Republicans Praising Putin Prove One Thing — They’ve Officially Lost Their Minds

putinBeing someone who follows politics daily, I read a lot of things that are really “out there.”  And being a liberal it’s natural that I oppose most Republican ideology, because most of the time it just doesn’t make sense.

But as I look back several years ago, even during our worst disagreements, I could find some kind of common ground when debating Republicans.  There was at least a veil of sanity there and some level-headedness with which we could find some sort of compromise.

Then Barack Obama became president and everything changed.  It sent them into a spiral of denial, delusion and irrationality I’ve never seen before.

I mean, facts and reality simply don’t matter to these people now.  The debt ceiling (to Republicans) is about new spending and no amount of indisputable facts you can show them will change their minds.

You can list all the things “Obamacare” does, and they’ll like most of them, but still—they think the law is terrible.

Heck, many Republicans blame President Obama for our economic collapse even though it happened before he ever became president.

President Obama (at the same point in his presidency) has taken fewer vacation days, used fewer executive orders and started fewer wars (zero to be exact) than George W. Bush—yet to Republicans, Obama is the “Vacationer in Chief,” or “a tyrant abusing the power of the executive order” or a “warmonger.”

Even as it relates to our economy, corporate profits are at highs not seen in years, executive pay is at an all-time high, yet job creation is slower than economists expected.

But that’s Obama’s fault.  It’s not the fault of the greedy companies that are making record profits and paying their executives record salaries—it’s Obama’s fault.  Because that makes sense.

Nearly everything these people have done the last few years has ranged from blatant stupidity to borderline treason.

But nothing compares to the absolute ridiculousness I’ve seen this past week following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s op-ed in the New York Times.

Many Republicans are praising Putin.  That is how much they hate President Obama.  That is how partisan and delusional these people have become.

They’re so full of hate and ignorance that they’re essentially taking the side of the Russian president over their own.

A Russian president who invaded the country of Georgia, is a former member of the KGB, has a somewhat friendly relationship with Iran, supports Assad’s regime in Syria (yes, the same regime which used chemical weapons to murder women and children), criminalizes homosexuals, potentially rigged his last election and goes out of his way to do photo-ops where he’s often seen shirtless hunting or fishing.

They’re praising his op-ed as some “jab” at President Obama.  Hell, I’ve seen many Republicans say Putin is the one who played Obama, instead of what I believe happened—Obama played Putin.

They’ve just absolutely lost their damn minds.  Somehow supporting the Russian president over your own makes you a “patriot.”  Somehow, in their warped mind, a man who’s backing a regime in Syria which has killed over 100,000 people makes sense.

Just—what the hell is wrong with these people?

They’re praising the Russian president while attacking our own.

Not because of anything Putin said in his op-ed.  Because let’s be real — that thing was a pile of propagandized garbage.  The hypocrisy within the entire thing was at best a sick joke, and anyone who took it seriously should be ashamed for allowing themselves to be played like fools.

But they’re praising him simply because the letter was an attempt at a “slap to the face” of President Obama.

The letter more or less mocked Americans as “nothing special.”  And I’m not saying we are, but Republicans sure as hell think we are.

“We’re American dammit, the best country on earth!”  “Love it or leave it!”  Isn’t that what they say?

But because Putin’s op-ed was meant to take a shot at President Obama over Syria, many Republicans loved it.  

Just think about that for a moment.  The Russian president wrote a letter that mocked Americans and blatantly insulted the President of the United States–yet Republicans praised him for it.

“Proud, patriotic Republicans” taking the side of a Russian president mocking the United States and our president.

These people have just simply lost their damn minds.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • JQPublic

    Would be nice if a link to this letter was used.

    • JamesKelso

      Yeah. It’s so hard to Google Putins letter. Lazy Much?

  • Anthony F.

    Wait. If Putin played Obama. Wouldn’t we be in some kind of fight with Russia? I saw multiple articles stating that if we fought in Syria, Russia would fight. Now we have come to some kind of agreement about the chemical weapons.
    Republicans ARE dumb!

    • Mr. Smith

      Correction; Ignorant, right wing, evangelical, hypocritical, bigots are dumb. I am a republican, very intelligent and think its disgraceful how “Republicans” (keep in mind they are republicans in name only) are berating what I feel was a brilliant strategy by the Obama administration. True republicans, like how Mr. Obama is running things. The problem is the crazy right wingers have a bigger say despite being in the minority of the republican party, no thanks to fox news, the heritage foundation, the tea party (that’s a special group of morons), etc etc etc. When sane rational republicans speak out they get demonized by a small group of people with a large voice that doesn’t reflect the voice of a majority of republicans.

      • peggyduncan

        I’m hoping that one day, the rational Republicans will speak up. I’m not hearing them.

      • Derek Pryor

        I agree. If there are really sane, reasonable Republicans out there, they need to raise their voices and be heard.

      • Ro Nin

        how can they? the ‘conservative’ media thinks they are liberals, and the liberal media disagrees vehemently with them, so they have no voice anymore in our media….

      • Nehimomma

        It’s why I left the republican party. I can’t tolerate ignorance and stupidity, especially on a constant basis.

      • Ankynan

        It’s a lot like saying “if there are peaceful Muslims out there….” When they DO speak up, they are usually ignored&/or harassed!

      • peggyduncan

        I’m hoping that one day, the rational Republicans will speak up. I’m not hearing them.

      • David J

        I appreciate Republicans speaking up like you did here. Our nation is better with at least two vibrant and wise political parties. Some of today’s Republicans are rather frightening to listen to, while I’m sure there are probably many intelligent Republicans out there, I hope we hear more from people like you.

      • Anthony F.

        I agree with peggyduncan. Every Republican I speak to acts the same. It is difficult to hold a good debate about politics with them w/o it turning into a fight. My best friend is the only person I enjoy debating (he is Republican), and now even he is siding with those idiots in office.

      • tcherry

        Thank goodness…a rational Republican!It’s refreshing to know they are still out. And, this moderate Democrat agrees that Obama handled it brilliantly.

      • Ro Nin

        well said. I truly feel that soon we will see a lot of the ‘true’ republicans find their way to the ‘democratic’ party. i can’t say this is a wonderful thing. when we had a functional republican party, they helped keep everything in check. we didn’t always agree, but we worked together and compromised on most things. If this happens the way i anticipate, then we will have lost that. it will slow our progress. Now the only thing competing against liberal extremists (and yes, there is such a thing. don’t lie, you know one or two yourself) will be the ‘tea party’ extremists. in the end, either way america loses.

        We could always just straight up invade one of those small countries that doesn’t belong to the UN, and then give the christian extremists what they have always wanted…. they would get their own country, we would get them out of our political system, and in 10 to 20 years when they are the worst of 3rd world countries, we can go in and take it back diplomatically….

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Bravo, Mr Smith; I’ve always said that there HAVE to be reasonable, rational, intelligent individuals on the right. I wish more like you were as vocal as the insane republicans.

      • T

        Mr. smith, thank you.

      • gman

        Mr. Smith,
        I do not envy your position within that dying party of yours.
        Frankly, it’s gotten so bad that one no longer thinks of ‘moderation’ or ‘sanity’ when one hears the word Republican.
        My question is, “How did you folks let it become so?”

      • gman

        and, Mr. Smith?
        I respect you for posting and hope that you folks can bring sanity and reason back to the GOP… why? Because, until other parties become viable, we really do need a proper opposition… what was the term back in Barry Goldwater’s day…?

  • Mischievious

    Well if you look at what really happened in Georgia, they did attack Russian forces first. Russia still shouldn’t have invaded them though.

    • Willy Victor 32

      Putin has the right to comment, and neither side is looking for war except for the anti American muslim brotherhood which is the major political opponent of a calm Mideast.
      The problem is people forget their history!!!
      October 6, 1973 using Russian weapons Egypt and Syria attacked Israel trying to get the land back the Israelis won in 1966. Israel won that battle in six days, instead of two months.

  • Anthonij

    This is yet another example of the treasonous spirit of many right-wingers in general and, increasingly, many prominent Republicans in particular. The flag for them is the great symbol, in which they wrap themselves… Meanwhile, they want to destroy the constitution (except the part they misread about the right to bear arms) and clearly want to replace our republic with a sort of fundamentalist-Judeo-Christian corporate oligarchy… lol… Of course they like Putin!

    • mgoodri

      Why are we as sane Americans allowing this to happen to our country? These people are destroying our country from within. That is TREASON. Surely there is something that can and should be done!

  • Patricia Darlene McClendon

    You need to re-format the text. It’s too distracting to read.

  • Joyce Brand Wilson


  • Sue

    This is stupid. This is not about about republican or democrat or Putin’s character or obama’s. Fact is he made some valid points and if we can’t just take that at face value without thinking of it as ‘supporting putin over our president’ then we are officially no better than kindergarteners.

    • Ozzie

      Sue I am curious, was one of his “valid points” claiming all people are equal under God even after putting a law into place that puts people into prisons, separates them from their loved ones and, even allows for legal brutal beatings up to and even death of those people simply because of their sexual orientation? This does NOT sound like a man with a valid point, this sounds like an ignorant fool that apparently has a flock of stupid small minded idiots that would rather support this monster than fathom the idea that an interracial black man that has received a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE is now the standing POTUS!!!! In case you missed it, President Barack Obama has the peace prize while Putin decided to side with a guy that is killing his own people and children! Maybe you should rethink where the real stupidity lies here.

      • Derek Pryor

        EXACTLY right, Ozzie. Putin is a hypocrite and a fascist for having the gall to preach to us about equality.

    • DEEDEE

      YOU are an a$$! If you think this wasn’t a blatant attempt to make us look foolish which is what THESE IDIOTIC RIGHT WINGERS AS WELL AS YOU ARE DOING OUR COUNTRY IS DOOMED!!!! PUTIN IS A BIGOT AND MURDERER!

    • Chomper Lomper Tawee

      You are officially no better than kindergartener.

  • Geanene Everson Weathers

    I sure hope the Karma bus rolls around and visits the Republicans. Sadly, they are America’s worst enemy within.

    • Ankynan

      There are still reasonable, traditional Republicans who are greatly dismayed by the hijacking of their party, yet reluctant to give up their self-identifying label. Unfortunately, the old GOP is not returning within our lifetime. The Democratic Party has now moved into the position on the political spectrum formerly occupied by the Republicans (pre-Tea Party, pre-Dubya).

  • Victor Fischetti

    Great jobs, Presidents Obama and Putin, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, thank you.

  • Disgusted

    For quite some time, it’s been clear that, between Republican hatred for Obama and the refusal (or inability) of Congress to govern, there is a power vacuum in the United States. Our government is simply not functioning. This has allowed Putin to dare to insert himself into that vacuum and appeal directly to the American people. All of this can be laid at the feet of the Republicans. They are ruining our country faster than any outside force ever could have done.

  • martinchill

    this article would have more impact if it cited examples of Republicans praising Putin.

    • kevingt

      How about Michigan Republican Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said the U.S. is “being led by the nose by” Putin.

      Or Matt Drudge tweeting: “Putin is the leader of the free world.”

      Or how about Chris Stirewalt of Fox News’ Power Play:
      “Putin Makes Obama Pay a High Price for Syria Escape”

      There are many, many, many examples of the Right praising Putin for “finding” a resolution to the issue of chemical weapons.

  • Matthew Reece

    Most of what Putin said in his op-ed was correct. The only real errors Putin made were “[t]he law is still the law, and we must follow it whether we like it or not,” “when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal,” and an implicit assumption throughout that democracy will lead to freedom. The first denies the logical right of freedom of association, the second assumes something without proof, and the third has been proven false by history.

  • Wayne Slaven

    Republicans suck.

  • katherine norton malek

    As usual, you stated exactly how I feel. It’s gone beyond frustrating to listen to some of the idiot crap coming out of right wing religiosos and conservative Republicans. So frustrating & agonizing that I prefer not to read or watch but as a responsible citizen, I know I must know. But staying ‘in the know’ has become increasingly physically & emotionally painful. Invokes rage. And they just keep on coming. Sarah Palin lands a lucrative job as a political analyst, for example?! She couldn’t analyze her way out of a paper bag with directions. A failed VP run, drop-out Gov. w/a luke warm book deal & reality show who once called Russia one of our fiercest “enemies”, and she knows that because she can see Russia from Wasila?! Michelle Bachman & Co., as our spokespeople in Egypt – how utterly embarassing. I simply can’t take it anymore. I’m off the cliff. But thanks for saying what many of us (not enough) – are feeling.

  • Jim

    Wow. Just about everything stated in this article was absolutely right! Why is it all right? Because Obama!!! Listen folks, I can literally pick every piece of this article apart and show it to be the ideological fantasy that it is. I invite the author to challenge me on this.

    • kevingt

      Jim, why don’t you DO it rather than just CLAIMING you can do it.

      • Jim

        OK Kevin, but just remember, you asked for it! First, I’d like to thank some folks for the uninformed, uneducated one-liners on this post. You make my points of view and arguments much easier to share.

        1. The author states he has had conversations with Republicans in which he could compromise. Looking at the amount of vitriolic hatred in his article, I seriously doubt this to be true. I challenge the author to show me proof of this.

        2. States that R’s flew into a state of denial and delusion upon Obama being elected. Today, Dems deny the very existence of the NSA and Gitmo, while during Bush, these were hallmarks of screaming, shouting liberals who were calling for impeachment on a daily basis. Benghazi? IRS Scandals? Any negative press on the Obama Administration? Liberals won’t even acknowledge any of it exists at all.

        3. Obamacare – Just not enough storage space on this server to discuss this entire train-wreck. Anyone who dares to debate me on this one on one, feel free.

        4. “Heck, many Republicans blame President Obama for our economic collapse even though it happened before he ever became president” – It’s quite true that the economy was heading quickly south upon Obama being elected, however, go back and play all of the footage during his campaign, listen to all the promises and his so-called solutions, and you’ll see that nothing has come to fruition. I will acknowledge that the circumstances sucked, but this amateur has no idea what he’s doing and no clue how to move an economy at all.

        5. “President Obama (at the same point in his presidency) has taken fewer vacation days, used fewer executive orders and started fewer wars” – AAAHHHH The best part! Bush vacationed mostly on his own property in Texas, while Obama spends 8 million dollars at a time entertaining Vicente Fox at the White House with Beyoncé and half of Hollywood. If you don’t know who Fox is, get out and stop trying to talk about politics. I especially enjoy the phrase “Started fewer wars”. The assertion here is that Bush “Started” the war with Afghanistan, as if he just flew those planes right into New York and the Pentagon by himself. The author would have you think that we just “Started wars” for something to do. This type of radical thinking would have you believe that Pearl Harbor was not a good enough reason to enter WW2. Iraq? Sure, let’s go there. Sadaam, after already proving to the world what he was capable of doing with Kuwait, was ordered by the UN and world community to dismantle his chemical weapons arsenal and PROVE he had done so. After years of shadow boxing and playing possum with weapons inspectors, he had failed to prove this and action had to be taken and was taken based upon intelligence gathering from the entire world community. Even liberal heroes Lurch Kerry and Mrs. Clinton were on board with military action based on the same intelligence data available to the president. Obama and Lurch have both been manipulated into this same type of game in Syria by Putin. You heard it here first, Assaad will play the same games Hussein got away with for years and get away with it because of diminishing U.S. influence in the world. This is what happens when you put rank amateurs in positions of power.
        That covers about the first 15% of the authors’ nonsense. I just don’t have the time to cover the rest because somebody around here has to go to work, pay taxes to support you liberal bums. Adios.

      • Ankynan

        This now-retired “liberal bum” sees a big Fox influence in your arguments. Can you cite your sources, other than Fox and Limbaugh, et al?

  • S Ogley

    Ha! You should try reading the foreign press, for example the BBC, to get a non-partisan viewpoint. They almost universally agree that Putin is right and that he has outsmarted Obama. I live in the UK and admire Obama for what he has done and support him on many of his policies. He was in a difficult position and Putin has all the cards. For once, and on this issue alone, I admire him as a politician.

  • @LZ Austin

    Those crazy Commie!

  • ehf

    Obama made the economy worse; he DOES get credit for that. Also, the fact that this Russian rogue is now in charge of the Syrian situation emphasizes Obama’s weakness and ineptitude.

    • Chomper Lomper Tawee

      / / .. TROLL ../ /

  • Nate Woodard

    You think that’s crazy? Just wait till you find out how many of them now hate WATER….

  • gman

    “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

    This bullshit from a long-time killer, who stole his own election and has set up the gay sector of his country for a future pogrom…

    This is not “reaching out.” This is grandstanding on an international level and the Times should have thought better of this.

    Not to mention, I believe Putin is a self-loathing homosexual.
    (not that gay is bad… just sayin’)