Republicans Must Believe that Jesus Hates Hungry, Poor People and has a Deep-Seated Love for the Rich

food-stamps-jesusI’ve always found it ironic that Republicans claim to be the party for “Christian values” or the “moral majority.”  I mean, I get why the GOP used religion as a tool to build their party; it’s a great way to manipulate people, but the whole think just reeks with irony with nearly every policy they support.

So when I read about the House vote to cut $39 billion from the food stamp program, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Well, I guess Jesus hates hungry, poor people.”

After all, Republicans claim this is a “Christian nation,” right?  The key part to being a Christian is the belief in Jesus Christ and believers striving to live their lives the way he did.

So when these “Christians” (I don’t consider most Republicans true Christians) vote for politicians who then turn around and cut $39 billion from a program that helps feed the poor, I guess they believe Jesus Christ would have been in favor of that.

It takes some kind of true vile hatred of a group of people to cut their benefits by $39 billion dollars.  And please don’t give me the line about welfare abuse or “food stamp fraud.”  The SNAP program helps feed approximately 40-50 million people every year at a cost of approximately $70-$80 billion. Approximately $750 million is lost to fraud — a far cry from the $39 billion the House just voted to cut, and it pales in comparison to the abuse of our tax code that corporations and the wealthy use to cheat their taxes to often pay a lower percentage of taxes than most middle class Americans.  Something Republicans adamantly oppose putting an end to.

Hell, could you imagine if we tried to cut $39 billion from oil subsidies or big corporate tax breaks?  Republicans would go nuclear saving those, yet have absolutely no problem going after the poor.

After all, our large deficits and massive national debt were caused by the poor, right?

Oh, wait, no—that was greed.  The same greed Republicans continue to support with their economic policies, all while vilifying the poor or anyone who might need government assistance.

So when these right-wing politicians continue to try to deny health care coverage for Americans, cut $39 billion from the food stamp program and support policies that almost always benefit the rich — that must be their way of saying they believe Jesus Christ hates the poor and loves the rich.

I mean, let’s not let the fact that Jesus spoke out against greed and lived a life helping the poor, sick and needy get in the way of our political philosophy.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  Let’s just cut food stamps and health care but provide more tax breaks for the rich.  That’s the “Christian” way!

I believe in the motto, “actions speak louder than words.”

So for a party that continually tries to force their “Christian” views into as much policy as possible, while supporting legislation that seem to be a complete contradiction of the values for which Jesus lived, to me that’s Republicans trying to claim that Christ apparently hated the poor and loved the rich.

Because nothing says “good Christian values” quite like kicking millions of hungry people off a program they use to help feed their families, right?

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • shopper

    What gets me is that many of the 47% that need the help are actually Republicans. Guess they believe everyone else will get cut but not them. Do they think they are ‘special’ or are they not facing reality?

    • the truth

      and how do you known they are Republican, what a biased non factual comment go support your facts please>

      • Truthier

        The South is predominantly Republican, the majority of welfare recipients are from the South. Wow, that was easy.
        e.g. Kentucky: for every $1 contributed to the federal budget, it receives $2 aid.

      • Steve Giovanis

        The same can be said for the east side of Washington state. Sadly, I know some middle class, working poor and poor people in the Seattle area that would never think to vote for a Democrat.

      • gs17

        You’re an asshole. Way to attack someone for having an opinion.

      • Juber

        That is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Challenging someone who makes a blanket statement is how we maintain an honest discourse.

        I would be interested to see how exactly true that statistic holds but I would also be inclined to agree simply because the republican base tends towards the lower tiers of economic affluence (i.e. they tend to be poor).

      • zeon

        Is that not the same thing you are doing?

      • David Legere

        lol no, we have opinions on an opinion. way different than having an opinion. I had an opinion, but now I don’t want to share it. I don’t want gs17 to have a negative opinion of my opinion, or me.

      • CJ

        Google: top ten states; poorest, uneducated- republican governors and republican houses! They convince poor white folk into voting against their own best interest. ‘Murica- can’t feed muh family but I can own muh assault weapons

      • Stephen Lawson

        What kind of statement is that? Does being cynical add any merit to your comment? Have you always tried to elevate yourself by putting others down? I live in the south, Everyone here owns a gun and we have no violent crime. Most people where I live hunt and many provide for their families with venison through the winter months. We also do a lot of fishing and gardening. We are mostly rural farmers and we share equipment and help each other out almost all the time. There is no class warfare here. We don’t see race as an issue. We define people based on their character. We aren’t uneducated as your comment suggests. There are stupid people every where. I know I don’t want to live in Detroit or Chicago or New York or Los Angeles.

      • Patricc Romo

        Please! do’t act like the south is all sweet and innocent. and that whole we don’t see race as an issue thing is bullshit. Speak for yourself because were i’m from the N-word is dropped daily. The south if full of intolarant people and the only way you can receive that southern hospitality you speak of is if your one of them. thank god i escaped to Los Angeles

      • Stephen Lawson

        Is English a second language for you? I can see you have strong feelings about things, but how can a young man like you make such unmerited blanket statements about people you don’t even know? Hopefully you will find happiness and contentment in Los Angeles and don’t end up becoming the next mass murderer on a shooting spree out to take revenge for real or imagined crimes against humanity. Peace.

      • Mich Caruso

        “Everyone here owns a gun and we have no violent crime.”

        “We don’t see race as an issue”
        Of course not, as long as the darkies don’t get uppity.

        “We aren’t uneducated as your comment suggests.”
        Oh? What Southern state do you live in?

      • Jeff Blanks

        “Mostly rural farmers”??? “Venison through the winter months”?? Exactly what South are you talking about??

      • Ed

        Looks like Stephen may have lost his appetite for spreading BS, guessing maybe he’s gotten busy manning the Tea Party phones, Obama bashing and misleading Christians? Vanished

      • Charles Vincent

        The Worst States for Debt Trouble, according to Forbes, are Illinois, New York, Connecticut, California and New Jersey.
        The States with the least Debt Problems are Utah, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia.
        All states have significantly lower debt per capita than the Worst States. The Best States also have lower unemployment than the U.S. average of 9.7% and lower than the Worst States with Debt Problems. The Best States for Jobs will typically have better government management of debt.
        Forbes also ran an analysis that shows that the states with the Worst Debt and Financial Problems are blue states i.e. states controlled by Democrats. The piece attributed political unions and big spending by Democrats as the cause of the deepest fiscal holes.

      • morph46

        Where did you get your number for national unemployment. They unemployment rate in the U.S. as of august 2013 is 7.3%. We haven’t been at 9% since Sep 2011, and have been on a steady decline since. Get your numbers straight before you start making arguments Charles.

      • Charles Vincent

        It isn’t my number its Forbes number and they Got it from the Bureau of labor and statistics I believe. The article I posted was from 2012 and I only posted it to illustrate a counter argument to CJ’s assertion.

      • AnitaDrink

        New Jersey is a blue state and has a republican governor.

      • Charles Vincent

        I fail to see your point. He isn’t a good gov and its a democrat state.

    • Charles Vincent

      Hardly surprising, we see that in a two-party split, 60-80% of
      welfare recipients are Democrats, while full time Workers are evenly
      divided between parties.

      You have similar results in this recent NPR-Poll. Among the Long Term Unemployed, 72% of the two-party support goes to Democrats.

      It appears that once more common sense is right and the impression
      left by the New York Times wrong. Indeed, people who live off the
      government disproportionally support Democrats.

      Given that Krugman is aware of the Gellman-Paradox, he should have
      reported the individual level data first instead of wasting everyone’s
      time with state-level aggregation that we already know is wrong. Instead
      he acknowledged that state level data is probably wrong (to get cover),
      then goes ahead and relies on the wrong method anyway, since it
      produces the results he wants. The false impression that Republicans use
      more welfare is already spread around the internet by liberals who
      still trust Krugman.

      • Kelli Hernandez

        I don’t support the Democrats and I receive assistance. I’m an Independent.

        It isn’t about voting who will support what others view as a dependence, but as someone who sees a serious lack of empathy in this country (GOP and Republicans), who refuse to do a damned thing to help people get up on their feet again. No jobs bills, blame and shame of the poor. I really don’t’ think I need to list for you all the fraud politicians commit and most of thema re millionaires off the backs of the middle class, which is shrinking.

        While you believe Democrats have the support of those most in need, you fail to see why.

        Republicans are the party to which the greedy, and lacking in empathy are.They are the party of power and control, manipulation and exploitation. They are big business for the mentally disordered.: narcissists and sociopaths.

      • Charles Vincent

        Or perhaps they think people need to be a bit more self reliant. My comment has zero to do with whether or not you use assistance it was directed at shoppers ill formed assertion. And saying republicans lack empathy or are narcissists or sociopaths because they favor self reliance is asinine. The middle class isn’t shrinking because of republican policy it’s shrinking because both republicans and democrats are running our economy into the ground. Democrats are just as culpable and every bit as complicity as the republicans when it comes to fraud and cronyism. I don’t like Obama because he is a liar and a fraud and he has brought nothing but shame to the office of the POTUS.

      • Jeff Blanks

        Is it ALWAYS the little guy’s fault with you people?

      • Charles Vincent

        No its hypocrisy for the left to think that only the right does bad things and vice versa Jeff.

      • Noah Tenney

        Telling people they don’t deserve basic human needs isn’t encouraging self-reliance, it’s downright cruelty. And any politician who wants people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps shouldn’t also push for policies to take away their boots.

      • Charles Vincent

        There s a distinct difference between a hand out and a hand up. Self reliance requires people to teach others how to be self reliant. Our welfare system doesn’t do this.

      • Mich Caruso

        “The middle class isn’t shrinking because of republican policy it’s shrinking because both republicans and democrats are running our economy”
        Baloney! Politicians don’t run our economy. No one does. But the great redistribution of wealth and the unfunded foreign occupations during the Bush administration, have dried up the cash flow that makes for a healthy economy.
        Any attempts by the current administration to address the needs of the middle and lower classes have been met with ferocious opposition by the Republican Tea Party Congressmen, who have sworn fealty to their wealthy benefactors and forsaken needs of the many for the greed of the corporate robber barons.

      • Charles Vincent

        ” who have sworn fealty to their wealthy benefactors and forsaken needs of the many for the greed of the corporate robber barons.”
        You’re full of Bull man the people running this country have been bought and paid for since before you or I were born. Robber barons my ass they only have power because politicians take money for campaigns to get reelected in turn for favorable legislation. this all started with the 17th amendment and has been carried farther by the SCOTUS decision in Citizens United. and to your the democrats do it better well one only need look at how liberal democrat fiscal policy has worked in Detroit and California. Detroit is bankrupt and California is very close and had they not had the boon of the entertainment industry they would have been bankrupt long ago.

      • Mich Caruso

        ” don’t like Obama because he is a liar and a fraud and he has brought nothing but shame to the office of the POTUS.”

        You are entitled to your opinion; however, the GOP lost the presidential election, so you don’t get to have your way. If you have a problem with majority rule, then perhaps you might want to go somewhere and start your own country, where the minority rules.

        “Men by their constitutions are naturally divided
        into two parties:

        1. Those who fear and distrust the people, and
        wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes.

        2. Those who identify themselves with the people,
        have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe,
        although not the most wise depositary of the public interests.

        In every country these two parties exist, and in
        every one where they are free to think, speak, and write, they will declare

        Call them, therefore, Liberals and Serviles,
        Jacobins and Ultras, Whigs and Tories, Republicans and Federalists, Aristocrats
        and Democrats, or by whatever name you please, they are the same parties still
        and pursue the same object. The last one of Aristocrats and Democrats is the
        true one expressing the essence of all.”

        Thomas Jefferson

      • Charles Vincent

        “You are entitled to your opinion; however, the GOP lost the presidential
        election, so you don’t get to have your way. If you have a problem with
        majority rule, then perhaps you might want to go somewhere and start
        your own country, where the minority rules.”

        First off I am an independent.
        Secondly the founding fathers would be arresting people including Obama for crapping all over peoples civil liberties maybe you need to look at current events closer.

      • Finally Awake

        The Republicans and the Democrats are in bed together. Most people are too infatuated with their “party” to realize it. What this country needs is to vote all of them out and start fresh and put term limits on the ballot so the American people have more control.

      • system 155

        BAN on Gerrymandering, Any political democracy that allows the ruling party to set their districts up so that their hold on power is virtually unassailable is not a democracy at all.

      • Guest

        Vote all of them out — and replace them with WHOM? Tea Party zealots?

      • melloe

        You really do need find some new sources who look at the whole process Pulling these fraudulent numbers out on every occasion, and trying to say that the workers are thus and such, when a large number of those workers are simultaneously getting food stamps. But of course you biggest whopper is about the fact red states self sufficiency. If you had left off the last paragraph, we would have smiled at your ignorance. As it is you need to be called on that lie. Red states with a couple exceptions get back more from from the Federal Government than they take in mainly because so many are on some kind of assistance. So that would indicate, at the least, more Republicans are on some form of assistance in red States as they are predominately Republican

      • Charles Vincent

        You call them fraudulent yet you offer no data to refute my data other than its from a right wing source.

    • Kelli Hernandez


      Something I’ve learned. Hate is such a powerful, pathological emotion that those poor Republicans will go starving to the polls to vote for a sociopath back into office, who they desperately wish to believe stands for their ‘principles’, Christian or not.

      So it won’t matter if they are starving, their hate is more pervasive, all encompassing. Most evangelicals require that you leave your intelligence (independent thinking) at the door, and pick up faith (severe dependence on a church ‘family’ and authority), and where their hate agendas are further exacerbated and supported.

      The tea terrorists (sociopaths) would never be successful without an exploited and manipulated sheeple….and some of them are not educated, but have been raised in hate..

      • Granny Tenderstone

        After all, everything in the world is Obama’s fault, right? These haters disgust me to no end. They will cut off their noses to spite their own faces. The problem is, and as I predicted — studies have now shown it to be true — most in the R party, voters and/or “leaders”, have brain wiring issues having to do with the ability to exercise SIMPLE LOGIC. It was something that occurred to me over time, that there has to be an explanation WHY they are ignorant enough to do themselves dirty everytime they vote for haters like themselves, and when their “leaders” finally realize they are hurting themselves in the long run, they will CONTINUE to deny how all the dots connected. It’s a birth defect, IMHO.

      • Granny Tenderstone

        …and that disability IS COVERED BY ‘OBAMACARE’ too!!
        that is, it would be if somebody FINALLY came forward and added it to the list of physical and mental disabilities, because that is what it is, and for that I pity them greatly. Because I’m an actual Christian, not a hypochristian as these poor pathetic people are….

    • melloe

      When they get cut, they will just blame it on the Dems and Obama.. There is no rational thought there.

  • Matthew Reece

    Jesus did not steal from other people at gunpoint to get the resources to help the poor.

    • Krezzz

      Neither did the US govt. Stop being a drama queen. It’s called society.

      • Matthew Reece

        Taxation is armed robbery.

      • Todd Heath

        So you don’t believe in funding public services such as police, fire departments, schools and such which require taxes?

      • Matthew Reece

        These services should be provided competitively and voluntarily in a free market. The claim that they require taxes carries a burden of proof which has never been fulfilled, so it has no place in logical discourse.

      • Rick Crawford

        Matt, There is no excuse to be obtuse, deft, dumb or blind. We are talking about human subsistence here. Why not just “gas the poor” to protect you riches from armed robbery taxation (that is used by others lately to protect their wealth and greed). Your exercise in confuscation is only exceeded by you disassociation of

        a society being a part of the state. Your avaricious attitude could be called vile. My taxes and contributions to this state of society would be well spent feeding the poor…no burden of proof needed, I see it everyday. Peace to you…our pessimistic patriot.

      • Matthew Reece

        Insults are an admission of defeat and ignorance.

        I am not a patriot. Patriotism is a form of collectivism, nationalism, statism, tribalism, and racism.

      • Rick Crawford

        What a convoluted pile of crocism. I take it you are not even a citizen. That would be tribalism? Alien? What planet? Oh, that would be alienism, right? Well, what exactly are you? Curious minds want to know.

      • Matthew Reece

        Argumentum ad lapidem admits defeat and ignorance.

        I am an individual, nothing more, and nothing less. And regardless of what you believe, so are you, and so is every other person. Collectives are ideas only; they do not exist as independent forms in the physical reality external to the mind.

      • Jeff Blanks

        No, but they do exist as individuals who have relations with each other. Are you completely devoid of fellow-feeling?

      • Matthew Reece

        I never questioned this, so you are presenting a straw man.

      • Rick Crawford

        OK Matt. You’re cool. You win. Good luck on your journey. Best regards

      • Crysta

        Yes, so when your house is on fire, do you want to run around comparing the rates of different fire houses? Or maybe you prefer the closest one coming to your rescue, and then stabbing you with a 5-10 THOUSAND dollar bill? (on top of the thousands you will be spending repairing and replacing in your gutted home…)

        Or better yet, pay them like insurance companies, for a couple hundred a month EACH (Fire/Police/Ambulance would all be separate)

        Then there come the “premium” services, where the super rich pay for a “gold” package, and get service before anyone else!

        How does that sound to you?!?

        Remember, free market means they WANT PROFIT! And they KNOW YOU NEED THIS SERVICE! So they can and will gouge you!

      • Matthew Reece

        Anyone who charged $5000 (or whatever equivalent in a free society without the current monopoly money) for putting out a simple house fire would likely find themselves economically excommunicated from society for charging such an exorbitant amount. And good luck finding a dispute resolution organization (look it up if you haven’t heard of the concept) that would enforce such a ridiculous charge.

        Insurance companies are a likely way of dealing with such services in a free society. The cost cannot be known at present, nor can we know whether services like police, fire, and ambulances would be coupled or decoupled. Competition reduces cost and improves quality of service, so we should expect the cost to be at least somewhat lower than it is now.

        Remember that government takes about half of a person’s income in one way or another. That sounds like gouging to me. Before you try to defend the state, you should make sure that the state isn’t doing the same thing you accuse a stateless society of doing. Otherwise, you are engaging in psychological projection.

      • Jeff Blanks

        Even the Founding Fathers only complained about “taxation WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.” They would’ve considered you over the edge, so you can’t blame us if we do, too.

      • Matthew Reece

        The Founding Fathers fought the Revolution and founded the United States before anarchist theories became well-developed. To blame them for believing a government is necessary is somewhat like blaming a Civil War doctor for not using antibiotics. They were fair for their day, but it is time to move on to a logically and morally superior way of organization.

      • stephen james

        Yeah right. Then you get things like a private fire company letting a house burn to the ground because the owners never paid up. I trust private business as far as i could throw them.

      • Matthew Reece

        The problem with just letting a house burn is that fires spread. A private fire company would want to put out a fire in the house of a person who did not pay because it would otherwise threaten other houses whose owners have paid on time.

    • ninja

      Who is stealing? I believe Jesus was pretty clear on the subject of paying taxes…

      • Matthew Reece

        Jesus said that Caesar’s authority was illegitimate and no one owed him anything. Mark 12:17 is perhaps the most misunderstood verse in the whole Bible.

      • Matthew Reece

        To learn what Jesus really said about taxes, read a piece called God is an Anarchist: Render Unto Caesar by Darrell Anderson. I would put the link here, but it messes with my ability to post.

    • TrueGrit

      I guess the Republicans are stealing at gunpoint to help the affluent as they refuse to cut spending on agricultural subsidies. Oh, hypocrisy hurts.

      • Matthew Reece

        Which is why I am an anarchist (like Jesus was) and not a Republican.

  • the truth

    Nothing like a good old fashioned stirring of the religious pot….more wars were fought over religious beliefs, so this is how you decide to attack this particular problem, you blame it on the right being Christian? Somebody has an axe to grind.

    • Krezzz

      You are missing the point. The right wingers have consistently used Christianity as a guise. It’s right there in the 2013 GOP platform, so many planks allegedly based on Christian morals. It’s in their voting record, look at how many anti-abortion and anti gay marriage bills they supported, which they claim is due to some sort of Christian morality. These lowlifes are anything but Christian. True Christians would find the idea of starving people just as abhorrent as abortion.

  • bailey78

    I am the 800th person to like this.

  • Gust

    so breaking one of the ten commandments to “steal” from someone by force to give another in need makes complete religious ideological sense. Besides the fact that the money would be managed by people who haven’t been able to balance a budget in nearly half a century yeah great argument.

    • TrueGrit

      Really, then what justifies the massive socialist scheme that is the Republican agriculture policy? Perhaps Jesus would have wanted to preserve subsidies for affluent farmers and any business that deals with food while cutting food for the very poor: most of whom are children, veterans, and elderly?

      The budget was balanced under Clinton. The last time it was balanced when a Republican was president was during Eisenhower.

    • Todd Heath

      Jesus contradicts your definition of theft.

      Mark 12:17 (NASB) And Jesus said to them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” And they were amazed at Him.

      Also see Matt 22:21, Luke 20:25, and Romans 13:7.
      Your doctrine of “theft” doesn’t hold water when Jesus himself proclaims the opposite.

    • melloe

      Actually, nothing you said is accurate, but Todd covered the silliness ( or lie ) about theft. The last budgets to be balanced were not 50 years ago, it was a Democrat who faced the same kind of obstruction at times Obama does, and he was Clinton. It has been the Republicans who spend spend spend since… and they want the poor to pay for their mismanagement.

  • republicans are worthless

    People, people, people, stop wasting your time trying to convince the traitors and enemies of the state that they are wrong. They will hide behind their belief in magic, or any other bullshit they think will stump you. what they will not do, is use their brain or argue with facts. Now, their argument is taxes….they want to cut benefits cuz they oppose taxes. As soon as you mention that its them who try everything under the sun to get out of paying their fair share and that corporate loopholes and subsidies are eroding the tax base to a point of oblivion. they stop. Funny though how none of them bitch about where the majority of our taxes really go, which is the defense budget, salaries for government employees who do nothing. tax breaks for the rich. then they shut up or they rinse and repeat. tell walmart and every other major corporation to pay people a livable wage for their hard work and maybe people wouldn’t need these programs. but then they just say how that will destroy small business and blah blah blah. I say fuck em all. the time for reasoning with these self righteous sociopaths who are greed as fuck, have zero sense of community and who worship magic, that time is long gone.raise the minimum wage, stop bankrupting people with unpaid medical bills by giving them healthcare, stop favoring corporations and people that line you superpac of your favorite worthless politician. do those things then come back and maybe ill hear you out, oh yea cut the fucking defense budget too and stop pulling out every penny you can from education. do that rethugs and maybe youll be invited back to the party, maybe…

    • Stephen Lawson

      You are funny. All partisan politics are corrupt including your’s. Rant and rave all you want. I want all of you people to stop trying to tell me what to do and how to live. If you want to pay more taxes, go ahead. Leave me out of it. If you want socialized healthcare mandated and regulated by an already corrupt political system go ahead. Just leave me out of it. What you fail to realize is this is America and it is founded on a constitution you might not be too familiar with. Perhaps if you were to take some time to read it and really try to understand it your opinions might change. Children trying to grow up too fast. Using foul language as a crutch. As if being offensive was compensation for intelligence and experience. Grow up.

      • Jeff Blanks

        I don’t recall that the Constitution specifically calls for the funding of public schools and roads, either, or fire and police departments.

      • Mich Caruso

        So, would you rather do without public schools and roads, or fire and police departments? Is that your point?
        Or is it that you don’t want to pay your fair share to support the United States of America? Just who should pay for these services?

      • Jeff Blanks

        You’re misreading what I wrote. I’m saying that the Constitution doesn’t have to call specifically for something for it to be a legitimate function of government.

      • Ed

        If you Stephen don’t feel like you need to pay your share of taxes? Rather than leaving you out, why don’t you get your sociopathic, tea party ass out of America? You and your Conservative, religious, Fox viewing deniers are whats wrong w this country since Reagan. WHich is why the latest consumer confidence and consumption reports just came in above 90% w/out some crazy azz gimic of Sub Prime, Interest only or stated loans, all at the same time we gave the perpetrators a free pass on jail time and overlooked your tax dodging schemes. Supply Siders as yourself SUCK!

      • Stephen Lawson

        Wow Ed, why don’t you say how you really feel. Then try learning something about American and world history, economics, political science, sociology and perhaps a little language arts won’t hurt in your case. Thanks for enlightening me by sharing your bigotry. Now, I don’t have time to do your homework for you, but have you ever considered gathering accurate information from multiple reliable sources before fomenting hatred towards a total stranger?

        JFK got the double tap to the head for trying to reel this country back in from a run away military industrial complex financed by a private central banking cartel that has grown into a global leviathan commonly known as the national debt. You have apparently immersed yourself in the political rhetoric being spewed out by the mainstream media moguls in collusion with the central bankers and multi-national corporations that form the invisible government at the CFR that is running this country of gullible over consumers into an ocean of unrecoverable debt that you think I need to buy into. Have you considered therapy?

        Personally, I don’t care what you do with your time or money. Apparently you have elected to become a debt slave and as such feel the need to drag everyone you can into the pit in which you have fallen. When it comes to politics there is only one man that comes to mind that has demonstrated a working knowledge supported by decades of public service who has held the line to the platform upon which he was elected into public office. His career was an exercise in futility of sorts, because the status quo has been able to stymie all attempts at curing the ills of this nation.

      • Ed

        I’ll call em as I see em Stephen, in your case I’ve read you correctly as a sociopath as labeled, along w all your Tea Party Crony Conservatives. One needs no higher education to identify you intentions of pretending to fear escalating deficits after Ya’ll created the one we’re all again paying for now, that is we who pay our taxes rather than avoid/invert, dodge, or cheat other tax payers carrying you deadbeats and your Crony Corporations. Do you really think people still believe heaping massive tax exemption on wealthy will benefit the middle down in either the short or more importantly long term? Ya’ll pound the drum for De-Regulation and strong borders and national Defense and then you wanna come on here and runoff at the mouth about “runaway military industrial complex, financed by a private central banking cartel that has grown into a global leviathan commonly known as the national debt”.And then blather on about austerity? WTF,

        BTW, FYI, I could give a shit about how much you buy into the ocean of unrecovered debt. If the clowns you support and cheer would stop exploiting the world and Working, productive, American families, w their crony comodity speculators, high interest plastic, school and teaser rate loans, benefitting only the hierarchy as yourself maybe who again only care about a free ride on the backs of decent people. If we could figure out a way to rid ourselves of Investors as yourself who feel they need to exploit others to pay for their Greed and Shenanigans we would’t need the FED? In the mean time your ilk and their audit the FED is just another poor attempt along w Austerity Rhetoric to mislead and amuse Fox viewers. My therapy is, entertainment of watching how many decent sheeple have fallen recently for Tea Party GOP Conservethemselves Lies and Bigotry as gospel???

        There is now a second great man who has successfully, “demonstrated a working knowledge supported by decades of public service who has held the line to the platform upon which he was elected into public office”. As the first FDR taking on the task against great devastation incidentally after the great De-Regulators had their way taking America into the great depression, much as our latest Double Dip World Recession and only slightly different strains of Wars pending and ongoing?

        The difference is, from 09 to present, Your heroes have done Nothing constructive to heal the calamity they began and fueled. What a Pathetic, manipulative and corrupt bunch you share identity and pay homage to?

        FDR was the greatest President to serve to date and although some thought 2 time President Obama was facing futility as the Crony Consrvatism party of no relentlessly attacked American families, students, children, education, the Fed, living wages and labor, women,, our Governmentin general, IRS, EPA, FDA, Common sense and intelligence, along w our President, His wife, the middle class down to the least of these. The ills of this nation has will find its cure when Crony Conservatism is a relic as the confederte flag and slavery, Crony Capitalism and Inequality, and filthy rich people avoiding there taxes to buying lobbyists, politicians, votes, elections, judges, opinions and Hell, be it at from social media or at the end of a pitchfork? Enjoy yourself pulling Conservatism to extinction either way. The buzzards gotta eat, same as the worms.

      • Stephen Lawson

        The left-right political paradigm is an illusion. All politicians want to do is stay in power. Maybe one day you will figure it out. Your emotional rants do little more than expose your ignorance. I don’t have a dog in this hunt, because government is not the solution, it is the problem, like you.

      • Ed

        Your lame attempt to paint both parties w the same brush is comical and ineffective as evidence of the last two Presidential races You Lost…Get over yourself and your failed economic,, war/defense policies, foreign affairs, environmental, FDA, energy, humanitarian, SS and entitlement, etc,etc,,,, policies. Once people realize your failed experiments are just that and giving rich people excuses to not contribute as yourself and leach off society you’ll all be just a memory attempting to once again change your colors and infiltrate back into something closer to the definition of what your party name of Conservative really means? Chameleons changing for exploitation of the world works for a few but in the end will be your undoing. Pay your taxes and quit trolling, pretending to be someone you’re NOT, Genius.

      • Stephen Lawson

        You are hilarious “You Lost”, really? Do I need to explain to you what, “I don’t have a dog in this hunt” means? Your megalomania will not save you. Your suggestion is for me to support the system that enslaves us to debt? Where did you study economics? I have no party affiliation and you are fighting ghosts. I am curious who it is you think you are attacking with this rant of yours. I don’t fit your m.o. and you are no genius.

      • Ed

        Quite defensive for a person w no dog in the game? Why bother, why come here? Don’t go away mad, just go away, oh one of luke warm conviction and changing m.o.?

      • Stephen Lawson

        Offended by your infantile diatribe? Hardly! You exude the very ignorance your “camp” hopes to exploit upon your own minions. People of intellect and reason are beyond your comprehension. Good day…

      • Ladd Wikstrom

        Stephen, Leaving the leadership of the country up to Tea Bags and Libertarians is like letting 14 year olds run the company. You are like the stupid, white, uneducated males who elected d. trump.

      • Ladd Wikstrom

        Stephen, You also must believe in alternative truth like Conaway.

  • Pat Seruntine

    I have neighbors, many republicans who use food stamps, I know my income is less than theirs, but I don’t use welfare so those who need it will benefit from it: and yes I am a Democrat

  • rvreugde

    The overarching false assumption to this article is that opposition to government managed wealth confiscation and redistribution programs equals not loving the poor.

    Liberals continue in the false belief that whenever they identify a legitimate social need, then that automatically constitutes a moral mandate for another government bureaucracy. And that anyone who is opposed to the subsequent expansion of government is unloving, uncompassionate, uncaring – and hence also a hypocrite if they make a claim to being a Christian.

    Liberals also tend to think that their “compassion” places them on an unchallengeable moral high ground. And that this in turn gives them an unlimited claim on the wealth of every citizen. If they can find a hurting someone somewhere, then they can dump eternal condemnation on anyone who is suffering less. And demand that the better off people give up whatever they have to equalize the social outcomes of the rest of society.

    The emphasis in the bible is that of individuals and local churches being involved in face-to-face acts of compassion to resolve genuine charity cases in their local community. “Progressive” big government, control-freak socialism has little to do the Christian message or the teachings of Jesus. Granted the bible clearly teaches about the need to address legitimate social needs but the focus is on the individual, not on ways that the individual can pass off this responsibility to government.

    I personally have given away a minimum of 10% of my gross income to charity since the late 1970’s – even when I was a so called “starving” college student (I worked and never took out student loans). I’ve helped relatives with medical bills, financial emergencies and their own college expenses. There have been some years when I have given away over 20% – and I am not a rich man.

    Before you go off condemning Christians for lacking compassion, ask yourself, “What do I do on a personal level?” Agitating that the government care for the poor is cheap compassion at best, inefficient and ineffective waste often, and outright state assisted theft in some of situations. Because some Christians, Republicans and “conservatives” are opposed to the perpetual creation and expansion of big government social bureaucracies doesn’t mean they lack compassion or are hypocrites.

    • Stephen Lawson

      Very well written, insightful, accurate and to the point. Thank God someone has the decency to speak intelligently without all the cynicism and vulgarities. Thank you.

      • Jeff Blanks

        Except that this isn’t about “control-freak socialism”, not by a long shot.

    • Gert

      I do plenty, and I STILL see most other Christians crying about being ‘forced’ to feed the poor. I’m ‘forced’ to feed the war machine and tax breaks for the rich. Rich people who will make more in a day than I will see in a lifetime…. but oh they work ‘harder’ then I do so that’s ok… no, they lied and cheated and abused the weak.

      Social responsibility doesn’t stop the second you walk outside your church. Whatsoever you do to the least of His people you do unto him. This INCLUDES denying children and elderly food on ‘political’ grounds.

      Thinking otherwise makes you a bad person no matter how much you go to church or how much you GIVE to your church. No church can address poverty the way a government can. To believe otherwise is a fallacy of logic so profound I cannot eve begin to address it.

  • frank elliott

    If Jesus were alive today he would be a DEMOCRAT……..

    • Stephen Lawson

      If Jesus were alive today, He would not be a registered voter. You obviously don’t know anything about the Man, what He taught, or what He stood for. His kingdom is no part of this world. Something you should ponder before making blanket statements based on emotion or opinion instead of published facts.

    • Matthew Reece

      Jesus would be a free market anarchist in modern terms.

      • Pipercat

        Actually, I’d bet he’d play bass for Nine Inch Nails…

      • Gary

        Kuddos to you Pipercat….I like you statement, one that actually makes sense….

  • beaimi

    Mr. Clifton, love your posts. As an Independent Texan, I generally agree with your viewpoints. However, this is a more complex issue than you make it out to be. I’m torn. I don’t want needy citizens to go hungry. We must help our neighbors. I would want the same. However, our economy can’t sustain the welfare programs. We need many Americans to be self sufficient. I believe in the separation of church and state. I’m a Christian like many Republicans and Democrats. Multiple nonpartisan studies show that conservatives give more to charities than their liberal counterpoints. The bible (Jesus) talks about giving as a choice. God asks that you give willingly. Taxation is required giving to sustain our government. It is not what Jesus was talking about. You make conclusions that Republicans aren’t really Christians because they don’t want their taxes going to welfare. Many of these same people give to their churches with purity of heart not because the IRS tells them they have to. You are using the same faulty argument that radical rights make when they state that liberals aren’t Christians if the support a candidate that votes pro choice. We can be better than this.

    • tigerlily78

      Beaimi: What I find really interesting (or hypocritical) is that a lot of these same politicians eager to cut programs like SNAP, are NOT supportive of raising the Federal Minimum Wage. The reality is, 47% of households getting SNAP have at least one adult working, 36% have two adults working… they ARE the working poor. Whose fault is it really that their employment does not meet their basic needs? 61% of households getting SNAP have children. 25% have at least one person over the age of 60.

      When I look at these numbers I don’t see the Republican boogeyman of “takers” and “leeches” and “welfare queens” … I see my next door neighbors, the husband got laid off when the annual profits didn’t meet projections (this is not to say that the company was actually losing any money, they just didn’t have the extra profit they WANTED for shareholders), I see the people working at Walmart and McDonalds… companies making billions a year in profit, but content to pay their employees poverty level wages and let taxpayers like you and I make up the difference. We provide $900,000 to 1.75 million in services just to the employees of each individual Walmart store in the country. Why should that be allowed? If a company like Walmart can’t be expected to provide *gainful* employment to it’s workforce, then arguably it shouldn’t be in business. We shouldn’t be on the hook to subsidize their profits.

      • beaimi

        @tigerlily78 very true statements. I wish I could find a politician that truly represented the American people and not corporate America. Unfortunately, when you look at who are the biggest donors to both Democratic & Republican politicians you will find big business. I often vote not for whom will do the best job but rather whom will do the least bad. Sad but that is where we are. Public service or politics is now a profession. Most of these old white guys will say and do anything to hold onto their jobs and line their pockets. They vote on their raises and they can use insider trading to get wealthy. It’s all perfectly legal. This is done on both sides of the aisle. I truly would like to see a female president next election but definitely not Sarah Palin 🙂

  • beaimi

    Jesus probably would be attacked by both the right and left in modern times. He taught us that we answer to God the Father not man.

  • jbasso

    how is this even happening? the real WWJD is not what the republicans or the democrats are doing. don’t forget the democrats! the real problem is that nobody knows the truth. google “truth contest” and click on the first link.

  • Gary ONeill

    Republicans believe that there are $39 million worth of abuse of food stamps….bottom line.

    • Jeff Blanks

      OOOH! 39 MILLION! Remind me how big the total budget is again?

      • Gary ONeill

        actually it’s called a deficit now…

  • ClearThinker

    I am now dumber for having read this piece. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your sold.

    • kudzu3

      Thank you for your comment. I share in your sentiments. It is mind boggling what people will post online. Nowhere did I see mention of separation of Church and State in these endless debates. It is truly mind numbing. The dumbing down factor of all parties.

  • ClearThinker

    I am now dumber for having read this piece. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Kik

    If they only used food stamps to buy fish and bread I would be all for it…

  • Ryan G.

    I would like to point out that government and political figures in the USA aren’t supposed to enact legislation based on religion/religious beliefs. It would kinda violate the whole “separation of church and state” thing.

    That being said, I don’t disagree with the article. Even if you excluded religion from the equation, you think most “greater good”-affiliated people would want to help the poor.

    For the record, I’m Christian.

    EDIT: Wanted to add that we do need to balance our ability to help the poor with our available resources… people do need to be more self-sufficient, but people also need to be willing to help others when life just deals them a crappy hand.

  • Matthew

    Jesus was a Socialist

    • Finally Awake

      Thessalonians 3:10 “He who does not work, neither shall he eat.” Words of Jesus.

      • mskby

        Actually those were the words of Paul, and he was stating this to admonish the Christians there who had quit their jobs in prep for the return of Jesus. So, essentially, he was telling them that whilst the end IS coming, it was not coming quite that soon, so they should continue to work and contribute to the community. This statement has been taken out of context quite a bit by those who would use it to beat the poor over the head, I suppose we should bring back child labor and kick seniors back out into the workforce, no matter their frailty or condition, because they should not eat otherwise?

  • Guest

    What’s funny are the democrats who assume people disagreeing with them are republicans and they start attacking the republican agenda as if it is an argument towards us.

    -independent thinker

  • Dormie

    Actually, Jesus was aiming his religion at the Jews. Gentiles weren’t meant to have any of it. Paul was the one that diverged from Jesus’ original aim and made it a religion for all people. If you’re gonna call yourself Christian, you have to realize that you aren’t what Jesus the Nazarene intended. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that, if there was a second coming, that the poor “carpenter” would shake his head, turn around and go back home.

  • Kelli Hernandez

    Republicans, party of the Sociopathic/narcissistic. Their exploits are those who vote for them, with an agenda of hate, no matter where that hate is targeted.

    The GOP has not been what it used to be, long before Reagan. It is a party of disorder, deceit and pathological lying, contradications and an extreme hate for those of color, elderly, disabled, poor, working poor….in other words, anyone they believe ‘beneath’ them. Unfortunately many Americans share this disorder. I have never seen so much narcissism in this country as I do now..Ever.

  • Jack Duffy

    Could we save $39 billion by not paying for soda and other junk food for food stamp recipients only to turn around and cover their resulting dental expenses on Medicaid?

  • Granny Tenderstone

    thank you so much, YOU SPEAK FROM MY OWN HEART, you covered it.

  • Michael Clark

    You must realize that they have an entire mythology that runs parallel to Christianity. In this mythology, the vast majority of those who use programs like welfare and food stamps do so willingly and without need. The republicans actually believe that the poor are poor because they choose to be poor. And as far as the facts showing that red states use far mor of these resources, the mythology says that all the republicans that need help will still get it from somewhere… else. The fact that many military families depend on these programs just shows the republican disdain for anyone below their social status. Despite their belief in small government (LOL) they actually believe that government will be able to tell who deserves help and who doesn’t.

  • Michael Clark

    One more thought: I find it horribly repulsive that republicans can’t seem to enyoy a meal without knowing that someone else is hungry.

  • Cindy

    I just wonder how this will effect the crime rate. I know if my children were hungry I would do what ever it took to feed them. I do agree that they need to change what foods are able to be bought with food stamps. It amazes me to see people use their EBT cards and have nothing of nutritional value in their shopping carts. I am not saying that people should not have any junk food I am saying that it should have a limit on it. I know when I first divorced I used the EBT program, and was very thankful for it, but that is when my children no longer had junk food.

  • sean

    Yall do know there no God and the bible is just a book on how we should live our life and respect and love each other and help each other in need but i do have to say republicans are sociopaths just look at sara Palin and mittens

  • patriotpaul2

    These followers are PLIFs*

    *People Living In Fear, a reference to conservative or fundamentalist followers of any religion that leads them to be fearful of any questioning of their religious doctrine or to be open to creative, new ideas. Because psychologically fear is such a crippling emotion, psychologically healthy people tend to try and control and recognize this in themselves. Those who don’t tend to rely on more dictatorial or authoritarian leaders whether they be in the form of a political leader or their own chosen God.

    Paul Harris
    Author, “Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina”

  • Ron

    I believe it was the Democratic Convention that they had voted to leave “God” out of the platform and had to take a vote on it. They actually voted it down, but didn’t want everyone to think that the Democrats hated God, and forced it in
    . I know many Democrats who don’t hate God; but I know a bunch of Liberal’s who don’t want him mentioned only when they are swearing.

  • mitch

    Why is it republicans give twice as much of their time and money to charitable organizations than democrats do?
    Obama’s charitable giving.
    2004: $2,500 out of $207,647 (1.2 percent)
    2003: $3,400 out of $238,327 (1.4 percent)
    2002: $1,050 out of $259,394 (0.4 percent)
    It is not the governments job, it is the responsibility of the individual. Christ didn’t rely on Cesear or Herod to feed the poor, he did it himself.

    • mskby

      Yes, and prior to social security 1/2 of all seniors were living in poverty – so I suppose that whole “it’s the responsibility of the individual” thing failed. There are a million reasons, causes, for poverty today, why a good percentage of those receiving food stamps, for example, are actually households where at least one adult is working yet still require assistance to meet their families basic needs…it is not because they don’t work or don’t want to work, it’s because they are not paid a living wage. When pensions and employer covered healthcare (something that used to be prominent) are no longer offered, on the general, wages have been stagnant for the laborers, whilst the CEO’s wages soar, if one does go to college for a better paying job, they just end up in debt for years, negating the benefit of the higher income from gaining a degree, etc and so forth…what can one do? There are no simple answers, just as there is no single reason one can point to for blame for these issues, it is complex and requires work to find solutions, work that, thus far, our elected officials cannot sit and agree to do together. Perhaps it isn’t the governments “job” to insure their citizens can survive with a basic level of subsistence, but I sure wouldn’t want to live in a country where the prevailing viewpoint was “screw em, if they won’t work they don’t eat!” or, as we’ve seen occur, a crowd of debate watchers called out that someone injured or ill without insurance or ability to pay should be left to die rather than receiving the assistance required to survive. With these attitudes so prevalent and on display (often from those who loudly proclaim themselves to be “Christian”, unfortunately,) I, for one, am not convinced of the availability of reliance upon “the kindness of strangers” should I require assistance, I would much rather pay a little more in taxes to insure that myself, should the need arise, or, more particularly my fellow human beings, have the ability of assistance to meet basic human needs when times get hard. I guess I’ve not been as privileged as some to escape hard times or know those who have, it must be a comfy little bubble of denial, to be able to believe that hard work, good intentions, intellect, and a good heart are enough to ensure one never falls upon hard times. I have digressed quite a bit, sorry, but the idea that the government should not take any responsibility for the welfare of their people…just seems ludicrous to me. Good day.

  • DrDon

    Christian = no gays, no abortion. Other than that, meh….just sit around and wait for the Rapture. oh and be sure to vote Republican.

    • Gary

      You are an asshole, drdon!!!!!!!!!!1111

  • Constant Vigil

    They must be reading from the lost Gospel of Socialus the Caring:

    (1) And Jesus saith until them: “Behold, after thou hast given of thy substance to thy brother in need, go thou then also unto thy neighbors’ house and put thy sword to thy neighbor’s throat taking liberally of his substance also. And I say unto thee, if he resisteth thee, cast him in prison to the fullest extent. And see to that though plunderest not only the wealthy, but also they that labor, for from the laborer will come the spoils.”

    (2) Then Jesus called forth a little child and sat him on his knee, saying: “But behold this is not all, for after thou hast forcibly taken of thy neighbor’s substance against his will, see that thou rememberest also to take thy neighbors child to the money changers and indenture this child unto the slavers, that thou mayest borrow money though desirest this day against the child’s future labors. Fear not, for thy neighbor shall call thee blessed for forcing up him the will of thy God, knowing that thou knowest better than he. For thy God is a loving god, who desirest thee to force thy will upon all thy brethren that thy God mayest force them into heaven by virtue of thy forcing their good deeds.”

    (3) Finally Jesus saith: “Now, after thou hast done all these things, see to that thou sendest these plunderings to the corrupt and wasteful official. Take comfort in thy heart for thy godly robberies and slavings, knowing that that thou ensurest not only that thy brother in need recieveth of the forced bounties from thy sword, but also that thou mayest provide for the deceiver, and the partaking by he who worketh not, but couldst – that they mayest be rewarded also for their lack of labors”.

    (4) “And behold go then to thy home and call thyself blessed.”

  • Constant Vigil

    Funny how after the loaves and the fish, those who actually have read this passage realize Jesus did not return day after day after day to do nothing but hand out more bread and fish everyday…

  • Jake VanWagoner

    This is funny because after Jesus fed the 5,000, they showed up again not to hear him preach, but because they got free bread from him. The next day he left early in the morning so they wouldn’t see when he went.

    Your analogy is wrong.

  • Seth

    This is a good example of how ignorant people are of the basic Christian message. Christ did not come, nor calls His followers, to set up or support government agencies for acts of mercy. Paul makes it clear in Romans 13 that the purpose of government is to bear the sword, i.e., execute judgment on criminals. Individual Christians are to be God’s agents of mercy to the world as they go out and live Christlike, sacrificial lives. That is why any theologically solid Christian ought to oppose all forms of government welfare while being very generous themselves in their personal lives.

    • Jeff Blanks

      And yet it doesn’t get done. Then what? How much other people’s unnecessary suffering is your interpretation of the Bible worth?

  • republicans are living trash

    Republicans need to DIE and quickly so

    • Jeff Blanks

      We don’t need this.

  • Tim Hughes

    We send billions and billions to foreign countries…humanitarians to the world, but not to our fellow citizens. I don’t get it.

  • Cardio32

    It’s horrible to play with God and lie on him when knowing he doesn’t condone greed from people that aren’t in lack. May God have a tad bit of mercy for those that are out of touch with the rest of society.