Republicans Prove How Clueless They Are By Blaming Their Debt on the Poor

boehnersmilingIt’s unfathomable to even contemplate how Republicans can classify the poor as the drivers of debt in our country. Day after day, we continue to be subjected to talks of President Obama’s chained CPI budget proposals not going far enough–that “real” entitlement cuts are needed across the board to truly start fixing our debt crisis. Republicans have doubled down on vilifying the poorest among us, just to protect the highest income earners from the horrors of shared sacrifice. In doing so, they’ve backed themselves into a mathematical paradox exposing how willfully ignorant they’ve become as a whole.

Many of them have voiced outrage about “massive” fraud in the food stamp system and used that as a tool to drive talks of reducing benefits, or getting rid of them altogether. Food stamp fraud costs us up to $750 million a year, which is of course a problem, but it needs to be put into proper context. When you look at the big picture, you see that money lost to fraud accounts for only 1% of the total SNAP budget yearly. In much the same way that the vast majority of hunters are law-abiding citizens who don’t use their guns to cause harm to others, the same can be said of the vast majority of food stamp recipients who use their benefits to feed their families. In each case, those who are law-abiding should have no problems with better oversight and cracking down on shady transactions. But to suggest that food stamp fraud is a massive issue driving our deficits is a logical fallacy of the highest order.

Let’s take that $750 million figure a step further and see how it compares to other debt drivers. It’s estimated that we lose $300-$400 billion annually to tax evasion. That’s 400-500 times more than what we lose to food stamp fraud, and 4-5 times more than the entire SNAP program costs to feed almost 50 million people. Or how about the cost of war? The war in Iraq cost us $720 million per day, which of course equates to almost a trillion dollars which was never paid for (over a trillion if you include Afghanistan). Food stamp fraud is, for all intents and purposes, the least of our problems.

So why do conservatives focus on things like welfare fraud instead of tackling the real issues? Because it’s easier to blame the poor than to hold the richest accountable. Republicans enjoy leaving us in a perpetual state of debt while attacking the “boogeymen” (the poor, sick and elderly) under the guise of cutting “entitlements.” Meanwhile, the country comes to a standstill and nothing is done to actually bring down the debt. This cycle is repeated over and over again until they either get what they want (more tax breaks for the rich, which have done nothing to stabilize our economy) or go home crying without accomplishing anything. All the while, they know that even if they do succeed in getting certain entitlement cuts, that in itself is not a cure-all for our debt without significant new revenues being brought in. They just don’t care, as long as they can convince their constituents that the only answer is more cuts.

Just take a look at the Paul Ryan budget plan, which was voted on and passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives last month. Ryan’s budget cuts over $700 billion from Medicare and billions more from other safety net programs to pay for more tax cuts for the rich and $500 billion more in “defense” spending. And his “Path to Prosperity” still adds over $1 trillion to the deficit by 2023. It’s just another case of hypocrisy from Ryan, who seems to have no problem handing billionaires billions more while thinking the poor should pay for it–and still coming up short on his numbers.

The vilification of the poor becomes even more egregious when you consider that debtors’ prisons are still alive and well in our country–while we’ve still yet to prosecute a single Wall Street executive for their role in bringing about the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Mothers and fathers unable to pay a few thousand dollars of debt risk being jailed, while Wall Street execs cry about being “too big to fail” and laugh all the way to the bank with their billions. Not only getting away with it, but getting rewarded for it through TARP (which was also supported by Paul Ryan and many of his Republican colleagues). Consider what type of message that sends to Wall Street. They now know that being too big to fail means they’re too big to jail–giving them free rein to develop and implement new strategies to launder billions from under our nose. If they get caught, who cares right? What’s a million dollar fine to a trillion dollar bank?

It all leads back to the fundamental problem of perpetual greed. Conservatives like to portray the single mom collecting a couple hundred dollars a month in food stamps as “greedy,” while lavishing praise on the CEO who’s claiming bogus tax credits while keeping billions in a Cayman Islands bank account. It’s convenient to blame the poor–after all, they don’t have powerful lobbyists and millions of dollars to bribe with. But the vast majority of them have work ethic, have families counting on them, and have hope to one day not need government assistance to get by. And one day, hopefully, that will be the new definition of “too big to fail.”

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr is a writer, editor and activist who's passionate about progressive ideals, with extra attention given to the fight for universal health care, medical marijuana, and saving our nation from decades of devastating trickle-down policies. Thomas is also a dedicated advocate for Type 1 diabetes research and education.
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Thomas Barr


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  • The Tea Party conservative dominated GOP are so intent on helping their selfish benefactors, billionaire corporations and the greedy ultra-rich, avoid paying their fair share to support our great USA, its infrastructure and reasonable obligations for the welfare of our citizens that they have isolated themselves into an extremist and wildly unpopular position!
    Miserable” Mitch McConnell and Stonefaced “Bones” Boehner join Paul Ryan and the Tea Party dominated congressional conservatives in trying to undermine America’s promise of Medicare and Social Security for all working and middle class Americans by saying “NO to reasonable compromise for America’s working and middle-class and a rousing “WE WILL NOT SUPPORT CUTTING TAX LOOPHOLES FOR AMERICA’s BILLIONAIRES & BLOATED CORPORATIONS IN ORDER TO HELP THESE SELFISH AND UN-AMERICAN INTERESTS AVOID PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES!
    – Ed Rudy –

    • Dave

      The only way for “everyone to pay their “fair share” of taxes is with a National Consumption Tax. Start supporting that and you will see this country back on top and keeping jobs and bringing jobs back to America.

      • Marion Nelson

        You can go crawl back under your rock sir. The Consumption tax is another repugnican bait and switch lie. It sounds like it would be all warm and fuzzy with those with the most money picking up the tab on their purchases. However, it is an out and out lie. Don’t want to pay the tax buy it while you’re out of country on your vacation. “But the corporations will have to pay it too . . .” bull shyte. They don’t pay their taxes now and I am not going to be told they would on this point either. It is just another way to shift the burden onto those of us who actually buy stuff with our money just to support these habits we have–like eating, housing, and children. The wealthy don’t spend a frucking dime they can get a way around. Doubt it? Ask any waiter/waitress OR salesclerk on the planet; they will all tell you the same. And they are the freebie grabbingest bunch of fools I’ve ever seen. Also ask any of the previous categories mentioned and they will tell you that is true too. I spent the better part of my life dealing with “oh, there is an extra charge for that?” Yes, you money grubbing bich if it goes on your plate and comes out of the kitchen there is a charge for it.” and NO its not my place to steal it out of the kitchen so you can feel you “got over” on somebody. I am so tired of these people wanting to pinch a penny so hard that not only does Lincoln not need a shave but he is circumcised as well. Pay the danm bill or leave. PLEASE.

      • GuileWilliams

        Well said.

  • Suzane Lehman

    Perhaps the vast majority of the poor continue to have a functioning work ethic as did my mother but, here in Philadelphia, I know of women living in family shelters who will remove a soiled shirt from their child, throw it away, and grab a new one from the donated pile of shirts. That is NOT the work ethic I grew up with and persistently witnessing that type of behavior while trying to make a difference is what has left me disheartened (as neither a democrat nor a republican). To piggyback on an earlier article, if we raise the minimum wage, we at least have a chance of getting millions of folks off of food stamps and other such programs as we raise them out of poverty. Is that being discussed at all?

    • Gerrit

      Not sure what throwing away a dirty shirt has to do with work ethic, not sure what a person living in a shelter would do with dirty clothes, do shelters have washing machines? But on to the minimum wage thing, minimum wage should be raised a lot more than they were talking about but still the conservatives say that will destroy the economy. Businesses have the right to raise prices due to inflation of costs but no thought is given to the increase in costs for the laborer, food costs more, fuel costs more, everything costs more but yet our wages do not reflect that at all.

    • Brian

      As Gerrit says, “Not sure what throwing away a dirty shirt has to do with work ethic…”.
      But more importantly, Suzane, you completely missed the entire point of this article. And that is that welfare abuse (and lets say for argument sake that getting a child a new shirt from the pile is abusing the system) is just a small fraction of the waste the taxpayers pay for. You vilify the poor and shut your eyes to the abuses of the corporate run government.

      • Suzanne Lehman

        Why do you say that I vilify the poor? Why do you assume that I disagree with you? Please do not accuse me when you really don’t know me at all.
        Also, while you believe that I “missed the entire point” of the article, I was actually pointing out that the gratuitously-included generalization about the work-ethic of America’s poor was not necessarily accurate. I get the point of the article and I even agree with it. I don’t agree that the current systems of helping the poor to succeed are OK the way they are. I also firmly believe that we need to raise the minimum wage in order to address a small fraction of both issues. If we pay the lower tiers of the hierarchy a living wage then, in order to turn a profit, the corporations will have to cut elsewhere. Unfortunately, so many small businesses will also be affected but it is truly the larger corporations that need to step us and pay folks something that makes it worth getting out of bed every day.

        With regards to what Theresa says below, I mostly agree but I further propose that those who DO take advantage of the opportunities that come their way must realize where that “taking advantage” needs to end and their civic duty needs to begin. Manipulating their financial accounts to take advantage of tax loopholes is not “clever” or “hard work”, it is exploitation and thievery.

      • K


        If I had a dime for every upper income individual who makes ignorant comments like yours about work ethic and the poor, I’d be at YOUR income level.
        “I knew a neighbor, friend, cousin, friend’s friend who “screwed” (name which system, food stamps, welfare SSI), the system”….

        Your comparison holds no weight. You don’t know what the current system IS in getting ‘welfare’ , ‘food stamps’ and SSI. First, one must QUALIFY. One must also be looking for work, or have a job. You must have PROOF of both. The system doesn’t just put people on it without significant loopholes to jump through to receive benefits.

        Until you set yourself in a ‘welfare’ office and ask each and every recipient why they are there or WHAT their story is, you’re ASSUMING that what you ‘saw’ (probably NEVER did), is true for all, when it is NOT. The current ‘status quo’ of the economy and teataliban efforts to austerity, along with corporations, wall street and banks, goes to show that the poor are NOT the problem. When wages are so low as to be embarrassing in this country, as well as hours being cut, people working several part time jobs because it’s all they can get, there is NO security or guarantee in ANY job you get now….well, I guess the poor are at fault for that too. So since you’re assuming about the poor, is it fair to assume about you, part of the ‘well to do’ or those that can at least live comfortably in their own little ‘bubble’ without knowing what the hell goes further than their own front yard, let alone their own noses that you stand to pay more taxes if democrats were actually to HELP those who WANT to work for decent wages, healthcare, a mortgage, you know, realize the AMERICAN DREAM…while the GOP constantly sabotages it and then exploits those who are suffering? You’re no better and it’s exactly what you’re doing here.

        I’m sure you’d have much more success trolling another blog/page/forum where your assumptions and ignorance would be well supported amongst the GOP supporters in which exploitation of the poor is encouraged and where so many of you “know someone who….” save it because it’s a load of BS.

      • Suzanne

        I’m not sure why you seem to assume, just because I’m well-educated and abhor the laziness of some of the impoverished adults I’ve worked with, that I don’t understand being poor. I started my education in Head Start, attended public schools through High School, got a scholarship for a year abroad and then earned an Air Force ROTC scholarship to pay for college. I started worked as a paid farm hand at the age of 13 and then worked nearly continuously (not allowed to work while studying abroad) at any job I could, including 6 years of active duty military, until just before my second child was born. In my childhood, Christmas came mostly from Goodwill, food stamps were my mother’s shame and my relief, and there were Thanksgivings when our dinner came in a box brought over by a woman from our church. I have been tremendously blessed to be able to turn those opportunities – government benefits, the generosity of people of faith, and scholarships borne of my own hard work and the grace of God – into many, many chances to give back. I recognize that I am expected to respond to those gifts; that’s what “paying it forward” is all about, right? I have dedicated two years of my life to nurturing a two-year college and personally mentoring many dedicated, hard-working students doing their best to overcome the immeasurable challenges of poverty, crime-ridden neighborhoods, and the tragedy of personal loss due to gun violence. I respect them and, as GrumpyBear says, everyone making a modest living working their ass off. I have tremendous respect for my mother who raised two kids on her own and who, while officially retired at 69 years old, is still working for pay as a substitute teacher trying to make ends meet.

        What is the underlying issue? What’s the difference between those like my child-care provider – who took care of my kids for two years while going back to school to finish a nursing certificate and now has a good job – and some of the students who attended my school who registered (open enrollment) to prove (for the purposes of receiving government benefits) that they were “retraining” to be able to find work but then never even bothered to show up for classes? I think it’s respect. I think it’s self-respect.

        I agree that there are huge leeches attached to the U.S. economy and that their financial blood-letting is doing us way more damage than programs that support the poor. But I won’t eat a donut from a shop that makes lousy ones, even if it’s such a small part of my budget, so why would I want to continue to fund programs that don’t seem to be working to truly HELP those struggling with financial difficulties? Mr. Barr’s article makes some excellent points about the foolishness of tax cuts for the rich but it clutters the rhetoric with unfounded comments about “the majority” of needy persons and offers no specific, tangible suggestions.

        What, specifically, do you suggest we, as a nation, do to rectify our growing economic inequality before it becomes a revolution?

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        Missed again Suzanne.

    • Marion Nelson

      Most “shelters” only allow laundry once, twice a week at best. I know this to be a fact from volunteering in them regularly. So if you can’t wash it what are you supposed to do? Let it sit and moulder in the corner until laundry day? That is just nasty to even think about.

      • Suzanne

        Marion, thank you for your perspective and for allowing me a chance to clarify. Perhaps this shelter is unusual in that it functions much like a dormitory and each family (women and children only) has their own room with their own bathroom. I’ve washed my clothes with a soap bar often enough to know that it certainly is possible to do and I just can’t see throwing away clothing. I tear mine into cleaning rags or use to stuff pillowcases to sit on. These folks are going to be living there for 6 months to two years so how about working at it a little?

      • “Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity, nothing exceeds the criticisms made of the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed.” – Herman Melville.

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        Thank you Janet Delicata …..

    • republicans are dirtbags

      she lives in a shelter? where the fuck is she supposed to do laundry? your upset she gives her kid a new “donated=used” shirt? for christs sake,if thats the best complaint you have you should just stfu!

  • Schuyler Thorpe

    So how do poor people like me contribute to the deficit when we are given a mere pittance to survive on while the wealthy fat cats get billions and trillions to play with?

    • Theresa

      You wording is what gives Republicans their opinions of the less fortunate. You say you are “given” money. Did you earn this money? What the Republican’s are saying is that they want to be sure people are EARNING their money. The workers who “get billions and trillions” are actually earning that money through hard work, extensive schooling, smart investing, and innovation. Everyone is born in America with the ability to make decisions to better themselves and their standing. This is what the American Dream is all about. Some people just fail to make opportunities for themselves and take advantage of the opportunities they are given.

      • Carol Gardner

        Theresa, most wealth is inherited. Few people are able to rise to the top in this century.

      • Landran

        Yeah, those guys who are handed businesses by their parents, grow up knowing they have a full ride to elite schools, rip people off to get more money, work 30 hours each week behind a desk with others doing the work, etc are so much more deserving than those who work multiple jobs to feed a family and still have to decide which bills can be paid by the end of the month. Not everyone has the opportunity. Sure, they can go out and create one, but the risk is often barely worth it. People work 2 or 3 jobs, try to get a college education, and still fail often because the college education is not from that great of a school because a good school is not affordable. There are government grants, but using those handouts kind of goes against Republican values. The point is, you are right when you say people have the choice to better themselves. What you don’t realize is doing so is often not worth it. I could go back to school, get another degree, and make 40k a year. All it will cost me is several years of hardship, endless student loan debts, and the knowledge that when I get done with school I may not have a job.

      • Donna Corbin

        Granted part of what you say is true. But NO ONE born in America has the same opportunities. A wealthier kid will have more advantages than a poor kid. Richer kids have access to better schools, tutors, and personal experiences. Their parents are more than likely connected and can get them their first job or their college of choice without too much hassle. Poorer kids don’t have that. So to a certain extent, yes, we are born equal. But as you get older you realize that is no longer true.

      • Gerrit

        no “worker” gets billions and trillions of dollars, no matter how educated, most people who make money like that do so of the back of low payed labor, (overseas outsourcing and such), shady tax shelters, manipulative market investments and a lot of greasing of the government wheels. Yes some innovators do make billions but the majority of innovators end up poor due to the fact that their innovations end up being owned by the corporations they work for.

      • Laura C.

        Half of the population is below average in intelligence. This is just a statistical fact. In addition, many people have chronic illnesses from an early age. These people have much less of a chance at going for “the American dream”. We have a complicated and competitive society, and many are not able to effectively compete. These are most of the people who you will find caught up in poverty. We have too few jobs, and we’ve lost many of the good-paying manual working-class jobs that people with less ability used to be able to support themselves and a family with. I don’t think people should be punished for having less intelligence or not having good health. But Republicans and people like you want to pretend everybody has an equal chance, and it’s your own fault if you can’t make it.

      • Krapotkin

        This is a Joke? Where are those workers who “get Millions etc…” earned through hard work? Must be the Wall Street, Banksters Speculators, those who crashed the Economy in 2007/08, who all should be in Jails, instead they were bailled out by “given” Taxpayers Money by Bush2!!!!

      • well, really, a giant ass corporation recieveing massive tax breaks and billions of dollars in subsidies, along with the ACTUAL tax fraud that costs the country billions upon billions is absolutely the exact opposite of earning anything. This is what the “conservatives” seem to want to perpetuate on one hand while demonizing the much lower scale “takers”.

        did you not see in the article where the author points out, if im in debt for a few thousand i can go to jail, if a bank screws up and is in the hole for billions they get subsidies, pay outs, bonuses, and no jail time in the cases of criminal activity, if found. Similiarly, if some people get a few hundred bucks they didnt earn a month to help them live theyre sponges, leeches, scumbags who ruin society and drive the debt, however a huge company or industry who recieves billions they didnt earn nor even strictly need, well thats just fine, and doesnt drive the debt or deficit.

      • I also get SSA and it is money I worked for but it is only 730 a month and I pay 100 of that to medicare so don’t be so uppitty

  • Carol Gardner

    Theresa, most wealth is inherited. Few people are able to rise to the top in this century.

  • Donna Corbin

    Why doesn’t Congress and the Senate take some pay and benefit cuts. Being that we are still in a recession, the money should come from the top instead of laying of or furloughing lower paid government workers. Granted their job isn’t as important as a whole, but our Congressmen/women and Senators don’t care that we’re struggling. They still get full pay and benefits. Let’s start paying them according to how well our country is doing as a whole. How ’bout that?

  • GrumpyBear

    I’m a physician but I had a lot of help getting there, for which I will always be grateful. We DON’T all have the same opportunities, intelligence, drive, skills or ability to make sound decisions, or, in many cases, pure luck. Some people will never be rich or even well off, but if they are doing the best they can, why should they be denigrated? I’ll never make a good businessman. I’ll never play for the Chicago Bulls. I would never make a good mechanic. I have far more respect for someone making a modest living working his/her ass off than someone who makes millions/billions on the backs of others only to whine “I did it myself! You shouldn’t tax me!”

    • Well said, GrumpyBear…and thank you for your services in the medical field! My niece just finished her residency in OB/GYN and she loves it!

    • No one has ever said that the tax rate of upper income earners should be zero. This is a straw man.

      • grokagain

        and which logical fallacy is it to claim he said that the tax rate of upper income earners should be zero when clearly he or she never did?

  • Judi Malloy

    Right on! What do they want to happen with Medicare cuts? Are we supposed to just let the elderly die? Besides, Medicare isn’t free. My parents pay $100 per month for Medicare and $411 per month for a Medicare supplement. That’s a lot of money out of a $1400 Social Security check and a small annuity. Do they understand the other problems that will arise from Medicare cuts? What happens to small rural hospitals? Doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel will see cuts as well. That affects the economy in a big way. And if doctors can’t get paid by Medicare, will they refuse to take care of Medicare patients? If hospitals have to cut staffing, what kind of care can patients ( your family and loved ones) expect? I have been a nurse for almost 50 years. The hospitals where I have worked have tried very hard to provide quality, up-to-date care in a financially responsible manner. These cuts in Medicare would have catastrophic results in many ways. Is America really ready to provide medical care of the elderly only to those who are wealthy? What happens to everyone else? Don’t any of these Republican congressmen have elderly parents, aunts, uncles in need of medical care? As the greatest nation in the world, we have an obligation to take care of the most vulnerable of our population but we don’t have an obligation to put up with the greed and arrogance demonstrated by those who want massive Medicare cuts, no increase in taxes on the wealthy, and demand massive amounts of money for any project in their own state.

  • penny

    Some need a little help now and then.but these people think it is a way of life. they get pills at the dr.that my working Tax dallors are paying for and sell them for more then I can make working 7 days a week. And I see every day.I need a means to a end…

  • John

    Wow, I cant begin to explain how misleading this entire article is. Typical leftist nonsense.

    • I certainly hope you are the possesser of Millions of dollars, because otherwise, you are just an ignorant fuck who drank the Kool-Aid. You are wrong, you are stupid, and you suck.

      • You have ten minutes to reply, asshole. I work nights and need sleep…

      • Robert Lukacs

        aahahah Seeing this a year later and its hilarious dude. ahahaah

      • jabberwocky

        Chico, how articulate of you. You represent the professional left very well.

    • Wow John, I can’t begin to explain how true this entire article is.

    • Ah, immune to facts! Typical mean-spirited conservative.

  • Cumerin

    In our capitalist society the tax burden is shared by all through the free market. It is impossible to “Tax the rich” or to “Tax the middle class” because everyone will somehow pass that tax on in the prices of their goods of services. We all pay for our governments excesses. This articles point of view shows that the author believes that all OUR money really belongs to the government and any “Tax evasion” or legitimate tax breaks are actually taking money away from our government, when in reality they simply allow US to keep more of what we rightfully earned. Our government MUST be fiscally responsible with OUR money.

    • jabberwocky

      Bingo. You’ve got it. In truth the profits belong to the companies who made them but the progressive communist believe the profits belong to Big Brother and it is doing us a favor to let us keep a little of the profits. They want most to go to the freeloaders of this country. There are more and more of these each and every day.

      • Landran

        Yeah, because everyone who is unemployed is a free loader. Everyone who is trying to feed themselves and their families are mooching off the government. Take hold of your neck, pull, and maybe your head will be removed from your ass. These businesses are taking every loophole possible to protect their profits. That’s understandable. They made that money. The problem is their evasion costs the government hundreds of billions of dollars. These freeloaders you speak barely hit 10% of that number. Hell, these moochers in one year will cost about the same the wars cost in one day.

        You say that the government should let you keep those profits? You say the government should let you keep more of those profits? Corporations have been seeing record profits for the past 30 years. In the past, what, 12-15, they have been enjoying some incredible tax breaks. How coincidental it is to see the economy crash right after those tax breaks came into play.

      • jabberwocky

        You just need to work harder and have fewer kids.

      • Tadaki Macon

        Just need to work harder and have fewer kids? Will you listen to yourself? How patronizing. Most of the people I know on welfare or government assistance work 2 or more jobs and have 0-1 child, barely making enough money for rent, bills and groceries. No one’s problems can be solved with such a trite solution. That you think such makes me ill.

      • They are the freeloaders, rigging the system so they can hoard more money. It’s all a game to them. Money only has real worth when it’s being circulated. And nobody–I mean NOBODY–works “hard” enough to “earn” 16,000 an hour. The ultra-rich, like the Waltons, are no better than ticks sucking the blood off the people who helped them “earn” their fortune. Plus being ignorant and mean-spirited, you’re also a couple of decades behind. “Communist”? Really?

      • The only person worth that much an hour, is the one who cures Cancer.

  • Owen Johnson

    Stupidity seems to be epidemic in this country.

    The reason so many are receiving “entitlements” like food stamps, unemployment and welfare is the greed of banks and corporations and the impunity they enjoy while the do their best to destroy the nation we spent so much building. Smoke pot, go to jail. Launder millions for the drug cartels and get off with a puny fine, paid not by the individual lawbreakers but by the banks they work for. Out of depositors’ money. Companies like GE and Microsoft pay no corporate taxes, while they ship jobs overseas and enjoy record profits. And they get away with it because they’ve bought enough members of Congress that we can’t do anything about it. Throw in a couple of corporate owned Supreme Court Justices and wrap the whole thing up in a nice package called Citizens United.

    • jabberwocky

      Cry me a river.

  • jabberwocky

    Both parties caused this problem. We’re spending billions on ObamaPhones and food stamps.

  • kestrel

    Reading some of the comments really amazes me and disheartens me. I am working two jobs to help support my family and my hubby just lost his job. We have not applied for food stamps yet but we are going to have to in order to afford food, otherwise we will have to choose whether to pay the electricity bill or rent or car insurance or buy food with that money. I am not an uneducated person either I have a college degree and work in my chosen profession of accounting. I can tell you that seeing the extremely wealthy get all these tax breaks and then we owed this year because my hubby was on unemployment is very troubling. Why do we keep giving those who have excesses more and taking away from those who have barely enough to subsist on? Does anyone look at history? When the rich and corporations were paying taxes as they should our economy was growing and jobs were increasing. Trickle down economics don’t work; the last 30 years have been proof enough of that. Everyone keeps complaining about taxes but perhaps we ought to look at as Bill Gates’ father did. His viewpoint was that taxes were the dues we paid for having all that we have in this country, safe roads, teachers, firemen, police officers etc.

  • bibs

    Quote taken from a comment in the Perry against aid: now wants it article. Seems relevant again.” Y’know, jabberwocky, I’ve seen you posting on a LOT of these articles, and you’re always making comments to refute the article, or other comments… How much are you getting paid to troll liberal/progressive sites with conservative BS? Is it a good racket? I’m sure some unemployed people out there would be able to pretend to be conservative on forums and news-sites for a decent paycheck!”

  • You have to wonder, since the difference between the cost of tax evasion and the cost of food stamp fraud is so great, why Democrats don’t see fit to mention this or take action on it to serve their “base.” I fear that the reason is that the base for both Republicans and Democrats is the same. Corporations, the financial sector, the defense industry, oil companies. The parties play their parts, but they collude or these things would come out, be placed in proper perspective. Democrats LET these things happen without really addressing the inconsistencies.

  • The war on poverty became a war on the poor in the early 1980’s, and was embodied in the Reagan administration. The 80’s was the beginning of the f – you era of personal excess where it became not only socially acceptable to screw over the next person, but a twisted kind of virtue and something to be emulated as well. We went from having a social consciousness and seeing it as noble and good to demonizing those who have one as being socialists or communists who hate you for your success & want to punish you by taking your money. We’ve gone from teaching our children to hold hands while crossing the street & share with others to screaming these things are liberal indoctrination that must be stopped at all cost. Social Justice? Don’t even utter the word! We’ve allowed the most extreme fringe to control the narrative for far too long & now they have even reasonable people believing their garbage – that the poor, the elderly, and the sick have ruined our country and our economy, Hell, we even let them change the name (and therefore the definition) of our earned benefits to “entitlements” – even though we all know that it is the wealthy who have an entitlement mentality. we’ve even let them convince us that the rich are the “job creators” and they are over burrdened with taxes – even though taxes are at their lowest rate since 1929 (right before the Great Depression!). We have let GOP policies take us from the greatest country in the world to one that is ranked on par with Poland in education, has one of the highest rates of child poverty, and has 25% of its population that lives at or below the poverty line. The only thing the US excells in is the rate of incarceration, the % of GDP spent on it’s military, the most expensive healthcare costs (with some of the poorest outcomes), and handgun deaths. They’ve done a great job, but the thing they’ve really excelled at is turning us against one another – whether it’s women’s reproductive health, common sense gun laws, health care reform or taxes, they have managed to divide and conquere us with all these little distractions…and most of us never saw it coming

  • Smartin

    Look at Walmart. Employees hired part-time (28 hours/week) because Walmart won’t have to give any benefits. Their employees are told ” They are eligible for food stamps and encouraged to apply for them”.
    Walmart is a Billion dollar company and rapes the benefits from the government. THEN SLAPS THE U.S. ECONOMY IN THE FACE.

    The big joke is the Federal Government allows this.
    Workers on unemployment benefits make more money than companies like Walmart pays.
    It’s disgusting !!!!!!!!

    • Diana Reichardt

      What you say is true, however, it is not only Walmart that is doing this.Most of the businesses these days are pulling the same thing. I think Government needs to make it mandatory that these companies with “X” amount of employees be required to provide health benefits for all their employees. I also think a reasonable minimum wage should be put in place so people have a chance at a decent pay check. Did you know the Republicans are wanting to abolish the minimum wage? If that happens people will be working for a lot smaller paycheck and the companies will be even more well off. This is real scary.

  • What’s scary is that these leftists actually believe these inanities that they’re asserting out of thin air.

  • Diana Reichardt

    The next thing the Republicans will want is to do away with all “poor” people. Try the gas ovens! I am beginning to think there is no pleasing these idiots. They have no clue to how life is in the real world and have no respect for any of these people. They don’t have enough intelligence to know to be ashamed of them slelves.


    According to the GOP,
    People on food stamps eat too much,
    Hey! People on welfare have stuff like refrigerators,
    don’t they?
    Poor people don’t pay enough taxes!
    Poor people don’t need health care!
    That’s why they have God, just pray your
    ills away!
    All the poor have to do is wait, my friends.
    We, the GOP, will protect all those wealthy folks
    and all that wealth will just come trickling down………
    Just be patient!!!

  • vwbtl99

    There is only one thing we all can do. That is to vote ONLY for those that really care for the rest of us. When seeing all this stories about how congress ans especially republicans want to cut, cut, cut we should all pay them back with a big no in the next elections. To those that have been in their position in congress for a million years and have done nothing but cut, cut, cut, then cut them too! You didn’t do anything to help create jobs, then you have no job anymore. Coming 2014, remember to vote them out!