Rick Perry Says That Unlike Obama, He Will Heal America – By Stopping Abortion

Former Texas governor Rick Perry. Image via lifenews.com

Former Texas governor Rick Perry.
Image via lifenews.com

The anti-abortion National Right To Life Committee is having their annual convention this year in New Orleans. I know this because my very conservative Catholic mother is going, I’ve been hearing about it for weeks, and now she’s thrilled because my sister scored her tickets to a prayer breakfast tomorrow with Ms. Kay from the Duck Dynasty television show. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only ones rolling your eyes at this one.

Among the speakers that were scheduled to address the convention are a number of 2016 Republican presidential candidates, including former Texas governor Rick Perry. Even our own Bobby Jindal, who spends more time in Iowa campaigning than he does here in Louisiana, will make a rare appearance in the state to speak to the people in attendance.

Rick Perry spoke today and promised the crowd at the New Orleans Marriott that if he was elected in 2016, unlike President Obama, he would heal America and bring people together – by ending abortion.

“For six and a half years, we have had a president who has used divisiveness as a tool for his political advantage,” he said. “He’s advertised in the battleground states that Republicans are a threat to women’s health. It’s time we had a president who transcends petty politics, who heals this nation, who brings us together, who can change truly this culture that we see in America today and do it through love, do it through tolerance, do it through healing.

“Because this is the most important truth: As long as Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, the only way to stop abortion is one pregnancy at a time, one woman at a time, one heart at a time.” (Source)

It’s funny, here’s a convention full of religious conservatives who proudly claim to be “pro-life” eating up the words of a man who oversaw more executions than any other governor, including at least one prisoner who was likely innocent. Many of the people in attendance, my family included, are devout Catholics who conveniently forget about the church’s doctrine which firmly opposes the death penalty.

The hypocrisy was pretty astounding as Rick Perry touted his “pro-life” credentials and bragged about the legislation he signed into law:

“I’m really proud of what we did to protect life,” Perry said. “I signed a parental consent law I sighed an ultrasound law so mothers facing that agonizing choice can actually see. And I know that it works. On my iPad, there is that 20 week picture of my first grandkid. And her mother understands now the most preciousness of life, that that’s not a mass or something that ca be discarded. You see it right there in those beautiful toes and that beautiful nose and mouth. I’m not sure there’s been a more powerful tool in the great repertoire of technology than that sonogram to protect the life of the innocent in America.” (Source)

While it’s true that Rick Perry is one of the less inflammatory candidates in the Republican field this time around, his track record as governor of Texas shows that he’s very much an opponent of women’s reproductive rights. The same goes for every major Republican candidate, all of which would be almost certain to stack the Supreme Court with anti-choice justices if elected president.

Almost every single one of the people who will attend the annual National Right To Life Committee convention in New Orleans will be voting in the 2015 state legislative elections, as well as the three gubernatorial elections that will also be held this November. They’re voting for candidates who have promised to end access to reproductive healthcare, not just abortion services. They’re voting – are you?


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