Republicans Pathetically Trying to Compare Health Care Issues with Bush Katrina Failures

bush_obamaI’ll have to admit, even I didn’t see this coming.  Apparently the new ridiculous right-wing attack on President Obama comes by the way of comparing the issues with the website, and some Americans being forced to buy new insurance plans, to Bush’s botched response to Hurricane Katrina.

Yes, some conservatives are beginning to compare the way President Obama has handled the issues with the Affordable Care Act launch to Bush’s handling of the devastation following Katrina.

Let that sink in for a moment — they’re really saying that Obama’s “incompetency” in his handling of “Obamacare” is equally as bad as Bush’s incompetence following Hurricane Katrina.

A former Bush official said:

“There are moments in a presidency where everything is different afterward and I believe this is that moment.  For us, it was Hurricane Katrina because while public support had been dropping for the war in Iraq, after Katrina, after many members of the public and every member of the Democratic Party viewed us as incompetent and it transcended to everything else we did.”

You can trust me when I say that it wasn’t just Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina that made many Americans view him, and his entire administration, as incompetent.  When you drag a nation into two wars, one of which was based on a complete lie, it’s pretty safe to say the feeling by many Americans that Bush was incompetent had already been well established.

But let’s break this down a bit.  The only real issue that’s been a complete mess has been the website, which I’ll fully admit is embarrassing.  But people aren’t dying because the website isn’t working.  Though I’m sure some radical conservatives will say that the website issues are putting lives at risk (even though the phone lines have been open and ready to sign people up for the ACA since last month).

The second major issue has been the cancellation of some insurance policies for about 5% of Americans with health insurance.  Now let’s be honest about this issue.  While I get why some Americans are frustrated by this happening (though Obama has since said he’s delaying this for at least another year) what does this really boil down to?  People aren’t losing health coverage, they’re simply being forced to buy better health insurance.  The reason why their old policies were cancelled is because they didn’t meet the basic requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Has President Obama fumbled his handling of some of the issues with the rollout?  Absolutely.  But to even try to compare his handling of “Obamacare” to that of Bush’s horrific response to Katrina is completely ridiculous.

Following Katrina, dead bodies floated through the streets of New Orleans for days.  Tens of thousands of people were stranded without food or water, many dying because of the lack of basic resources.  Anyone trying to compare the two in any way only is only proving one thing—-their own ignorance.

But that’s how far Republicans will go to try to bring President Obama down.  I love how the issues with the health care law’s rollout somehow nullify anything Obama has done or wants to get done.  As if President Obama is suddenly wrong about immigration reform or the minimum wage simply because the Affordable Care Act hasn’t gone as smoothly as some had expected.

I get why people may have lost some trust in the president, but for anyone to buy into this idea that suddenly he’s now as incompetent as George W. Bush is just absurd.

Hurricane Katrina was just one of many massive screw ups by the Bush administration.  Oh, and guess what soon followed after Katrina?  The botched Medicare Part D launch—by that very same Bush administration.

I’m in no way making excuses for President Obama or the issues that have plagued “Obamacare” since its launch, but to try to compare Obama’s response to the issues with the Affordable Care Act to the horrific response by the Bush administration to Hurricane Katrina is simply ridiculous, bottom line.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • jan375

    You are such a voice of reason Allen Clifton. I share most of your posts and am definitely sharing this one.

  • Brad Fulton

    A shame ya can’t SELL stupid. 73% of the poll’s respondents would be very rich indeed….

    • regressive rightwing trash

      bradis correct,,,,but I disagree on ONE point!!! stoooopid CAN and ID sold at a great profit!!! witness the FOX “news” crybabies ( Hannity/Limbaugh/judge Jeannie/ Huckabee ETC) who are getting wealthy–and overweight– selling offal to FOX “news” watchers after they get ripped off tithing at a TAX FREE house of superstition ( CHURCH) VOTE REPUBLICAN!!! send in your pledge NOW

  • regressive rightwing trash

    vote tea bag party regressive republican,,,,,,we need those adroit policies of theirs to help our country fall even further into religious feudalism and hatred of women/gays/blacks/ latinos,,,and children not eating ( ” moochers….get a job”) ,,,,,,,,,,ahem: where O where are all the crybaby white rash Obama haters???? probably wearing their FOX “news” sports cap rallying ’round the tea party flag singing “Benghazi,,,,,ACA,,,,,fast and furious,,,,spending,,,,Kenya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, socialism,,,,,, no big GOVT ( C’ept telling women to go to mexico for an abortion or NO ORAL sex or NO GAY MARRIGES)

  • Dee Anne Moore

    start the article off by ascribing the quote to the person who actually said it..

  • Gabriel Gentile

    “This is Obama’s Katrina!”

    What, again? That’s like the… 17th time you called something that.

  • nowonderwwercalledtheright

    No, THIS isn’t Obama’s Katrina. THAT would be Benghazi….OR his mishandling of foreign policy in Syria….OR IRS targeting of thos who dare question your Almighty…OR wiretapping the AP… Take your pick. Keep chugging that kool aid.

    • regressive rightwing trash

      keep watching FOX “news” and reciting their talking points,,,,and invest heavily in a case of KLEENEX as your lachrymosity will be snowballing in the Hillary 2016-2024 administration

  • anon55344

    If people who had health insurance do not have it on January 1, 2014 some of those people will die. Will it be as high as 1000? It depends on how long it takes for the web sites to get fixed.