Republicans: There is No “Benghazi Conspiracy”—Get Over It

randpaul1Seriously, I’m finished with this whole Benghazi witch hunt.  Just this week we found out that the “smoking gun” emails ABC had (and that Republicans and Fox News ran with instantly) were altered to make the administration look bad.  Now, President Obama has released over 100 pages of emails, and the facts are out.  End of story.

This has been one of the dumbest “major controversies” I’ve ever witnessed.

Honestly, Dick Cheney (yes, Dick Cheney), the Vice President during the 9/11 terrorist attacks which took over 3,000 lives on American soil, said the Benghazi attack is one of the “worst incidents he’s ever experienced.”  WOW.  I’d say 9/11 and the Iraq War, which sent over 4,400 Americans to their deaths (producing zero WMD’s), would be juuuuuust a little bit worse.

Even Rand Paul called Benghazi the “worst tragedy since 9/11.”

It’s so ridiculously absurd I just have to laugh when I listen to these people.

Now I don’t mean that the tragic loss of 4 Americans because of a terrorist attack on one of our embassies doesn’t warrant our attention or sympathy, it absolutely does.

But this “conspiracy” pushed by Republicans hasn’t been about those who died.  It’s hasn’t been about the terrorist attack itself.

You know what it’s really been about?  What this whole thing boils down to?

The possibility that the Obama administration attempted to soften the wording they used when talking about what happened, what caused the attack and who was responsible.

That’s it.

A day after the attack, on September 12, 2012, Obama did call the attack an act of terror:

“Our country is only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those both civilian and military who represent us around the globe,” he said. “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America. We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.”

And on September 13, 2012:

No act of terror will dim the light of the values that we proudly shine on the rest of the world, and no act of violence will shake the resolve of the United States of America.”

Those statements were easily verifiable to anyone with a computer, yet Republicans have claimed for months that the Obama administration refused to call the attack in Benghazi an act of terror so close to the election.  In fact, during one of their debates, Mitt Romney tried to perpetuate this lie—and got quickly corrected by President Obama.

But this is just the dumbest “controversy” I’ve ever seen.  It boils down to whether or not the White House tried to use specific words to talk publicly about the terrorist attack on our embassy.

Who cares?  The emails he released show the back and forth between agencies.  I’m pretty sure back and forth communication like this is common for any kind of administration after an attack such as the one in Benghazi.  Every administration has to be careful how it words news such as this, especially during an election year.

You know the only reason why we really never see these kinds of back and forth emails about security situations such as this?  Because “conspiracies” such as this are a waste of time.  It takes a special brand of crazy to push an issue such as this to the point where the White House would release the emails just to shut those people up.  These emails don’t paint the White House in a positive way, but they damn sure don’t show “high levels of incompetence and organized effort to cover up the truth.”  At worst it shows a back and forth discussion about how the attacks should be detailed to the public.  That’s it.

It’s one thing to try to figure out exactly what happened to see if it was something that could perhaps be prevented in the future, this is a reasonable reaction to a tragedy and should be expected to occur.  However, going off the deep end and turning everything into a huge conspiracy for your own political benefit is just pathetic.  Not only does it show a lack of leadership, but it also shows a blatant level of disrespect for the people affected by the tragedy—the same type of disrespect we saw from conspiracy theorists like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones after the Boston tragedy.

But again, this really has nothing to do with Benghazi.  What this boils down to is a last-ditch attempt by Republicans to try to take down Obama and build some kind of pathetic attack againt Hillary Clinton (even though the emails released don’t show anything negative against her) if she decides to run for President in 2016.

It’s just stupid.  All this right-wing media coverage.  All this “outrage.”  All this rhetoric.  All this nonsense.

Who cares what the Obama administration called the attack?  Who cares what “talking points” were discussed?

Oh, I know who does—the right-wing clowns who thrive on pushing fear, because they have nothing else.

The facts are this:  Four Americans died in an attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya and terrorists were responsible—THE END.  If Republicans really, truly cared about their deaths, they’d be working with the Obama administration to learn from the tragedy and develop more effective strategies for the future—not spewing ridiculous rhetoric and random conspiracies, desperately hoping for something that sticks.

Trying to politicize these deaths only shows how pathetically shallow and sick these Republicans are.  They pretend to care about those who died just so they can justify their witch hunt against President Obama and to try and mask the fact that they are terrified of Hillary Clinton running for President.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • It was not an embassy, it was a consulate and a CIA outpost.

    • Pelu Maad

      A “special mission”….

  • I have not heard any reporting whatsoever that questioned why Christopher Stevens would even be in Benghazi on that particular day given all the facts we know now, facts that were all too well known by him.

    • He was ordered there by Hillary Clinton. Lots of theories why; but I’ve heard no facts.

  • Diana

    I agree. The messaging isn’t nearly as important as the lack of (requested) security and the stand down orders given during the attack.

  • What’s ever more pathetic is that some of these GOP conspiracy theorists and especially Cluster-Fox watchers won’t give up despite the revelations from the emails and the evidence pointing clearly towards the CIA!

    • Clematis

      I’ve found that they refuse to believe anything that would exonerate the president. They are ready and willing to believe any lie that shows the president in a bad light, but there is absolutely no way to show them the truth. They won’t have it. It’s shameful this hatred they have.

      • But Clematis, he’s SUCH an easy target right now… he’s either corrupt or incompetent; those are your two choices. And when one of his offenses is exactly the same as a Nixon offense (as detailed in Nixon’s article of impeachment); it just makes it that much more fun. He’s on the ropes at the moment and his true colors are finally starting to be recognized even by the Left. Benghazi is a big deal; but it’s nothing compared to the IRS abuse… or tapping AP phone records. etc. I doubt it brings him down (though it should); but at the very least it should neuter him.

      • Obama is neither corrupt OR incompetent.

        Nixon was Corrupt. Bush was Incompetent.

        Obama ASKED for money to reinforce Embassy Security; the GOP in the House of Representatives refused.

        And the Sequester CUTS that funding by another $77 Million Dollars !

        Obama can’t control what happens in every IRS office; especially as the IRS is undermanned and underfunded due to… oh, hell, guess whose idea that was. You can get it. Six letters, starts with “The G _ P”.

        Nor can Obama defend EVERY Consulate we have without the funding to pay for guards, planes, etc.

        The GOP strategy is to starve the Administration of the funds it needs to operate, filibuster against the candidates for EVERY position, bitch when Obama uses a Recess appointment, and then attack when the inevitable happens and something goes wrong.

        The IRS didn’t even HAVE a Director, because the previous Bush Appointee, who was in charge when the questionable “tea party” targeting was happening, quit, and the job was unfilled due to Filibusters.

        You people are idiots if you think you can profit from all this. You’re destroying your Party and 2014 will be a Republican bloodbath.

        The American People are getting heartily sick of all this, and we’re going to make SURE they know who’s to blame.

      • Always a pleasure to share thoughts with another Obama apologist. It sure seems strange that he has no idea what’s happening in his Administration. But I guess when you spend your entire career fundraising from Air Force 1; you can get sidetracked. Now THERE’s some funding I’d like to cut! By the way, there were never any claims of funding issues relative to Benghazi security… (until the apologists decided to invent it). If our strategy is to starve him of funding, all I can say is “GOOD”! (but we’re failing as he still spends like a drunken sailor). I’ll also say that Bush spending sucked (got worse when the Dems took over), but he was in charge so he shoulder’s the blame. But that’s no justification for Obama to double down.

      • Every incumbent president used Air Force one during their campaign trips. And Since the President’s saftey is a matter of National Security, no they will not be cutting that budget.
        BTW, You do know that the deficit’s been cut and Obama’s spending is a fraction of what was spent during the Bush and Reagan Presidency’s, correct?

      • Pelu Maad

        Dude lost contact with reality LONG ago….

      • Pelu Maad

        Are you a racist……or is your thinking the result of head trauma?

      • Oh typical… criticize leadership and all of the sudden I’m a racist. I don’t like Obama because he’s the worst leader of my lifetime (and I’m 53)… I wouldn’t like him any better if he was white. No, it seems only one of us has brought race into the conversation and your writings would indicate you discount my view because I’m white. That my friend is the definition of a racist. We have met the racist; and he is you.

      • Pelu Maad

        Only a dyed in the wool bigot racist would say Obama was worse than “W”……You are definitely a scumbag racist coward. Please ignore my posts as you aren’t worth my time.

      • jeff

        you mean the sequester obama wanted and asked for and set up? that sequester? a good manager knows what goes on under neath him. he appointed highly skilled peoplen(ot people from g.e. goldman sachs and monsanto) he appoints people with integrity. so yes the guy is an incompetent leader.

      • Pelu Maad

        How many people work for the Federal government? Is Obama responsible for making sure every letter has the proper postage?

      • “Reached by phone on the West Coast and asked if the events unfolding in Washington were giving him déjà vu, John Dean, who testified before Congress about “the cancer” on the Nixon presidency, told The Daily Beast, “No, not yet, it’s not even close to Watergate at this point.”

        “When you have a good scandal, one that has legs, you know what the underlying problem is,” Dean said. Benghazi fails that test, “and with no clear charge, the public is confused and bored and not terribly interested,” he says […] The IRS is another matter, says Dean, and it will capture the public’s interest, though he adds the facts bear no resemblance to what he saw when he was in the Nixon White House.
        -John Dean ,Nixon’s White House counsel.

      • And 8 months into Watergate it wasn’t yet a big deal either (Watergate broke in June and Nixon was re-elected in Nov). It took persistence (from the press) and acceptance by the Republicans to turn opinion against a man who won in a landslide. What Obama has done with the IRS is exactly what Nixon did and resulted in it being one of his articles of impeachment. This isn’t over.

      • Pelu Maad

        He’s mostly “black”…..and that’s just not acceptable to the PC white supremacists who pass themselves off as “conservatives”.
        The “scandals” are bullcrap. Sadly, you people don’t have enough sense to be ashamed of yourselves.

      • Obama is either dishonest or incompetent; take your pick… It has NOTHING to do with race; unless of course you have no other defense for the man… Then you simply dismiss valid arguments as “racist”. I have met the racist; and he is you. Sadly you don’t have the sense to do some research on these scandals or you wouldn’t dismiss them out of hand.

      • Pelu Maad

        If you had pitched a bitch about Bush being dumb as hell and even more crooked you may have a bit of credibility….but we both know you never did. You tell me, what do “conservatives” wish to “conserve” if not white privilege and dominance? Call me a racist all you wish,……it’s not like I have a need for the approval of racist trash. I’m more concerned with reality and the truth…and the truth is you’re the racist and YOU KNOW IT.

  • Ahhh yes, no conspiracy when you have Americans at a consulate calling for help and support for 6-8 hours from numerous surrounding forces, all within an hour or less, yet all are told to stand down, leaving those inside to die. And, apparently because either the people at the top are completely retarded (yes Hillary), or they intentionally left them to die. Yea, no conspiracy there, at all!! *choke, cough*

    • betsy44

      Maybe you should check your facts, then post, and yes no conspiracy! And find out who the February 17th brigade is, and those who came from a nearby US Annex. And no one was told to stand down, that came from Fox along with all the other lies.

      • Well… Fox (and ABC) and the testimony of the guys on the ground; but why believe the people in charge?

    • Edward Bolduc

      5,000 dead men and women 11 embassy attacked and americans were killed. all based on false info that bush admin. knew was false. where are the investagations at. repucks are hypicrates.

      • jeff

        so because of past transgressions future transgressions are forgiven. gotcha.

    • Edward Bolduc

      there is no prof. of stand down orders given another lie.

    • gary

      you are an anti American turd you probably don’t believe the that Hitler killed millions of people either
      numb nut fool

    • cazz

      Again, you are only repeating Fox news or Rush and not finding out the facts for yourself! This is MADE UP BULLSHIT! MKay???

    • The Benghazi Consulate was evacuated within two hours, according to the official report.

      Are you SURE you haven’t been listening to Fox News?

      Because you’re repeating the lies they tell.

  • Johnny

    Anybody else pick up on the fact that this guy is trying to make somebody else look like a bunch of conspiracy theorists….. by spreading his own conspiracy? Just saying….

    • Or, you know, he’s telling the truth. There’s always that.

  • Its almost comic how these asshats supported Bush’s war for oil rights in the name of ridding weapons of mass destruction. I have asked at least 200 republicans how many Iraqi nationals were on the 9/11 aircraft and most of them say some random number.


    • I have done this same trick. They are so poorly informed it is amazing. I recently asked someone… why did we attack Iraq and they said because of 9/11…. Most Fox watchers still believe this.

      • Most of the hijackers were Saudi nationals. And almost all of them were traced back to Saudi located training camps… We were aiding the Saudi’s with this war…

        Saddam was at war with Al Qaeda and actively seeking intel on their whereabouts to plan attacks. He saw them as the single biggest threat to his power. he was not in bed with him and everyone knew that. French intel showed that the Cherry Picked Bush intel was gained from erroneous notoriously, even infamously unreliable sources. Yet all of these stupid braindead rednecks kept parroting party line hyperbole,

        It makes my physically ill to listen to these brain dead parrots.

        And I should state for the record I am not a big fan of Obama’s. I think that he is the same old BS Washington insider recycled.

        But the alternative is horrifying.

        I sometimes wonder how many years of screwing our economy into a third world nation its going to take before these stupid fucking rednecks learn to think.

    • You are correct in that there were no Iraqi’s on the 9/11 flights. But the Left has never accepted that we entered Iraq because of treaty violations. The treaty from the first Gulf War stipulated that UN weapons inspectors could inspect facilities for these weapons. Hussein kept throwing them out. Why? Hussein could have prevented the war by living up to the treaty… he chose to ignore it (while he shipped his weapons to Syria; but that’s a different discussion).

      • justice4all

        Hussein said he had no weapons. We couldn’t find any weapons. The Bush administration claimed the weapons were portable. The U.N. was not on board with the U.S. claims. We went to war under the guise of violations… but there really weren’t any. We looked, we didn’t find any, we claimed they were there and we were not thrown out of Iraq. That just did not happen.

      • You don’t remember the inspectors being expelled? It happened numerous times and that expulsion WAS the treaty violation. By the way; I know a number of people who were there (both military and contractors) who said there absolutely “had been” weapons of mass destruction. All Hussein had to do was not throw out the inspectors and a whole lot of blood and treasure could have been saved. The UN did support the invasion is why we had coalition forces on the ground. Was it worth it? I’m inclined to say “hell no”; I think taking out their tyrant was a mistake; but we were absolutely justified because of the treaty violations. And never forget; Hillary and a whole lot of other Democrats also supported the invasion.

      • Oh, Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

        Nerve gas. WE SOLD IT TO HIM !

        It was expired and useless YEARS before 9/11.

        But there was ZERO EVIDENCE of any current WMD.

        I don’t GIVE a DAMN what your whisper mill says. It’s an old Conservative trick; start a whisper campaign and use that as “proof”.

        Democrats simply didn’t, COULDN’T, imagine the President of the United States, even BUSH, outright lying to them about the intelligence reports.

        So they voted for the resolution to use force.

        And Bush got away with his lies, as he was never Impeached.

        He gets a Presidential Lie-brary, and the Democrats that were fooled have a permanent stain on their records.

        But don’t use that as a justification for going to War.

        Anybody can lie, and anybody can be fooled by a liar.

        ONCE. Never again.

      • First of all, the difference between a lie and being mistaken; is intent. For instance Obama has lied about Benghazi and lied about his knowledge of the IRS targeting conservative groups. I’d say Bush was mistaken; but too many who returned from Iraq “whispered” (to me; not 2nd hand of Fox news) that there had absolutely been WMD’s (Assad just used some of his Iraq stockpile against his folks)… so he not only didn’t lie; he wasn’t even mistaken. But it doesn’t matter; you sign a treaty; you leave under the treaty… Hussein didn’t. (By the way… if you believe Obama; sorry… you’ve been fooled by a liar again).

      • Ray Ward

        Please provide proof that President Obama lied about Benghazi.

      • Pelu Maad

        You really should have read the article.

      • jeff

        it wasnt expired. it was used to gas the kerds

      • Pelu Maad

        Not the Kurds?

      • Griffin

        I remember the inspectors saying they had no evidence of WMDs and didn’t think there were any.

      • So I guess he didn’t eject them, they just decided to go home? Multiple times? Thanks for setting me straight.

      • Griffin

        They were expelled but as a result of Bush’s threats and demands, not because they said they found anything.

      • Riiiiiiiiiight. It was Bush’s fault that Hussein wouldn’t let them do their jobs. I’m so glad I have all of you informed Liberals to keep me straight. lol

      • Griffin

        Apparently you were too young to remember what happened. Every time Bush would threaten Hussein, Hussein threatened back. Tossing the inspectors was part of that pissing contest.

      • Pelu Maad

        The inspectors left because they were warned of impending American attacks….

      • Pelu Maad

        The inspectors were never expelled……President Obama didn’t lie about Benghazi …..Other than that “conservatism” is still a JOKE.

      • Pelu Maad

        They were never expelled.

      • Pelu Maad

        The inspectors were never expelled.

  • Wow. Clearly, someone in the room does not live in reality.

    Close your eyes all you want. The world is still there.

    Progressivism is a poison that needs to be stomped out of existence and its singular benefit, the only good thing about Progressivism is that the very fools who vote for it have to live under it.

    • Clematis

      Oh brother.

    • Tom, you have met the enemy and he is you…

    • When people (and I use the term loosley) like this spout things like this, it just makes true progressives happy. It shows the world what the ignorant American truly is: Teabagger, John Birch, Reagan Republican.. this is the voice of the bad side of America. But, as the last election proved, the haters are losing their political grip. Now that we have them on the ropes, it is time for the knockout punch. Hillary in 16.

    • Progressives gave you a 40 hour work week, weekends off. Progressives ended slavery, women’s suffrage and spearhead the civil rights movement. Progressives balance the countries budget and saved us from two great depressions.
      Get with the program.

    • Holly

      look at history,,,,,,,we always move forward. If nothing else, the youngsters of today are the voters of tomorrow. Thank god.

  • orville dean

    the republican has gotten so damn dumb a stupid about this country they just dont get it an dont quit what to do anymore an there scarred of hillary clinton being our next president an she will be

  • orville dean

    an it has been proven that because there wasent more securty there was because the worthles republican congras cut funding for more an there trying to blame anyone else when it was the gop,s fault

    • Orville… please; get a spell checker. And your facts are wrong; there was never a denial of additional security because of funding; funding was never an issue (jannyb and I saw the same testimony before Congress).

      • Pelu Maad

        “congras”………He’s a moron.

  • jannyb

    I have viewed the first 45 pages of emails all dated 9/14/12 , three days after the attack and it is all CYA–tweaking wording so nothing comes back to bite them! “The currently available information suggests that the demonstrations in Benghazi were spontaneously inspired by the protests at the US Embassy in Cairo and evolved into a direct assault against the US Consulate and subsequently its annex.” They were not spontaneously inspired and the White House and State Department were still telling us that a video inspired the demos. Also, the assistant secretary of state (I may have the title wrong) testified before Congress that funding was not an issue at the Benghazi consulate. Instead of name calling many on here need to check the facts after taking the log of progressivism out of your eyesight.

    • Did you miss the part about “The currently available information suggests” ?

      You know, where the CIA basically said “as far as we know at the moment” ?

      You’re taking what we know MONTHS later and pretending that the Administration knew that THEN.

      Which makes you either confused or stupid.

      Funding was most certainly an issue; $300 Million dollars for Embassy security was cut from the Budget, and the Benghazi Consulate had to make an arrangement with the CIA Annex in town for their defense, having too few defenders.

  • According to my extensive research, the Benghazi attack was premeditated, planned and executed by terrorists. The terrorists are responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans in a war-torn, unstable, dangerous part of the world. The dead Americans knew of the instability of this region and served there anyway, at their own risk and peril. What ever happened to personal responsibility? The terrorists need to apologize to the families of the fallen Americans, no one else. Blaming anyone else for this attack is the result of poor education, low IQ, being easily influenced, or just plain stupid.

    • jannyb

      Yes, the terrorists are responsible for the attacks. The administration is responsible to tell the truth to the American public and that was withheld for far too long. The Americans knew the risks, but we still have a responsibility to find the terrorists and punish them. What have we done to find them? More than an apology is required of the terrorists.

      • The “Truth” wasn’t KNOWN. The CIA started believing that the Benghazi attack was sparked by the video. We know NOW that if anything, it was only used as a cover for the attack.

        Although it’s still possible the video was deliberately released to cause just what happened; riots, confusion, and distraction.

        The Obama Administration couldn’t TELL the American People what they didn’t know, and the CIA requested that details be withheld to assist their investigation.

      • jeff

        this is not true the cia knew al quada activity was rising in benghazi, thats was one of the bullets scrubbed from the report. they also scrubbed al quida al sharia terrorists and islamic extremists . they knew, the state department didnt want it known due to the election and obama claiming he had defeated al quida

      • Norman Clark

        and you know this cuz you read the classified briefings? or more crap from rt wing nut media…

      • Pelu Maad

        LOL….typical wingnut nonsense….Career diplomats more concerned with winning an election…..LOL!!!!! “Conservatives” are such buffoons.

      • Pelu Maad

        You’ll NEVER know the “truth”….suffice it to say we had 7 diplomats in Libya and 30 CIA “assets”…..There were rumors of a torture house and apparently, the Libyans reacted. Maybe we should just LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE?

    • Pelu Maad

      LOL……but there’s no racism involved?

  • filadron

    Please. The lives of 4 Americans deserve more than this bullshit. The president tried to cover up the fact it was a terrorist attack, left them on their own under attack, and murdered 4 Americans. All for his own political gain. Simple as that, and the American public deserves to know how this came down.

    • jannyb

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • The President said on 9/11/12 that this was an “Act of Terror”.

      He didn’t leave them on their own; Benghazi is 416 miles from Tripoli, and 480 miles from our nearest Military Base in Sicily.

      Aid was send immediately, but you can’t cover 416 miles in a minute; the Consulate was evacuated within two hours.

      To get there in time to help, would have required instantly dispatching backup and traveling at over 200 Miles Per Hour.

      By the time the second attack happened, there was nobody THERE.

      You are an imbecile that believes whatever Fox News tells you.

      • Ray Ward

        I must say, your replies to these mindless uneducated zombies gives me an intellectual hard on.

  • jannyb

    “The facts are this: Four Americans died in an attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya and terrorists were responsible—THE END.” The end, really? Those four Americans deserve for us to do our best to find those terrorists and punish them. I pray that the CIA is all over this, but I do not have that much confidence in this administration. Quit blaming the Republicans for making much ado about nothing! It’s a lot more than nothing–it was four American lives that were lost and I am sure that it is not THE END in the minds of their families; nor should it be for any American!

    • Were you so concerned when there were 11 Embassy attacks during Bush’s Administration, and 60 Americans died?

      And you say you don’t have that much confidence in this Administration… but which Administration caught and killed more Terrorists, including Osama Bin Laden?

      Go look it up, Foxie.

      • John Gavel

        Did bush tell us a youtube video caused the attacks bc he was trying to get reelected? Its not that it happened, its that this adninistration is to big of wuss’ to admit it. Theyd rather lie, thought thats why everyone hated bush. Thought obama was going to be different- transparent govt, yes we can, new washington- what happened to that?

  • Keep saying it over and over and over again and maybe people will start to believe you! Just like Obama knew nothing about those rogue IRS agents… or fast and furious, or the AP phone records, or wire taps, or the Secretary of Health and Human Services soliciting funds from the companies she’s supposed to be regulating. I don’t know which is worse, being corrupt or being incompetent; but those are your two Obama choices. You know, Nixon said he knew nothing about his IRS targeting political opponents either; but it was still one of his three articles of impeachment. I know, this was a commentary about Benghazi; but there are some really bright people that follow you… anybody starting to notice a pattern with this Administration?

  • JoPinCa

    Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!

    When will Congress do something constructive for the country instead of this continuous game of “Gotcha” ………. I’m sick of the childishness and stupidity … shut up, shut up, shut up!!!

    There are Americans that are homeless and starving and dying… our roads and bridges are falling apart … our states are going bankrupt with the costs of rebuilding after natural disasters … people need jobs.

    Boehner wants to know who’s going to jail over the IRS “scandal” that caused a delay in possible political groups getting a tax-exempt status — I want to know who’s going to jail over the banking scandal that caused billions in damages to real people. DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE; otherwise, just shut up and resign.

  • Chuckie Baby

    I wasn’t there but was a standdown order given by the President or anyone else in his administration ?Why wasnt there already adequate security ? And despite what Hilary Clinton says, it DOES matter why they were attacked !

    • betsy44

      Go back and see what Hillary actually was talking about, she never said the attack did not matter, that is just more BS taken out of context by Fox and all the sheep pick up on the talking points, go see for yourself what she actually said in FULL context. No order to stand down was given. Gen. Hamm said they did not put boots on the ground because at the time they weren’t sure what was happening, and that he said is standard military protocal, so as to not put them in harms way and have more deaths. They would have never made it in time anyway, help was sent from a nearby US Annex.

  • What it is really about is that FOX needed an explanation as to why its viewers honestly believed, and were shocked, that Romney didn’t win the election. If they could convince their viewers that Obama was engaged in a Benghazi cover-up at the time of the election, that would nullify the election to the viewers and FOX could re-gain its credibility.

    Who voted Rupert Murdoch for President anyway? No one. If he want’s so much control over people’s minds, he should run for President.

  • Thomas

    There’s a difference between calling something an ‘act of terror’-which by definition, is any act that incites feelings of fear or terror-and calling it a ‘terrorist attack’. Calling it a ‘terrorist attack’ infers the attackers were part of an organized ‘terrorist’ organization, which seems to be the case. This is one of the reasons for investigating: that the Obama campaign decided to distance the ‘act’ as part of any organized group. Still, 4 questions remain and have still gone unanswered: Who gave the 2 orders to “stand down”? Who told Susan Rice to go out and say “a video” was the reason for the attacks? And, when did President Obama know the embassy (outpost) was under attack and what did he do after finding out? The last one is important because the supposed inaction of the “Commander-In-Chief” of the military shows to what degree he is willing to take charge when attacks on American soil occur. I suppose we can slip into a malaise and follow Hillary Clinton’s line of thinking of “what difference does it make?”,

  • jeff

    he didnt call it an act of terror he said in general acts of terror wont bring the nation down. you are conflating the two.

  • the people

    The liberal party has become so pathetic and caught up in so many scandles and coverups that its actually quite funny.

  • Well, we should be more worried about Hillary running for president because 47 people that were her friends, bodyguards and keeper of secrets are dead – a lot of them from suicide – including one with their head severed by themselves? READ BILL AND HILLARY IF YOU WANT TO KNOW A REAL SCARY THING!

    • Ray Ward

      LOL. I love shit like this. You people are like walking, talking National Enquirer papers.

      Hillary 2016

  • Pelu Maad

    It may be a good idea for the State Dept and diplomats to steer clear of the CIA and it’s “temps”.