Republicans Are Now Trying To Pass Obamacare Extension To Save Their Own Asses

obamacare-costsIt’s no secret that Republicans have opposed the Affordable Care Act since the very beginning. From death panels to economic Armageddon, the GOP has said and done just about anything they possibly could to make people as irrationally terrified of this law as possible.

But despite their incessant fear-mongering, basically none of their apocalyptic warnings have come true. The “worst” factual talking point they’ve had against “Obamacare” is that around 5 million Americans were forced to switch insurance plans because their previous plans were inadequate.

Oh, the horrors!

So, when I read that Senate Republicans were desperately trying to pass legislation that would extend the subsidies for the Affordable Care Act through 2017, I was a little caught off guard. After all, aren’t these the same subsidies many of them have been pushing the Supreme Court to strike down for years? So, why would Republicans want to pass legislation that guarantees the subsidies through 2017?

Oh, I know why – to avoid having millions of Americans, many of whom are conservative voters, blaming the Republican party for losing their health insurance just before the 2016 elections.

Right now the debate in the Supreme Court over these subsidies essentially centers around wording in the law that could easily be fixed by Congress, nullifying any need for the court to rule on this issue at all. Of course, Republicans in Congress won’t do that. Instead, what they’re trying to do is pass a temporary patch to the law so that if the court rules against it they won’t be blamed for the ramifications (basically complete chaos within our health care system) just before one of the most crucial election years in our nation’s history.

While it’s easy for Republicans to brainwash their voters into thinking that this law is horrible, it’s will be an entirely different story when millions of Americans suddenly see firsthand what they’re going to lose if the GOP gets its way.

If the Supreme Court rules against the subsidies, there’s not going to be anyone else to blame but the Republican party – and they damn well know that. That’s why they’re trying to pass this temporary fix so that they won’t have to suffer any sort of political ramifications for being the ones responsible for millions of Americans potentially losing their health insurance.

It is astonishing how stupid Republicans treat conservative voters – yet their voters seem to eat it right up. Republicans couldn’t be any more transparent about what they’re trying to do, but conservative voters couldn’t seem to care less.

Clearly Republicans know the law is working and they also know millions of Americans are going to finally see just how valuable “Obamacare” has been if the GOP finally gets its way. If  they didn’t fear that, and they truly believed this law was one of the worst things to ever happen to this country, Senate Republicans wouldn’t be pathetically trying to pass an extension to the very subsidies they want struck down just to save their political asses in 2016.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • thelastrealrepublican

    Obamacare? Really? More like Romneycare.

    • Mike Mitchell

      And that has never been denied, in fact has been openly said on MANY occasions, but the republicans have officially labeled it Obamacare to incite the hatred of Obama, thus linking the “Affordable Care Act”, when mentioned as such and asked about many of the republican voters seem to be okay with until its mentioned that it is the same thing as Obamacare. It was brought up hundreds of times in the last presidential election, even derided by Romeny himself who tried to distance himself from it.

    • Gary Menten

      That fact didn’t actually help Romney win any Republican primaries did it? My recollection of them is that he ran away from his own record.

    • Gilgamesh

      Yeah? Get a congressional republican to admit that.

  • Derek

    RapeubliCons brought this all on themselves.

    • youmustgo

      And they drag us along with them.

  • J.E.Escoffier

    If and when your governor decides to pass Medicaid expansion, your monthly payments should go down.

  • youmustgo

    Oh, and a lot ofnhospitals treat patients like drug seekers. It’s not because of insurance. It’s because they’ve been trained to blame the ‘consumers’ (used to be called patients) for their own health issues. That way, they screw up, it’s your fault. Trust me, being accused and treated like a drug seeker is a way they can abuse and mistreat you without every having to admit fault, liability, or a mistake if they are found guilty of any wrongdoing. The only thing we can do there is DEMAND better accountability which existed at one point in time, but has been.chipped away in this fake libertarian fascist climate. We must demand the return of sanity within our systems and we must do it soon.