Republicans are Trying to Mix the Ideologies of Jesus Christ with an Atheist and That Doesn’t Make Any Sense

ayn-rand-jesus-christIt’s amazing to me how few conservatives know who Ayn Rand is.  Especially considering that she’s quite possibly the most influential person behind most of the Republican party’s economic ideologies.

She was a person who spoke out against social programs, believed that people should only worry about themselves, opposed big government and worshiped at the “glory” that is unregulated capitalism.  In other words, she’s the epitome of what most Republicans support economically.

Hell, Ron Paul named his son Rand Paul after the woman, and Paul Ryan has cited her as one of his key influences in his life.

There’s just one problem – Ayn Rand was an atheist.  Not that there’s any problem at all with being an atheist (more power to you) but there is a big problem with a political party that builds its social platform on “Christian” values while basing its economic ideology on that of someone who didn’t believe in God.

You can’t logically say that you want to be the party of “Christian values” while basing a large part of your platform on the beliefs of a woman who thought people who believed in religion were ignorant and foolish.

It doesn’t make any sense.

Think of it like a vegetarian opening a steak house.  You cannot base one entity on two conflicting ideologies.  But that’s exactly what the Republican party is trying to do.

They want to call themselves the party of “Christian values,” while supporting economic policies based on the beliefs of a woman who lived her life in direct contrast to Christianity.

(Oh, on a side note, Ayn Rand died poor living off Social Security.  So much for opposing big government programs and rallying for “personal responsibility.”)

Jesus Christ believed in helping the poor; feeding the hungry; opposing greed; believed in acceptance; taught to provide for the needy, all while preaching love and generosity.  Ayn Rand believed that we should only worry about ourselves, that the “self” is the only thing that matters and essentially charity was stupid.

You know, the exact opposite of the values for which Jesus Christ stood.

So when Republicans try to morph these two conflicting ideologies together, all I can do is shake my head.  I guess it’s a good thing their voters are often extremely ignorant to reality, history and facts – because trying to mix the philosophies of Ayn Rand with the beliefs of Jesus Christ doesn’t make any damn sense.

But that’s exactly what the Republican party is trying to do.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Melania Gulley

    More proof they are idiots with no logic or common sense

    • Gary Menten

      Like more was actually needed?

    • kleduz

      Objectivism IS logic. Check it out some time.

  • Francine Anoia Price

    you can’t fix stupid.

    • kleduz

      Read Atlas Shrugged… It answers a ton of questions about what is wrong in our society. (And almost all of it has come to pass since it was written in the 40’s). It’s an amazing read.

  • Gary Menten

    The cognitive dissonance in the GOP, especially the common voter, is such that they are unlikely at best to best to be able to identify the contradictions.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      delightfully————– pentacostal biblical lemmings evade discussion about the ostensible fallacies and contradictions with said “good book”…….
      ——————————– funny how they never seem to have an answer when I ask them if their all-powerful “god” ( see” VOODOO) can cure an amputee

      • Gary Menten

        The standard reply being “Ours is not to question the actions God,” or some variant thereof.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        and that my friend is the ticket to heaven!!!
        elmer gantry??

      • guest9871234

        Oh please. If suffering exists, a good God cannot? THAT’S the argument you think causes all religion to crumble? Do you seriously think you are so smart and people of faith are so dumb that this theological parlor trick is some kind of indisputable proof of your position? I encourage you to take a deeper look at theological thought and not succumb to entry-level arguments that simplify God in order to assuage your own beliefs. The question of the existence and/or nature of the divine is an issue for the ages. Spend more time on it. It will make a much better person, I promise.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        ummmmm,,,,geeee: how about you read the tao; the bhagavad gita,,,,conversations with god….varieties of religious experience,,,, the dragon doesn’t live here any more,,,,zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance,,,,, how to be a genuine fake,,,,,,the road less travelled,,,,,( I think I am making my point??)
        I have read and read and read: and its clear to me that GOD simply is….. GOD is NOT some scumbag religion ( man made) used for income and control. Im all for GOD– but religion ( especially scumbag ones who say that they are the ONLY ONE) is for LOSERS!
        assuage my own beliefs? My belief is my belief. your belief is shared by others. ergo U are a follower. F*CK religion; and idiots who have to be TOLD what is instead of finding it for themselves (NOTE::::: jeeeeesus is NOT “GOD”)
        god cannot be successfully defined by man. those who try to end up distorting GOD

  • Sandy Greer

    Well, who said Repubs make sense? 😉

    Seriously, it doesn’t bother me they can’t ‘square’ Jesus and Ayn Rand.

    What bothers me is they can’t square JESUS with their own convoluted ‘sense’ of what being Christian is all about.

    ^^^Whether we ‘believe’ or not: If we could just take the good Jesus espoused – the Love – and practice it – not only in our daily lives, but in our public policies – we’d all be a heckuva lot better off. IMHO, FWIW

    It’s the ‘begrudging’ that kills me about the GOP: That sees a hand up as a hand out – and every hand reaching into their pocket like it’s their last dollar they’ve got a death grip on. That’s what bothers ME about The Right: I just don’t ‘feel the love’.

    Like they can take it with them, when they go. Take their Mammon and crawl through the eye of a needle, directly into Heaven, with it.

    I guess I’m just about done, ranting, for the day. 😉

    • What also drives me nuts about some conservatives is that they don’t believe we live in a civilized society, and paying taxes and helping the less fortunate is a duty and obligation of living in that society.
      Instead, it’s “I’ve got mine, so fuck you.” As if anything they have, they got entirely on their own, without the help of dozens of people from childhood onward.
      If that’s the way you feel, you don’t need to be living here. Move to Somalia, or your own island, where you can provide everything for yourself and are beholden to no one.
      Believe me, we won’t miss you.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        I will miss screwing with them verbally

      • William Carr

        It’s even worse than you say.

        They seem to think History started when they were born.

        So the great advances that came from the Government investing in the country’s infrastructure, that they USE to make money; they act as if the world were created that way.

        You can’t even pin them down to admit businesses wouldn’t be able to ship goods to market without the National Highway System.

        They fall back, and claim that “private enterprise” would have built highways eventually.

        To which I respond “where has private enterprise built a highway without Government contracts?”.

      • Athiest

        so you only help people out of obligation? you sick sick person. i help people out of the kindness of my heart not because i have to. go rethink your fucked up christian values.

      • 1) When did I say anything about being a Christian; and
        2) The words “society” and “individual” are a bit different, don’t you think? I am a part of society; therefore I don’t bitch and moan the way so many conservatives do about paying taxes and helping (via my taxes) the less fortunate. I’m glad to do it, and I don’t cry about “those people” taking my money, and say “It’s not my problem,”–yes, I had a yahoo say those exact words to me–the way so many others do in these and other comment threads.
        That doesn’t mean I also don’t contribute on my own above and beyond the societal paying of taxes. I also do that. I consider my taxes, and the portion thereof that goes towards the safety net and other programs, the general obligation of living in this society; everybody has to help each other. Methinks you need some reading comprehension.

    • jen

      Sandy, i am a Christian and a conservative. I use my money to glorify God and bless others. When the government takes more of what i earn and wastes it (do i need to reference the billions in waste ? shrimp on a treadmill mean anything to you?”) i have less to give. I don’t have a problem with liberal policy..i just don’t believe it works (can you show a successful example of socialism?) To claim only dems are generous is ludicrous… most conservatives just don’
      t like the way Government..especially big government spends.

      • Sandy Greer

        Well, that’s fine, jen – if you really WERE for small govt that spends less, and wastes not.

        But you’re NOT.

        Conservatives would like govt just small enough to fit into my panties. Big enough to check our grocery carts – lest we spend our Food Stamps on items they don’t approve of. They’d have a govt big enough to drug test Welfare recipients. WORST of all:

        Conservatives didn’t mind – at ALL – putting LieRaq on a credit card. Yet ANOTHER unfunded war – this one, a ‘waste’ of 4000+ American lives. To say nothing of Coalition forces, and Iraqis. All told, 1,000,000+ (yes, that’s one million plus, jen) And that’s just the dead. We left off counting the still-living casualties – the amputees, brain injuries, mental illness, and suicides – the ‘WASTE’ was just too high to count.

        And, why would I want to show you a ‘successful example of socialism’? We don’t practice it here- remember, jen?

      • dave

        if we continue on Obama’s course you will see just how socialism destroys countries

      • YankeeintheBluegrass

        Yeah. Socialism is horrible. Look at horrific conditions in the Scandinavian countries.

        Oh, wait a minute…

      • dave

        or China, Russia – great examples! – lets all earn the exact amount and put it in the government pot so they can dole out money any way they wish…Right On!!!

      • Guest

        China and Russia are based on Communism.

      • Drew_Gehringer

        Russia’s formally capitalist now, China CALLS ITSELF Communist, but, like the Soviet Union was, it’s really just a modified capitalist system where all the largest corporations are at least partly state-owned (and no, that’s not what socialism or communism means, Socialism is a system where the means of production are shared between everyone, and communism is socialism minus the need for a state, everything;s done through direct democracy.)

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        not according to troll dave

      • YankeeintheBluegrass

        China is more of an example of State Capitalism than Socialism.

        Russia is a weird mix of Capitalism, Command Communism and Kleptocratic Psychosis.

      • dave

        The socialist market economy is the economic model employed by the People’s Republic of China.

      • Ron Beyer

        China and the Soviet Union are/were totalitarian states first, their economic models secondary to that fact.

      • Ally Brat

        Those are communist countries. Try again!

      • And France, and Germany, and Australia. And Canada. And Switzerland.
        And and and and…..

      • Mary Kaye Huber

        Pretty soon we are all going to wish we were socialists if the infrastructure keeps falling apart.In some areas even the pot holes have pot holes! I’m sure the GOP will be screaming to high heaven!

      • Kev

        Oh yes, my native Britain is doing so terribly…. not! It is coming out of the US created global economic collapse very well and still manages to provide universal health care and indefinite welfare provision for those in need.

      • dave

        “US created global economic collapse” … ????

      • Sandy Greer

        While here, we have trouble getting ACA passed – and staying passed – 50+ votes to repeal/defund, and counting.

        ^^^All by RWNJs touting ‘socialism’ as a bogey-man.

      • Doug Adams

        Almost 8 million with health insurance now, isnt it terrible. The horrible illegal actions of insuring those people is beyond believe. Let “God” sort them out, “Social Darwinism, survivial of the fitest” is the solution.

      • kleduz

        What about the other millions who had insurance and now don’t because the ACA forced them to end plans that people were happy with? Now we all pay more for what we already had. AND WE WERE LIED TO! Forced commerce is NOT freedom. Wake up!

      • jmark59

        Still trotting out those disproven conservative talking points? Calm down and take your meds.

      • kleduz

        What ever happened to the concept of people being responsible for themselves…self reliance….self responsibility? The choice to succeed or fail on one’s own merit? Not everyone is helpless but more and more and more act like they are every day…and it’s accepted. Are independent individuals going the way of the dinosaur or what? Think people think!

      • bigdog

        More and more act helpless every day? Stats, please.

        As far as the concept of people being responsible for oneself, that’s all well and fine, if the playing field was level for all to begin with. But try winning at Monopoly when you enter the game halfway through after all the properties have been bought up.

        Sounds like YOU need to re-think!

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        all those failed attempts to defund/repeal seem to harness the glorious energy of republican fiscal prudence

      • kleduz

        Then go back if it’s so great.

      • Or we could just make the US health care system more like Britain’s and then we’d be great too.

      • kleduz

        Go home, Piers. (Obviously you don’t know what ‘great’ even is.)

      • kleduz

        Yep. The sheep are asleep and don’t realize they’re headed for slaughter if they don’t WAKE UP! Obamacare is NOT freedom….and it’s only the beginning. Evil has it’s toe firmly wedged in the door.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        would that include the ” socialism” of FDR?

      • regressive teaparty trash

        here it is 2 yrs later,,,,and the USA still has best economy on planet,,,and the shitty states are all GOP led

      • Sharon Barre

        who supplies the money for your food stamps ? We do and if someone is using them for other things than FOOD, then it is our concern and should be yours too. If my child asks me for money to help pay rent and I find out later they bought booze, do you really think I would do that again? Would you?

      • Sandy Greer

        Who said I’m on Food Stamps? LOL Did you infer that from my use of ‘our’?

        I have enough money I don’t even need to work. Haven’t had to, for many years. I’m blessed – and I know it.

        I don’t mind ‘sharing’ – either directly (charity) or indirectly (taxes) I DON’T want to ‘micromanage’ every detail of a person’s life – simply because they have less than me. I DON’T assume investing in people is a ‘waste’. You’d be surprised what a little Respect and Dignity will do.

        Good Lord, the lack of Christian Charity within RWNJ hearts is absolutely appalling. You blame the LEAST among us – while handing MILLIONS to the rich.

        And all while the millions of dead in LieRaq raise a stench clear to Heaven. But you are strangely silent.

        Just SMH at Trolls, coming so late to the party.

      • Shel Dewey

        The amount of actual fraud, by poor, by the actual recipients, in the food stamp program is negligible. It’s not unheard of though, for a corner store owner (who is not hungry and or cashless, nor even poor) who s willing to give someone pennies on the dollar for the food stamps-enticing desperate people who need food AND money… if people are “buying booze” with food stamps they are only able to because of greed of some not-poor person.

      • Chris Harrilchak

        That mentality is extremely flawed. That’s equivalent to your company/boss inquiring about what you do with your money, once you’re paid. They don’t have the right, nor the need to know, what you do with your money. And quit believing that once you’ve paid taxes, it’s your prerogative to know exactly where it goes. When you pay you rent, or mortage, or buy goods at the store, it isnt your prerogative where THAT money goes. Consider taxes your part of the military cost. Or the Interstate costs. It’s brought up thousands of times in opposition to the lie, that Conservative use that, “social” programs are the reason for our governmental monitary shortfalls. “Social” programs make a fraction of a percent of the amount of the money we ALL pay in taxes. A FRACTION! You spend a considerable percentage more on waste in the military complex, than you do in welfate. And YET Conservatives are fixated on the wrong waste. How about railing on ALL waste? Military, governmental, and whatevers left in the welfare section. That SHOULD be the least of your issues, in actual percentages.

      • libtard

        So the dems in congress and house at time of voting on war with Iraq seemed okay with it so only Republicans huh? Didn’t you just say Republicans can’t remember their history seems someone should practice what they preach. Or maybe you just are I’ll informed and undereducated since these social programs work so well tell me why we rank so low in education? Tell me why we have more food production that the history of man and millions are still without must only be Republicans lol

      • Charles J Gervasi

        We should find elements of policy that works. I would certainly be for cutting defense budge to be consistent with other countries.

        Way to go for going out and earning money and using it to help other people. It’s easy to talk, but it’s hard to do the work of building wealth and then using it for good causes.


        In the last five year Russia has increased it’s military by 79% but not yet to their Cold War size but neither is ours. Obama plans to cut our military to 80,000 troops. Plus china is becoming more aggressive.
        Welfare recipients should have to take a drug test because I had to take one to earn it for them. Don’t you have a problem with giving money to people who are too lazy to work?

      • Kev

        The vast majority of people who receive welfare are the working poor. They may work all the hours God sends but still not make enough to live on, thanks to the ‘free market’ so beloved of conservatives.

      • randommentality

        Firstly, 62% of families receiving SNAP are working, and 87% of them worked within the previous year. They are not “too lazy to work,” regardless of any anecdotal story you may have about some inlaw or cousin who got his caddy paid for by the gubmint while he watched Jerry Springer all day and laughed his way to the bank. Secondly, say that either mom or dad tests positive for drug use, either due to prescriptions or to recreational use. You would prefer the child starves to death as a result? Yeah, right, WWJD.

      • Tracy Ann Bouwens Jelinek

        Well, now, if mom or dad tests positive for drug use, could that possibly mean that they are bootlegging their SNAP money to pay for said drugs…therefore the children are not being fed anyway.

      • Charles J Gervasi

        I think we should slowly cut our military spending to the levels of Russia plus any other large militaries that might threaten us. That’s a real military cut. President Obama’s proposal is a small step in the right direction.

      • Ron Beyer

        I agree Charles. What these right wingers fail to acknowledge is we account for half of the world’s defense spending so even if we cut it in half we’d still outspend any other individual nation.

      • Charles J Gervasi

        @ronbeyer:disqus Thank you. Many non-rightwingers (non-partisans, leftwingers, etc) don’t realize how good Ayn Rand is. I esp liked Fountainhead. It hardly mentioned politics. It’s about living the life you want and avoiding the temptation to life for a reaction from others. Once we have that foundation that you own your life unequivocally, we can go out and help people or shoot for whatever goal we want and do a better job at it. It’s not all about making money. The money grubbers in Fountainhead were the villains.

        This article correctly states that _some_ partisans claim Ayn Rand’s book is their handbook. I don’t get that at all.

        I also agree with your statement about drug tests and your hinting at the motivations of *some* rightwingers. Someone hurt them, and now they’re itching to hurt someone else. They’re like Gail Wynand in Fountainhead. People were always pushing him around as a young man saying, “you don’t run things!” Now he has a yacht named “I do.”, as in I do now, a-hole. He spends his time undermining people who might get power over him. One fall driving his car to a cabin retreat and watching the leaves turn he suddenly realizes he likely has only a couple decades or two of life yet, and instead of having a relationship with the female protagonist, he’s undermining people to make himself feel better about stuff that happened when he was a kid.

        Ayn Rand’s books are not all rightwing IMHO.

      • Ron Beyer

        You had to take a drug test because of profiteering due to a failed “war on drugs.” So somebody screwed with your rights and now you appear to be advocating screwing with someone else’s rights.
        And you are certainly stereotyping people on welfare with that “too lazy to work” crap. It sounds about as enlightened as Paul Ryan’s “generations of urban dwellers in a culture of “non-work” racist crap.

      • AlecMN

        Before Social Security and medicare 1 of every 2 seniors lived in poverty and without health care.

        Now, only 1 in 10 seniors live in poverty.

        Sounds pretty darn successful from a Christian perspective. Maybe not from a Republican Jesus perspective, but from a love your neighbor even if they’re old perspective.

      • Paul Ryan FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        “Any fourth grader can tell you socialism has never worked before. Either Obama and his democrats are trying to destroy America or are stupid.”~Vladimir Putin
        It’s sad when he is doing more to save America than our horrible president

      • Drew_Gehringer

        [citation needed] on that quote.

      • mrdoomed

        I can refute that statement with just one statement. Look at the governments of Scandinavia. And to follow up, if you fear socialism why don’t you pay the police per crime.

      • james

        Successful countries more socialist than America: Finland, Denmark, Netherlands,Canada, Sweden, Norway, Germany….

      • Sandy Greer

        One thing they all have in common:

        They don’t go War Mongering all over this world. Don’t have a finger in every pie.

        Probably why they’re so successful.

      • raw


      • MPH1949

        Can you show a successful example of capitalism?

    • maryohio

      Please site the chapter and verse of the bible where Jesus tells us to let the GOVERNMENT take care of the poor.

    • Joe Crowe

      I say they make more sense than people who are so confused as to think charity is about stealing from other people.

      Not only do I begrudge every dollar you openly design to steal from me… I will fight tooth and nail to keep it. I had plans for that dollar.

      Now, justify your attempts to steal from people. If you can take time off from your busy judgment, that is.

      Do you know what I was going to do with that last dollar?


      Well, it really isn’t any of your business, is it?

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    why does that “picture” of jesus look amazingly like john C holmes with long hair? or: 4 that matter—- why O why do pics of “jesus” always look like some rock star/surfer dude???

  • John

    Don’t tell the GOP, but Jesus didn’t look like a romance novel cover model. He was a dark-skinned Jew who was no taller than 5’5.

    • William Carr

      I’m puzzled by that argument.

      Judaism is inherited. Enough so that they have severe inbreeding-related genetic diseases.

      And today’s Jews, either from northern Europe or Southern Spain, are mainly pale skinned.

      There are exceptions; the African Tribe for example, but we know how that got started.

      So this claim that Jesus was “black” doesn’t have much by way of foundation.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        so- we await your explanation as2 why he is pictured today as a rock star/ surfer dude with awesome facial features

  • Ray Switzer

    THis is garbage. Take a little more time between writing. The quality might improve.

    • James Peter Allen

      Says Ray, providing no argument of his own or any rational reasons why this peace needs improvement…

    • Donna Mary

      Sorry the truth hurts you so much!

    • Rob Wood

      Good, good! Let the butthurt flow through you!

  • Your1Friend

    The central “philosophy” of today’s Republican Party can be summed up in one word: “Selfishness.” And this I understand to be the very basis of much of Ayn Rand’s own “philosophy.”

    This deeply superficial, egotistical, even sociopathic “philosophy” is completely antithetical and alien to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

    But for today’s Republican Party, after all, “Ignorance is Strength.” And the GOP and the Tea Party derive their strength from the credulity of the people who mindlessly vote against their very own interests and their children’s interests and their country’s best interests.

    • Charles J Gervasi

      I would urge you to read Fountainhead. I came away with an opposite view.

      • Your1Friend

        Thanks for the tip.

        I just might pick that up!

        Thanks again.

      • Cory N Jamie Gilliam

        I have read the fountainhead…. it sucks!! very little basis in reality. It is rotten, convoluted arguments roled up and tied with a pretty bow. It is like trying to serve dry dog food out of a silver leaf bowl at a dinner party when bringing her “objectivist” ideas into a full fledged reality with all its complex factors and human flaws. Her libertarian ideas are no more sound than outright power-centric communism.

      • Charles J Gervasi

        When does Fountainhead discuss libertarianism or left/right politics?

      • Charles J Gervasi

        The book probably has more lines of rough B/D sex than it does libertarian or left/right politics.

      • kleduz

        You’ve read it but you didn’t mention one single morsel that it contains? And Ayn Rand was not a libertarian. In my opinion The Fountainhead was even better than Atlas Shrugged. You really shouldn’t try to discuss something you obviously do not understand and haven’t even read.

      • opossumd

        Nah. As per my reply to kleduz above.

    • kleduz

      Rational self interest. Learn about it. It is not what you think it is or what you’ve been told. Do some heavy reading and stop commenting on things you do not understand. Yes, please, read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged instead of trying to take a short cut by reading the negative opinions of those who want to fuel hatred for logic and reason.

      • opossumd

        About thirty years ago I struggled through “The Fountainhead” to please a friend who recommended it. There wasn’t a page I didn’t find ludicrous and grotesque. I came to the conclusion that it MUST be a satire, except that the author was completely lacking any sense of humour. I honestly can’t figure out how anybody can take that trash seriously.

      • William Carr

        The people who follow Objectivism are like Cultists that still want to be in the Cult after the Cult leader is exposed as a pederast.

        They go on and on about the “principles” being good.

        Yes, we’ve read up on the concept, I’ve even read Orson Scott Card’s homage to Objectivism, and I’ve concluded it’s a form of insanity.

    • kelemi

      To conservatives, Ayn Rand is to atheists what Clarence Thomas is to Blacks, “One of the good ones”.

    • Kennon Gilson

      See my comment on what Rand thought of Jesus, above.

      Ayn Rand advocates rationality as the prime virtue, respect for rights, and promotion of voluntary solutions in a Liberal Democracy. Among her unreasonable views were LGBT rights and interracial marriage when communist-influenced ‘progressives’ and the right-wing of the time opposed these things. These are sociopathic to you?

  • jim

    ol Grteenspan was another Ayn Rand deciple, and Reagan picked him to head the Fed way back when he first got elected pres, ushering in a thirty yr path to the second great depression, and near collapse of the worlds economy, and then to add insult to injury they gave him a gold metal, ya gotta love it.

    • kleduz

      Greenspan left objectivism…or else he would’ve never taken a job that had anything to do with the FED. by the way, if you want to understand the FED read, “The Creature of Jekyll Island”. If you want to understand everything that is happening in our country today (and WHY it’s happening) read Atlas Shrugged.

      • William Carr

        Atlas Shrugged is a twisted power fantasy from a woman that thought in black and white terms.

        You’ll note there are no children in the book. Can’t have them; it would expose the reader to the fact that some individuals can’t fight for their bread but require help to learn and grow.

        That’s dangerous, LIBERAL thinking. A big no-no.

        Instead, let’s pretend that people who work for a living are “Takers”… and when they’re lying dead after a train wreck, let’s rejoice in their deaths, because after all, they weren’t Rich.

  • Gary Menten

    A certain old friend of mine just admitted that Ayn Rand is one of her favorite philosophers. Needless to say, I was completely shocked, especially as the same old friend is a fan of Bernard Shaw. How can anyone who likes Shaw not think well of Rand? Schizophrenia?

  • Jason Ross Diehl Taylor

    From the article: “You can’t logically say that you want to be the party of “Christian values” while basing a large part of your platform on the beliefs of a woman who thought people who believed in religion were ignorant and foolish.” Sure you can, in fact, you don’t even have to believe in God yourself to extol Christian values. Love thy neighbor as thyself, be kind to one another, these are good things. I give according to my means and encourage others to do the same. I absolutely abhor the government coming in and forcing me or anyone else to do the same. The government should exist to protect, not to provide. They should make laws to keep their citizens safe from predation and the hostile actions of others (and enforce them fairly), not to dictate the terms of my life.

    • kleduz

      Yes 🙂

  • William Carr

    Something I never hear anybody comment on: Ayn Rand collected Social Security in her HUSBAND’S name.

    She was a writer; there’s no evidence she ever paid INTO Social Security at all.

    It’s collected at the Payroll side. That would require the “self employed” Mz. Rand to deliberately cut a check for the Social Security Administration for her to contribute, and I don’t see that happening.

    • Charles J Gervasi

      It’s part of your regular income taxes if your a sole proprietor. If you’re an S-corp, it comes out on your 941. I don’t know how to get out of it. Saying someone is “self employed” does not mean they don’t pay both sides of the social security tax. They will come after you if you don’t pay it.

    • J Weber

      And stupid people like you get to vote. That’s sad

    • Kennon Gilson

      William–You not only know nothing of Rand, but of the Social Security law.

  • dbhalling

    There are many untruths in this article, not sure where to begin. 1. Rand Paul was NOT named for Ayn Rand-his name is Randall. 2. Ayn Rand did not die in poverty, in fact she left a sizable estate to Leonard Peikoff to continue work in Objectivism. She did take her social security. She opposed the program as she opposed all coercive taxation, but was very clear one had the right to take back what was taken from them in the first place.. 3. Ayn Rand said to only care about yourself. That is patently false. She did say one has to care for ones self interest first. This does not mean you are some kind of island. You value others because they provide value to you, not through obligation or duty.
    OK, now let’s get to the purpose of your article, Rand and Conservatism. It is true that Rand was very critical of Conservatives. and yes, she was very critical of religion. She was critical because they actually have not shown to have a principled stand for capitalism and freedom. She would have outright rejected any similarities between Christianity and Objectivism. Altruism would have been the second deal killer, mysticism or faith as an epistemology first. There are many Conservatives who prioritize economic freedom and are more in line with Objectivist principles than regressivist socialists whose philosophy has killed over 100 million people in the last century yet people still push evil, man-hating ideologies.

    • Lisa Ingram

      You said all I was about to write. Finally, someone who actually has read Rand’s writings! Thanks for this post!

    • Dabeer

      In other words: Although there are some factual errors, the ultimate point of the article is correct: Objectivism and Christianity are not compatible, and those Conservatives who attempt to appeal to both simultaneously are in error. Thanks for the confirmation!

      • dbhalling

        There were many factual errors in the article. The ultimate point of the article is to vilify both Conservatives and students of Objectivism, and so misses completely why there is political overlap between many individuals. 1. Individuals thinking for themselves and not like a group 2. Capitalism as defined by natural rights and Locke is the only reason significant numbers of people are not living on the edge of the malthusian trap. Let’s look at socialist regimes around the world and how it works out for them. How’s Venezuela working out for its citizens?
        Capitalism is pro-human. Regressivism supports the deaths of millions of people. 100 million people in the name of socialism in the last century and another 100 million people in the name of environmentalism, while openly advocating less population worldwide. Just exactly how do you get rid of people without killing them off through anti-technology policies.

      • Peter Newman

        ATT: dbhalling – The socialist policies of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark have worked out very, very well for their citizens..

      • dbhalling

        Thanks for repeating myths. On the recent economic freedom indices Denmark is ahead of the US, Sweden is about the same as the US and Finland is living off of oil found by Texans. Yes Socialism worked out well for those people in North Korea, China, and the USSR. Get real

      • Kennon Gilson

        Actually, Ayn Rand though Christ was a great teacher of individualism. She wasn’t big on faith and championed science, but this is so with many religious people.

      • William Carr

        Ayn Rand openly mocked Christianity.

  • Guest

    God sees what all you idiots do ..shove it

  • kleduz

    Where do you get this crap from? First, Rand Paul’s name is “Randal”, he’s not named after Ayn Rand. Second, when have the republicans had a discussion about squaring Objectivism with Jesus? People can believe whatever they want…THAT’S freedom and that’s what Objectivism is all about. Rand was not against charity, she never said it was ‘stupid’…she was against FORCED charity, which is another form of theft. You really have NO idea what you’re talking about.
    Also, Ayn Rand’s earnings were stolen for decades by the IRS, she did not sanction the theft but getting SSI when she was old enough is just getting back some of what was stolen from her. We should all be so lucky to get some of our money back that the thieving IRS steals from us to give to the lazy and ignorant among us who couldn’t care less about Freedom or retaining it. And who says she died ‘poor’? She had best selling books for 40 plus years before she died…you should really try reading some of them before you write an article about her. You have written lies.

    • Gwen Watson Beller

      Very well said. The problem with most liberals is that they have never been taught critical thinking. They just spout the ignorance of their leaders. If they checked out everything themselves they might come up with the truth. This progressive Christianity is a good example of that. It’s not that hard. Read the Bible rather than listening to these so called progressive teachers.

      • kleduz

        Thinking is too hard of a task for too many. Much easier to nod in agreement then to ask questions, or maybe do some research. Freedom cannot prevail with an ignorant and lazy populace. Wake UP America!

  • Phil Keast

    I find myself wanting to write some biting analysis Ayn Rand, but strangely I find myself at a total loss for words (or at least unable to express a reasoned argument against an unreasonable position).

    It amazes me that anyone can find anything of value, let alone admirable, in Ayn Rand’s philosophical ranting.

    • Kennon Gilson

      Phil, no.
      Ayn Rand advocates rationality as the prime virtue, respect for rights, and promotion of voluntary solutions in a Liberal Democracy. Among here unreasonable views were LGBT rights and interracial marriage when communist-influenced ‘progressives’ and the right-wing of the time opposed these things. These are rants to you?

  • Charles J Gervasi

    I don’t view Rand as partisan. My reading of her books is that they’re about people doing what they personally believe without regard to the reaction of others. In Fountainhead her villains build wealth and worry about what other ‘s thing. She condemns the boards of business, where many people cautiously wait to see what others will say. The hero in Fountainhead is poor and lives for his art, forgoing large contracts from wealthy orgs b/c he wants to stay true to his artistic vision. Rand gets in the minds of these people who focused on what other people think, and she shows you it isn’t pretty.

    In Atlas Shrugged, most of the heroes are wealthy business leaders, but I think this is just b/c the story, unlike Fountainhead, is about business leaders. It’s still about people going out and solving problems without regard to what other people think.

    • Kennon Gilson

      Nice points… in Atlas Shrugged, the heroes are actually a philosopher who runs a hamburger stand and his 3 Aristotelian philosophy students, a poor inventor, a soldier, and an investor. Their first adherents are a judge, doctor and artist if I remember correctly.
      I think what happens is people who hate business obsess on the business people, and for some it’s that the story is told from the point of view of a woman who runs a railroad ( or tries to). I think Rand was pretty clear this is about philosophers straightening a dictatorship out, though.

  • Libertarians believe in helping the poor. But they believe that organizations such as churches, The Salvation Army, and other non government entities are best at doing it.

  • Rob Wood

    So are Christians not allowed to adopt the ideals of an atheist? I’m atheist, does that mean that I’m not allowed to agree with some things that Jesus said? Plus, Rand Paul’s name is Randall, not named after Ayn Rand. I see a convoluted “article” that needs less presumptions and more fact checking. Where are your sources?

  • FreeThinker

    Wow. The GOP is leveraging arguments by an atheist to back up their “Christian Values” agenda? That would be like a liberal columnist giving Jesus a shout out for his belief in acceptance, love and generosity, while at the same time labeling the half of the population who disagrees with him “extremely ignorant.” It sounds like the Republicans aren’t the only ones guilty of calling on the divine while simultaneously acting in ways that may not completely align with the associated policies. For further evidence of this phenomenon, feel free to peruse the comments section. You’ll find ample evidence there of just how much acceptance, love and generosity liberals exhibit toward conservatives. This kind of vitriol is exactly why I’ve withdrawn from politics. Both Republicans and Democrats see themselves as the party of what is good and right, but neither seems willing to apply the values they champion to their dealings with each other.

  • Sharon Barre

    Jesus taught about salvation and how we as Christians should treat each other, Christian and non Christian. But the single most important message was salvation, forgiveness and repentance through him. Everyone seems to be forgetting that. People are in such a hurry to quote bits and pieces of the Bible to justify living in sin without reading what it REALLY has to say.

  • Sharon Barre

    One other thing about love, it’s great to talk about lending a helping hand tooting our own horns about our good works when Jesus said not to let our left hand know what the right hand is doing when we’re doing our alms. There is so much more to love than giving. It’s how we feel about those who oppose our way of thinking and how we choose to communicate that. Such hateful and degrading words. The Bible says, ” By thy words thou shalt be justified and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” Talk about others in a way you would want to be talked about. We can disagree on so many things and that’s fine until we throw insults at each other. This should not be.

  • Consider all sides

    Except your whole article is refuted by the fact that Jesus called up love and grace AS A CHOICE. Republicans donate over 2 to 1 according to IRS records just compare Bush to Obama,

    Jesus was against tax collectors as much as the Romans.

  • Matthew Reece

    Here we have the accusation that Republicans get most of their ideas from Ayn Rand. Elsewhere from the same author, we have the accusation that Republicans are racist. That makes this Ayn Rand quote interesting:

    “Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the
    notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic
    lineage—the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are
    produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. Which means, in
    practice, that a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of a collective of ancestors.

    Racism claims that the content of a man’s mind (not his cognitive apparatus,
    but its content) is inherited; that a man’s convictions, values and character
    are determined before he is born, by physical factors beyond his control. This is the caveman’s version of the doctrine of innate ideas—or of inherited knowledge—which has been thoroughly refuted by philosophy and science. Racism is a doctrine of, by and for brutes. It is a barnyard or stock-farm version of collectivism, appropriate to a mentality that differentiates between various breeds of animals, but not between animals and men.

    Like every form of determinism, racism invalidates the specific attribute which distinguishes man from all other living species: his rational faculty. Racism negates two aspects of man’s life: reason and choice, or mind and morality, replacing them with chemical predestination.”

  • libsrocklol

    Social security, which comes out of ever workers paycheck, is a forced government program sounds to me like I’d want the money my government took as well, especially as I was dying. Ignorance Mr. Allen stop perpetuating it please.

  • Bobby Dobbs

    Ayn Rand did not die poor. This writer is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts. Ayn Rand did not die poor and never took any sort of public assistance in her life. It is total lie which doesnt suprise me considering the tenor of the rest of this article.

  • will

    Why can’t you agree with someone about one thing without agreeing with them about everything?

  • Athiest

    your all idiots. the first real thing i read is “you cant be an atheist and have christian values” so what? because im an atheist i HAVE to kill people? i have to steal? fuck off. the simple fact of the matter is the values in the bible are a great way to live your life, the fucking problem is the fact that you needed them written down! don’t rape fucking derp. im sorry but “christian values” are probably followed more by atheists than Christians in the first god damn place! i see entire churches exclude people just because they don’t believe where as an atheist i invite everyone in.

  • Rfors

    Surprisingly absent from this article is that Ayn Rand, born Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum, was Jewish

  • mlpnko123

    I strongly disagree with the author’s analysis. Ayn Rand is an anti-communist author of fictional stories that promote lazzie-faire capitalism.

    But if you read Atlas Shrugged, you will see the protagonists are not anti-charity. They are anti-welfare. They are not anti-union, they are anti-government collusion with unions (and with corporations!).

    This is the biggest problem with liberal thinking. Liberals confuse charity (freely given, a Christian value) with government welfare programs (forcibly taken money by the government and given to people for votes, a form of corruption). Welfare and charity are opposites, not the same thing.

    Jesus supports charity, which doesn’t conflict with free market capitalism. In fact the wealth created by a free market is what people put in that collection plate on Sunday.

    It is true that Ayn Rand was atheist. That doesn’t make her a poor economist. But she is certainly not the founder of this economic theory (Adam Smith perhaps), just a proponent, that personally understood the results of “social programs”, having escaped the famines in the USSR.

    • Sorry, Mlpnko, but far from your claim that “the biggest problem with liberal thinking (=) Liberals confuse charity (freely given, a Christian value) with government welfare programs (forcibly taken money by the government and given to people for votes, a form of corruption).” Conservatives think that “the rule of law” is a crime. When liberals achieve power in legislatures and agree to tax EVERYBODY in order to spread the wealth of the nation (or a state) more equitably, conservatives think that’s criminal. A while back I had to pay taxes to support a mayor, a governor and a president who were all REPUBLICANS. Not once did I ever whine that my money was being forcibly taken from Democrats like me by the government to support policies that I hated. That’s what “republican democracy” is all about. If you can fool enough people to put your Repubican politicians in office, you can get back to taking more money from the poor and middle class and giving it to the rich and powerful!!!
      P.S. If Democrats do things for the poor “for votes” they are damned fools, because the poor don’t vote (and Republicans are doing a good job of keeping it that way)!

  • Robbie53024

    You clearly don’t understand Ayn Rand, her philosophical writings that identify Objectivism, nor Christianity, for that matter. I can say these things as a devout Catholic Christian and Ayn Rand fan.
    Was she an atheist and did she base her philosophy on atheism? Yes. Does that mean that what she espoused is incompatible with religion, and specifically Christianity? No.
    And why do you think that the Republican party is using either Rand’s philosophy or Christianity as any basis for policy? Couldn’t you just as well identify many of the items that you attribute to Christianity as values espoused in Judaism or Islam? How about Hinduism or Taoism?
    You have a very infantile understanding of Objectivism. It is not a philosophy of what you would identify as selfishness (yes, Rand said that there is a virtue of selfishness, but she really meant self-interest, not the narcissistic manner that selfishness has come to mean). Her philosophy is based on natural law, as is much of the theology of major religions.
    Did Rand say that charity was wrong or foolish? No. She objected to forced charity, and she said that the best form of charity was to freely trade value for value. That way everyone was participating in the system to their ability, contributing productively to society. The heroes are the producers, as they are in all major theologies. Christianity does not say that we should help the poor so as to keep them poor and never to help themselves. In fact, a popular saying is that “God helps those who help themselves.”
    Many of your other misstatements about Rand have been debunked by others, so I won’t duplicate those here. However, you seem to think that Ayn Rand developed her economic theory out of thin air. That is false, nor is it her economic theory. Much of what she identifies in her economics has been codified as the Austrian School of economics. So actually, the Republicans are basing their economics on an Austrian School perspective of economics, as did Ayn Rand.

    • As a professional philosopher, I resent Ayn Rand being taken seriously just because she took HERSELF so seriously. She was the very personification of “sophomoric”. Google “AynRandPhilosopherforDummies” (with the quote marks) to see what I mean.

    • Michael

      Please, Please show me the line “god helps those who help themselves” in any bible or other religious text. It’s not in the bible, It is found in various ancient Greek literature including Aesop’s tales. Christ I hate knowing more about the bloody magic book than you supposed Christians.

  • Dude

    This kind of article makes Christians look like Neanderthals. Why? Let me give an example. Would you rather get your brain operated by an atheist neurosurgeon or your pastor/minister? Just because a person is not of Christian faith does not mean they don’t possess truth or valid insight. Same people say psychology is of the Devil. Never mind that the book of Proverbs is psychology. Get the meaning?

  • Donald Dool

    Rand did not die poor and living off Social Security.

  • Melodee Appel Ramey

    I wish people would stop using atheism and Ayn Rand ‘s philosophy interchangeably. She was the villain, not atheism.

  • kelemi

    Penn Jilette of Penn and Teller is a Libertarian and Atheist. Growing up, one of my friends was both an Atheist and Conservative.

    Big deal. Conservatives please note.

  • I’m finally starting to see Christians stand up against the hijacking of Christianity by the Republican party. It’s slow moving, but it’s finally taking form. The selfishness of the GOP is undeniable and a lot of conservative people who are from the middle-class are finally realizing the GOP does not represent their interest, not a little bit, not whatsoever.

    We should be concerned about the condition of the planet and what we’re leaving for future generations. I could never picture Jesus saying “drill baby drill”, or Jesus approving of fracking, or poisoning an unknown publics water supply. Those all seem like anti-christian values… border lining apathetic savage principals.

    I’ve been feeling the exact same way as the author about the agenda of the Republican party and how it dramatically conflicts with the messages of Jesus. I will happily debate anybody on the current GOP agenda and how it balances against Christian values.

    If you take offense to anything I’ve said above then this message was definitely for you. You don’t like that others feel this way? Then do something about it and quit supporting rich money interest, get some backbone and defend your religion from corporate hijacking.

  • ProperModulation

    ” most influential person behind most of the Republican party’s economic ideologies”

    Wow, I didn’t know you were writing satire.

    Try Milton Friedman or Friedrich Hayek

  • Margaret Adame Trott

    One correction–Ayn Rand did not want to accept SS or medicare, but was forced to by a social worker from her attorney’s office. I taught “Anthem” for years to my gifted students. It made them think a little deeper than they were comfortable with. I really don’t like Ayn Rand, and I would start my lecture on her with that caveat,

  • Tommy Shannon

    Please don’t equate Ayn Rand’s philosophy of selfishness with atheism. The only commonality between us (atheists) is a lack of belief in any gods. Most non-believers that I’ve had the privilege of knowing are much more aligned with the “teachings of Jesus”, which aren’t even original to that character, than most of the Christians I’ve met.

    Ayn Rand was a selfish bitch…AND she was an atheist. That’s all.

  • Steve_Schmeve

    We should look at the similarities. Both Ayn & Jesus liked chicken soup and knaidlach, they both had bubbes & zaides, they both were forced to take violin lessons while the neighborhood kids were shooting pool and drinking, AND they both knew they were expected to go to college after high school graduation.

  • maryohio

    What’s to ponder? It IS possible for a Christian to support the pro-capitalist stance of Ayn Rand while tossing out her anti-faith rhetoric. What is NOT possible is to say you are a Christian while supporting a party who three times denied God in front of the entire world and whose leaders preach hatred, greed and victimization in order to win elective office–a political party that loves abortion and power more than it loves God and country.

  • Joe Crowe

    “Christ believed in helping the poor; feeding the hungry; opposing
    greed; believed in acceptance; taught to provide for the needy, all
    while preaching love and generosity.

    Ayn Rand believed that we should only worry about ourselves, that the “self” is the only thing that matters and essentially charity was stupid.You know, the exact opposite of the values for which Jesus Christ stood”

    In the spirit of charity, I’ve removed a nice, clever and snarky insult. Instead, I’m going to try to present my case in a way that hopefully helps explain how this seeming paradox is resolved…

    Ayn Rand actually did openly admit that she was an atheist. She made no qualms about that. Yet, despite being a self-proclaimed atheist, this does not mean that self-evident truths were beyond her. So, when Ayn Rand spoke the truth, then what she spoke and what Jesus spoke are not contradictory.

    Her writings show that it is not one person’s right to steal, and it is a person’s LEGAL right to not have people steal from you. This does not in any way contradict what Jesus preached.

    Jesus also preached against thievery – and also against ostentatious (public) displays of charity; that isn’t charity at all, but reward-seeking (which is selfish with all the negative connotations). What is more public than taxation being used for charity – particularly when that goes against the social contract of this country? What is more wrong than stealing other people’s money? So here, Rand and Christ are not at odds.

    Who shows a greater love: the person who steals from one person in order to seek the public affections of others or the person who does not? Also, is it just law and an act of love when the force of the state is used to divest you of your property and gives it to another, or is it just law and and an act of love when the state’s power is used to protect your person and property and you WILLINGLY give a portion to another? Conservatives agree with Ayn Rand in regards to property and justice within the law, but do NOT agree with her about what to do with our personal property.

    Conservatives believe, as Rand did, that we are created equally and should have equal rights under the law. We also believe, as Christ did, that unequal scales are not just. Rand and Christ agreed on that economic truth.

    Progressives disagree. They believe it is justice to tip the scales in favor of the poor, and do not see this as violating the law or corrupting the law. The justification that this is to help the poor does not hold water, because the poor require justice also. Without it, the charity you give them today will be gone tomorrow. Is it love to keep the poor on a leash like this or is it love to set them free?

    Ayn Rand’s religious beliefs certainly differ from Christ’s. Conservatives tend to favor Christ’s views on the value of charity. Except on the one thing where, politically, it matters… Christ wanted mercy, love, generosity to be the guiding principle for charity, not the force of government institutions.

    Conservatives also believe in separation of church and state. As an atheist, I suspect this was Rand’s belief as well. What of Jesus?

    Progressives often abuse John 2:15, the story of Christ throwing the moneychangers out of the temple. He said “Take these things away; stop making My Father’s house a place of business.” The attempt to secularize the holy act of charity or to make the secular act of taxation into some holy and divine thing is certainly not in the spirit of true charity.

  • Ronnie R

    I live in a region of the country where the decline in the coal industry has left countless families unemployed due to over-regulation of the government’s EPA. Many of these families don’t find more work. The norm is that they file for bankruptcy and get government assistance, so please tell me again that most families on food stamps work!!! I’ve seen first hand that is a complete lie!!! BTW – I’m a republican because I’m a Christian – it has nothing to do with Ayn Rand. George Washing Liberals primarily fall into four categories 1. Hollywood celebrities who are rich and uninformed. 2. Children and college students who’ve been the victims of the school system and liberal teachers/professors who think they know everything. 3. The lower class – looking for something (support / gov help) 4. minorities. Look in the mirror, which # are you? So please, don’t tell me all Republicans are Christians (I wish they were) because you liberals are far from being all the same.

  • PPS

    Randall Howard Paul is NOT named after Ayn Rand. Perpetuating this myth is just one more way this self-serving, empty-suited, self-acrediting phoney blows his own horn.

  • Tracy Ann Bouwens Jelinek

    Here’s how I, a conservative, square my Christianity with Rand’s principles: Yes, Christ says to love everyone, help the poor etc….VOLUNTARILY, not by Government mandate. I give my time, money, aid willingly, from my heart. I do not believe that I should be forced to do so by Big government. Churches and their congregations are where charity should rest, not in government.

    • regressive teaparty trash

      whats ur opinion of white trash GOP government legislation which screws the EQUAL RIGHTS of women and gays and minorities? need me to spell out what the GOp is doing???

  • Ron Hampton

    At least they got one pictured as who she really was.