Republicans Threaten to Blackmail Major News Networks Because of Hillary Clinton

priebusJust when you think Republicans can’t act any more childish or ridiculous–you realize today’s a new day.

Sometimes I really wonder to myself what life is like inside the GOP circus.  Is there music?  Do they have a big spinning wheel that they throw darts at to come up with their next “plan of action?”

Because I just don’t understand what goes on inside the minds of these people.

Their newest childish act comes in the way of Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus threatening to refuse to partner with NBC or CNN on any presidential primary debates if they continue to go through with their planned television projects on Hillary Clinton.

Yes, the RNC chairman is more or less threatening to boycott CNN and NBC during the presidential primary season if the two networks continue with their planned television events on Hillary Clinton—a woman who’s not serving in any capacity in government right now and hasn’t made any public declaration to run for President in 2016.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is how terrified Republicans are of this woman.

Seriously, how ironic is it for any Republican to accuse television networks of possible bias.  Fox News, anyone?  How many eventual GOP presidential candidates (or former) have they employed?  Heck, how many former conservative politicians do they employee, period?

Whatever happened to the First Amendment?  You know, the whole “freedom of the press” thing?  Oh, that’s right, conservatives only pretend to support our Constitution when they’re using it to try and get their way.  Otherwise they have no problem whatsoever shredding it to pieces and doing whatever they want.

So, basically what Priebus is threatening (and Republicans across the nation are applauding) is that a major American political party will refuse to work with major news networks during one of the most important political moments our country experiences—because in 2013 they might run a couple of television specials on a former public servant, Hillary Clinton.

She’s currently a civilian, by the way.

They’re openly trying to blackmail the media.  You can try and spin it how you’d like, and I’m sure many Republicans will do exactly that, but this is the head of the RNC attempting to blackmail two of the largest media outlets in the United States.

But it’s okay for Fox News to pay (and feature) Sarah Palin, right?  After all, she’s been mentioned as a possible Alaskan Senate candidate and she’s always a possibility to run for president as well.

Oh, but that’s different I’m sure.

It’s just laughable at how scared of Hillary Clinton these people truly are.  It’s still over two years until the 2016 presidential primary season really gets going, and they’ve already:

It’s really just pathetic how conservatives behave when something isn’t going their way.

Then again, Republicans probably don’t want their potential 2016 candidates on any networks but Fox News.  Because then the rest of the nation will get a good look at just how radical their candidates truly are.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Chico Gonzalez

    Well said, Allen. They really are scared to death of Hillary, and they should be. They have no one who could give her even a tiny run for the money.

  • Melissa

    The Republican Party is dying. They just upped the anti with the crazy t baggers. Don’t partner with the other networks, they could careless. It’s less we normal people have to see a dead weight idiot on television. So ood luck with your bullshit.

  • BitchUnfamous

    So boycott already. Just gather up all your snarkiness, leave the sandbox, and disappear into a grumpy red sunset.

  • JenniferAnn

    Wow, he really wasn’t thinking this one through. That douche is talking about cutting out two major networks that the voting public gets its political news from. How is he expecting to reach the people in the waiting rooms, hospitals, and bars that refuse to have anything to do with Fox? Just seems to me the GOP has reached epic levels of stupid. Seriously, if the GOP were a person they would have been put on meds and spent at least a month in a mental hospital. I’m convinced the only reason this hasn’t happened is because as a group, its too much to handle at once.

    • Pipercat

      Consider this, if the precedent is set, why would the likes of CBS, ABC and PBS want to be blackmailed in the future? I would bet that they would show solidarity and support NBC and CNN…

  • Pipercat

    After I pulled myself up off the floor after a hysterical laughing episode; it occurred to me well, your exact same narrative. Moreover, what about all that hub bub over Citizen’s United? Hillary and another very similar situation was the basis of that celebrated decision. After this comedy act, I’m beginning to think Chairman Priebus is brain damaged….

  • 1000th_Monkey

    I’d be cool with that. CNN and NBC (and hopefully the others) could then invite Clint Eastwood’s famous “chair” – or reasonable facsimile – to “sit in” for the missing GOP members during any discussions:

    Host asks the Democrat a question, gets a response. Turns to the chair and asks it the same question. Camera pointed to chair for 30 – 40 seconds of silence, then hosts says “Interesting response” then carries on discussion with other guests.

    It would make for a remarkably uneven debate but hey, if that’s what the GOP wants…

    • LadyeCatte

      I can see that, but it wouldn’t be nearly as good as having a GOP candidate sitting in said chair. NOTHING we could imagine them saying could ever be as stupid, fact-devoid, head-scratchingly hilarious (horrifying) as a real backed-up-to-the-ropes moment.

      • Pipercat


    • Ben

      Better yet, fill the chair with an IP candidate.

    • Mischievious

      Chair / Eastwood 2016!

  • Shawn Behanna

    They stoop to new lows daily. I now call them “repugnantcons”!

  • NikNIkkel

    Do these dimwits think they can really afford to miss the exposure on these networks? No debate, no news coverage might be a reasonable response to this.

  • LadyeCatte

    “So, gents.. we need to win the next election. What would you say our biggest downfall was last time?”

    “We… we talked?”

    “Yes! We had to debate and allow non-screened questions about our agenda. That worked against us. In the debates, we weren’t allowed to just spout vitriolic nonsense and run away from further questions. We had to DEFEND what we said.
    And that CAN’T happen again.”

    “But what can we do? In the primaries, we HAVE TO debate opponents.”

    “Hmm… Wait. Not necessarily. Remember how we messed with the Mexican TV networks to put things as much in our favor as possible? Rubio, you remember using the MIami Herald to pretend to be blackmailed so we could ‘legitimately’ refuse to talk to them?”

    “Yes, Master, I do.”

    “Okay.. so what if we took that idea and expanded it to ALL the networks that aren’t 24/7 GOP supporters?”

    (collectively) “Aaaahhhhh!”

    And here we are.

    • Dee Wright

      You know, I think sharing the details of high level GOP meetings can get you in trouble. 😉

    • Pitt90

      Saddest thing is that conversation seems plausible…

  • Rich

    CNN and NBC should tell them to take a hike. And if they don’t want to work with them during the primaries that’s their loss. Such as bunch of idiots. How do people still vote for these losers.

  • Judi Youdelis Hinton

    why would anyone care about a boycot of cnn and nbc. The boycotted networks should just invite Hillary to speak at will those nights and scare them with having to worry about the ratings ……

  • Scott Bennett

    who cares? If they´re stupid enough to start cutting out media outlets – otherwise known as publicity – let them. The fewer people who get their twisted “message” the better. You know, the whole “cutting off one´s nose…” thing.

  • djhbutler

    Who is pulling Priebus’ strings, because this is over the top even for him…

  • Alex Kovacs

    Rinky Priapus.

  • Diana Miller

    Go for it!!! And in turn, I hope that stations will not sell them any airtime for their political commercials!I would love to have a few stations totally free from Republican lies!!!!

  • Al Lindseth

    They are scared to death of Hillary. So what if they boycott CNN and NBC. MSNBC will block them so will ABC and PBS. So the only network to show their phony debates will be FOX Noise. Big deal. Who cares.

  • Miguel

    I don’t understand how this is a threat. Telling networks that if they put on shows about America’s arguably most popular female politician, they’ll refuse access to their laughable Clowns on a Bus Tour?

  • Mischievious

    How exactly is this a threat again?