Rick Perry Announces He’s Running For President With An Embarrassing Song About Himself

Rick Perry (Credit: AP/Kathy Willens)

Rick Perry (Credit: AP/Kathy Willens)

Ok, can everyone in the Republican Party who is not running for president in 2016 please announce this? I figure this way we can then assume everyone else is running by default, and that can save us a whole lot of time and trouble.

Today, Rick Perry announced that he was also joining the rapidly expanding field of Republican 2016 presidential candidates. At the rate we’re going, the primary debates will be especially interesting as the myriad of candidates tear into each other like a bunch of wolves, all desperate to find an edge over the rest of the pack.

Rick Perry managed to embarrass himself pretty good last time around and I fully expected him to do the same thing if he got into the race this time. I just didn’t think he’d do it at the very beginning, before he had the chance to utter a single word. How did he do this? By letting someone convince him what appears to be a modified version of a Colt Ford song called “Answer To No One” to be used as his introduction song. Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of this band before either – and after hearing this song, I wish it had stayed that way.

As Buzzfeed reports:

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry came to the stage to announce his presidential campaign on Thursday to the tune of an interesting song: a rap song that turned into a country song about Rick Perry.

“Rick Perry supporter, let’s protect our border,” the rap part says. “To hell with anyone who don’t believe in the USA / Rick Perry all the way.”

“I won’t back up / I don’t back down / I been raised up / To stand my ground / Take my job / But not my gun,” the country part says.

“Give me my right to vote / My right to tote / The weapon of my choice, don’t censor my voice,” goes the second rap verse. (Source)

I can’t decide if Rick Perry is running for president or trying to start a new hip-hop/country band comedy routine that will be the opening act on the next Sarah Palin book tour at Sam’s Clubs across the United States.

Seriously folks, the whole song basically just sounds like George Zimmerman and Kid Rock composed a song of Republican and Fox News talking points and put it on an album meant to be sold only in the Duck Dynasty section of Walmart, or given as a free gift when you sign up at the Sons of the Confederacy booth during the next gun show down at the local civic center. Maybe he can get Ted Nugent to play some hot licks on guitar and Mike Huckabee to play bass on the next album, and then they can take this act on the road.

If this is what his Rick Perry’s staff actually thinks is good music, I can’t see this campaign going very far – even if the abuse of power charges against him are dropped. Geez, even George W. Bush himself has to think this is embarrassing.


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