Republicans to Propose Constitutional Amendment Requiring Weekly Votes to Repeal Obamacare

boehnermcconnellSince the Affordable Care Act was passed, Republicans have made no secret that they’re not fans of the law.  To date, Republicans have voted over 30 times to repeal it.

It’s been rumored that in order for new Republican members of Congress to be accepted into the clan, they must first pledge to propose a vote to repeal “Obamacare.”

But it appears Republicans have decided to take it up a notch…

In a joint statement released to the Associated Press, House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell were quoted as saying, “We’ve heard the American people loud and clear, and they’ve said they aren’t tired of the inefficiencies of Congress.  They support our hapless votes for bills that will never pass and it’s completely untrue that they’re dissatisfied with our job performance.  How can the American people be unhappy with the job we’ve done, when we haven’t done anything?  So in that tradition, and the only tradition Congressional Republicans have had since 2009, we plan to propose a Constitutional Amendment, which stands no chance at passing, that requires weekly votes to repeal the Constitutionally-upheld unconstitutional Obamacare!”

McConnell took it one step further, saying he promises no Republican Senator will filibuster this Amendment, because he’s only allowed to filibuster his own legislation once per year.

The press sought comments from Representative Paul Ryan, however he was busy writing a new fiscally conservative budget proposal which promises to balance the budget in the next 5 years, while spending $600 billion opposing abortion rights for women and investing another $200 billion on erectile dysfunction health coverage for male members of Congress.

When a reporter asked why they would push for a Constitutional Amendment which stands little chance at passing, Boehner laughed and said, “When has that stopped us in the last few years?  What do you want—a jobs bill?”  Then continued laughing while walking towards the mini-bar.

Oh, none of that was actually true.  However, without this disclaimer, would you have really thought this was satire?  I encourage you to share this with as many people as you can to see if others can tell the difference between actual Republican nonsense and satire—-because the way things are these days, I have a hard time doing so myself.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • ROFL….John Boehner…that IS the problem…you haven’t DONE anything…all bills must originate from the House…that is constitutional – especially in regards to a budget….HOUSE HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING THIS YEAR..not a darn thing.

    • Yes they have done something

      • lindylou

        And while programs for the poor were cut the baaaastards got to fly home without aggravation.

    • Timbo54

      This year?! lol.

  • REPS

    • Please don’t make nasty references to bitches! I am one and proud of it!

    • Timbo54

      It’s nice to see you are prepared to begin. Where have you been?

    • You say `Spoiled Little Bitches` as if it were a bad thing.

    • you all DID READ the disclaimer at the bottom saying that none of the above was true…didn’t you?

      • yes i did….. but my statement is the same…… REPs want OBAMA to LEAD but they WONT LET HIM.. they do everything to BLOCK HIM cause they want they way…they THROW FITS…they SPOILED LIL BRATS. Even as AMERICANS want these things they still VOTE AGAINST THEM …. Just like a SPOILED BITCH

      • Robert Fitzgerald

        You are about as stupid as they come. First, Americans did not want Obamacare, despite what the libtard “progressive” propaganda rags tell you. Second, it was the harry Reid led Congress that put the breaks on bipartisanship. Third, the people did not vote against the Reps, you fing moron, that is why the reps are in charge of the Senate. Do you have sores where they attached your string puppet?

        Obama is doing everything he can to subvert the constitution, when the Republicans have the White House and Congress by legal vote, not by voter fraud as Obama has, what will you say then. You don’t give a damn about Americans or freedom, you are just kept warm with your bigotry.

      • did we really need the disclaimer? I think not…

    • Really Kevin. What is your greatest hate about what they want to do?

      What has the government given you?

      • “The government” is supposed to be by “the people” …. “for the people.” THE GOVERNMENT is in essence OUR COUNTRY. If you don’t like it, then MOVE! Go find some fascist dictator to kiss up to. I hear there are still plenty of countries that have them.

      • gardoglee

        Brian, the government doesn’t “give” me “things”. The government, which is us, gives me the opportunity to work together with my neighbors and fellow citizens to make a great place to live, work and raise a family. I’m guessing you just filter all that out. It must be a very, very narrow set of blinders you wear.

      • That’s right…. you built the roads you drove on and paid for the air traffic controllers out of your own pocket and probably went to a private college with no infrastructure paid for with taxes…. sure.

      • Yup, you nailed it. Where do you think the money that paid for these things came from? My pocket. Via the govt., which is much better than I am at getting these things organized, but yes, from my pocket.

      • julogan

        Funding for infrastructure and services we all use comes not from “your” pocket, personally..but rather.from “our” pockets, collectively. There is a difference. The problem with so many conservatives is that they see everything in the “my” mode, as opposed to the “us” mode.

      • lindylou

        “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” … perhaps not the exact quote, but the gist of is still resonates for people who want to ensure a future for ALL OF US. That means regardless of race, religion and national origin, pal, not the republican exclusionary goals or preserving a tidy little heterosexual white picket fence society that never existed anywhere.

  • mavrick

    so let me get this straight you dont do your job but you still want to get paid ?? We should a constitutional amendment that if you don’t balance the Government budget you dont get paid .

    • Someone didn’t read the whole thing…

      • pierider

        No one reads the whole thing. Starting at the ballot box.

  • Wow… hey, if the Republicans hate Obamacare that much, they should work to repeal it. I personally think they are trying to quash anything the President tries to do simply to hold onto power and hope the American public forgets how bad they screwed up under President GW Bush, but thats politics these days.
    But a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT REQUIRING A VOTE EVERY WEEK? Give me a friggen break. How about you just work on your platform for the next 3+ years so it appeals to the majority of Americans, and then win an election without having any hanging chads, then do what you want with the country.

    • Obviously, you didn’t read the entire article, especially the last paragraph where it says that this is parody.

  • Funny, but this contains the kind of “satire” that makes me laugh, because it’s so plausible, but it results in misinformation being shared as gospel fact, and there are so many who read only the lead, the headline, or just the intro from the poster that I think it just mucks up the atmosphere.

    • But still funny. I agree with you that there are people who will take it as truth because they can’t be bothered to read the whole article. Which is why there is so many spelling mistakes in their reply, Can’t be bothered to use spell check.

  • kthinsa

    The saddest thing about this is just how easily it could be believed by pretty much anyone paying attention to the Political Atmosphere in DC. I have to be honest and admit, that up until the part about mcConnell filibustering his own legislation once a year, I thought it was real…lol

  • REPS and DEMS should get people back to work – with the business firms – hire an American get a tax break – outsource jobs the Gov should tax these business firms. Also firms should be training on the jobs instead of outsource jobs.

    • pierider

      Both voted for NAFTA, CAFTA, and other legislation that shipped jobs offshore. We stood by and applauded while they did so. Feelin crunchy yet?

  • Schmidt Head

    None of this would surprise me at all because McConnell and Boehner are intent on thwarting any and everything President Obama wants. BUT I really don’t like this type of article because too many people read the lead-in and have a kneejerk reaction and take it for gospel. There are enough true articles about the Republican failures and obstructionism without adding satire to the mix. Clever but quite disappointing.

    • julogan

      I have to agree…even though I laughed at the satire. There are too many uneducated and reactive people in this country who have a difficult time identifying satire, and take it for face value…then, unfortunately, they vote accordingly.

  • Glen

    I think it’s time for the firing squad for congress. Take the top two from either side, say give us a “workable” budget. If they can’t do it, then “FIRE”, next, and so on and so on down the line til’ they get it right. This too was satire, but my frustration is not! I’ve honestly had about enough of this total B.S! I do believe the problem lies primarily with the republicans, but something has to happen for our good. Someday?

    • lindylou

      They tried that and it didn’t work. The democrats offered comprimises that angered much of the party, but Grover Norquist’s little fan club still said no.

  • amen enough is enough vote them out before they totally destroy this country

  • (* cynical *) They really really care about their people.

  • “How can the American people be unhappy with the job we’ve done, when we haven’t done anything?” McConnel/Boehner, you are so correct, you have done zero to help this country and now you want to spend more taxpayer dollars on a weekly basis to repeal Obamacare? You opposed minimum wage, you oppose any gun control, you haven’t approved any budgets…. You are the most inept Congress in history and that will be your legacy and hopefully your states will fire you in 2014.

    • julogan

      Cathy–they don’t really want to repeal the Act…it’s a satirical article.

  • Is this The Onion?

  • Shellbster

    I will predict the future.

    1. This will not pass.

    2. Boehner will cry.

    3. Boehner will cry some more
    4. Stock in Kleenex will skyrocket.

  • Sarahhh

    LOL Oh my…you totally got me…I feel like it’s gotten to the point where this would almost be true!

  • chriscolumbianyc

    Repugnicants are wasting public tax dollars in their irrelevant follies. We must vote every last one of them out to save this country.

  • Dumbest GOPig idea ever. Can’t these corporate whores ever do anything for the good of the average American citizen?

  • As someone who leans conservative, I read this and laughed. The GOP really does have a cast of clowns at the helm. What made me laugh even harder was the conniptions being had by the followers of this page in the comments section. Pure gold! Wouldn’t know satire if it slapped them in the face like a flopping sea bass. The utter absurdity of the article was thoroughly believed by so many of you tightly-wound knee jerkers, forever seeking fresh meat to sink into. Thanks for the laughs.

  • It’s so funny that one of their own political party members (Romney) made the idea for Obamacare and Obama adopted the idea and renamed it under his name. So basically, the Republicans want to repeal the idea their stupid candidate, Romney made in Mass. That just goes to show why we don’t need Republicans in power anytime soon.

  • Excellent satire. I had to chuckle, though. So much of it could well have been part of their thought process.

  • I think I am an idiot – I believed it all until the last part.

    • julogan

      I admire you for admitting that Kathleen. 🙂

  • I knew it was satire at “How can the American people be unhappy with the job we’ve done, when we haven’t done anything?” No republican is going to admit they haven’t done anything.

  • tc

    Boehner needs to go back to crying on National TV; 1 of 2 things he’s good at. The other being how well he makes an ASS of himself every time his mouth flies open—- Just put every politician in DC on a 2day fucking furlough weekly and pay the Republicans minimum wage so maybe they’ll open their eyes for a sec.

  • RKA

    I find it ironic the writer using the word “clan” in referring to the Republicans . It sort of goes with the theme of the Republican party. I’m truly sorry that they can’t grasp the future and will always be fixed on the errors of the past …The future is slapping them in the face and it will be their downfall!!!!!! The world is now in technicolor enjoy and embrace, your kids and grandkids will even if you don’t!!!!!!

  • Very cool —

  • jwnp

    This crowd has simply run off the rails. It used to be comical. Now it’s tragic. 2014 is coming…

  • Its too late the bill already passed,forget about appealing its a done deal doesn’t matter if we have new republicans in Congress the Surpreme Court voted in favor of the bill. Even with a new president you will not be able to get rid of the bill. My hospital bill is $51,880.00 and all I make is $26,000 a year. A lot of people not even republicans can’t afford that hospital bill. We can’t just let insurance companies discriminate against sick people by dropping them as soon as they get sick because that is why Obamacare is passed. I know its costing money and employers are getting rid of their employees because of this but in the long run,it will be worth it. It is going to get worse before it gets better.

  • Guest

    Let’s see if we can get a rough estimate of the cost of each attempt to repeal Obamacare. Then lets set up a spending clock just like the one that tracks the deficit in real time and show America just how many millions of dollars are being wasted in their weekly attempts at failing to repeal Obamacare.