Republicans Trying to Blame Obama for ISIS are Proving Just How Terrible George W. Bush Was

gwbush_obamaThere’s essentially been one theme among Republicans since President Obama was elected in 2008: Blame him for everything.

They’ve done this because that’s about all they could do. They know how inept President George W. Bush was. That’s why he was nowhere to be found during the 2012 elections. He wasn’t even invited to the Republican National Convention.

Just think about that. Bill Clinton was a keynote speaker for Democrats. George W. Bush wasn’t even invited. 

Republicans wanted nothing to do with the toxic George W. Bush administration. Heck, they still really don’t want anything to do with it. They all know just how bad a president he was.

Why do you think Fox News, and most Republicans, are trying so desperately to blame President Obama for ISIS?

It’s been a common narrative on Fox News the last few weeks that somehow Obama’s policies have led to this ISIS uprising. Though I always notice how they leave out details as to why they claim he’s responsible. They’ll say something like, “His foreign policy has made us look weak, which is empowering these groups.”

A completely vague statement that obviously panders to those who hate President Obama, but ultimately it makes no sense. Because when they make these kinds of statements, they seem to always leave out those little things called details. 

But the truth is that ISIS is taking over parts of Iraq because Bush’s incompetence left Iraq a weak, dysfunctional mess. Which is exactly the kind of situation a terror group like them preys upon.

And the people at Fox News know this. That’s why they’re trying their hardest to blame Obama. Because they sure as heck don’t want people thinking about the real reason why Iraq is such a mess. You know, the Bush administration.

They figure if they can stir up the Obama hatred just enough, it’ll blind people from the glaringly obvious fact that Bush’s policies are what led to this entire mess. Because his administration botched the Iraq War just about as badly as humanly possible.

Right now I’d love for someone to sit Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld all down and ask them one question: Going into the Iraq War, what was your exit strategy? Two years? Four? Ten? Twenty?

But the fact is, they didn’t have one. And because they didn’t have one, our pull out from Iraq left the nation divided, weak and wide open for some kind of radical Islamic group to try to seize power. Which is exactly what’s happening. Though to Republicans, this is all somehow Obama’s fault.

The more Republicans try to blame this all on President Obama, the more they’re proving just how terrible Bush and his administration were. Because instead of talking about what a success Iraq has turned into thanks to Bush’s policies, Republicans are now trying to blame the brutal chaos that’s taking over the country because of those inept policies on the Obama administration.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pipercat

    It was the policies of Saudi Arabia and Iran that created this nightmare. Their little proxy war in Syria didn’t take into account how much sectarian violence both sides needed to get all caught up. After all, the Battle of the Camel was almost 1400 years ago!

    • usorthem3

      Both are SUPER friendly with Republicans & the Bush family

  • strayaway

    Emboldened by having made a mess of things in Libya contributing to the overthrowing of its stable government with his executive ordered bombing, President Obama sought to overthrow the government of Syria. Just as Bush tried to justify intervention against Iraq for its gassing of Kurds, Obama cited unproven gas attacks of unproven origin in Syria. Obama’s effort to get support to overthrow Syria’s leadership with “limited bombing” was a failure with everyone from the British parliament, the Pope, and US polling of Americans opposing such action. That left just John McCain, SOS Clinton, and Allen Clifton as supporters of Obama’s interventionist bombing. Obama didn’t bomb Syria. He instead began supplying military hardware to a friendly faction of Syrian rebels to accomplish the same end. Their leadership then fled Syria to Turkey leaving all our weapons behind for Islamist rebels for use against both the Syrian and Iraqi governments. Yesterday, those IS rebels took over a Syrian air base with its own stockpile of weapons and even some planes.

    Meanwhile back in Libya, Islamic fighters took over Tripoli’s major airport a couple of days ago and we still haven’t tracked down those hundreds of US surface to air missiles that Islamists stolen from us at about the same time as the Bhengazi incident. Had Khaddafi been allowed to stay in power and Assad not been so weakened, it is unlikely we would not be in such a mess. Bush was bad but it is silly to blame him for much of this. I don’t “hate” Bush or Obama, by the way, but consider both as failed presidents who violated their oaths of office.

  • flats67

    Who authored this article? I admire his literary skills. I hope, for him, that they continue to evolve all the way through high school.

    • Alex

      Courtesy of Sam Houston State Univv

  • Jim Weezer Kelley

    This asshole POTUS was given a brief every morning on the threat of ISIL for over a year now, so he knew what he was saying about them being JV was just a LIE, whether he read it or his golf score is a different story.

    • usorthem3

      Bush was given a brief that the USA was about bto be attacjed, then 9/11 happened.

  • Robin Hallam

    After 51/2 years of Mr. 0, blaming Bush is no longer a valid argument. Where we are now is entirely on the CURRENT Admin. Progs need to cease blathering and get off the Socialist speed train.

  • richard

    Lets see, who is it that pulled the troups from Iraq & gave Iraq back before it was ready to handle this on their own…..Gosh, I wonder

    • jellynjam

      G W Obamarama

    • usorthem3

      What was gained by invading iraq? Who made billions? Bush & Cheney & the military complox that pays them for WAR.

  • Jeff Gerstenkorn

    Had President Obama followed the advice of his advisers and left an appropriate size force in Iraq, instead of trying to cut it down to 300 troops and belittling the Iraq Government, this would be a whole different situation. George Bush did not cut that number President Obama did and that is when Iraq said it would no longer adhere to the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)after December 31 causing us to make a hasty withdrawal. So yes it was President Obamas’ policy failures that have made us look weak!

    • murfete

      Nope. Try looking up who set the date for our withdrawal from iraq.

    • usorthem3

      Iran/Contra? $650 million each yr to mujhadeen/AL QUEDA /Taliban? Republican policy has been stoking the fires for decades.

  • Bob

    Yes, but the CIA supplied arms to the “freedom” fighters in Syria. The same way bin Laden got started by Reagan and Bush in Afghanistan in the eighties. You get in bed with terrorists, and you end up getting fucked!