Republicans Were Wrong About Benghazi And We’re Letting Them Walk

facebook_1755998979Want to know the one thing the Sunday Shows all had in common last week? No mention of the capture of the Benghazi attack’s ringleader. Zero. Zilch. Ziparoonio. After all the screaming Republicans have been doing about it. Weird, huh?

Since Ahmed Abu Khattala’s capture, the Benghazi “scandal” has been dropped by Republicans, surreptitiously, like a little boy tossing away a dirty magazine behind his back when his parents enter the room. They put up a weak fight of course, trying to blame the suspect’s capture as a “distraction” from whatever they were trying to pin on Hillary Clinton that day.

No, instead Republicans are putting all their energy these days into blaming Obama for the mess they made in Iraq. They have no clear idea who should be militarily targeted, but are convinced that someone should be. Get our boys over there to do… something! They’ll get back to us, I suppose on who and what we’ll attack. It worked for them before, after all. Let’s go with ISIS for now, that’s the ticket!

Chris Wallace must have felt strange not talking about Benghazi on Fox News Sunday, considering that’s been his main topic for nigh on 20 months. There’s a hole in the constant barrage of outrage from conservative media that feels bizarre. It’s as if they had an arm chopped off or something.

Benghazi was discussed on “Meet the Press,” in an interview with Rand Paul. But the only thing really focused upon was how the “scandal” would hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign. David Gregory failed to challenge Paul when the Kentucky Republican once again parroted debunked talking points regarding the attacks.

Continue complaining about how that “Liberal Media” is out to get you, Republicans. We could all use a good laugh.

The message seems to be that the Benghazi attacks are only newsworthy when Republicans are using them like a weapon against their rivals. When something actually newsworthy breaks, like Khattala’s capture, then it’s “move along, nothing to see here.”

The main Republican talking point about Benghazi has been all about who should be held accountable. Now someone finally is. And that’s not worth reporting on, apparently.

Meanwhile, let’s review what Republicans did with Benghazi. Constant screaming and filling the airwaves for almost two years, for one thing. They forced Susan Rice to step down. Hearing after hearing, one still ongoing, where it has been established and re-established that everything that could have been done was done, regardless of funding cuts to embassy security by, wait for it, Republicans.

After all of this, the Republicans have been proven absolutely and inarguably wrong on their Benghazi smear campaign. They did everything they could to politically capitalize on the deaths of four Americans. They made up blatant falsehoods, including a disgusting story about Ambassador Stevens being raped before he was killed. Sickening.

How much money did the Republicans waste on this? How much time did they waste?

The Benghazi attack was meant to spread fear and division among the American population. With the help of Republicans, it was far more effective than the terrorists could have dreamed. We need to hold the GOP’s feet to the fire for their conduct about this. Instead, we’re just letting them walk away.

We should be rubbing Republicans’ faces in their own mess, like a bad dog who has just defecated in the living room. It’s why the GOP constantly says and does awful things like this, because they are never held accountable. Instead they just pile up horror after horror, each new outrage making us forget about their last. Getting us into Iraq again is next.

Republicans don’t want to talk about Benghazi anymore. We shouldn’t forget how much they did, how much time and money they wasted, and how they gleefully illustrated the depths to which they will stoop.

Chad R. MacDonald

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English Literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York. He is a former security professional, a veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in administration and the arts. He loves baseball, hockey, marine photography, science, New York City, and his family.
He lives in Hell's Kitchen with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.
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  • Sometimes it’s just Nuts

    WE”RE? Just who is WE”RE? It seems the so called LIBERAL Media has joined the right wings’ forces in this stupidity AND it seems that All the Independents have too! LET’S DEFINE WE”RE!!!!

  • MLR

    It starts with holding the media accountable. Why is Cheney being given a platform to speak on when he obviously misled the American people into a war? Why does the media keep booking guests with no credibility, who have no fresh or new ideas, or won’t say what they would do different. They are just there to criticize and point fingers at the president and his party and don’t have any solutions for anything. They make their damn messes and then complain because others can’t clean them up fast enough. And it’s not just False News, others like CNN are just as guilty. Anderson Cooper has a segment called “keeping them honest” but I have yet to see him keep any republican honest about anything. Such a disappointment.

    • Bine646

      Clinton released many statements on wmds and Iraq. Now shes running for president- such a disappointment

  • Sandy Greer

    Thank you for the link to Sally Kohn article. Best I’ve read on the subject.

    I agree; Benghazi has pretty much been a witch-hunt for the GOP. Clutching at straws in vain attempts to smear Obama & Clinton. It’s a cryin’ shame.

    Can’t help but note the irony in crocodile tears for a dead Ambassador Stevens. Who would not be allowed to marry – for being gay, had he lived. Hypocrisy of the worst sort, surely.

    >We should be rubbing Republicans’ faces in their own mess, like a bad dog who has just defecated in the living room.

    ^^^No, no, NO! We don’t rub dog noses in poop. That’s no way to train a
    dog. Besides, they eat that stuff. 😀

  • Patrick

    The “witch hunt” to determine who should be held accountable
    within the administration for the deaths of the Americans in Benghazi is
    separate from the accountability of the actual perpetrator. Everyone agrees the
    perpetrators of these crimes should indeed be held responsible and pay for
    their terrorist actions. The scandal lies within the administration who did not
    grant the embassy the proper security to prevent or defend against such an

    • poppaDavid

      You may have a point. Who DID refuse to fun the improvements to security a Benghazi? Who said that American diplomats had to accept the hazards of foreign service to keep the costs down?

      Answer: Republicans in Congress. They should be held responsible.

  • Stephen Barlow

    Isn’t furthering terrorist objectives TREASON and an impeachable offense for Elected Representatives?

    McCain should be the first one up the gallows steps.

  • Stephen Barlow

    Expect Issa’s propaganda Committee and this SPECIAL Propaganda Committee to release full reports the Sunday before the Republicans lose the House in November.

    With 2 years of a filibuster proof Senate and a working Majority in the House, Obama could conceivably get all those jobs bills made law, reform immigration, close loopholes and make business pay their fair share. and STILL have energy to pretend to go after Wall Street and

  • Vivian Sue House Hughes

    Republicans are bullies and Democrats are victims. Meanwhile nothing changes, rich keep getting richer middle class getting screwed. It’s all looking like smoke and mirrors.

  • Susie Cross

    Fox News may not be talking about how wrong they’ve been, but doing an Internet search on the words “Fox News benghazi” shows they are still doing stories about benghazi-just not the story about how wrong they were. You don’t think Faux News and Republicans are going to let something like ‘facts or reality’ get in the way, do you?