Rick Perry is Now Asking President Obama for Funds From Obamacare

perry-hypocriteTexas Governor Rick Perry is at it again, and by “at it” I mean acting like a complete hypocrite.  The governor who has made a career out of attacking Washington is once again seeking money from Washington.

The governor that:

  • Opposed the 2009 stimulus bill, while using funds from it to balance his budgets, then bragged about his balanced budget during his 2010 campaign.
  • Talks about the massive spending in Washington, yet each time some kind of disaster happens within his state is quickly asking for money from the federal government.
  • Speaks often about “Constitutional values” and “small government” while passing laws which massively inject government into the private lives of women, restricts voting rights and opposes gay rights based on a violation of our First Amendment.

He’s now in talks with the Obama administration seeking money from “Obamacare” to expand health coverage for the elderly and disabled in Texas.

Do I disagree with his request?  Absolutely not.

But his blatant hypocrisy is absolutely astounding.  A man who’s done as much as possible to sabotage and oppose the law, once calling it a “monstrosity,” is now asking for $100 million from the Obama administration to help the elderly and disabled in Texas.

Like with most Republicans, they build careers out of attacking the “big bad federal government” yet are often the first ones with their hands out asking that same federal government for money when they need it.

But let’s look at what the Perry spokesperson said when asked why, if the governor is so against the law, he’s now seeking funds from it:

“Long before Obamacare was forced on the American people, Texas was implementing policies to provide those with intellectual disabilities more community options to enable them to live more independent lives, at a lower cost to taxpayers.  The Texas Health and Human Services Commission will continue to move forward with these policies because they are right for our citizens and our state, regardless of whatever funding schemes may be found in Obamacare.”

In other words: “Oh we meant to do this before, and had plans to do this before, but thanks to Obamacare we now have the funding to do so.  But the law is still terrible!”

Texas has a “rainy day fund” worth over $6 billion.  You’re telling me Rick Perry couldn’t take $100 million from that?  After all, his spokesperson said “long before Obamacare” came along.  What the heck were they waiting for?


And isn’t Rick Perry always talking about states’ rights and keeping the federal government out of state business?  Shouldn’t he then be seeking less dependence from the federal government and using his own state revenue to fund this $100 million health care expansion for the elderly and disabled?

I’ll stop.  I’m using too much common sense and logic.  Two things Republicans don’t quite excel at using or understanding.

The bottom line is, this is just more hypocrisy about federal spending, our government and the Affordable Care Act coming from another prominent Republican.

It’s the attitude carried by many Republicans that when others need help, those people are abusing the system and just looking for a government handout.  But when they need it, well then it’s perfectly acceptable.

But that’s what happens when you’re a political party built for sociopaths—by sociopaths.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • jWd

    I’d tell Them nope, sorry, you’re not getting a dime. Furthermore, we’re selling you to Mexico

    • Justin Haskell

      Unfortunately tot ell Texas no to the money would only give the GOtP another’talking point’ to use against the PPACA. What the administration should do instead is say they will give the funding ONLY if they fully implement the program as it is intended and then let everyone know that even Texas, the bastion of the conservative right is on board. That would likely lead to a reluctant acceptance amongst the other political trolls to follow suit.

      • Steve Temke

        Excellent idea. They either buy into the whole deal, or they do without.

      • Daddycool67

        Yes of course!

        Texas shouldn’t get special treatment!
        They’re either in …. or they’re out.

  • Erika Frensley

    He needed to refuse the funds so he could get the maximum support for his asinine special sessions. Now that the sessions are over, he can actually pretend to pay attention to the actual working folks in Texas. I so hate Gov Goodhair, and his accomplice Greg Abbott, but I am glad that he’s relenting from his stupid ideology. I can hope that my friends will have health insurance soon, and will be able to go to the doctor rather than suffer with broken fingers for months.

  • Daddycool67

    Don’t you understand?
    Perry (and the people who think just like him) honestly believe that this country belongs EXCLUSIVELY to them.

    When they talk about big spending by the federal government … they are referring only to the money spent on people and things that THEY don’t feel are entitled to any of it.

  • Kerri Ayres Chambers

    I cannot wait to get this man out of my life.

  • Debbie Day

    Well he showed everyone how stupid he is during the debates for the primary. Nothing this man can say or do would surprise me. This is going to be interesting to watch how this will work out with Cruz wanting to defund it and Perry wanting it! Let the show begin, Republicans fighting each other just means Democrats can win some seats and then maybe we can get major things done with more intelligent people working for the people!

    • Edward Baker

      Cruz ,was born in Canada ,( Birth Certificate ) so he CAN`T run for President …..Ha Ha .Bet Trump tries to help him out ….

      • HistoryGeek

        Actually yes he can. His mother was a US citizen so that grants him natural born status.

      • Wayne Bassett

        only if both parents are born in the US while the child was not can that child become president. Cruz’s father is Cuban, so, no he can’t be president.

      • David

        the constitution specifically states that the president must be born on US soil.

      • Erika Frensley

        The Constitution states that the President must be a natural born citizen. That means a citizen from birth, whether born on specifically US soil or born to a US citizen. A naturalized citizen (one who became a citizen later in life, and was not one from birth) cannot become president. Cruz (sadly) can become President, although if he made a point of being a Canadian citizen that could really get tricky. His mother is US, father is Cuban, and he was born in Canada (which means he has dual citizenship with US and Canada. Not sure if he has any type of Cuban citizenship from his dad). He gets his US citizenship from his mom.

      • seaustin

        Erika has it exactly correct and while the media have not followed thru, I’m 98% sure he could claim Cuban citizenship to thru his father. The key here is that he is either an idiot when he says he didn’t know he was a Canadian citizen after he was born there… or he’s a liar just doing his normal grandstanding by denouncing his Canadian citizenship now. Based on everything else he says and does, he’s actually a lying idiot!!

      • Erika Frensley

        When you become a citizen, you have to renounce your allegiance to another power, but you do not have to renounce your previous citizenship (at least in the US). He might be able to continue with dual citizenship even if he became President (although the optics are really bad for him). Which points out the grandstanding he’s doing. He knew he had dual citizenship through age 18; after that, depending on the country, it continues (aka, Canada), or you can be on the “fast track” to officially obtain citizenship for the other country (aka, France).

  • Edward Baker

    I thought once you refused the money for The ACA ,you couldn`t change your mind ???

    • Erika Frensley

      Actually not. The offer is open-ended for a number of years, although the more delay the more money is being lost by the state. There isn’t really a deadline for the ACA. Although Perry may be getting scared of the color blue coming towards him…

  • Skip Patterson

    Don’t just tell him no, do it Texas style and say, Hell No, use your own money.

  • kurtsteinbach

    If you want the money, D*ck Perry, you need to expand Medicaid in Texas.
    It’s up to you dolt…. You ARE the successor to the “Decider” after