Rick Perry Looks Like an Absolute Fool After Net Neutrality Comments Go Terribly Wrong

rick-perry-idiot-1Have you ever been in a discussion with someone who was trying to sound intelligent, or like they knew what they were talking about, but it was glaringly obvious that they had no clue what they were saying? The result is usually some incoherent babble that sometimes leaves you unable to respond because you really have no idea what the heck they just said – because it didn’t make any sense.

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to Rick Perry’s comments on net neutrality. It’s not every day that someone tries to compare the fight to keep net neutrality with anything from the time period of the Great Depression, because that would make very little sense.

Except that’s exactly what Perry did.

“President Obama’s call to saddle 21st century technology with outdated, unnecessary regulations from the era of the Great Depression is alarming and will stifle innovation and growth,” Perry said.

He’s obviously referring to Obama’s attempt to reclassify the internet as a public utility, so that corporations can’t screw over consumers when it comes to internet access. Let’s think about Perry’s comments for a moment. Just because a law (that’s proven to be successful by the way) is from the 30’s, does that mean it’s suddenly invalid and worthless?

By Perry’s standards of “outdated,” couldn’t we then say our entire Constitution is outdated? After all, it was written in the late-1700’s. You’re telling me the quartering of soldiers during a time of war is a big issue in the 21st century? That’s what our Third Amendment addresses.

But what infuriates me most is how Perry, and others who think like he does, continue to perpetuate this ridiculous idea that the internet as we have known it since its inception has somehow been “stifling toward growth.” What the hell are these idiots even talking about? Net neutrality is about keeping the internet exactly how it’s been since it went mainstream. What ending net neutrality does is it gives the right for internet service providers to determine what sites are given access to what speeds based on who pays the ransoms they’ll demand for better service.

In other words, it puts access to the internet in complete control of ISPs. Just because a consumer pays $50 per month for 30 mbps download speeds doesn’t mean every website they visit will be delivered to them at those speeds (like we have right now) if companies like Comcast and Verizon get their way. So not only will net neutrality screw over businesses (particularly small and mid-sized ones that can’t afford to pay these fees), but consumers will essentially be paying for download speeds that they’re not getting.

Though Perry continued to prove that he apparently has no damn idea what net neutrality means by saying, “Instead, we should embrace a business and regulatory climate that encourages competition and empowers consumers with greater choice and access to high-speed internet and all the business, consumer, education and health care benefits that come with it.”

First, the vast majority of consumers have zero choice when it comes to internet providers. A problem that seems to only be getting worse as more of these companies continue to merge. Secondly, what ending net neutrality does is it discourages competition by giving a massive advantage to corporations that can afford to pay premium fees to internet service providers so that their websites are delivered to consumers at usable speeds.

Preserving net neutrality is the epitome of supporting a free and open internet. Without it, our internet access essentially becomes controlled by companies like Comcast and Verizon that will then determine what websites will be delivered to consumers at what speed. And if websites that you might particularly enjoy visiting refuse to pay these companies these fees, those sites can then be throttled down to such a slow speed that they’ll essentially be unusable to the consumer.

Imagine a small, online-only business with a revenue of about $200k annually being told by one of these internet providers that they need to pay $100k per year otherwise they’ll throttle access to their website down to unusable levels. Not only is that borderline blackmail, but even if that company did pay those fees it would essentially kill innovation and any hope for possible future growth.

Net neutrality shouldn’t be a left or a right thing, because that’s idiotic. The only people who should support ending net neutrality should be big telecoms such as Verizon and Comcast, because they’re the only ones who stand to benefit from killing it.

We have to make our voices heard on this issues. We must be fierce, relentless and unwavering in our stance to ensure that the internet remains the greatest vessel for information and innovation humankind has ever seen.

Because if we don’t, people like Rick Perry are determined to destroy the internet as we know it.

And we damn sure can’t let that happen.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Eg Kbbs

    First Cruz makes a stupid comment about net neutrality. Now Perry.

    Is there a reason that Texas politicians are so consistently clueless ?

    • Bethie41

      I think their oil has seeped into their water supply…what else can explain these delusions?

      • Kovah88

        Well it’s either oil or fracking chemicals. Or both.

    • tracey marie


    • Bob H

      It must be the voters that are voting for stupid leaders.
      Look at the (lack of) intelligence of the voters in Texas, if they consider people like: Senator Raphael Edward Cruz, Governor Rick Perry and Representative Louis Gohmert leaders.
      Too bad for Texas.

      • Elizabeth S

        I live in Texas and I voted for none of those people. A lot of us are very aware of the stupidity running for office. And stupidity is rampant, EVERYWHERE.

      • Ed Graham

        Everywhere Republicans are running their mouths!

      • Julie Wickstrom

        I’m sorry that you are overrun. I’m sure Texas has good things too. Why can’t we fire the stupid?

      • Blue_Jason

        I’m right there with you Elizabeth. Another, albeit ashamed Texan at this point, who voted for none of these people and really wish they’d just go away!

      • TaxPaying American Voter

        I feel your pain ……daily.

      • Hanna Moy

        You should do some research on gerrymandering in Texas 🙂

      • What Elizabeth said.

    • Stanton

      It’s because most Texan politicians are eager to sell themselves to the highest bidder.

    • TMBuzzard

      They aren’t clueless, they think we are stupid.

    • Yes. The people who elected them.

  • Ron

    Let me see if I get this… they aren’t scientists but they are wireless communication engineers. Is that right?

  • Bill Baylis

    wouldn’t be surprised if if one looks at Rick Perry’s and Ted Cruz’s campaign finance accounts there will be huge deposits from Comcast and Verizon

    • polliwogg

      Cruz admits that. But, he says it hasn’t influenced his stance.

      • that’s true, his stance was crooked long before those donations!

      • Julie Wickstrom

        Ahhmuuum. Has Cruz checked if his pants are on fire?

      • Frank Hoffman

        Most the leadership in the Group of Pinocchios (GOP) leadership have to wear asbestos underwear.

      • Nick Rudolph

        Yeah, rigjt

    • Coprolite

      Cruz has accepted almost $50,000 in donations from large communication corporations. I question where his interests lie.

      • Stevie Klaus

        It’s closer to $200K from Comcast alone

      • Amy Smith

        it is with their pockets and his is where their interest lie

  • Avatar

    Bottom line this is practically one line that define Rick Perry’s way of thinking; he is fucking clueless about everything that doesn’t regress toward the past or not relate to Republican bullshits.

    • Stanton

      Bottom line is that Perry was hired by the telecom industry to say something nice about the end of net neutrality, and took it as an opportunity to take a potshot at Obama.

  • Richard Hyde

    Rick Perry (and Texas) are living in 1830 !!

  • StarrGazerr615

    I think we should all withhold judgment of Rick Perry’s “intelligence” until we hear his stand on the marques and reprisals clause. Give the poor guy a chance 🙂

  • Kathy Ruth

    Quote from the article:
    Rick Perry said,
    “Instead, we should embrace a business and regulatory climate that encourages competition and empowers consumers with greater choice and access to high-speed internet and all the business, consumer, education and health care benefits that come with it.”

    Isn’t this what Net Neutrality would preserve? An internet that we all can use equally (at least, to me, that’s what this statement seems to mean.)?

    • buricco


    • Erika Frensley

      Actually, what he’s trying to say as politicianly as Gov Goodhair can, is that removing regulations on business would encourage corporations to be competitive as they buy each other out and create monopolies so that consumers have to constantly be aware of changes and traps from the corporations as they get screwed, because consumers with greater choices between hungry corporations means that only the fittest consumers survive, and yay capitalism. You just have to understand Perry-speak.

    • JanMutcher

      That may be what they want you to think when in fact they want the typical user to have to pay more for less than they’re already getting so the fat cats can have “privileged access” to better, faster sites and pay less. It’s the trickle up theory.

  • StopHyperbole

    “Net neutrality negatively affects three things: ISPs, content providers, and …… ummmm ….. errrrr …… OOPS!”

  • regressive teaparty trash

    regressive religious republicans voted this guy in—————— ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and U tell yourself repubs are ” good for America”??? really????? PRAISE ( white 21st century tax free) JEEEEESUS!

  • Hanna Moy

    The USA already has some of the worst internet provision in the world because there is no competition between companies. The USA is a place of monopolies and cartels, in which small business can’t survive.

    I don’t think Rick Perry is confused or stupid, and it is dangerous to continue portraying Republicans in that way. What he says makes no sense because he has to say something that sounds good and toes a neoliberal line while doing something incredibly damaging and corrupt, and so he has to play with words, like any corrupt politician. It it great to call out what is happening, but too often, politicians are portrayed as incompetent when they do things that harm the American people. They are not incompetent. They know what they are doing, and their priority is corporate interests. When Democrats make a big deal about Republicans being stupid, it just alienates conservatives who see Democrats as smug elitists. Republicans cover corruption with incoherence and buzzwords, and it is damaging for everyone to continue acting like this incoherence is due to ignorance and pretending Democrats are just smarter. Who is the one being played for a fool?

    I should probably point out that Democrats are also extremely corrupt – look at how Obama handled the bailout. It is not just Republicans who make corporate interests their first priority.

    • Hanna Moy

      This comment section’s “Why is he so dumb? I just don’t get it. Heh heh must be inbreeding” proves my point. Let’s all let go of the cheap shots and see unbelievably deep-rooted corruption for what it is.

    • JanMutcher

      I think you’ve hit on something there Hanna. I tend to read quite a few posts and it’s hard not to talk down to people who are insulting you and your party. It’s not going to change any minds though and that’s exactly how the GOP wants it. I do question your assertion about President Obama and the bank bailouts though. I am of the understanding that those were arranged before the president took office.

      • Hanna Moy

        They censored my response to you because it included links, so let me just recommend that you read Matt Taibbi’s investigative journalism on Obama appointing wall street types to design the bailout.

      • Bob Hawn

        The republicans bring in lobbiest to write bills for them. How is that advantagious to consumers?

      • Hanna Moy

        It’s not. But unfortunately Republicans and Democrats both often have links to lobbyists or get cushy jobs in the firms that previously lobbied them after making “pro-business” decisions.

  • guest

    I’m sure this has already been said. Rick Perry doesn’t need net neutrality to make him look stupid.

  • klhayes

    Aren’t Republicans trying to take us back in time anyway? He insulted his party’s main goal with that one statement.

  • BkDodge42

    It would appear that Allen has no clue again about what Net Neutrality actually means. He hasn’t read the FCC Chairman’s comments about this subject, nor looked at what it could mean to consumers. This change would only implement the policy that had been in effect since 2010.

  • Kim Serrahn

    When has he never looked like a fool.

  • John Staller

    It’s about time for me, as a middle class citizen, to decide between having food on the table, or cable and internet. Gosh, somehow I made it to 39 without having either…(cable and internet). It’s just getting ridiculous, and user fees will the the new republican “tax” as they take over. Good luck to the idiots who keep voting for republicans.

    • Hanna Moy

      I feel like a lot of Americans call themselves middle class when they are obviously working class. I don’t know how the working class became so demonized in America, so that politicians only talk about helping the middle class….the working class are the ones struggling and are the ones doing the *work*. As inequality increases, we are all working class. Might as well look out for each other instead of blaming poverty on the poorest, or blaming the poor for being poor (not that you are doing those things – I was just interested to see how this term is used so often).

  • Alan Chesterton

    Another example of the kind of people who populate the F.I.G. (Fear, Ignorance and Greed) Party … a.k.a. Republicans.

  • erik thorne

    One thing this article skipped over is that the small business would have to pay all the different ISPs and not just one to get good service.

  • Seeking Uno

    Yes. The solution is to look to government. Things never go wrong when they get involved ……… *snirk*

    • PMR

      Odds are at some point in our lifetime internet access will be regarded as a basic “need” like electricity. And ISPs are not a free market, they are an example of a natural monopoly where scale decreases costs with a lot of infrastructure that needs to get built. They do look a lot like a utility and there is a reasonable argument to make that they should be treated as such. The problem with the government is always evil/incompetent sound bite is it ignores reality sometimes. You need a way to do some things that a free market can’t.

  • Bernard Terway

    This definitely does not prove Rick Perry is stupid. that has been a known fact before he opened his mouth about this topic.

  • ThomasCampbell

    So, as far as I can tell, this whole site isn’t actually about reporting
    “news”; it’s just “reporting” about Conservatives, so they can piss off
    liberals and continue to sew divisiveness in America. Or am I missing
    something here?
    Just about every article listed is about either the
    GOP or some other conservative issue. Where’s the part that’s supposed
    to be about going Forward and being “Progressive”? it all seems to be
    just a hodgepodge of creative conservative-bashing–basically, a rehash
    of all the negative campaign ads I saw during the recent election

    • Charles Vincent

      Nope you’re pretty much on the money. Although this id an OP ED site they pass off as “News” or “facts”.

  • Nick Rudolph

    The title should be, “Rick Perry looks the absolute fool (Pick a Topic). Another huge embarrassment for the great state of Texas. and remember we have a pretty low standard in place, witness Cruz, Gohmert, 2 Bushes and our governor Greg Abbott.

  • Frank Hoffman

    If the Oops Man is so danged a-feared of outdated notions, how does he explain his position on marriage equality?

  • Paul Browne

    …..And so in the republicans race to be the stupidest politician on the planet Rick Perry takes a slight lead. More at 10……

    Seriously, I having never seen a quote of Rick Perry where he has EVER said anything sensible. The man has the IQ of a goldfish.

    • Semper Fi

      Then there’s the dems with global warming, islands tipping over, building white house moats….list can go on for days lol.

      • Paul Browne

        You voted up your own comment? That is sad.