Obviously, you didn’t read the whole story before you formed you opinion.

  • Eg Kbbs

    At the root of the lie is American Exceptionalism – including that we have the best education system and the best healthcare. USA! USA! USA!

    Of course the facts are that American eduation is continuously moving down the list. In Healthcare, our outcomes in WHO 2000 ranking put us on a level with Dominica, Slovenia, and Costa Rica. And we’ve been moving down the list since then.

  • BuckTard

    We the people dont like it because it was passed on lies. Had it been represented for what it was it would have never passed. Our heathcare may not have been perfect before the unafordable no care act, but it sure wasnt this 4 star cluster fuck that democrats sold and bough by themselves. It can be done much better.

    • TheyCallMeDrJ

      Fair enough Tard, but the point of this article wasn’t saying the ACA is perfect, but rather Republicans bashing a healthcare system that works and they know nothing about. If they did their job properly, maybe they could mimic what is done right in Canada and create a plan that will work better, my guess though is that they won’t because there is no money in it. The Democrats at least tried, hopefully for your sake it can be made better.

      • Bine646

        Canada ranks last among 11 OECD countries in a new survey in terms of how quickly people can get in to see their regular family physicians

        “What we find is that Canada is really not keeping pace with a lot of these other countries,” Mark Dobrow

        For example, 50 per cent of respondents in Ontario said that on the whole, the health-care system works pretty well, compared with 23 per cent in Quebec.

      • Jillz

        I get same day appointments with my family physician, no problem at all. I also see two specialists and following my initial appointments with them (for which there was about a two-week waiting period) I can book an appointment within less than a week, often on the same or next day. I doubt you would find one Canadian, regardless of how much (or little) we complain about our healthcare, that would trade it for American healthcare. Canadians don’t go bankrupt for getting sick.

      • Jimmy Calhoun

        “Canadians don’t go bankrupt for getting sick.”

        Worth repeating again and again.

      • pdquick

        The U.S. ranked second-last in the same study. The difference is the U.S. spends about twice as much per capita, and yet we have barely better wait times, and get worse care when we get there. Also, in both countries there is tremendous variability. You can be in any rural area of the U.S. or any urban care, and have less access to care than someone in the remote north of Canada.

      • Jimmy Calhoun

        But so long as everything’s okay in *their* neighborhood, fuck everybody else, right?

      • TheyCallMeDrJ

        So only 23% of Quebec residents say theirs works pretty well. 50% is good for me then. And we may have to wait for a physical, or blood work, or stitches, but we’ve also got no bill at the end of it or need for HMO for those. I’ve seen the waits in hospitals in the states, especially for those without insurance or ‘enough’ insurance. My doc is always readily available for me, a quick call or a drop in visit. Sometimes I have to wait but guess what, I learned early in my life from my grandparents to be patient, which most people aren’t any more. In this society of instant gratification, expectations of immediate service have gone too far beyond necessary. But I digress, Government health care works if it is planned properly and isn’t meddled too much with.

    • Larry Berry

      Yes lies! The death panels. LIES. The government or the IRS will decide if you need a surgery rather than your doctor. LIES. It was actually passed despite the lies. And the majority of we the people do support it, which is why the namesake was elected twice. Once while running on it, and the second time after the details were known and against the guy who said he would repeal it on day one if he were elected.

  • Stephen Barlow

    doesn’t Palin’s LIE OF THE YEAR about ‘death panels’ tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about the Republican anti-health plan?

    • BuckTard

      Doesnt Obamas “You can keep your doctor” lie of the year tell you all you need to know about Obama care?

      • EverTheGreen

        Actually, that was not a natural lie. The insurance companies were supposed to upgrade the policies, not cancel them. It’s on the insurance companies, not Obama.

      • Patty Martin


      • Patty Martin

        You could keep your Dr. The problem came when the insurance changed and had to conform to ACA and the insurance companies had to change their policies. Also some insurance companies changed their premiums so they could make the same profits. (sarcastically) Who would have guessed that insurance companies work for extreme profits not for customers. Another reason for single payer.

      • Larry Berry

        I would say the lies about death panels, the costs, that the irs was going decide if you should get an operation, the obamacare tracking implants, and the claim that all the doctors are going to quit and move away, cover a lot more ground.

      • pdquick

        Actually, I’d agree a little bit. Obamacare is built on restrictive insurance networks, which means that many patients will have to change doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies frequently. That’s one of the costs of not having a single-payer system where prices are negotiated nationally. Instead, Obamacare relies on insurance companies to negotiate one-by-one, and that means they have to have the ability to yank patients out of existing care if they don’t get the right price agreement.

        You can rant all you want about not being able to keep your doctor, but the only rational thing to do then is join the fight for a Canadian-style single-payer system. That would best be accomplished by expanding Medicare to cover everybody, and enhancing benefits to cover every dollar. We’d have to raise Medicare taxes a little, but it would cost less overall than all the taxes, premiums, subsidies, and out-of-pocket expenses we pay now.

  • Aaron B

    Another Canadian here. One simple reason why the Republicans oppose universal healthcare – MONEY. Think of all the insurance companies, all the HMOs, all the people with massive amounts of money invested in the system. They will never be free of such a burdensome, unethical system – too many powerful people make a significant profit off of it.

    Patient care? Pfffft. Who needs that when you have a decent quarterly report?

  • Francine Anoia Price

    And this is why I want to jump ship and go to Toronto–not only is there baseball team good, but it’s a hop, skip, and a jump with passport back into the US via Erie PA over Lake Erie.

  • Brian

    While I agree that they are lying about your healthcare system, they are right to discount your anecdotal evidence. The other evidence you linked to however can’t be ignored.

  • William Smith

    One question, why is a Canadian trying to get a foothold on something they have no right to be talking about? You don’t vote for the legislation that gets passed in our country, you don’t hear us complaining about anything about your country. You all need someone to hate, to look down upon, find their “misguided” views instead of focusing on your own country and what goes on there. This is bigger than a “discussion thread,” but it needs to be said. Anyone that thinks free is really free, is either stupid or ignorant. You can’t give someone something for “free” without the money coming from somewhere else. All you liberals are brainwashed, stupid or blind. You follow thinking Obama can solve everything when he can’t. It all depends on who you see spending your money. Would you rather keep it to support your family, or pay more of your hard earned money to someone who refuses to work and sits on their ass all day? I realize my comments won’t change any of your liberal brainwashed minds, but it’s something to think about.

    • Jimmy Calhoun

      1. The United States is the only developed country without a national healthcare system.

      2. The United States has the highest child poverty and infant mortality rates of any First World nation.

      3. Most people on food stamps/WIC do have jobs, they just don’t make enough to get by.

    • pdquick

      Because Americans keep bringing up Canada and lying about it, most recently in Senate hearings sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

    • pdquick

      I’m really clear that Obama–centrist, corporate-shilling Democrat that he is–can’t solve everything. I’m also clear that we could have a national health insurance system like Canada’s, only with fuller benefits, for less money than we give insurance companies to create complex systems that bleed costs out of every area of health care in the U.S.

      Under Obamacare, insurance companies are able to take 15-20% out of every health care dollar for “overhead,” have their excess losses reimbursed by taxpayers, and then require doctors and hospitals to negotiate networks and prices while maintaining vast staffs to do prior authorizations and individual claims processing. All of that costs somewhere between 16 and 33 cents out of every health dollar, depending on whose statistics you use. To be fair, call it 20 cents.

      In a single-payer Medicare for All system, you don’t get something for nothing, you pay taxes in return for a guarantee that your health care expenses will be covered. Medicare would negotiate prices nationwide, for services, drugs, and devices. You’d pick your own doctor and hospital, and as long as you receive medically necessary standard care (which is almost everything), you’d be covered for every dollar. No waiting to find out if your authorization is approved. No chasing down errors in your bill. No collection agency ruining your credit or pushing you into bankruptcy for your share of cost.

      Because we already spend much, much more than Canada, the total cost of our taxes could be less than what we already pay, and we’d have better options for care. Canada needs to keep its system and spend more money on it. We need to spend less money and have Canada’s system. It’s as simple as that.

    • Jodi Michele Parker

      By your very own words, I take it you also firmly believe that Abortions should be legal, safe and available to any female who feels that for any given reason she needs one? After all, You don’t have a Uterus, so you have no right to decide what is done with one, by your own logic.

      What the Canadians on this Comment thread and the Canadian who wrote the piece in the first place are doing is pointing out the Difference. They are stating what they don’t understand about how the US “Sick-care Industry” works. They are pointing to the “Fallacies” that are spread as “truth” by those who are so ensconced in the “Corrupt” system that our government has become.

      Your own statements show that you know as little about what is actually going in in the US as the Canadians know about our “Sick-care System”.

      Would you prefer to “teach a man to fish, and help him while he learns”? Or are you of the ilk that say “I got mine by myself and I’ll be damned if I am going to help you get yours because you might end up with more than me”?

      The biggest problems in this world could be solved by three simple things : Compassion (which requires Empathy – something pretty much lacking in the US), Respect (not just for those you like, but for those you are’t fond of either as we are all still human beings), and Communication (not the mudslinging of you are an Idiot because… or the rhetoric of “libetards” and “repuglicans” – as none of that is conducive to the free exchange of ideas) – but the open honest communication that comes with the understanding that I will not agree with everything you say, just as you are not likely to agree with everything I say and that is perfectly alright considering you haven’t had my life and I have not had yours. Our Views will be different. But, is it not worth it to gain an understanding of the situation from someone who had a different perspective?

      As for the Article itself, I would like to Thank You, Chad for writing it and so thoroughly supporting the statements with links. I have experienced “National Health Care” as an American in a Foreign Country. I was in Denmark as an Exchange Student (which means there Legally on a Student Visa) when I fell ill. I was astounded when my entire encounter with their Healthcare system consisted of showing my Danish Equivalent of my Social Security card, Signing two registries (one at Doctor and one at Chemist – Pharmacy for those who don’t know what the rest of the world calls them) and paying 70Kr ($10 at the exchange rate of the day) for two prescription medications.

      That was astounding to me considering my whole life I remember a discussion every time we got sick as to where the money would come from to pay the doctor. (and that was even with Insurance through the School System Where both of my Parents worked as Teachers.)

      I have heard and read where people claim that our President is trying to turn us into a “Third World Country”. To whit I must say, when we are the ONLY industrialized country that does not provide Healthcare (not “Sick-care” but Healthcare) to our Citizens without bankrupting them, we are already a “Third World Country” of our own making.

  • Howard Treesong

    The more vexing truth is that the US has waged two wars of convenience (for the people voting for it, not the people suffering from it) at the ruinous cost of a projected $6 trillion dollars, they are building an air plane, the total cost of the program slated to end up in the $1.5 trillion dollar region. What do you hear from Congress: not a peep. It’s just what we do. $7.5 trillion dollars that do nothing for us.

    But: the idea that everybody should have a right to see a doctor without the experience outright ruining them, as it has already done for so many people, that is impossible. That idea has to be repealed at any cost.


  • James L Hood

    There is a very clear difference between the ACA and Canadian health care. You need to think real hard about those differences before you condemn those of us against “ObamaCare”. ObamaCare does not address root-cause problems. Instead, it is a band-aid trying to hide them by forcing the most expensive people to be covered by insurance. The end result is that he is trying to shift those people from being tax burdens to burdens the industry has to deal with.

    That is all he is doing, moving costs. And as a result, millions of Americans will end up paying more in insurance, without getting the tax break. That money that was being used to cover the poor without insurance now will get used elsewhere.

    What we needed in this country was to abolish Health Insurance entirely. Force the hospitals to find a reasonable costs that people could afford. If people cannot afford health-care at all, they will be out of business. The other option, would have been to go totally socialist… which won’t happen in this country for some time yet.

    • pdquick

      You’re half right. We need to abolish health insurance companies entirely. But given the complexity of modern medicine, it is never going to happen that most people could afford it if only hospitals set reasonable prices.

      It is not necessary to go “totally socialist,” although the British love their National Health Service quite a bit, and the Scots are considering leaving the UK in part to keep their NHS intact without American-style privatization as proposed by English politicians in Westminster.

      It is simply necessary to expand the remarkably efficient program we already have, Medicare, to cover everyone, and enhance the benefits to cover every dollar. The U.S. taxpayer already pays for about 2/3 of all health care, so raising the payroll tax would likely be cheaper than you think, plus it would free us from premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. It would negotiate prices nationally, and it would allow you to go to any doctor or hospital you choose without prior authorization, claim forms, or copays. We already spend more than enough to have the Cadillac of national universal health insurance plans, but we’re not getting it.

  • pdquick

    The really unfortunate thing is that a number of people who call themselves liberals, progressives, or Democrats, have decided that Obamacare is as far as they care to push this issue. Canadian-style single-payer health care will have to wait another generation or two for what you so eloquently depict, because covering 10-11 million out of 45-ish million uninsured, at a cost of a trillion extra dollars a year relative to single-payer, will just have to do. Insurance executives are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Kevj1

    It’s pretty hard to grade a BENIFIT when 90% has been postponed until after the next election. It started with bribes and lies, it was implemented by stealing money from Medicare, lying about the cost and sign ups. Obama paid the ACA architect Jonathan Gruber $400,000, to advise him on how to lie to the “Stupid People (democrats)” in order to pass this mess. The White House sent a memo to the major insurance carriers asking them not to release the 2015 rates until after Nov. 5. Why? because if the people saw the rates (they did, dems lost 10 senate seats) people would revolt. The mandates will kick in right before the 2016 election, and 145 Million will find out how much the “Affordable care act ha, ha” will cost. Out of pocket cost are Single – $6,300 and a family of 2 or more – $13,800 PLUS PREMIUMS, a NEW SERVICE CHARGE and another 12 NEW TAXES.
    A white House memo came out 2 weeks ago, they over stated the actual number of paying for more then 1 months of premiums sign ups. So, so far 19 million, 6.8 Million Lost coverage= 12.2 Million, 8.1 Million went to Medicaid = 4.1 Million. They claim not to know how many SECOND Month paid there are. It’s on the web, around 750,000 have yet to pay for a second month.
    The CBO said that when the ACA is up and running, only between 32 to 40 Million will be uninsured. Now that’s progress huh?
    Walgreens, Cvs, Sears, Target, UPS, K mart, Michaels, Kroger, Wal-Mart,
    135 Collage campuses, 75 Catholic Schools, 125 Charter schools and many, many more have or will cancel healthcare insurance for their workers.
    In preparation for the ACA mandates coming due in 2016, the Cleveland Clinic will shed 3000 jobs in the next 18 months.

  • Alison Cowan

    I recently organized a trip for myself and a friend, to go to Nova Scotia for two weeks next summer. At the travel agency we eventually got to the point where the agent asked about insurance. I said “We’re Canadian.” So he said, “Then you just need cancelation insurance?” Yup.

  • Katie Wielinski

    Thank you Chad, I’m so happy you recovered! I had a horrible absessed tooth that caused the right side of my face to swell to twice its size. Fever, pain, swelling. It was a Friday, my dentist was going hunting for the weekend and gave me an oral anti-biotic. By Saturday morning the right side of my face was huge. I kept thinking the abx would start working soon but it didn’t. That afternoon I went to urgent care. I had to go back three days in a row for a very strong injection in my bum each day than an oral abx for ten days after. Now my ins. co. doesn’t want to pay for the injections! All because it was coded dental! I’m going to appeal. It could have been so much worse and have cost them ten times more if I had ended up as sick as you (I was very close). It continues to amaze me the people in my country that fight against socialized health care. Especially those that are poor. I agree with you that our country could learn a lot from your country when it comes to caring for its people.

  • Lisa Bragg Leavitt

    Why do Americans hate Obamacare? becauset a working American who is having to pay more than $1200.00 a month OUT OF YOUR OWN pocket for Obamacare for a family of 3 leaving you without enough money to pay rent or buy food and even after that, the health care doesn’t pay for even 1 cent until you paid a $10,000.00 first. YOUR international healthcare is paid for out of overall tax dollars, Obamacare is paid for by the individual. If you are elderly or with children in the household and poor in America there has ALWAYS been Medicare and Medicaid, for the poor it pays 100% — too fat and have Medicaid.. no worries.. you can even get bariatric surgery covered 100% … and that is still here !! along with the “obamacare” — at first they had it where businesses had to pay it out of pocket for EVERY employee working over 30 hours .. to keep from breaking their small or medium size businesses several starting lowering work hours to 29 or even firing employees because they could NOT pay it and stay in business .. OBAMACARE was not wanted – so then they started FINING Americans for not having insurance .. this is not the same UNIVERSAL healthcare as other countries have .. this is not paid for by the overall tax program .. if you were poor you already had insurance – if not poor and lower middle class you literally would loose your home trying to pay for it .. quit acting like OBAMACARE was a great idea … UNIVERSAL healthcare might be a great idea .. most Americans agree, forcing Americans to buy a healthcare they can’t use that leaves them broke or with a criminal record because they can’t pay it .. is not a good idea and that is what we have at the moment .. Just LAST YEAR alone, American’s were FINED over $3 BILLION for not having it ..find out why there is such a rebel against it instead of just assuming.

  • Brian

    Funny. I’m sick of hearing democrats lie about Obamacare favouring anyone but the welfare leeches.