Rick Perry Vetoes “Buy American” Bill Approved 145-0 by Texas House

rickperryvetoRare is it that you get true bipartisan support on anything political these days, but that’s exactly what happened a few days ago when the Texas Senate and House sent the “Buy American” bill to Governor Rick Perry’s desk.

Passing the Senate by a vote of 23-7 and the House 145-0, the Texas legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill meant to give preference to American-made goods for purchase by the State of Texas when they are of equal cost and quality to foreign-made products.

In other words, if an American-made product and foreign-made product are of equal quality and cost, when the state is purchasing a good or service, the state would always give preference to the American-made product or service.

96% of Texas legislators supported the “Buy American” bill…

And Rick Perry vetoed it.

Now tell me there’s not something very wrong when a bill is supported by 96% of a state’s legislators, yet gets vetoed by the governor.

Then again, this has nothing to do with buying American, supporting American-made products and creating American jobs. The only thing Rick Perry cares about is his ability to give contracts to his big corporate buddies who use cheap international labor and outsource American jobs.

This also follows his recent veto of a GOP-backed disclosure bill, which would have forced social welfare groups that spend more than $25,000 a year on political expenses to disclose contributions that exceed $1,000.

Again, the disclosure bill was a Republican sponsored and supported  bill.

And I won’t even get into his continued stance on denying millions of Texans living in poverty health care by avoiding provisions in the Affordable Care Act.  That’s a subject for another day.

But this is exactly what Republicans asked for, and it proudly displays the sheep-like voting by many conservatives.

You really can’t be shocked by his behavior.  After all, what did conservatives expect?  This is a man who publicly slammed the 2009 stimulus bill, while privately using money from that very same stimulus to balance his state’s budget.

A balanced budget which was his main talking point during his 2010 re-election campaign, and during his failed 2012 presidential run.

Oh, and a 2010 re-election bid where he refused to talk to any Texas media outlets or debate his opponent, former Houston mayor Bill White.

I don’t care which side of the political spectrum you’re on — anyone who votes for a politician (especially an incumbent) who refuses to publicly debate a challenger should be ashamed of themselves.

Rick Perry epitomizes the truest form of the shady, self-serving, unethical politician.

As a Texan I’m embarrassed this man represents my state.

But the ones who should really be embarrassed are those who voted for him.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • And THIS is a surprise to ANYONE who has followed this lock-step, dogmatized, money-pandering creep? Do you REALLY think this guy gives a rat’s ass about ANYTHING but preserving his privileged position? Open your eyes to your future, sheep. If you’re not moneyed or powerful you can just “piss up a rope” in the politically-beholden Perry’s eyes. Have a nice life- if you’re not rich or can’t help advance Perry’s myopic world view, well, go fuck yourself.

    • Kurt Tappe

      > preserving his privileged position

      He’s not going to be able to do that much longer if his next opponent uses this and his other actions in their TV ad campaign. Texans are NOT going to take kindly at all to this latest move of his.

      • Lisa West

        I hope you’re right. I’m sometimes concerned that far too many Texans just push any name with an (R) next to it without really knowing why, except that’s what Jesus would do.

      • Guest

        Funny how religious people like to squeeze in “that’s what Jesus would’ve done”. Unless the talking snake would have anything to do with his choices :O

      • Darryl Price

        Sure they will, those dumbasses will vote for any douchebag with an R in front of his name just like their cousins in South Carolina

      • If it gets covered in the news. This is the first I’ve heard of the bill, much less his Veto of it. Too busy covering the local The Voice contestant to be bothered with real issues, I guess.

  • JP

    When will people stop voting to re-elect this creep?

    • Marge

      When the farmed inbreds die out.

    • YayMichelleIsGone

      It’s like Michelle Bachmann…she just announced she won’t run again next year (I hope she doesn’t change her mind…what’s left of it). Perry will continue to run as long as there are idiots who continue to vote him in…unless he comes under a federal investigation and his chances of winning look increasingly unlikely…then he will bow out like Michelle did to try to save face.

  • Hypnotic Element

    Hey CNN, this is news, not the Jodi Arias trial. Put this in your “news” line up.

    • hegesias

      This is not FBI-Psy-Ops approved. Therefore, no CNN.

    • Naysayer

      But then the Repugs would use that as proof that CNN is Liberally biased. I’d love to see what Faux Noise would have to say about it but I bet they wouldn’t give it 10 seconds even if every other media outlet carried it.

  • Well he is a commie lover

    • Eric Keene


      • “Well he is a commie lover.”

        Pretty sure that’s what William said.

  • So Texas is going to boycott shopping at Walmart? I highly doubt it…

    • Eric Keene

      What item in Wal-Mart do you think was made in America? The whole damned store is full of items made in sweatshops abroad.

    • John E. Conway

      I dont think you read the bill correctly.

      • Phillip Taylor

        … except that Perry’s rich buddies can import much cheaper (but similar quality) stuff from China, and sell it to the Texan government for the same price that you can get it in the US, and simply pocket the difference.

      • shawn_von_socialist

        bingo, its under-cutting
        just for profits

      • MKEBM929

        … but, but, but I thought the republicans were job creators for the AMERICAN, blue-collar, public!?! Tell me they haven’t been lying to me all this time!? Say it ain’t so!!

      • John E. Conway

        Which is why he vetoed the bill. I was simly clarifying to Dale that the bill wasn’t what he seemed to think it was, bit Slick rick is just out to make more money for himself at the state’s expense…like a true Texas republican does. So glad I don’t live there anymore.

      • John E. Conway

        Isn’t that kinda the point of why he vetoed it?

    • parksoul

      The bill has virtually nothing do with what you and I buy as individuals. It might be useful to read the bill or a summary of it before commenting.

  • LadyDeerHeart

    Sounds just like another man, politically from Texas, and he made it to the Whitehouse. We are still paying for his self serving politics while he is living large & hiding from the media. Funny that not even paparazzi try to find him.

  • David Starkey


    • Robin Fletcher


    • JP

      God, I hope you are right!

    • Trueblue

      Blue balls maybe. Republicans are f’king morons these days, but Democrats are still Mao loving, fem-nazis.

      This whole country is gone to sh!t, that’s why I’m on the other side of the planet.

      • Jim Woody

        Please do us a favor and stay there, trueblue.

      • g4change

        Exactly why I’m Libertarian.

      • Frank Elliott

        A Libertarian is just an embarrassed Republican.

      • Lisa West

        Can you blame them for being embarrassed?

      • Nelson

        A libertarian simply believes in the principle of non-aggression. It is not embarrassment, it is enlightenment.

      • RTR

        A libertarian is someone who has no concept of how the real world works.

      • Fellow Traveler

        > A libertarian is someone who has no concept of how the real world works.

        What, then, is law? It is the collective organization of the individual right to lawful defense. If every person has the right to defend even by force — his person, his liberty, and his property, then it follows that a group of men have the right to organize and support a common force to protect these rights constantly. Thus the principle of collective right — its reason for existing, its lawfulness — is based on individual right. And the common force that protects this collective right cannot logically have any other purpose or any other mission than that for which it acts as a substitute. Thus, since an individual cannot lawfully use force against the person, liberty, or property of another individual, then the common force — for the same reason — cannot lawfully be used to destroy the person, liberty, or property of individuals or groups. Such a perversion of force would be, in both cases, contrary to our premise. Force has been given to us to defend our own individual rights. Who will dare to say that force has been given to us to destroy the equal rights of our brothers? Since no individual acting separately can lawfully use force to destroy the rights of others, does it not logically follow that the same principle also applies to the common force that is nothing more than the organized combination of the individual forces? If this is true, then nothing can be more evident than this: The law is the organization of the natural right of lawful defense. It is the substitution of a common force for individual forces. And this common force is to do only what the individual forces have a natural and lawful right to do: to protect persons, liberties, and properties; to maintain the right of each, and to cause justice to reign over us all.

      • Kirk welch

        I understand Libertarians all too well, in one word your Anarchists, go shove that Any Rand bag of douche up your nose and drown in it.

      • Have fucking sucking on the dicks of democrats and republicans.

      • b baggins

        Dems are govt tools. You remind me alot of Hitlers Nazi Germany. You are advocating the same things. You just dont want it going on in our country. Good job tool.

      • Thoreau

        That’s right, Dems are advocating concentration camps for jews and homosexuals, just like the Nazis.

      • Mr.Canada

        Actually Libertarians are not Anarchists, and most Anarchists strain of thought have no resemblance to Libertarianism nor do they relate to the ideologies of Ayn Rand, that is called Objectivism.

      • RTR

        Well, now I’m convinced. Gimme one more hit, and then I’m off to English Lit.

      • Bill

        A Libertarian is simply a Republican who wants to smoke pot and get laid.

      • b baggins

        Or someone who doesnt believe killing kids for oil and religious ideology is a good idea.

      • RTR

        That’s called a liberal.

      • jchastn

        The only thing wrong with Libertarianism is that it depend on everyone wanting to do the right thing and do it together. People are greedy and full of hate. Libertarianism is a utopian ideal that will not work in this naive, and at the same time, corrupt nation.

      • You’re an idiot. Libertarians hate government plain and simple.

      • b baggins

        Libertarians. Plotting to take over and leave you alone. How are those oil wars going? What about the targeted assasinations? How about the endless printing of money which raises costs on everything and makes you poorer? Thats a dumb thing to be for. But thats exactly what you dems a epubs want. Someone controlling your every move so you can continue to bury your face in your iphone. Which tracks you by the way. HAHAHAHAHA

      • b baggins

        A democrat is a gay republican. Look at Obama’s policies as proof. Mirror Bush’s which you claimed to hate before, but drool over now. TOOL.

        Im independent as in I can think for myself. Wish you could say the same. your a “liberal” for war and corporatism. just like a republican.

      • Bill

        God, you Righties: learn the difference between your and you’re. PLEASE. And stop with the homophobia, queenie.

      • Trueblue

        And a Progressive is just a slightly more fascist Democrat.

      • vadersapp

        Fascism is to progressivism as communism is to conservatism. They are opposites, genius. Fascism is a far right (conservative) political ideology and communism is a far left (progressive/liberal) political ideology. Every time someone says liberals are fascists, they just exclaimed to everyone that they do not know what fascism is. Congratulations. And while we’re at it (not directed at you specifically, Trueblue), socialism and communism are two different things just as capitalism and fascism are. They’re not necessarily unrelated but they are not synonyms. Stop using them like they’re interchangeable. They’re not.

      • Trueblue

        Fascism is a merger of state and corporate entities.

        Communism is the abolition of anything other than the state.

        Quit acting like they’re different, no matter what happens, the people get fucked, and the state comes out supreme.

      • vadersapp

        Fascism isn’t a merger of state and corporate entities. Fascism is a totalitarian form of government, meaning the government will indeed have total control over corporate entities but they also have control over every other aspect of its citizen’s lives, public and private. It is a political system based on authoritarian nationalism that usually seeks to make the regime the only thing standing between the citizens and some evil real or fictional. Fascist governments usually have in common strong themes of ultranationalism, ethnocentrism, and militarism and they typically display incredible xenophobia. All of these things are conservative ideologies.

        Communism is not the abolition of anything other than the state. In its pure form, its intended form it’s a society where all goods and means of production are owned by all. It’s a classless, moneyless and stateless society where goods are shared as needed. However, in practice it has become a society where an authoritarian government owns and controls all means of production. In communist theory this was meant to be a transition stage between capitalism and pure communism (a stage which many communists have opposed, preferring an immediate change to full communism from capitalism), but instead the authoritarian governments have taken root and destroyed what they were created for. Essentially, what is seen as “communism” in various governments in the world is actually the transition stage to true communism gone wrong. There are no actual communist nations in the world.

        So the ideal Fascist government and the authoritarian states that have arisen out of an attempt at communism ARE similar in a lot of ways. But as I said, what is seen in “communist” countries is not actually a communist system at all so using that as a model for communism is a false equivalency. You could make the argument that the attempted transition to full communism on a large scale is only destined to turn into a authoritarian government, and anyone would be hard pressed to argue with you on that, but that doesn’t say anything about the idea of communism itself or a society based off of it.

        In practice they have turned out to be not altogether dissimilar “communist” and fascists governments, but the actual meaning of communism and fascism are very different. Also, despite their similarities in practice, they fascist governments have always been hostile to communist countries, so clearly they see a difference.

      • The common thread here is government involvement in the affairs of society. Government involved in anything turns it to crap.

      • vadersapp

        No, that’s not true either. Government with too much power is an awful thing, definitely, but used correctly, government can be the missing link to prosperity. Look at the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. These countries have socialistic programs for education (including, undergraduate and graduate levels) and healthcare, they have tight business regulations on wages and environmental protection. Their people pay a lot in taxes. but as a result, these countries have more educated, wealthier and happier people with a MUCH higher standard of living. The government socializing programs that are private in the US has incredibly improved all of these systems and, as a result, these countries top the ranks on nearly every list of studies on quality of life, happiness, average level of education, health and longevity.

        The bottom line is there are right ways to use government and wrong ways. But fearing government involvement does not improve things and actually makes things worse for those without money and resources who would be voiceless without government.

      • I am saying that when you involve government in to many things its bound to blow up in your face. And government likes to consolidate power, and quite often people help them. The German people cheerfully elected hitler.

      • johnsawyer

        Charles: only a minority (a little above 30%) of Germans voted for Hitler. And that was before he revealed his real plans.

      • Dane Calderon

        Nothing about Libertarians contrasts any of the ultra conservative stuff in question here. Cut all taxes, kill all public programs, privatize everything, de-regulate everything, and watch the nation crumble around you while a handful of kings live off the fruits of your labor and you beg for crumbs. Libertarians are the worst because they try to seduce young liberals with dreams of legalized pot.

      • Johnnycharr

        You people don’t understand libertarians at all. Personally I would much rather have dangerous freedom than safe slavery. Statist zombies.

      • AXSX

        And here we see the level of maturity the average libertarian possesses. Unfortunately, most libertarians never grew up past the angsty, rebellious “You can’t tell me what to do, Dad!” phase most other people grow out of in High School and still spout cringeworthy insults like “sheeple” or their favorite pejorative “statist” whenever their ideology is challenged.

        What a strange species.

      • Johnnycharr

        And here we see the level of maturity of the average liberal. Unfortunately, most liberals never grew up past the dependent, whiny breastfeeding stage of development most people grow out of by age one and build cringeworthy straw man arguments based on their faulty understanding of libertarian ideology, as well as libertarians themselves when their own ideology is challenged by such.
        They love their chains which makes them a truly strange species indeed.

      • Bill

        Ah, Johnny. “Love their chains?’ You Righties are the enslaved ones. The one percent owns you and all you have, yet you keep voting for what aids them.

      • jchastn

        But the righties are so FREE! Free to be white christian intelligence limited males. But if you are brown and or female/gay and you won’t kiss a pastor/priest’s ass, or your IQ is higher than your age, you are shit outta. I think that these guys are afraid they wont pass a background check because they cant really read and or comprehend it.

      • b baggins

        lets debate. “most libertarians never grew up past the angsty, rebellious “You can’t tell me what to do, Dad!” ms. hypocrite. how are your “liberal” oil wars, and public corporate losses going? Sounds like tyranny to me. Fascism at minimum.

      • Doesn’t it just piss you off?

      • b baggins

        not really. Statists are gonna state. Libertarians are actually truly liberal down to their core beliefs. “progressive liberals” ae just democrats. The same ones that brought us the KKK, and fought in favor of slavery and tried to deny people basic civil rights well into the 60’s thats what “progressive” is. Even the push for immigration reform is funded completely by corporations. In my 33 years on this earth i have never seen a corporation put people before profits. The dems want their slaves and cheap labor back.

      • b baggins

        statists are gonna state. “watch the nation crumble around you while a handful of kings live off the fruits of your labor and you beg for crumbs.” What do you think is going on now? HAHAHAHAHA. Obviously dane, your brainwashing is complete. tune into MSNBC, CNN, FOX, NPR for further thoughts.

      • Fellow Traveler

        > a handful of kings live off the fruits of your labor and you beg for crumbs

        The situation you described comes from the two-party system, which uses government force to cartelize corporations and unions.

        The only way to have the freedom to KEEP the fruits of your labor, is to properly restrict government violence so that it’s only used against true criminals, instead of using it to oppress innocent people.

      • b baggins

        AGRRED! Fellow Traveler.

      • Madame DeFarge

        I think all of these arguments are overlooking an essential element of the second amendment: The first clause states that a well regulated militia IS necessary to a free state. Some comments have observed that a militia is the people, ie non-military. A militia is actually a military made up of the people. The U.S. doesn’t have that anymore. We started down a different path by making the military all-volunteer standing army/navy,etc. Now we’ve taken the next step of having much of our military work performed by private contractors – mercenaries. This is very nice for those of us who don’t want to serve in a militia – we can just pay others to serve in our place on a massive scale – but in doing so we’ve granted those others a great deal of power. If a well regulated militia is necessary to a free state, and there is no militia, regulated or otherwise, what happens to our free state?

      • RTR

        Anyone who believes and quotes Rush Limbaugh is, as you say, a “f’king moron”.

      • Trueblue

        Rush Limbaugh, the media hack?

        F’k him too.

      • Giantfan3

        Then keep you comments to yourself you remind me of P Morgan. Nobody cares what you think if you left America!

      • Trueblue

        Nobody cared what I thought when I stayed, either. Doesn’t mean I’m just going to shut up about how I feel.

    • threevolve

      Comment of the year.

      Upvoted for “Governor Butt-Nugget”

      • Trueblue

        Yeah, because “Governor Butt-Nugget” was the wittiest thing I’ve heard this year. It definitely deserves “Comment of the year.”

        From a sideline approach, here, in a much more mature land, I must ask: “Are you 5 years old, or equipped with a mental deficiency akin to down syndrome?”

        People thinking comments like these are “comment of the year” is exactly why America is a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

        We(**) are so ridiculously immature and under-educated as a nation, and this hollywood, kindergarten insult lifestyle shows exactly how brainless we’ve become as a nation.

        Rick Perry is a c*nt.
        Rush Limbaugh is a c*nt
        Obama is a c*nt
        Rachel Maddow is a c*nt

        Our(***) country is run by nothing but useless c*nts, to whom we are enslaved, by working for money**** to finance this perpetually broken system, which in turn takes more of our money(****), and becomes ever-more perpetually broken.

        Nevermind that though, you’re so pretentiously content with your choice between Coke or Pepsi that you forget both of them have Aspartame, an artificial sweetener which is a manufactured byproduct of the f’king E-Coli virus.


        (**)you, because I left already, and I am in the process of obtaining citizenship elsewhere.

        (***)see “you”.

        (****)money = labor / time / life / efforts



        Your immaturity and asswipe attitude has killed our nation, and you’re a slave to people who don’t give a shit about you, Republican or Democrat, Libertarian or Progressive.


        Quit being a slave to people who call themselves your superiors. Break the chains.

      • Ben

        Trueblue, have a Snickers. You’re not you when you’re hungry.

      • Trueblue

        Hey, doesn’t make a shit-eating bit of difference to me if you think I’m joking. That only proves my point about everyone in the states being immature.

        As I said, I’m on the other side of the planet, my child has a different nationality, and soon, I will as well.

        If you can’t grasp the severity of this situation, it’s your problem, but when you find yourself asking “where have all the good people gone?”, remind yourself of this conversation, because stuff like this is what chases us away.

      • Bishop

        “…proves my point about everyone in the states being immature”

        “where have all the good people gone?…stuff like this is what chases us away”

        Surprisingly, I don’t find the repeated typification of an entire nation’s people for the purpose of reinforcing some sort of inflated personal image characteristic of a desirable person. For someone so quick to diagnose mental disorders (see the statement accusing user “threevolve” of “being equipped with a mental deficiency akin to down syndrome”), I sincerely hope you’re seeking adequate treatment for narcissistic personality disorder. Enjoy your time away from the states, I surely will.

      • Trueblue

        Yep, I have enjoyed every second I’ve spent away from America.

        Have fun with your ruined country. When the economy takes a nose dive, it’s your problem. I’m living self sufficiently with my family on the other side of the planet, far detached from your increasingly communist, warmongering hellhole.

        Btw, your country, and yourself, are a joke to the rest of the world. You will learn this if you ever manage to see somewhere other than the same 5 blocks you’ve hung around since birth.

      • David Starkey

        This Warmongering hellhole is getting more peacemongering every year. The economy is getting better, the number of knuckleheaded & pointyheaded racist dipshits is down & even more have outed themselves. We are no joke, BUT WE WERE UNDER THAT UNDERQUALIFIED, SMIRKING FRAT-WEASEL OF AN ECONOMIC DISASTER PREDECESOR, DUHbya.

      • BoulderBiker

        Like the smell of your own farts much? I love living in the states… you live where ever you want to live. I’ll live my life happily here… with none of the issue that drove you’re self-righteous ass away. We are only a joke to you, in the same way you are a joke to us.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        he couldnt make it here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now he lives with sugar cane and locusts

      • deckbose

        Whatever started as a reasonable comment has degenerated into immature arrogance and foolish sniping. If you’re so concerned about the national immaturity level, you set a damn poor example of what maturity is supposed to look like.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        wow— so I better sell my 4 properties ( 3 investment: 2 commercial/one residential rental incomes) the other my 3400 sq ft condo on beach in Pompano and cash out my hugely successful ( 74% this year including options ; 60% for past 5 yrs) and my 100% CASH income as a self employed CHEF in south florida so I can live in some xenophobia-continuing cesspool your non fit ass lives in? move away from 75 degree weather in winter; scantily clad macromastial ( sadly some are “pseudomastial”) women who often fall to my thelyphthoric predations? Move away from the LAND OF MY BIRTH ( coral gables/ FT.L) and worry about less than stellar medicinal practice and rat infested foods? Im wealthy— and Im insulated from any financial usurping that U cretins wishfully predict. U didn’t make it: U had to move–
        Communist??? “HELLO COMRADE “– we love it here- and I don’t care about the crybaby rightwingers who charade under the VOODOO “praise jeeesus” crap– let them spin

      • Trueblue

        Lol, your half coherent statement tells me that if you’re financially stable in any sense of the word, it’s called “welfare”. Any person who owns half the shit you claim to wouldn’t be so lazy to type ‘u’ instead of ‘you’, and would know that ‘Im’ is actually “I’m”, because it’s a truncated form of ‘I am’.

        However, perhaps I’m wrong about you. You seem to be some sort of intellectual. Your little spiel about how you came to wealth sounds like the beginning of an ad for some cheap pyramid scheme. At least you’re a capable con artist. I’m willing to bet that if you DO have those properties, it’s because you bought cheap debt and foreclosed on some poor, hungry family over it.

        Something tells me if you’re some sort of spokesperson for the rich and wealthy of America, the future of our nation is ill-fated, and I placed my bets on the winning horse by leaving.

        Furthermore, you posted this 17 hours ago and you already got 1 upvote on a 7 month old article? Yeah, nobody would suspect a thing. You wouldn’t possibly upvote yourself, no, that would be dishonest and narcissistic.

        You know what happens in the airports near where I live? You walk through a metal detector, not millimeter wave/backscatter xray machine, and if you decline walking through these non-existent machines, don’t worry, you won’t be molested for it by some criminal who couldn’t pass a background check if they even did them in the first place!

        You enjoy your little ‘paradise’, with your diseased women who hump entire neighborhoods during spring break vacations, but don’t call where I live “communist”, you’re currently a couple hundred miles from a full on power hungry Soviet government, I’m a couple thousand.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        awwww,,,,,,,,,,,,,did U “faw” down and go BOOM??? Does it seeeeem 2U I cannot write?? U F8cking crybaby! I made my money out of near nothing: raised ina slightly above average home ( til moms 2nd divorce when I was 15) and My income was–and still is– predicated upon my being a self employed CHEF in a unique business application ( of which I wont share even as it is very legal)….Funny how U small dicked crybabies claim all the women that men sex are NOW infected—which easily and readily translates into YOU don’t have the anatomical correctness or socio-economic acumen to be allowed “entry” into the aforementioned gracile- and MACROmastial– women which I have been privileged (??) to share bodily fluids with for 3 decades–( its actually very simple AND easy). How I purchased my properties????? Hmmm– maybe in your acerebral “thinking” I should “buy HIGH” and sell LOW??? I can assure U I have been in jail: the restless dreams of youth and irascible behaviors associated with that did place me in jail( overnight; NO PRISONS) for such reprehensible atrocities as : driving in suspended license ( 21 yrs old) and picking psilocybin ( magic) mushrooms –see: “trespassing” whilst in high school. Seems U are again barking up “da wrong tree” in your archetypal crybaby regressive anti American hatred. Republican scum trashed us over the past 33 yrs–and although dems are FAR FROM PERFECT they are indeed caring- in principle– about the American populace as a whole: not just older white trash pseudo-Christian scum

      • Trueblue

        If you cook anything, it’s probably meth. Look at you. You write like you’re either 5 years old, or dusted to the f**king eyeballs.

        Furthermore, all you seem to care about is money, possessions, and women, so psychology denotes that those are probably the 3 things you don’t actually even have. lol

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        sounds like U have a problem with a successful man such as I cleaning up on tangible assets! really looks like I have a “problem” getting females in my bed doesn’t it!?! NOTE: I don’t drink or smoke; don’t TOUGH drugs,,,and I am totototally into sweets such as YOO HOOs and TURTLE candy— you probably drink crappy redneck beer; eat pizza and jerk your micro weenie to internet “porn” as you cannot even have the moxie to place a photo of your((GULP!) self up!!
        your “paralogism” extrapolates into perhaps I should expound ONLY upon self awareness; supernutrients in diet and whether the warping of space can get beyond theoretical expansion.
        When a 5 yr old can pen syntax and utilize a lexiphanic verbosity as I can I do wish to meet him/her so we can wet ourselves with lachrymose obsession as our EYEBALLS simply cannot rationalize how U still exist

      • Trueblue

        I have better things to do than bicker with a drug using bum who doesn’t listen. Take care.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        that’s the best U can do??? fuel up little man,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yours is a a typical reply of a defeated loser ALA FOX “news” verbosity
        PS– we love knowing u cannot get any quality vag!

      • SirOwen

        Well, please allow me to speak for all of us who didn’t puss-out, give up and run away. “Thank you for leaving the country that we love and increasing the overall testosterone level.”

      • Trueblue

        My pleasure. That ship is the Titanic. Enjoy the ride, I’m glad I got off at the last stop.

        PS: Only the absurdly wealthy have life boats. If you’re reading this, you’re not them.

      • David Starkey


      • Justme

        Really do you know what nutrasweet is made of? Just cause the FDA says something does not make it written in stone.It is made of aspartic acid, phenylalanine,methanol. You have every right to poison yourself if you chose.

      • Trueblue

        Yeah, you look sickly and obese. How’s that diet coke treating you? Given any candy to kids from your Chevy van lately?

      • David Starkey

        I don’t consume diet sodas – I only use aspartame in my coffee – when hot, there is no diet taste.
        How’s the redecorating under the bridge going?
        How’s the all billygoat diet working out for ya?
        Trolling ASSHOLE

      • Trueblue

        That’ll be one red herring if ye wish to pass.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        please read my replies to that non photo’ed regressive republican crybaby……..

      • Trueblue

        Actually, I think the Republicans AND Democrats are both total f**king idiots. They’re 2 sides of the same flawed coin.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        wow! a stance!!! perhaps u can ( may?) edify us all as to whom is a suitable replacement?

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        hey F*CKFACE——– Do I look sickly and obese?? 6’2 1/2 210 at 14 % body fat. I onw a chevy van ( work related ) in addition to my 2 other cars and am seriously reviewing a 2013 “supersnake” Shelby mustang as I already own a 1972 MACH 1 Mustang —– care to attempt aspersive rhetoric with me?

      • Trueblue

        You seem to have a complex that makes you think if you tell me everything you own, I will somehow magically believe you & think you’re better than me.

        I don’t give a damn what you own, or how you got it. Money doesn’t make a bum any less of a bum.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        yep– correct: possessions do NOT make the individual: they simply let losers such as you recognize ( even as they cry they don’t “wanna”) that success is available to those gifted with insight; some talent and some luck. You attack another guy for his aesthetics; yet I surely BLOW U AWAY and U BRAVELY hide –with NO photo– and attempt to scorn me as U simply are average at best—-at BEST! we LOVE sh*tbags such as YOU– typical crybabies who piss and shake the rattle in your crib yet have nothing and ARE nothing.
        I am NOT wealthy; I am well off and my passive residual income exceeds my expenditures: RICH DAD/POOR DAD teachings,,,,, Im telling you as its quite cleat to me that U own nothing: and I do NOT mean that in a tangible way. U simply own no esteem or confidence as evidenced by your FOX “news” diatribe and complicity to sound (sound??) such as those liars and one-sided regressive crybabies do. When scurvy such as you have a viable platform to pontificate from perhaps we will listen———- until then? We simply laugh

      • Todd Parker

        The States is fucked. It’s fucked irreparably…and it’s fucked because of people who continue to pretend that Republicans should continue to be taken seriously simply because they wear nice suits and have enough money to hold public office. If everyone’s response to the pretensions to civilization by cro-magnon clowns like Perry was a hearty belly-laugh and a playful push into the mud where they belong this country would be in far better condition.

      • David Starkey

        “Governor Butt-Nugget” was in the fine Texas tradition of people like Molly Ivens, who called “DUHbya” “Shrub”, and Governor Ann “Bush was born with a silver FOOT in his mouth” Richards.

      • Trueblue

        Yeah right. You’re just trying to feel like less of a hick by proclaiming yourself to be a progressive, and progressives are dumbing themselves down by cheering you on.

        Something tells me you & your parents disagree on a lot of things, namely, politics.

      • Butterball

        some valid points there; others not so much. First, it wasn’t Obama who tagged the amendment allowing detention of American citizens to an unrelated bill that had to be signed. It’s also not Obama who has kept Guantanamo Bay open. He’s also not attempting to go to work with Syria. As for the drone bombings and reauthorizing the Patriot Act, attacks on civilians also happened multiple times under President Bush, and he also signed the original Patriot Act and reauthorized it.

      • Trueblue

        A federal judge, Kathleen Forrest, struck down the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA 2012.

        Guess who appealed the decision? The Obama Administration, not the GOP.

      • Chuck Reed

        You still here? Go express your right to freedom of expression in your new Country, if you have one that is!

      • David Starkey

        I know – more importantly, I KNOW WHY.
        I’d explain it, but that would rob you of the joy of finding it for yourself.
        Besides, you may not understand it.
        Search for Obama & Unconstitutional, and you’ll find it.
        heh heh heh

      • Trueblue

        Get a life, dude, seriously. You’re responding to a post I wrote a month ago. If you’re so desperate for attention, go call a suicide hotline or something.

      • David Starkey

        Idiot, I get on Disqus so infrequently that I didn’t even notice the date. Since you found it necessary to respond, I wonder if perhaps you’re projecting.

      • dsdjkhjb

        bush bush bush.. i am so sick of people making excuses for obama by blaming bush.. or any other number of easy targets.. its the philosophy of the obama admin.. blame the other guy.. its his administration he has no one to blame but himself.. he has signed numerous ex orders.. he could have ended the bush wars with the flick of a pen… what we have found out is that candidate obama didnt know what he was talking about…. as in a severe lack of experience.. re: ending all the bush wars.. not letting the gov spy on the citizens as he preached in one of his sermons/speeches.. what he realizes now is that bush was not that far off the mark on most things.. he just want admit it

      • Chuck Reed

        Fox and all the extremists on your side defended all those decisions when it was Bush! Whats up?

      • Navybrat

        Bush was a disaster.

      • William Decker

        I see NO difference between that administration & this one.

      • Matt Hunsaker

        I still blame Bush for problems that Bush policies caused, yeah. I still blame George Lucas for Jar Jar Binks, too.

      • DK

        I blame Republican obstruction AND Bush. The Republican party doesnt want to get anything done to move the country forward. Block and blame.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        “there U go again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,annoying a regressive crybaby republican with FACTS”

      • George

        Do you have actual references for your accusations since some have been proven as wrong….

      • Chuck Reed

        Hey dumb ass, what good is a security organization, (DHS) without guns and bullets? What you don’t hear over there at the right is there was a recent change of weapons from the 9mm to the 40 cal so new freakin ammo was needed to be stock piled, should DHS maybe wait until they need the ammo?

        Besides, I want my Democratically elected Government to protect me from those weak minded souls who have been led to believe that an armed revolution is in order every time a Democratic party member is elected to the white house. Glad to see you go…

      • deckbose

        “IRS scandal and Benghazi.” Thanks for pulling your pants down in public and good riddance.

      • Jonathan Evan Stern

        While a lot of your points are valid. The IRS scandal had nothing to do with Obama. Benghazi was the fault of Congress for not putting additional guards in the budget the previous year, we leave troops everwhere we go (Germany and Japan still have US troops), Libya was a NATO opperation not a US exclusive one, and saying the DHS shouldn’t have weapons is like saying a baker shouldn’t have yeast.

      • Kevin O’connor

        None of this is true Citizen ButtNugget.

      • Tade Souaiaia


        Great information about E coli! Only it’s not a virus, it’s a bacteria, it’s usually harmless, your gut is filled with it, and some fear-mongering conspiracy theory website you read does not change the fact that decades of research show no link between the use of aspartame as a food additive and health problems.

        @threevolve:disqus is a slave to the liberal political identity and thinks really immature comments are funny… You listen to quack psuedoscience and conspiracy theories are probably spend a lot of money on “non-GMO” food thinking that you will avoid the evils of the “medical industrial complexes”. You both don’t stop to consider evidence when it’s coming from your superiors.


        (except your really pedantic and presumably have left the country because your are so angry).

        – From a scientist who is really sick of those who don’t care about evidence.

      • Cameron

        Man, it’s good to see a scientist in a comment section. I salute you, sir.

      • angel slap miller

        that so called “scientist” is a troll. He obviously is a paid shill for aspartame. I cannot tolerate asparatame. At all. I get migraines from it all the time and they are especially bad if the aspartame has been heated. I have to check labels on everything all the time and ask people if they used any aspartame at all in the preparation of whatever food it is they are serving.

        Aspartame is a fake protein and it breaksdown when your body tries to incorporate it. And if you don’t have a problem with aspartame, great! As for the rest of us, we’d prefer that the facts about Aspartame be posted without all the corporate bull excrement lies about it. Aspartame causes more problems than they will admit and my doctor has said that after she gets her patients to stop using all forms of aspartame, their migraines reduce in number and severity to a level that is tolerable. She said this is the first thing that she has patients STOP using when they come to her for migraine issues.

      • Jonathan Evan Stern

        I have two problems with your statement.
        1. Both liberals and conservatives are wary of medical science. I personally think that extremism breeds stupidity.
        2. In the short term there are no problems with GMOs, but I think that we should still study the long term affects. I’m not saying that they will be bad in the long run (I personally don’t think they will be), but I would prefer to be certain beyond a reasonable doubt.

      • gurukalehuru

        Oh, come on. Governor Butt-Nugget is funny.

      • Lesly Weiner

        Why do you need to bring downs syndrome into it?

      • Haterade

        Aww, I like the phrase “buttnugget” for him. Reminds me of things that should be flushed down the shitter. Just like you, Trueblue, you butt nugget. If you don’t live here, don’t interject your smarmy attitude here. Butt nugget.

      • Cameron

        E-coli isn’t a virus. It’s a rod shaped bacterium is part of one’s gut flora. You sir, have just been pedanted. Additionally, there’s no point in being hyper serious all the time, humor can do more to sway one’s mind then an idealistic rant. So do everyone a favor and pull that tree out of your ass.

      • Cole Raney

        It seemed to me like the guy was being sarcastic…

      • Danny

        No. “leaders” like Rick Perry are the reason we are laughingstocks.

      • Trueblue

        Leaders like all of the entire congress, president, defense industry, lobbyists, etc. are the reason America is a laughing stock. The world is laughing at you because they saw the same f***ing thing happen with the soviet union, with leaders who are more or less equivalent in their ideologies.

        You can trust me, I live in the outside, I speak to people and know for a fact this is the purpose. Everybody on the outside thinks Obama is a braindead loser, and all of his supporters are in denial over what a piece of trash he is.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        and which erudite balanced economic( and militarily self sufficient ) country do U inhabit which scorns America??? Or is that (answer)too painful to state?

    • fredg713

      As long as the state turns blue and they don’t mention any new gun laws, I’m fine with that.

      • Giantfan3

        Blue=no 2nd amendment rights! I’m in California now you have to have a background check to buy bullets. You don’t want the communist running your state!

      • vadersapp

        Background checks ≠ no 2nd Amendment rights. Nor does being a blue state. Your second amendment right can be regulated (actually it specifies that regulation is necessary in that same damn Amendment) just like every other right. I cannot defame someone, threaten someone or cause panic leading to public endangerment even though I have Freedom of Speech. I cannot slaughter animals for sacrifice, stone “sinners”, force girls to marry their rapist, or any other absurd and dangerous religious law even though I have Freedom of Religion. Most people, even “communists” like myself realize such regulations are good and necessary to our society. Why should gun regulation of all kinds be off the table then because of your “2nd amendment rights!”?

      • Johnnycharr

        The 2nd amendment does not say that your right can be regulated. Have you even read it? It says “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed. this has nothing to do with background checks or regulating the right to bear arms. The militia is the american people. Get that through your head. The only possible reason for a background check for firearms or ammo purchase is to infringe someones right to bear arms and and to quote the “damn amendment” the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed. That means you don’t get to tell me what gun I can or cannot own. how many bullets it can carry, or how many it can fire per second. What can be regulated is how that gun is used like the other rights you mentioned. For example you cannot randomly fire your gun into the air. But you don’t grasp the reason the amendment was put in the constitution in the first place. It was to give the American people a means to protect themselves from the government should it become tyrannical. For that reason it is essential that Americans have full and unrestricted access to firearms of all kinds. If you don’t get that you are fatuously naive.

      • Debra Ebright

        We now have a “well armed militia”. . .Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force – leaving you free to do whatever. . .

      • the militia is the people, not the army. those who wrote the 2nd amendment specifically said this in other writings.

      • B Baggins

        That is a military. Militia, if you look up the word, is an army of the people. “”well regulated” means, again, look up the word, well kept, maintained and up to date. The 2nd Amendment is in place to take out tyrants. Not for hunting, or shooting people over federally printed non valuable fiat dollars. For taking out tyrants.

      • Reading Comprehension

        that’s a portion of it’s meaning, yes. it also means “functioning properly or as designed”. is the system functioning properly when loonies with automatic weapons are running around shooting up kids?

        and how is it the bible belt doesn’t have a problem with false preachers muddying the word of the bible, but it can’t seem to get it’s head around the idea that maybe the frickin’ constitution needs another amendment… to protect americans from americans.

      • Wayne H. Franklin

        In what situation, other than your fevered imagination, has ANYONE ever run around shooting kids with automatic weapons? Your complete ignorance and submission to the leftist elite is showing.

      • Andrew

        It’s functioning as designed when there are adults with guns on hand to protect said children from the “loonies”.

      • Bob

        How is that working out again?

      • Mrs D

        (IF you were referring to Sandy Hook):I don’t want to send children to a school where the teachers are armed and ready to kill on a moment’s notice. What guarantee do we have that one of the ‘protectors’ won’t snap and become one of the ‘loonies’? Have you ever spent time with 30+ grade-schoolers in one room? Ever consider that if these teachers have the necessary easy access to a weapon, that the kids could too? Possession of a gun is not a 100% guarantee of anyone’s safety.

      • srluke

        Ah, me thinks there may be a hole or two in your argument… To begin with… the 2nd amendment states, “a REGULATED militia….”. I agree with that – I have NO problem with that… however YOU identify the PEOPLE as the MILITIA… if that is indeed the case, that the PEOPLE are the militia then it stands to reason (by your OWN assertion) that the PEOPLE ought to be REGULATED. Now, as a gun owner, I have registered my guns… and did so willingly – not because I am afraid that the “state” or the “police” will take them away, but because I want them found if stolen, and I want to know if they’ve been used in a crime when they are not in my possession. No where in the debate has ANYONE stated that someone is “coming for your guns…” THAT is a propaganda ploy, a means to play upon people’s fears to PREVENT any form of appropriate regulation.

        Now, can you explain to me why it is that you might possibly need a military grade weapon to go target shooting with or to go hunting with? How does that become a “sport”? Can you please explain to me, why you feel the “need” to have a weapon that can shoot over 150 shells per minute as a civilian (in a supposedly NON-WAR environment such as your neighborhood)?

        I don’t give a rat’s ass damn about emotional entreaties or responses that say, “well the 2nd amendment….” I want a logical, well thought out response to the question of “why.” I’m sure that I’ll probably not get one from you, or from anyone else.

        Everyone here “crying” over the so-called 2nd amendment being sullied or abused or taken away has been spoon fed by the NRA and their gun manufacturing minions and by organizations who would perpetuate a culture of violence, hatred and fear.
        Again, only those capable of rational, well thought out responses that exhibit critical thinking skills should attempt to reply.

      • well i can not speak for everyone. but the answer of why could easily be why not. The second amendment was put into the constitution as a way for the people to be able to defend themselves from a government that has become tyrannical. So the need for a gun that could shoot out 150 rounds per minute would be to be able to stand up to a government military that has that hardware plus tanks, planes, and bombs. the less balanced the weapon distribution the easier time it will be for the side with more weapons to win with little resistance. That being said the government has not yet become tyrannical, but there are signs that indicate it is heading that way. The slightly ironic thing is the increase in regulation and the loss of freedom to “protect” us are actually some of the first steps taken to consolidate and strengthen a government that is becoming tyrannical.

      • freddybear1

        “being necessary to the security of a free state” sounds more like defending against an invasion than defending against a potential tyrannical government.

      • David Lairson

        The second amendment was added to the constitution as a way to get the southern states to ratify the constitution. At the time there were “militias” in southern states that acted as a police force to hunt for and control run away slaves. In some states, like Georgia, it was mandatory for at least one son from a family to serve in the militia. Southern states were worried that northern states would try and disband the militias because congress has the power to control the military and southern states feared that might be used as a end run to get rid of slavery. The second amendment allowed for state “regulated militias” just to keep the southern states happy.

        There are many books out there with actual transcripts from the various state conventions to ratify the constitution and the second amendment comes up in this exact context many times. It had nothing to do with the fear of a tyrannical state.

        A large number of Americans at the time wanted to make Washington king. Why would the founding fathers worry about future tyrants when the were ok with with creating a tyrant at the end of the revolution?

      • srluke

        You argument is certainly thoughtful. And if we lived in an area of the world where the threat of a coup was constant, I might even agree with you. However, WE do not.
        I look at Syria, where there is a very bloody civil war going on; similar to what you described earlier. Guns are freely available to both sides. Is that this is all about? Are people calling for an armed civil war under the guise of the second amendment?? God, Allah, Buddha and everyone else forbid!!!

      • dave.lefevre

        you are history deficient

      • David Starkey

        The government doesn’t even have to risk PEOPLE now, they have drones. [OK conspiracy theorists, don’t let THAT slip by – WHERE IS CYBERDINE?]

      • Richard Davis

        If you think that the intent of the 2nd amendment is to facilitate an armed populace ready to overthrow their democratically elected government when they become tyrannical, you’re hallucinating…and flirting with treason too.

        Who decides what constitutes tyranny? Who are you going to shoot at first?

      • saltcay

        You really think that a gun that is capable of shooting 150 rounds is going to take down a fighter jet, tank, or any other military weapon available???

      • Heather Dillon

        Well shit, if we’re to rebel against our gov’t in this century, we’ll need a missile defense system, as well as hunter-killer subs and anti-satellite lasers! Never mind your piddling little bazookas and AC-130 Gunships! They gotta make this stuff available to the people now!

      • b baggins

        if it said military or army you would be correct, but it does’nt so you are wrong. look up the definition of militia, then insert your foot in your mouth.

      • Jennifer Ann

        A militia /mɨˈlɪʃə/,[1] generally refers to an army or other fighting force that is composed of non-professional fighters; citizens of a nation or subjects of a state or government that can be called upon to enter a combat situation, as opposed to a professional force of regular soldiers or, historically, members of the fighting nobility. Some of the ways the term is used include:
        Defense activity or service, to protect a community, its territory, property, and laws.[2]
        The entire able-bodied population of a community, town, county, or state, available to be called to arms.
        A subset of these who may be legally penalized for failing to respond to a call-up.
        A subset of these who actually respond to a call-up, regardless of legal obligation.
        A private, non-government force, not necessarily directly supported or sanctioned by its government.
        An official reserve army, composed of citizen soldiers. Called by various names in different countries such as; the Army Reserve, National Guard, or state defense forces.
        The national police forces in several former communist states such as the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact countries, but also in the non-aligned SFR Yugoslavia. The term was inherited in Russia, and other former CIS countries. See: Militia (Police).
        In France the equivalent term “Milice” has become tainted due to its use by notorious collaborators with Nazi Germany.[citation needed]
        A select militia is composed of a small, non-representative portion of the population,[3] often politicized.[citation needed]

      • Reading Comprehension

        look up the definition of “well regulated”, then take your foot out of my mouth.

      • Navybrat

        Your ignorance is appalling.

      • Flurbish O’Twatwad

        1. Regulated, in regards to a militia, does not mean what you think it does. Regulars are the “core” group of a militia. They’re the best trained and most prepared to fight. How are you supposed to train if you have no firearms to train with? In modern, lawyer-laden parlance, a better way to say it would be “a properly trained militia”.

        2. “Military grade” weapons? What exactly are you talking about? Most military grade weapons are TERRIBLE for hunting, and not even that good for target shooting. There are better, more specialized, rounds and ammunition for both. “Military grade” is a buzzword bandied about by idiots that don’t know anything about firearms and can’t be bothered to learn.

        3. I don’t want you emotional entreaties about “well the 1st amendment…” I want a logical, well thought out response to the question of “why don’t we just execute the Westboro Baptist Church?”

        Because when you gleefully bend over and let one of your rights get fucked away, the rest will soon follow. You’re far too shortsighted to see that thought.

        4. I fucking hate the NRA. They are a shitstain on the face of gun rights and have done FAR more harm than good.

        5. Kiss my ass you pretentious fucking prick. I’ll fucking reply how I fucking want, and you can eat a bag of donkey dicks while reading.

      • TSD

        > Because when you gleefully bend over and let one of your rights get fucked away, the rest will soon follow. You’re far too shortsighted to see that thought.

        Them slopes are slippery…

      • srluke

        It has been a while since I’ve read these, but your comment: I want a logical, well thought out response to the question of “why don’t we just execute the Westboro Baptist Church?” brought me to my knees in laughter!

        Well, while you might have read the constitution, you apparently did not comprehend it – especially the FIRST 10 amendments. Let me start off with the FIRST amendment.

        You know about that one right? It’s the one that says something to the affect that Congress shall not create a state Church, nor can it decide what people may or may not believe – in short, people have the right to choose what they want to believe or not believe.

        That same amendment goes on to say that people have the right to assemble freely, AND they have the right to say what ever they want (within reason) and the government can’t put you in jail for voicing your opinion.

        The first amendment ALSO goes on to say that there is a freedom of the press – that allows for the press to print what it wants without fear of government sanction.

        The first amendment continues with the granting of the right of the citizenry to petition to the government about what it feels may be abuse, without fear of redress, meaning that the government would lock you up because you dared to come before the government with a grievance.
        Now, let’s look at your comment – “executing the Westboro Baptist Church…” well that very statement in and of itself is a violation of the entirety of the First Amendment!!! To begin with, while I personally abhor what this alleged church stands for, to deny them the right to stand up and say what they are saying then would mean that others could deny ME the right to stand up and say what I have to say. And if I am denied that right, then guess what?? SO ARE YOU!!!
        Think about it in this way… if there were to become a law that limited what these people could say, then that same law would have to be applied equally to what ANYONE would have to say – otherwise it would be a CLEAR violation of one’s freedom of speech. If there were a law that said this church couldn’t assemble on a street corner, then that law would have to be applied equally to ANYONE who wanted to stand on a street corner. Otherwise it would be a CLEAR violation of one’s right to assemble.
        Now let’s take this a step FURTHER… People decry the fact that we “no longer have prayer in the schools.” Well let me tell you something! Prayer has NEVER been disallowed in schools. What WAS disallowed was a school sponsored prayer that EVERYONE had to participate in regardless of your religious affiliation. Now if you happened to be a child who is Muslim, or Jewish or even Christian Science, listening to a state sponsored ‘evangelical’ or ‘fundamentalist’ prayer could be VERY offensive! It is NOT the PLACE nor the PURPOSE of the public schools to PROSELYTIZE. It’s purpose is the EDUCATE! Rather, it is the purpose of the church to do that.
        Personally, as a Christian and as a parent, I am very glad those prayers were removed! I would not have wanted to participate in them – nor would I have wanted my children to participate in them! My children prayed… every day before, during and after school! And the state (i.e. school district, school administration, etc…) couldn’t and didn’t stop them. Why because they didn’t make a scene, nor did they call attention to themselves. And that is what it’s all about!
        So the next time you decide to call someone out on the Constitution, I suggest that you do your homework first! You simply can not eliminate the rights of others to satisfy your own desires… because the law must be equally applied. If we execute the Wesboro Baptist Church, then we would have to execute you and the members of YOUR church as well. (Equal application…)

      • tab

        I am so happy to hear someone that owns guns can speak for himself and not recite what the rest have been brainwashed into believing. Your reply was the best one I have ever read! Thank you for your candor.

      • Navybrat

        I agree, and, I own guns!

      • Wayne H. Franklin

        Reread the Supreme Court decision on the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. They found that it was written to ensure that individual Citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. This in the event that the citizenry was needed to protect our country from tyranny from without or within.

      • Kris

        I like how this article is not even about the guns.

        Ok so lets go over this here, how can shooting be a sport? Well in fact it is and if you are the so called “gun owner” you would understand that it takes skill to properly shoot and effectively hit a target hundreds of yards away. Yet ping pong is a sport? Hmm.

        Why do I need a “military grade weapon”? Lets see, criminals, the ones that do not obey the law in the first place don’t give a rats ass about what the man says you can or can not own. So if they can get there hands on high powered rifles I want them to. I want to be able to protect me and possibly others from the bad. Now why does Obama’s security need these “military grade weapons”? If he says we don’t need them then what is he scared of? The criminals might kill him? Hmm I am pretty scared of that too! So maybe, just maybe I need that sort of protection that he has. If I want a tank then I want a tank!

        Now I do how ever believe in background checks and mental checks because well its common sense. People with a repeat history like violence will simply do it again and if it is harder for them to get their hands on weapons then you have my full support. Mental screens are a must because loony people just simply don’t need one if the are unstable like that!

        Saying that, I also don’t believe in restrictions to responsible trained people on purchases of weapons! I think they should add in you have to go to a training session to even buy a gun. You should be trained on how to properly handle a firearm.

        Another thing is it doesn’t matter what it is people will kill people. It is our nature to do so and it can not be corrected only can be reduced. I mean if there is a properly trained person with a permit to carry then that person can save lives and not be paid to do it! Free labor essentially!

        Guns don’t kill people, Bullets don’t kill people, Hammers, golf clubs, knifes, toasters, microwaves ovens, cars, alcohol, none of these get up and decide “hmm I feel like killing today.” No, the person who utilizes those tools do. If they do intend on killing some body they will, with what ever they can. Only way to stop them is to kill them.

      • srluke

        Kris, yes I am fully aware that shooting is indeed a sport. Having done some competitive shooting myself, I understand the skills necessary. And while I am NOT a hunter, I understand the skills necessary for that as well. However, an M16, or an Uzi or any other type of rapid fire weapon is NOT appropriate for target shooting (there’d be nothing left of the target) NOR is it appropriate for hunting – there’d be nothing left of the animal!
        And while a gun that is sitting “empty” on a table is just that, an “empty” on a table… that same weapon is easily picked up by anyone and fired… notice that I put the word “empty” in quotes because unless you are a full-blooded fool, one NEVER assumes a weapon is empty.
        The newspapers are chock full of stories of kids who pick up these weapons and discharge them into their siblings, or their parents or playmates. Guns kill because of either A) a deliberate act or B) a deliberate act of stupidity. Either way, dead is dead.
        Now you talked about “the only way to deal with them is to kill them…” well that sounds a lot like the “the only good _________ is a dead _______. (you fill in the blanks). Personally, I take umbrage with that statement. I don’t believe that killing anyone is the answer… again, dead is dead and once dead there is no opportunity for reconciliation, no opportunity for forgiveness, no opportunity for growth or for change. That is not being passive, nor is it being fearful… It is being a realist.

      • saltcay

        Thank you. You are the first gun owner that has followed the concept of the 2nd Amendment.

      • srluke

        Thank you.

      • Ricky G

        srluke : Well stated and I as a Vet agree 100%

      • Mark Smith

        “The only possible reason for a background check for firearms or ammo purchase is to infringe someones right to bear arms”

        Your words. not mine. There can be no reason to “infringe” on anyone’s right to buy any type of ‘arms” for any reason. Silencers? Machine guns? Teflon bullets? Shredders? All out there for any reason with no checks?


        I think you’re either an idiot or a criminal. Or both!

      • dave.lefevre

        and yet you are absolutely fine when Corporations walk all over individual rights.

      • vadersapp

        “specifies that regulation is necessary”. I didn’t say that it specifies that regulating said amendment was necessary, I said it specifies that regulation is necessary. “A well regulated militia being necessary…”

        “this has nothing to do with background checks or regulating the right to bear arms” No shit, which is why when people argue that gun regulations like background checks are unconstitutional, they are full of shit. The amendment says the right of the People to bear arms shall not be infringed upon. Last time I checked the people still have the right to bear arms with all current and proposed gun regulation. Individuals may be denied the right to buy a gun or ammunition because of criminal backgrounds, but the People as a whole ca still buy guns to their hearts content.

        “The militia is the American people.” No, no it’s not. There is a very good reason that the amendment specifies that said necessary militia should be “well-regulated”. The militia it refers to are the US Armed Forces, armed forces of each state and private minute men. The American people are not a militia and we are most definitely not “well-regulated”. So no, not at all.

        “The only possible reason for a background check for firearms or ammo purchase is to infringe someones right to bear arms” Not exactly. The reason for background checks is to stop convicted, violent felons from getting guns and ammunition. But in the US when you are convicted of a felony, you lose certain rights, even constitutional ones. They can no longer serve on a jury, vote in any elections and no longer buy or use a firearm. If you want to argue about revoking rights to felons, that’s another discussion entirely, but THAT is the purpose of Background checks. It doesn’t infringe on the rights of anyone because a check between you and the gun does not stop you from owning it unless you are a felon in which case you have no right to own a firearm in the first place.

        “That means you don’t get to tell me what gun I can or cannot own. how many bullets it can carry, or how many it can fire per second.” Do tell. How does being able to own a firearm equal being able to own ANY firearm? Do you also think you have the right to own a bazooka? An rpg launcher? A canon? A tank? No, the government DOES have the right to regulate what weapons can be sold.

        “But you don’t grasp the reason the amendment was put in the constitution in the first place. It was to give the American people a means to protect themselves from the government should it become tyrannical.” Oh I know all about the reason it’s there and the imaginary scenario gun nuts cream themselves thinking about where the Tyrannical government needs to be taken down by God-fearin’ gun-lovin’ individuals like yourself. Listen, when that law was put into place, the greatest war machine in existence was a fucking musket. Regardless of who the enemy was, a fight always came down to men fighting men, face to face, musket against musket. But guess what, the world has changed a lot since then. Military technology has change IMMENSELY since then. The very idea that any number of private citizens with their guns could stand up to the military power that people like you have turned America into is absurd.

        Regardless, the purpose of the Amendment is NOT to ensure that they American people can overthrown the government. It specifies the purpose as being the “security of a free State”. Meaning it was the job of the people to defend the country from invasion (a very real threat at one time) and protect one’s home state. The idea that the 2nd Amendment is some sort of back-up plan, a self-destruct procedure put in place by the Founding Fathers is a ridiculous fantasy dreamed up by conservative nutbags that want to takeover the country by force to return it to some imagined conservative utopia they believe it once was.

      • b baggins

        Tool. Look up the meaning of the word “Regulate” see how it was used at the time the document was written. I know you dream of a totalitarian govt. where your side can silence the other like nazi germany, but the 2nd Amendment is in place to stop just that. I cant believe some folks believe they have no right to protect themselves from their leaders, or believe leaders should be able to force on to us all whatever they wish. Obama is setting the presedence for some really screwed up stuff. I would hate for another Bush to come along and force you to do things you dont like. What are you going to do then? Call Obama? Look up the word tool. The meaning of it takes a dump on your entire argument. You dont like the 2nd (i dont even own a gun), then give them all up. You dont deserve them. “Anyone who will give up liberty for security deserves neither!” – B. Franklin. Another guy who you statists hate.

      • jchastn

        What is this “screwed up stuff” that Obama is setting up? He cant get a judge passed thru the Senate, and he cant be setting up “screwed up stuff”. You are listening to the wild right wing evangelist freaks again.

      • Wayne H. Franklin

        Never heard of “Executive Orders”? King Barry the First does what he pleases. The system of checks and balances is gone along with your rights as a citizen Remember a little thing called the “Patriot Act”? Read it sometime.

      • srluke

        The use of the “executive orders” have been the right of presidents since the presidency first came into being. In modern times, President Nixon made use of executive orders numerous times as did Presidents Bush (the first) as well as Bush (the second) who really DID abuse the executive orders…. then of course President Clinton used the executive order… and now that President Obama uses the executive order, suddenly he’s considered a tyrant??? Why? Is it because he is the first BLACK president? If he were white, would this be an issue? It didn’t seem to be much of an issue when the Bushes, Nixon or Clinton used the privilege. Oh, I forgot they had something in common that President Obama will never have… WHITE skin.

      • b baggins

        it specifies regulation 9look up the definition and how it was used at the time) is necessary to a free state. That alone took a giant turd on your whole rambling argument.

      • CJ

        The problem with your whole comment is that you are implicitly exposing your immense confidence that it is not possible that the government would ever go tyranical. So, because you feel it is so unlikely that the government will ever try to aggressively strip your freedom, you are willing to waive your right to protect yourself, because, how could someone possibly have that kind of agenda against me? You cannot fathom it because fortunately, you are not wired that way. We interpret information based on our lens of experience (typically). Some people have the ability to transcend that, others do not. So I congratulate you on being ethical and not being able to imagine tyranny.

        However, regardless of how you interpret the evidence of history, it is irrelevant due to common sense. Even if you are correct in your interpretations (and thats still a big ‘if’), we would obviously want to have measures instituted to “take our country back” if the government did do things that they should not do (i.e. Hitlers genocide). Again, /you/ cannot fathom anything like this happening here, and I am not necessarily saying it will in our time; I am saying you are being ignorant if you think we should hose future generations as this could happen in generations to come. As an IT person, we were taught in Windows Server class, that not having fault tolerance is unacceptable; i.e. you do not want one server controlling everything, if it crashes or becomes infected/corrupted, everything goes down. While our situation is more complicated than that, I think you get the point. If the government is the only entity allowed to have assult weapons, you are a sitting duck if they ever so happened to want to abuse their power. You see the corruption in government now, it would grow exponentially. It is a historical fact that tyrants are the most ambitious for power. They have no ethics or conscience even though they are masters at making you think they do. They walk on who they want and are great liars — professional sociopaths. They can only be identified by double-standards (i.e. emphatically telling you one thing and then doing something else) and can only be detected by people who are not easily swayed by charismatic charm; they look at what a person does rather than what they say. If you think these people are wanting a weapons ban because ‘it is for the children’, you have your head in the sand. This goes for both Republicans and Democrats; both parties are compromised in my opinion. Most are drunk on their own power.
        Before you tune this out, let’s think about this for a second. If I told you that you received a pension after serving one term, you were paid close to $150,000, and health-care for life (conveniently exempt from Obama-care–do you even ask ‘why?’ BTW); and then you look at the state of the economy and see this sinking ship, do you think you would tell people what they wanted to hear to get their votes? Hopefully, your personal answer is ‘no’, but that is not the case with most politicians. Think about it, there is a serious overpopulation issue coming up the pike. They naturally want to protect limited resources and fend people off without resistance. They are ok as long as them and their families are doing ok — it just makes sense; every man for himself. That is why (in my opinion) they are trying to do away with middle-class. I will try to explain my position. First off, they know full well that the dollar is going to tank. Look at what the professionals are saying, (not Geitner — if he admitted this it would cause widespread panic), even if you took 100% of everyones income in America for an entire year, we would still be trillions of dollars in debt. Throwing ‘pennies’ at this issue is a joke, and the dollar is losing its place in the world as the de facto reserve currency – (if you don’t believe me, look it up). So, one has to ask themselves, “Knowing this, why are they taxing me so much?” They want to do away with the middle class. Here is the logic behind this. If you are rich, higher taxes do not phase you — they are easily mitigated; if you are poor, you get the equivilent (all emenities included) around $50,000 a year. If you are middle class, your supporting of the poor brings you exponentially closer to their brackets than you do to the rich. You end up making less money at the job you have worked hard at for the last 7 years (a buddy I work with is now making as much as he was in 2010 due to increased taxes from Obamacare — our insurance sky-rocketed — he essentially lost his rasies from 2010) I am now making less than what I hired in at after my yearly review raise. Guess what, I cannot afford that; and these people are not dumb, they see everything I have been saying. So back to the point now I have covered what I feel are the real state of affairs, why on Earth would they want to borrow even more money (printing it devaluing out dollar), while simultaneously taxing us (again, hurts the middle-class more than anyone — and most of America is middle-class)? Welcome to my conservative world of paranoia! There is no reason except for power grabbing; but again, I understand why they do it, it seems to make sense. Just around 50 years ago, thje population of the world was about 3 Billion — it has more than doubled today (around 7 billion). How long do you think food sources will be sustained? I believe they want rid of the middle-class, because there are power in numbers. Once you get the middle class relying on the government just like the poor in this country, the wealthy elitests now dominate. When they are doing all of this to us, and then come out and make strides to take our weapons away, I cannot help but assume ulterior motive. Nothing else makes sense. Chicago has the strictest gun laws and the highest crime rate. What other tests does one need? The only reason to hold onto the liberal side of the arguement is either, 1) You have an agenda other than truly protecting people (i.e. many of our elected politicians) OR 2) The individual is just a liberal fanboy/girl and is more concerned about their pride of being right than the facts.

        Believe what you want, I wish I was still ignorant to all of this — ignorance is bliss. However, if you research what I typed above, I am certain you will conclude most, if not all, of what I have stated here.

        Have a good one.

      • rjsmtech

        CJ, I assume by the lack of replys on your post is because you nailed it and no one has the ability to argue what has been said. Great job! I have been thinking the same thing for some time now but could never have wrote it better.

      • TheBeanUK

        Hehe, I love conspiracy theorists. This made my day.

      • Gabriel John

        You’re right up until that last point. The reason that the amendment is in there is the first part of the sentence. “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,…”
        That’s the reason. Because militaries are expensive. Militias are free. They told you that’s the reason.

      • sJOBS

        You are RIGHT Johnycharr. Now that I’ve finally broken out of the mental institute that held me against my will after I raped a mere goat, well maybe 2 goats & a wild hog, my first purchase is a shiny new automatic rifle. Next, I plan to sell my stocks in Apple and purchase a tank before they take that opportunity away also. The commies are here & we have to fight before they take away all our freedoms.

      • knigitz

        It also does not negate the possibility of background checks or regulation. The United States government is made up of people we all grew up with in school, people who we all voted into office, people who those people put into staff positions, people who have applied for jobs and were hired. Tyrannical government? If that happens, it’s our own faults. Don’t mistake the second amendment for anything other than a historical necessity. I’m not against citizens owning guns, but damn, I’m not against a background check to obtain them either. It’s not infringing anyone’s second amendment rights who hasn’t already ignored the law already; and that is okay with me.

      • Bolo

        Fuck you!

      • Tom Birmingham

        just food for though…what if a charity gave guns away to the homeless for 1$ so they could protect themselves from street violence. Would you have a problem with this? A mass of armed homeless people?

      • Reading Comprehension

        i think it would be entirely irresponsible and deplorable, so you might as well go out and do it… if only to prove a point.

      • Tom Birmingham

        it does prove a point. did you know that 70% of the guns used in mexico by the cartels comes from here in the states? Also that over 60% of the guns used in violent crimes are legaly bought weapons that have been cleaned (totally stamped out) of their serial numbers? there are some people out there making a living buy weapons from gun shows, private collections and regular shops then “cleaning” them and putting them on the black market. The goal of just background checks is to find those guys. However, for some strange reason everyone is so resentful and unreasonable about something that makes perfect sense.

      • Reading Comprehension

        nor am i surprised. no one, not even gun enthusiasts, profit from lax legislature. all this talk of “freedom” only profits corporate interests. arms embargos? why is that even necessary, if profits weren’t put before responsibility. but as big business has proven time and time again, poorly worded regulations are merely a means to extend the bottom line. corporate persons, from arms manufacturers to Google cannot be trusted to make responsible decisions. the only defence the people have is not (as the gun makers would have us believe) “good guys with guns”. its “good laws”.

      • Wayne H. Franklin

        Your great at quoting “statistics”. How about a few sources? Seems you readily buy into the propaganda put forth by the Left Wing Socialists. Eric Holder and his Gang supplied guns to TOC’s in Mexico and American citizens died as a result. But there have been no prosecutions of those criminals.

      • Wayne H. Franklin

        It’s already being done. The group trains the recipient in the safe use of firearms, then gives them a shotgun to protect themselves. Homeless people need homes first, then a gun to protect it from marauders.

      • Mrs D

        Is a HOME the only thing worth protecting? What about personal safety? Those without shelter are most at risk for violence as they are generally easier targets.

      • Nrsnina

        The government has nuclear weapons. What good are your little guns going to do? That thinking is obsolete. Try supporting your government instead of making up conspiracy theories.

      • Reading Comprehension

        or perhaps it means the militia should partner with iran and other rogue states to obtain nuclear weapons for themselves. you know, for in case the government does turn out to be a bunch of tyrants intent on sullying the 2nd amendment.

      • Wayne H. Franklin

        I would support my government, but this bureaucratic morass has become an entity of its own instead of “Of the People, By the People, and For the People” as it was originally intended.

      • freddybear1

        When you join a “well regulated” militia, then your right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

      • Wayne H. Franklin

        Nope. Not the interpretation of the Supreme Court. You need to read something other than Socialist rags.

      • jchastn

        The militia is, of course, composed of American citizens, but according to the framers of the constitution, THE MILITIA is to be WELL REGULATED. Laws that regulate the kinds of weapons that are allowed have always been upheld by the Supreme Court because it is clear that the constitution allows for regulations. Every right spelled out in the constitution has limits established by law, and upheld by the courts. The 2nd is no exception to that. It is not some sort of unlimited right to bear any kind of weapon that you can get your crazed hands on. Fully automatic weapons are not allowed. Private ownership of nuclear weapons or other WMDs are not allowed. These limits are constitutional. Dont fool yourself.

      • 503me

        Why don’t you explain that theory to the parents who just lost their little boy in Texas when he picked up the gun and shot himself in the face or the thousands of other innocents, that just maybe a little common sense regulations might have prevented No reason that just like a car, you shouldn’t have to pass safety and knowledge testing, be registered, and since its a weapon that can kill, yes good comprehensive world wide background check, and no internet sales, no craigslist sells and no gun show sells. If you are a legal abiding citizen, then what is your problem?

      • Wayne H. Franklin

        Ever heard of the Eddie Eagle program? I thought not. Gun ownership implies proper training and safety techniques. Hundreds more children die every year from riding their bicycles in the street or drowning than are ever harmed by firearms, but you don’t see the hue and cry over keeping your kids safe from them. It’s just Darwinism at work.

      • 503me

        I suggest you check out how many ‘children’ have died since the CT shooting. Just yesterday a 2 year old child picked up the loaded gun and shot his face and died. Maybe if it was required that safety classes and proper training for all that own guns that would not happen. As to bikes, ever hear of ‘helmets’ and ever hear of ‘swim lesson’ Why in the world are you against ‘common sense requirements? Are you aware that in KT a ‘grandmother’ bought her 5 year old grandson his own ‘childrens rifle’ for him and since no one bothered to make sure it was unloaded, he picked it up and played with it and killed his little sister. Ever hear of all that?

      • Wayne H. Franklin

        Darwinism. Gun use training is readily available. Children die all the time from “stupid”. Drowning, poisoning, not wearing seatbelts or being in a car seat, etc. ad infinitum. But you lionize personal possession of firearms for everyone when the bell curve of human says some people are too ignorant to be breeding. Nature sometimes corrects that error.

      • 503me

        It baffles me how getting a gun registered and requiring common sense protections like background checks and possibly requiring gun safety classes, impacts on any freedom you seem to perceive that you are entitled to. If you drive a car, you have to take a test-pass it- get insurance- register that car and why in the world should a ‘weapon whose only purpose is to kill’ not have the same requirements. You see that protects all of us, even you, from the ‘stupids’ in the world who are not responsible gun owners. If you are a responsible gun owner, then please explain to me why you don’t want to insure that all others are also responsible gun owners

      • cowboyally

        Eddie Eagle is a marketing strategy and a public relations exercise. Safety is a tertiary goal.

      • Mrs D

        Excuse me? Most places I know have laws in effect regarding bike helmets for children and there are also many regulations about life jackets, especially for children. Last year, a neighbor lost a little girl due to no helmet and just last month, another friend lost her 10 yr old son to drowning. A fund has now been established in his honor to provide free life jackets at all swimming areas. Maybe that doesn’t qualify as a “hue and cry”, but it does illustrate a pro-active attempt to prevent as much human tragedy as possible.
        And “gun ownership implies proper training and safety techniques”? If that were even close to true, we would not be having this discussion in the first place!

      • Reading Comprehension

        durr… the “right to bear arms” is contingent on a “well regulated militia”. the militia is comprised of americans, but it doesn’t mean all americans are the militia, nor does it mean that all regulations infringe on the right to bear arms. on the contrary, it says the opposite. if what you say is true, then the american people wouldn’t BE a “well regulated militia”, and therefore should NOT have the right to arms in the first place.

      • rjsmtech

        Reading Comprehention, My guess is you have a Liberal- leagal background in order for you to minipulate the facts for your own adjenda. Most Liberals are very good at it…..but your still wrong….

      • Wayne H. Franklin

        Again, re-read the Supreme Court decision on this. The right belongs to the individual, so he or she can be prepared to join a well-regulated militia to overthrow tyranny.

      • Mo Henry

        I hear your point. But realistically, do you think that you owning a gun will stop the ATF or SWAT? Most states that incorporate the Castle doctrine specifically note that this does not apply to law enforcement. So unless you have death wish, I think people that advocate that position should think it through.

      • Myron Allen

        So, you’re happy with just ANYONE being able to buy any gun WITHOUT any background check? If you’re a law abiding citizen you should have nothing to hide, not a felon, you PASS the check, you get your gun. HOW is a background check infringing out your rights!? Unless you have something to hide!

      • Navybrat


      • saltcay

        I repeat, what part of “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA” do you not understand?

      • Heather Dillon

        And “arms” are not AR-15s and Uzis. They’re muskets and black powder rifles. Get that through your head.

      • take it literally

        Militia: definition
        1. a: a part of the organized armed forces of a country liable to call only in emergency.
        b: a body of citizens organized for military service.
        2: the whole body of able-bodied male citizens declared by law as being subject to call to military service.

        So Johnnycharr, are you part of a “well regulated” militia or are you just some nut that sits in his house thinking Obama’s coming for your guns?
        If you take the second part of the 2nd ammendment so literally that none of your “rights” should be regulated. Then it stands to reason that you should have to take the first part equally as seriously and be part and trained as militia and be at the call if needed to defend or aid you state in the case of emergency or you should have no right to bear arms.

        Levying war against the United States is called treason and is forbidden under article 3 of the Constitution. That kinda outs your protect yourself from the government thing.

        Oh, and by the way it was congress in 2006 under Bush that changed the insurrection act giving the president broader ability to deploy troops inside the United States.

      • Jerry Graybosch

        All the means necessary to protect the people from a “tyrannical government” are specified in the Constitution…and armed revolution is NOT one of them.

      • b baggins

        Your 1st Amendment rights along with all the others should be “regulated” (by your definition of the word) then to correct? Why have any rights? Let the tyrants run wild huh? Well as long as it has a (D) next to its name. You Dems and Repubs make me sick. Tool.

      • Reading Comprehension

        actually, i think it’s about damn time some of those freedoms of speech were regulated too. maybe you could use some of those guns to regulate it. dead people make no speech, free or otherwise.

      • vadersapp

        As I said, the first amendment rights ARE already limited in reasonable capacities. I cannot threaten someone nor use speech to cause panic that endangers public safety despite having freedom of Speech. I cannot stone sinners, sacrifice animals, destroy places of worship for gods other than my own, enslave people, sell my daughter or any other illegal aspect of religious texts despite having Freedom of Religion. These are sensible limitations on the practices of speech and religion to prevent those rights from infringing on the rights, properties and well being of others. It’s not tyranny to limit freedoms in such a way, it’s necessity. What kind of country would this be if people could do whatever they wanted to if they could point to a religious text as justification. Christians, Muslims and Jews all would be tormenting, vandalizing and killing each other legally on a regular basis (they do it enough illegally as it is already) and atheists would live in fear of all of them. People could legally incite panic and cause people to be trampled with stupid pranks like yelling “fire!” in a theater. Some freedoms need some reins on them before they become chaotic.

      • tab

        OMG!!! You said that soooooooo well!!! I wish I was as eloquent as you are when debating others with the same opinions as Giantfan3.

      • Eric Schwenke

        You can’t slaughter animals for sacrifice? That’s protected.

      • vadersapp

        My bad, I looked it up. There have been laws banning ritualistic slaughter for sacrifice but they have been struck down by the Supreme Court. That’s on me.

      • dsdjkhjb

        so you really want a one party country.. sit with that for a minute.. .

      • vadersapp

        Ok, commenting on something I wrote a month back and expecting me to understand what you’re referring to is not going to work out. Explain how you got that idea. And don’t be afraid to cite/quote directly.

      • fredg713

        Why do people always say “no background checks”? I’m pretty sure when I go and buy a gun, I have to pass a background. I see people commenting about people reciting what they’ve been feed from their side of the issue but these are the same people doing the exact same thing. There are already thousands and thousands of laws on the books that no one talks about. People talk constantly talk as if we can willie nealy do whatever we want and its not true. I wish people would educate themselves.

      • vadersapp

        “There are already thousands and thousands of laws on the books that no one talks about.” Actually the pro-gun side talks about these laws all the time. Particularly the NRA. And you’re right, we have a lot of gun laws. That doesn’t necessarily mean we have the right gun laws but we do have a lot and they are not well enforced. But do you know why they aren’t well enforced? Because the NRA lobbyists have worked tirelessly and successfully to defund the organizations that enforce those laws. On the news, they argue that there are already too many laws and blame the government for not having good enforcement of those laws, and then they turn around and do everything in their power (of which they have a lot) to make that enforcement is actually impossible to achieve.

        And where did I say there are “no background checks?” You’ll have to excuse my lack of memory on what I said in a conversation 3 months ago and I don’t feel like digging through the comment s to find it.

      • Jonathan Hiestand

        Really? Sir do you own a gun? How about bullets? Weapons of any kind? Then the 2nd Amendment still exists. Wah, you need a BG check before being handed a lethal weapon (if used improperly) with ammo.

        Blue means we actually give a shit about keeping the bullets you like to put into your gun stays out of the hands of the crack dealer down the road. It ain’t perfect, but fuck, I’d rather have it than nothing.

      • vadersapp

        One critique: “if used improperly”? No, the purpose of a gun is not meant to deter, injure or maim. it’s meant to kill, even if it can be used in a lesser capacity. No one considers a person using a gun to hunt and kill an animal or killing an attacker to have used the weapon “improperly”. That’s its intended use. if a gun is used improperly it can lead to an accidental injury or fatality as well, though, of course. So correction: if used properly or improperly. Don’t downplay the dangerousness and lethality of guns like they do. A gun’s job is to deal death and guns are good at their job.

      • b baggins

        guns purpose is decided by its handler. BB guns cant kill. They are still guns though. duh.

      • vadersapp

        Obviously when I say guns are made to kill, I’m not talking about a BB gun because I’m not a fucking child. I wasn’t talking about a potato gun or a t-shirt cannon either. Don’t be an obnoxious prat, it’s quite clear from the context what kind of guns we are talking about.

      • B Baggins

        Then why were “blues” giving guns to drug dealers down in Mexico? Why was that person protected under executive privledge? You guys care about holding on to power and thats it. hypocrite.

      • Mark Smith

        You like the idea of mentally defective people buying guns? Cool. What’s your address. I can send some around to convince you otherwise. If you don’t want them in your house, you don’t want them buying guns.

      • b baggins

        Im all for background checks. What do you say about backgound checks on police officers, politicians, and teachers? FYI, our govt has killed more people by use of force then all of our citizens combined. You want our politicians having total control, with no way fo the people to fight back? look at the facts.

      • zener_region

        Bizarre. The people cannot fight the government with firearms as long as they are divided. There are probably more “blues” owning firearms than teabillies, anyway. If the teabillies attack the “tyrannical” government the “blues” elected, they start out outnumbered and outgunned by the rest of the population, which will win. I’ll certainly do my part.
        The way to control the government is 1) vote, and if that fails, 2) tax boycott. THAT will get their attention. Money talks louder than all the teabilly guns fired at once.

      • It makes me chuckle when people say the 2nd amendment is there to allow the people the ability to fight back against a tyrannical
        government. I laugh because I’m curious what you folks think the words treason and sedition mean.

      • Reading Comprehension

        hell yeah. start with that anti-american rick astl… erm, i mean perry.

      • Chris

        Actually in CA starting in 2015 you must be on a register to buy bullets with the bill that passed the other day. Not just a background check. The state must give you PERMISSION and put you on a list in order to be able to buy them.

        Go Giants!!

      • Mrs D

        and wouldn’t that help prevent the owners of illegal guns from buying ammo to put in them? I have to register to vote, drive a car, marry…it doesn’t seem too much to register my ability to take a life as well.

      • Chris

        Mrs. D- Where are the political activists wishing to take your name and publish it on a website as a driver? as being married? for being a voter?

        You have “newspapers” using FIAO requests to make interactive maps to place law abiding gun owners at risk.

        When you are placed in the same risk as a law abiding gun owner just for doing the above then and only then can you claim they are the same.

        Of course I can point out many more inconsistencies with the logic you used if you wish.

        I don’t think you read anything about what I mentioned. As a law abiding citizen I must submit all of my information to the state and ASK THEM for THEIR APPROVAL to be placed on a list to be able to buy ammunition. A list that has no requirements as of yet and is at their discretion to make up.

        The only thing you mentioned that can even be near the same level of reasoning is driving. You do not have to ask the government if they will let you vote and you do not have to ask the government to let you get married. you merely have to register. Hate to tell you but you already have to do that to buy ammunition in Sacramento (where I live). You must give a thumb print to buy ammunition. Why is that not enough? Why do they need more restrictive laws? Why as a responsible citizen do I need their APPROVAL to buy ammunition?

      • Ohio is pretty purple and we don’t have a lot of gun laws.

      • I’m not entirely sure you understand what “communism” is. It seems like a word you throw around like “appease” and “apology tour” and other catchy buzzwords that don’t mean what you think they mean.

        Go to wikipedia, look up communism, and tell me this: what is the correlation between background checks and communism? Now, fascism you could certainly make an argument for, but not communism.

        Anyway, you’ve never had your guns or ammo “taken away” by the government and after a proper background check, you got what you wanted, right? So knock it off. Your 2nd Amendment rights haven’t been infringed upon. And just because the 2nd Amendment isn’t unlimited (and neither is the 1st) that doesn’t mean that you have “no 2nd amendment rights!” as you so hysterically put it.

      • dave.lefevre

        It’s strawman arguments like this that make this problem absolutely impossible to discuss, let alone get a consensus about.

      • Bob

        I have to show ID for Sudafed so I have no problem with a background check for bullets.

      • Navybrat

        Oh, boy, another misinformed conspiracy theorist.

      • saltcay

        What part of “Well Regulated Militia” do you NOT UNDERSTAND??

      • Bob

        Blue Texas legislator would still be wise enough to listen to what hus people want..Second ammendment rights.

      • johnsmith9875

        An irony….Chinese made guns are now quietly making their way into the USA, sold by American companies as part of their “Value line” weaponry.

      • Reading Comprehension

        “value line”? naw. you want the top of the line internet-enabled chinese weaponry. the sort that will send your next-of-kin a Facebook message with a bill for the bullet.

      • David Starkey

        I have a concealed handgun license & did in 2008, WHEN I WAS AN OBAMA DELEGATE. HE DOESN’T WANT ANYBODY’S GUNS. You are buying into one of the racist propaganda lies. Their greatest fear has been realized – a black President. Their imaginations & paranoia are running wide open.

    • ryan

      Fuck you fat fuck david, texas is never turning blue. Go beg for ‘Change’ you hippie loving sensitized bitch.

      • Jackiez

        Why would you live and work in the us and not want anybody not want to buy us products?

      • Rynosaurus

        His comment had nothing to do with that. And don’t say that being blue has something to do with that, because it doesn’t. Being blue just means you hate guns, love corporate government, and want free stuff.

      • Jonathan Hiestand

        I must be a different shade coz I love guns, hate corporate government, want to work for my shit, but vote democrat. I love America, best fuckin’ country on planet Earth, but damn does our government suck ass.

      • Rhie

        Or it doesn’t actually mean anything different at all. Neither side of the same coin is a different object. They stand for the same thing and it’s all corrupt. All the shit you just mentioned- guns, corporate government, and “free stuff”- those are just talking points being blown up everyone’s ass to ignore the very real issues of how America is going to continue to exist in the corrupt state that it is. It simply can’t, it doesn’t matter which side of the debate you are on if the whole thing is rigged, it’s an illusion of choice, certainly no legitimate choice.

      • jchastn

        That is such a stupid and simplistic and ignorant POV. If Government is corrupt, it is your fault.

      • jchastn

        That is a big load of shit. I love guns, I hate corporations, and I pay my way for the stuff I have. I hate republicans and am developing a new recipe book for cooking and eating them.

      • fdsafs

        Slave states will slowly turn blue, just need to allow time for all the ignorant racists to die.

      • b baggins

        are you implying people in the south are racist? Thats painting a picture with a pretty broad brush. Sounds racist to me hypocrite.

      • Asinus

        Wow, talk about a sensitive, reactionary cry-baby.

      • jchastn

        Its actually not a statement that all the people of the south are racist. There are just enough racist/sexist/homophobic southerners to skew the politics of the south to the right (red). As those folks who are mostly older, die, the region will begin to blue up. This is already happening in Texas, partly because of age, but also because of the migration of blues to red state of Texas. Its getting more purple every day.

      • hzane

        Texas has a whole lot more Democrat governors in it’s history. We also have LBJ (The Bush family is from MA). Then there’s Austin and San Antonio – both blue. Houston and Dallas are both on the fence. Yeah Texas could go blue any second now. Outside the cities the media is all right wing talk radio. And I mean far-ass right wing. The kind of brainwashing propaganda that produces people like Ryan here demonstrating conservative intelligence above.

      • Bill

        Ooooo, Ryan, how clever, how pertinent, how sensitive of you. I can’t wait to see another of your posts. Yum!!

      • Bill

        Watch, Ryan, I can do it, too: Up your hole with a jelly roll, you dick sucking c***t licking son of a corn-hole bitch. Eat shit (not pussy) and die. See? Easy.

    • vadersapp

      You’d think the GOP would keep their big red states Republican officials in line so they didn’t screw it up for the party. What is gonna happen when Texas turns blue? They’re not winning any presidential election anytime soon, that’s what, and you’re gonna lose the House majority, too. Keep up the blatant corporate greed, Perry, please.

    • psychodelic

      WHO DOWNVOTED THIS???? Loser…

    • Gabriel John

      This is the only comment in the thread worth reading. Just stop here. It’s all second-amendment crap down there.

    • Gabriel John

      This is the only comment in the thread worth reading. Just stop here. It’s all second-amendment crap down there.

    • John

      Uhh no sir you blue sons of bitches stay out of our state.

      • jchastn

        Sorry dude, they are coming in droves. Businesses are bringin them. If you want any kind of economy in your state, you have to accept the blues.

      • David Starkey

        I’ve lived in Texas since age 3 – except for the 4 years I was serving it & the other 49 IN THE U.S. NAVY.
        Read a book & you might find a few Democrats from here, like LBJ, Sam Rayburn & some others who are far better people than you or I are likely to be.

    • Airstrike

      Hey doofus…

      In a statement posted to his website, Perry explained the bill’s requirements and why he vetoed it:

      “House Bill 535 requires state agencies, when purchasing goods, to give preference to goods “manufactured” in Texas. Current law already requires state agencies to give preference to goods produced and grown in Texas. While I support and encourage our agencies to buy goods from Texas businesses, this bill simply does not change current law.”
      …. just sayin’…find out all the facts before you post crap. This article is heavily biased.

      • David Starkey

        So, what’s more likely?
        96% of the legislators made a mistake?
        Or just the one Governor?
        I say the Governor. If it didn’t change anything, HE’S A MORON FOR NOT JUMPING ABOARD WITH EVERYBODY ELSE.

    • James L

      We’ve got a way to go before it even turns purple. I’d guess about the 2024 election, it’ll start shifting.

  • Chet

    God, Rick Perry is a douche, a hypocrite, and, uh…I can’t remember the next one. Oops.

    • Karl

      Turd Whacker

      • Bob

        Cum Guzzler

      • BigTuna820


      • Ted

        Martha Stewart

      • Twat-waffle

      • Raven Storm

        upvoted because it’s so creative….and true.

      • bokizzle

        Stealing this and using in an everyday context.

      • callmethekimster

        Too bad the license plate is already taken.

      • Tegra3


    • b baggins

      I agree. But what is Obama, and Boehner for that matter. Biden pretty much wrote the patriot act. and Obama extended it and added NDAA. You dummies still vote for these hookers. Political parties are the cancer in this country. I think party members should be tried for treason for putting party before humanity.

  • BenTheGuy

    Did he give any reasons, or are you just attacking to attack, and assuming his motive?

  • Robin Fletcher

    Embarrassed? I am humiliated, repulsed, disgusted, offended, horrified that (p)Rick Perry is governor. The biggest mistake GOV. Bush ever made was appointing him.

    • Phillip Taylor

      That was no mistake. Bush wanted somebody who would keep on giving and giving and giving taxpayer money (and money that belongs to everybody else) to his rich buddies.

      • The Dude

        IDK if you knew but Lt. Gov is an elected position in Texas

  • Michael Rappaport

    Since when is “Buy American” a progressive stance?

    • parksoul

      Since when was “Buy american if quality and price is the same” shunned by any progressive platform?

    • I guess you’ve never heard of “Buy Local” then?

  • well, as Texans you could stoop and adapt the urgings of that one Fox News contributor and find those people who voted for him and “punch them in the face” but really that is beneath normal people …. and besides your hands would be all bloody after all that punching :O

  • Phillip Taylor

    Interesting how he was born dirt poor, never had a job outside of government, and still has managed to become a millionaire many times over. Those are some very very shrewd property deals he has done…

  • George McSwain

    Rick Perry is not as bad as my Governor of the Great state of Florida. Mr. Rick Scott.

    • ATA

      Dumb and dumber.

      • I got you both beat. Scott Walker is my governor 🙁

      • Bill

        Ohio here…We have John Kasich.

      • zaphod1

        Maine, we have Lepage

      • Kevin Reffitt

        …and I got Nikki Haley. Bummer.

      • uzuhl

        Me too. Meeee too. She’s just so…stupid.

      • Bruce Stewart

        Pat McCrory here in North Carolina

      • Nateruok

        Tom Corbett…he’s a fracking idiot.

    • Kyle

      Or WIsconsin’s Scott Walker

    • Sid Gautama

      Indiana’s Mike Pence is an up-and-comer to that group… He even has the GOP state Legislature against him…

    • Allen

      Does anyone like their Governor?

      • No, not really. All politicians are in it for the power and the $$$ for their next campaign. Time to give them campaign spending limits to even the score between them and people who would make positive changes to governments and communities, instead of being bought by corporations looking for tax breaks and deal like this dumbfuckery Perry pulled.

      • Larry Towers

        My Governor Cuomo has been OK. A realistic fiscally responsible Democrat

      • Norma Vessels

        Yes, we like our Governor, and our Leutinant (can’t spell) governor. Breshere and Abramson. Abramson was Mayor of Louisville for several years, and did amazingly well for the people. The two men are good for Kentucky. Please, forgive my spelling.

      • hzane

        A lot of Texans still love Ann Richards…

  • saltcay

    At least it shouldn’t be hard to get his veto overturned!

  • KevinC

    And let’s not forget he also vetoed a bill that banned texting while driving, because, you know, safe driving laws are “big government”

    • Chad

      And yet they have no problem letting the government decide what a woman can and can’t do with their bodies. I.e. abortion

    • hzane

      Well actually that’s something this liberal does agree with. Texting and driving is stupid, but such a flimsy reason for cops to pull people over is downright scandalous.

  • boardin1

    Doesn’t Texas have a provision for Legislative override of a governor’s veto? IIRC, the federal government requires a 2/3’s majority from both houses for Congress to override a presidential veto; in which case a bill becomes law without the President’s signature.

    • Eric Weathers

      The legislative session is already over. Texas’ legislature only meets for one semester every two years, and that just ended a few days ago. The only way they’ll meet before 2015 is during a special session, which is called by and has its agenda set by the governor. In other words, anything he vetoes right now is effectively dead – the logic being that Texas hates government and anything that can be done to keep it from adding new laws is a good thing.

    • GingerMan512

      Yes, but then the ignorant wouldn’t have a chance to yell obscenities about Gov Perry.

  • If the Legislature is out of session, it cannot meet to vote on overrides, so any vetoes the Governor casts after the end of the session will be final.

    Not coincidentally, the session ended three days ago.

  • Daniel

    145-0 and it’s vetoed…as a Texan, this is infuriating. What’s the point of having a state congress if you’re just going to flip em the bird and go against ALL of them anyway. I’m embarrassed that he’s a fellow Aggie..leaving black marks for everyone in the state of Texas, what a bafoon.

    • Atticus

      30 TAC 20.8.C. The law is already on the books. He made the right decision, b/c the “buy american” bill would make american products equal to texan made products.

      • Kenneth Langford

        I cant seem to find this “30 TAC 20.8.C.” online. Can you post it somewhere?

      • Atticus

        Texas Administrative Code. Title 34, part 1, chapter 20, subchapter C, rule 20.38

      • Kenneth Langford

        Thank you! After reading the entirety of the bill and the current government code, then comparing the GOV code to the Admin code, I found that the main thrust of the bill was to expand the Government code which in turn would be interpreted into the admin code. Specifically the word “manufactured” was elaborated to include the components.

        From the bill:

        “Manufactured” means, with respect to a manufactured good, an item produced as a result of a manufacturing process that alters the form or function of components, including articles, materials, or supplies, that are directly incorporated into the item in a manner that adds value and transforms the components into a finished item that is functionally distinct from a finished item produced merely from assembling the components into the item.

        From the Admin code:

        “manufactured” does not include the work of packaging or repackaging.

        So I gather from this that some “manufactures” were really assemblers. Where all or most components were manufactured somewhere else and assembled in TX.

      • Atticus

        Right. But the new bill does not say the parts used for assembly must be from Texas or America. So what does it really accomplish? It doesn’t say that assemblers can’t be considered a Texas based company if they use parts from elswhere.

      • Kenneth Langford

        It does not, correct. This bill is preferential, not exclusionary. If you produced an item “merely from assembling the components into the item” you do not qualify for this preferential treatment. To qualify for preferential selection you must have the item “produced as a result of a manufacturing process that alters the form or function of components, including articles, materials, or supplies, that are directly incorporated into the item in a manner that adds value and transforms the components into a finished item that is functionally distinct from a finished item” in TX. If not in TX then in the U.S. and preferably a disabled veteran who operates in TX.

      • Kenneth Langford

        To elaborate on the bill it specifically states:

        Goods manufactured, produced, or offered by a Texas bidder that is owned by a service-disabled veteran who is a Texas resident shall be given a first preference and goods manufactured or produced in this state or offered by other Texas bidders shall be given second preference, if the cost to the state and quality are equal

      • There are times that Texan products aren’t available or aren’t up to par or price, In which case, American products should be favored over foreign products, period.

      • Daniel

        Yes but Texas is in America..nothing wrong with a little interstate commerce, keep it domestic

  • Melly

    Can’t believe this giant walking turd ran for President.

  • Turk

    Texas deserves Rick Perry…

    I wih Austin could move out though…

    • shawn_von_socialist

      stay and vote him out

      dont give the state back to conservatives texas is going blue

  • sunenge


  • EdwardWJones

    Not surprised, that state is where bombs away bush if from.

  • disqus_yEzgXRjrdX

    Can they override his veto?

  • scott6784

    I don’t support Gov Perry usually…but this was a good move. “Buy American” is the stupidest thing ever. We live in a global market. The Ford you’re buying, for example, is made of parts from all over the planet. All this bill would do would increase the cost of everything Texas bought due to the additional research required with every…single…purchase.

    • Jeff

      Did you even read the bill that was being passed? You are so misinformed about what it would do.

      • scott6784

        ” if an American-made product and foreign-made product are of equal quality and cost, when the state is purchasing a good or service, the state would always give preference to the American-made product or service.” Is what the article said, which I maybe wrongly assumed was the guts of the bill. It sounds like adding another layer of bureaucracy for zero results.

      • Eversurfer

        Since when is a conservative mandating how to buy a product? Or is this a liberal governor you have?

      • scott6784

        I’m not from Texas. Perry is rejecting the mandate of how the gov of Texas must buy, which is more of a conservative stance than a neo-conservative philosophy. It’s a rejection of economic constraint, which means a continuation of economic freedom. Since “liberals” are against many economic freedoms, I would not call this veto a liberal move either. I would classify it as a classical liberal veto (which is pretty much the opposite, economically, of the current definition of liberal).

      • Eversurfer

        Nor am I – Well put! – love it! Maybe a veto for Globalization? When I lived in Texas – a very different approach was to have a free trade zone around DFW – I never saw so many international company’s build a presence in around DFW – called “Las Colinas”. It stood for everything that Texas was about – combine oil wells pumping, cattle grazing, and about every major company in the world building, distribution, assembly, an semiconductor assembly or manufacturing presences – never seen anything like it nor have I ever seen anything since – I still have pictures of the ground breaking that occurred. Then comes NAFTA – it vanished all over night!! What is left is all still resides there – to support a global economy. So depending on how much depth of breadth of liberalism or conservatism – it’s really the run book you buy and sell with – I’m with you –

      • scott6784

        Thanks Eversurfer. Interesting about the free trade zone and NAFTA. I might look into that. It’s great to see tangible results of distinct philosophies.

      • hzane

        “Current definition of liberal – as defined by conservatives with a political agenda”. ftfy.

      • scott6784

        I’m not a conservative. I would be interested in understanding why you would (might?) think that currently defined liberals are champions of economic freedom. Please explain.

      • hzane

        I certainly don’t think anywhere near that nor did i say anything like that. My point above was referring to the extremely successful re-branding of liberalism which the right wing initiated during the civil war and has transmorphed into the popular conservative mythology that we are subjected to today. You casually said it yourself: “Since “liberals” are against many economic freedoms”. Those are your words. That flippant statement reveals exactly the idea conservatives have spent an incredible amount of time and money crafting in public opinion.

        There is a priority division between the working class and the ownership or investor class. Let’s extrapolate that paradigm for a second. I think a good example is the minimum wage debate. By implementing a mandatory minimum wage, you secure certain economic freedoms for low-skill wage earners. Such as ability to rent a living space and eat. However, it restricts someone else’s ability to pay people less than a living wage. So which priority amounts to actual freedom?

        No the only thing I would say liberals are champions of is civil rights. I would also argue that liberals have been better stewards of the first amendment. The ACLU for example applies to both. Even though I have found libertarians are often aligned with the ACLU, that organization is public enemy number one to many right wingers. Right up there with the NAACP and the United Nations. What does that have to do with economic policy? Nothing.

        Historically, blue states do have larger and more developed economies. Right wingers frequently chastise California, Chicago and New York. Which combined account for well more than 90% of tax revenue and US GDP. And Democrat Presidents in the last 60 years have done a better job balancing the budget. Nixon out deficit spent Carter, Reagan out deficit spent Clinton, and Bush will have out deficit spent Obama (if we attribute the bailouts and Iraq war to Bush). Of course one must take Congress into account, and on the state level regional factors come into play. Also, Democrat vs. Republican does not automatically equate to liberal vs. conservative especially in modern America…

        Anyway, actual fiscal Conservatism combined with Liberal fair trade and transparency is my ideal combination. Too bad that’s such a rare occurrence.

      • scott6784

        First off, thank you for the well thought comments. I’ll try to keep this brief.
        Minimum wage laws are actually terrible for the poor, as it prevents low skill workers (teenagers) from getting their first jobs. I could say more and would, but it would be best to research for yourself. The freedom restricted by minimum wage is not freedom at all, which I would argue is a word without meaning anymore, but a limit of an employer and an employee to work out a contract to whatever they see fit.

        The UN is a total waste of pretty much everything. It’s insanely expensive and has failed to stop or even try to stop genocide on multiple occasions. The NAACP is not worth talking about in any regard, positive or negative, they just don’t matter any more. The ACLU is a good thing for the most part. As a libertarian, I support a lot of what they do. I think Republicans don’t like the ACLU because of their hard line stance on separating church and state. I side with the ACLU on that topic, but there is certainly room for intelligent debate, not that you’ll find much of it.

        No president in recent history has balanced the yearly deficit, let alone come close to even touching the national debt. Clinton came the closest, kudos to him and the republican legislature for their glorious gridlock, no sarcasm. Nixon was awful, Carter was awful, Clinton was alright, Bush I was alright, Reagan was alright, Bush II was awful, Obama is currently awful. Applying the current costs for the wars to Bush instead of Obama is a massive inconsistency, you would also have to apply every ongoing cost of Clinton to Bush and to Obama, and so on. Obama hasn’t stopped the wars, the costs are his. On the bright side, this gives him a great opportunity to cut spending AND stop wars. I wish he would take more advantage of it.

        Right, I agree that Democrat and Republicans typically talk a big game against each other, but end up with the same policies. Look at Bush II and Obama. Same policies. Except for the elimination of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Good work there by Obama.

        Damn, that wasn’t brief at all.

        Can you give me examples of what you called “liberal fair trade and transparency?”

      • hzane

        And thanks to you for your polite response. Lemme also say, I typically identify as Libertarian too. I voted Ron Paul in 2008, Perot in 96 – but wrote in for Nader in 2000 (stayed home in 04′). I like seeing third party candidates fracture the current political monopoly enjoyed by the GOP/DNC. Though I did vote Obama in 2012, because Romney was a trainwreck (imo) and I was (am) very frustrated with what I see as modern Mccarthyism coming from the right.

        Regarding debt accrued during the Bush administration, I was referring to the truly incredible spike which began in 2007 and topped out by summer 2009. Somehow the Bush administration and Congress had managed to hide a trillion dollars in Iraq war expenses until Bush was leaving office, and right there within 6 months of those historic (bipartisan) bailouts. It seems 100% of all those expenses are typically attributed completely to Obama, reluctantly in the MSM and aggressively by right wing media.

        What I meant by liberal fair trade, is central planning designed to safeguard from monopolies and mega-conglomeration. Also representation of labor interests by the government. Individuals do require protectionism from multi-national corporate entities. I could bring up Joe Barton vs Barack Obama and the BP oil spill as a simple, recent and relevant example.

        And transparency, well that’s self-explanatory. I’ve been pushing the term “open source economics” around with my friends and colleagues lately. Which I would love to see take off as a business practice. But it will not happen unless the government does it first. We are a long way from that happening unfortunately, however I am optimistic that it is inevitable.

        I would like to see Congress constrained by any SEC legislation they pass. I’d like to see the federal government being annually audited by the IRS. (Bit of a tangent but) I would also like to see price controls placed on criminal attorneys and progressive fines to flatten out our justice system. Financial penalties are much more severe if you are poor, and frankly you do not have access to equal representation depending on your income. I find that to be the greatest actual injustice in America right now.

        You mentioned that Obama now owns the wars. That’s a statement i often hear. But what I don’t hear ever, by the same token, is Obama owning the Bush tax cuts which he also extended. In fact Obama lowered taxes even more since taking office, but that point is lost in the media. Anyway, that’s a whole other conversation.

        Honestly sir, I think you and I may just come from different families therefore different influences. However, we likely agree in essence on many big issues, just with subtly different language and somewhat different perceptions of history.

        Apologies for the long response!

      • scott6784

        Hi Hzane, no need for the apologies, I appreciate the explanations. There’s a lot you wrote about that I’d like to further explore, but for the sake of time I’ll focus back on what you called “Liberal fair trade.”
        I’ve always thought that laissez faire capitalism would be the peak of fair trade, where traders deal with each other for mutual benefit, have complete freedom of contract, and fraud/force is punishable by law. Central planning is pretty much the exact opposite of laissez faire. I’m curious how we could see completely opposite systems as the same.

  • Atticus

    30 TAC 20.8.C. This law is already on the books, that’s why he vetoed it. Heaven forbid anybody (including the author of this article) do their own research as to why somebody would say no to such an obvious question.

    • A S

      Actually, the main difference between the two is the difference between “Produced” and “Manufactured” goods. This expands the definition to manufacturing industries when it comes to preference. So it really does have an impact on the factories that are shutting down here in lieu of overseas markets.

      There’s a definite difference. If there weren’t, the entirety of the House wouldn’t have approved it.

      • Atticus

        Actually, you clearly haven’t read the law.

        “Supplies, materials, or equipment produced in Texas shall be given preference
        over comparable goods produced outside Texas when the cost and quality of the
        goods are equal. Supplies, materials, and equipment are considered to be
        produced in Texas if they are manufactured in Texas; “manufactured” does not
        include the work of packaging or repackaging”

      • so every single thing that the state of texas needs is all manufactured and produced within the state lines??? i rather doubt it…. so yeah the vetoed law would be and make a difference.

      • Atticus

        What?!? That was line 2A of a law that is 2 pages long. It’s not saying that everything MUST come from Texas but when there is a product of equal value and quality it should.

  • lonewolf

    Law currently states:

    (A) A Texas bidder shall be given preference over a nonresident bidder when the cost, and quality of the goods or services are equal.
    (B) The commission may award a contract to a nonresident bidder only if its bid is lower than the lowest bid submitted by a responsible Texas bidder by the same amount that a Texas bidder would be required to underbid the nonresident bidder to obtain a comparable contract in the state where the nonresident’s principal place of business is located. In evaluating a bid of a nonresident bidder, an amount will be added equal to the amount a Texas bidder would be required to underbid a nonresident bidder to obtain a comparable contract in the state where the nonresident bidder’s principal place of business is located, otherwise known as reciprocal preference. After the amount is added, an award may be made to the nonresident bidder if it is determined to have the lowest price and best bid. The amount added is for evaluation purposes only; in no event shall an amount be awarded in excess of the amount actually bid.

  • GizaDog

    This dude is an Alien! Look at that face.

  • Atticus

    Texas Administrative Code. Title 34, part 1, chapter 20, subchapter C, rule 20.38. This law is already on the books, that’s why he vetoed it.

    • A S

      No, the difference is manufacturing versus producing. This extends the existing law into American factories as well.

    • It’s different. the one on the books already is for produced goods. the new one is for MANUFACTURED goods. it would be like the difference between buying imported pepper or local pepper, v.s. buying Police uniforms from americain manufacturers or ones from overseas. stop being a dumb ass, and pull your head out and do some research yourself

      • Atticus

        Hahaha. Ok, you’re right.

        “Supplies, materials, and equipment are considered to be produced in Texas if
        they are manufactured in Texas; “manufactured” does not include the work of
        packaging or repackaging”
        Line 2A of the law addresses exactly what you are talking about.

  • Arnie Kappeler

    I’m not familiar with Texas law. At some point, can a veto be over-ridden? It looks like a no-brainer (no jokes, please).

    • Atticus

      It doesn’t need to be over-ridden. the law already exist

      • A S

        Stop spreading these falsehoods. The current law is different.

      • Atticus

        If you would have read more than the first line of the law you would have realized that it does cover what you would call “manufacturing”

        “Supplies, materials, or equipment produced in Texas shall be given preference
        over comparable goods produced outside Texas when the cost and quality of the
        goods are equal. Supplies, materials, and equipment are considered to be
        produced in Texas if they are manufactured in Texas; “manufactured” does not
        include the work of packaging or repackaging”

    • Atticus

      Texas Administrative Code. Title 34, part 1, chapter 20, subchapter C, rule 20.38.

      • A S

        “HB 535 would benefit the state’s manufacturing workforce by adding manufactured goods to those considered by state agencies.”

      • Atticus

        The law already freaking covers this.

        “Supplies, materials, and equipment are considered to be
        produced in Texas if they are manufactured in Texas; “manufactured” does not
        include the work of packaging or repackaging”
        That is copy and pasted from the law

      • hmmm? give title, chapter and rule numbers, that really helps someone who does not know texas law. a simple yes or no would have answered the question.

      • Atticus

        Ok, I will remember that next time. So whenever I’m trying to make a point about something I should be as vague as possible?
        Is that what you are suggesting?

  • Daniel Lambert

    That’s 145 to 1, if you don’t mind…the big Red One!

  • DougI

    C’mon, the guy wants to secede from the nation. With that Buy USA bill he’d have to support the enemy. Rick Perry hates America, this was just his way of reminding everyone.

  • templestark

    Really? Because it WAS a dumb bill. That’s a complete waste of time. Rick Perry is a douche but it doesn’t sound like anyone here has a clue here why he vetoed it.

    • Atticus

      Yeah, the fact that it already exists (and Rick Perry said this in his press release) is not a good enough reason.

      Texas Administrative Code. Title 34, part 1, chapter 20, subchapter C, rule 20.38

  • Rick Perry. The short bus version of J.R Ewing.

  • LOL at the american favortism and protectionism displayed here in the comments. This is about the only sensible thing this idiot has ever done and the butthurt is stronger than ever.

  • perrygrey

    Who all has read the bill?
    Anyone have a way to find out WHY he vetoed it?
    Bidder order:
    1. Special Texas groups,
    2. Texans in general,
    3. United States,
    4. non-United States…
    could it be he didn’t want it to seem as if TEXAS is exclusionary?

    • Atticus

      He vetoed it b/c the law already exist. Texas Administrative Code. Title 34, part 1, chapter 20, subchapter C, rule 20.38

    • Makoto Phoenix

      Straight from Perry himself –

      House Bill 535 requires state agencies, when purchasing goods, to give preference to goods “manufactured” in Texas. Current law already requires state agencies to give preference to goods produced and grown in Texas. While I support and encourage our agencies to buy goods from Texas businesses, this bill simply does not change current law.

      Whether this is true or not, I don’t know, but this was his officially stated reasoning.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    She did this because Final Net is made in China. Final Net is her god.

  • Eric Weathers

    Since a lot of people are asking why they don’t just override it, the answer is: they can’t.

    The legislative session is already over. Texas’ legislature only meets
    for one semester every two years, and that just ended a few days ago.
    The only way they’ll meet before 2015 is during a special session, which
    is called by and has its agenda set by the governor. In other words,
    anything he vetoes right now is effectively dead – the logic being that
    Texas hates government and anything that can be done to keep it from
    adding new laws is a good thing.

  • joe

    I wonder how much money he’ll make for vetoing it.

  • Kevin Reffitt

    What about a veto override? Is that in the process??

  • Ken Mastin

    People are addicted to Perry Like people where addicted to terroism & war. Addictions are hard to break. So long as the Bush family rules in Texas Rick Perry will be governor.

  • Nemo

    “and it proudly displays the sheep-like voting by many conservatives.”??? “and it proudly displays the sheep-like voting by 99% of people”, had to correct that for you. That’s why our 2 party system sucks.

  • Ricky Stevens


  • Jimmy Greenez

    Doesn’t texass have a veto overide?

  • Andrew

    Buy American bills like this actually are negative for both our domestic and international economies. They make it so that American made goods can lower their quality but raise prices. This only hurts consumers. If our goods were actually better we wouldn’t need these tariffs.

  • George Sand

    Good article, sorry to hear of your troubles in Texas. No need to shame people for voting the way they did though, honestly it kind of reminds me of those that said people who voted for Obama first term should be ashamed of them selves. That is just nonsense, hopefully people will see what Rick Perry has done as Governor and vote him out next opportunity. Change takes time.

  • Lol. Anybody who thinks Texas is about to turn into a blue state is a idiot. Texas has Always been Conservative. Will Always be Conservative. Unless the Democratic party becomes more conservative as it was 50 or so years ago, Texas will remain Red. Dont get this statement mixed up and think im supporting what Rick Perry did.

    • hzane

      How about Ann Richards? How about LBJ? How about all of Austin, all of San Antonio, most of Houston and a growing portion of Dallas? Texas may always be conservative – but that doesn’t mean it will always support Republicans over Democrats.

  • aszure42

    And to think that there were morons who actually were going to vote this d-bag in for prez.

  • Darkaine

    Not that I agree with this or most of what republicans say but I love how the “blues” think their crap doesn’t stink. Both sides suck people wake up already, we need to start supporting a 3rd party at the minimum!!

  • GingerMan512

    There is a similar law already on the books that overrides this law. Do a little research before you tar and feather the guy.

  • Steve

    When you look into the reasoning behind the veto, it makes sense. From the veto comments: “Current law already requires state agencies to give preference to goods produced and grown in Texas.
    While I support and encourage our agencies to buy goods from Texas
    businesses, this bill simply does not change current law.”

    Here is the current law:

    Texas Administrative Code





    RULE §20.38Preferences

    (1) Texas bidders

    (A) A Texas bidder shall be given preference over a nonresident bidder when the cost, and quality of the goods or services are equal.
    (B) The commission may award a contract to a nonresident bidder only if its bid is lower than the lowest bid submitted by a responsible Texas bidder by the same amount that a Texas bidder would be required to underbid the nonresident bidder to obtain a comparable contract in the state where the nonresident’s principal place of business is located. In evaluating a bid of a nonresident bidder, an amount will be added equal to the amount a Texas bidder would be required to underbid a nonresident bidder to obtain a comparable contract in the state where the nonresident bidder’s principal place of business is located, otherwise known as reciprocal preference. After the amount is added, an award may be made to the nonresident bidder if it is determined to have the lowest price and best bid. The amount added is for evaluation purposes only; in no event shall an amount be awarded in excess of the amount actually bid.

    I wish journalists like Mr. Clifton would present facts on both sides of the issue instead of misleading people to promote their personal agenda.

    • I can see your point Steve, and that is Governor Perry’s explanation as well, but when the people who are actually tasked with making law (the two houses of the Texas legislature) make a law explicitly for a purpose, it seems to me that they (and their legislative staff) would’ve already looked to see if such an obvious nullifier (such as an existing law that does the same thing) already was in place.

      So are the lawmakers simply unaware of a pre-existing law that they themselves wrote? Or is the Governor in disagreement with the lawmakers as to the meaning of the older law and this new one?

  • Gov’ner Alibaster

    The best thing we can do is not pay attention, ignore what is happening and vote for the Dem’s for free money. Then we can vote Repub’s for no money. Hmmm….. this seems odd.

  • exboyracer

    Dont be too hard on him I am sure he just didn’t really understand what “Buy American” means — it isn’t in the bible and he is from Texas – so cut him some slack.

  • mark

    please learn the basic economic concept of comparative advantage, then come back and eat your words.

  • Carol Richter Rocha

    Thirteen years of this man as Governor has put Texas back in the “dark ages”.

  • jstorey

    Does anyone care why he did it? I mean I’m not saying that what he did wasn’t wrong, but do you all honestly believe he vetoed it just because he “epitomizes the truest form of the shady, self-serving, unethical politician” or because he only “cares about is his ability to give contracts to his big corporate buddies who use cheap international labor and outsource American jobs”? This article is biased from the start and most of you are eating it up as the absolute truth without any regard for his reasoning! Anyone can call him a creep, or a douche, or governor butt-nugget, but please people take the time to understand one another before taking your stance.

  • zedizded

    free market haha


    A free market is a market structure in which the distribution and costs of goods and services, along with the structure and hierarchy between capital and consumer goods, are coordinated by supply and demand unhindered by external regulation or control by government or monopolies. A free market contrasts with a controlled market or regulated market, in which government policy intervenes in the setting of prices

  • Bet you won’t see this on FOX New in a negative way, or reported by the Conservative FEED on Facebook

  • Looks like a great reason to use Gajantic.
    (Check my username, folks, cuz I’m obviously biased)

  • Nelson

    “I don’t care which side of the political spectrum you’re on — anyone who votes for a politician (especially an incumbent) who refuses to publicly debate a challenger should be ashamed of themselves.”

    Best line of your article. This isn’t about being on one “side” or the other. There are not two sides. The solution is not a democrat. The problem is not that Rick is a republican, or conservative, or whatever you want to call him.

    The real problem here is that when governments are doing too much there is an excessive concentration of power and that power CORRUPTS every time, without fail.

  • NativeTexanLivingInIdaho

    Here is his reason:


    Pursuant to Article IV, Section 14 of the Texas Constitution, I, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, do hereby disapprove and veto House Bill No. 535 of the 83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session, due to the following objections:

    House Bill 535 requires state agencies, when purchasing goods, to give preference to goods “manufactured” in Texas. Current law already requires state agencies to give preference to goods produced and grown in Texas. While I support and encourage our agencies to buy goods from Texas businesses, this bill simply does not change current law.

    Since you remain gathered in regular session and continue to conduct formal business, I am delivering this disapproval message directly to you along with the official enrolled copy of the bill.

    IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have signed my name officially and caused the Seal of the State to be affixed hereto at Austin, this 25th day of May, 2013.

    Governor of Texas

    Attested by:
    Secretary of State

  • Greg Clark

    the bill flouts all kind of free trade deals, its a ‘feel good’ motion that would never fly legally, no matter what your feeling on the matter are.

  • Sam I-Am

    Must Be – On His Way Out’a Texas by now, after that dumb Veto! Good Riddance but personally, I’d love to see Ricky Perry Seceded off the whole planet Earth – Venus I know, won’t have him there, I bet even Mars won’t take the poor guy. But I stopped feelin sorry for this scoundrel when he embarrassed my dear State of Texas in those debates. See I knew he wasn’t too bright – But heck I never dreamed a Governor of Texas running for POTUS could be so utterly stupid, dumb, ignorant, foolish, unprepared, uneducated and tone deft all at the same time –

    Here’s my Wonderment? I just wonder how or if Fox-News will do Negative Republican News? Same for the Civil-War of the Tea-Party vs. The Grand Old Party? Will Fox do Straight news – Opinion news – Commentary News – Or do we just get the regular old Fair & Balanced Pro-Republican Fox-News that we always expect. Such as Scandals that are not happening etc. etc.

  • Colt DeMorris

    Fuck you Perry!

  • Adam1

    The prose in this article is just terrible – was this written by a high school student? It’s hard to take the content of an article seriously when the writing is so unprofessional.

  • Damon Teufel

    Don’t they have a large enough percentage to overturn his veto?

  • Gary Watrous

    So how do we get rid of this crook?

  • llk

    Makes me proud to be able to say: I did NOT vote for him……….so all the people who did…………wake up folks…………..

  • Jackiez

    That shouldn’t even have to be a law if you live in America then the American products should always be chosen, what a bastard! Hope he doesn’t have any aspirations to be president because this will come back to bit him, I hope!

  • Amy

    I think he made a poor decision but I am also bothered by the authors obvious partinsinship in the story. he calls people who vote republican sheep. What are people who jumped on the Obama bandwagon who voted for him simply because he was democrat or black. It is comments like that that make me wonder the reason why Perry vetoed the bill. Was there something that got attached to it he disagreed with? Is there a tweek that he wants then would sign it? With the author of this article leaving it unanswered, and attacking replublicans rather then just the govener when republicans in the state house and senate voted FOR this bill, he looses crediability.

  • Rynosaurus

    What an idiot. They have more than enough support to override his veto.

  • J Centeno

    Just a thought… why not start a grass roots movement to introduce legislation that would allow for people to have recall referendums for governors. This way the people have a way of removing these assholes.

  • Kotargnskit

    Showing once again that Republicans don’t give two shits about the red, white, and blue, only about the green.

  • dajoe

    maybe his reason is, why are they wasting time on something like this when it should be done in the first place.

  • ed

    Fuck Texas it a shitty place with some of the ugliest people I have ever seen! weren’t you guys supposed to secede I mean what the fuck you hate America so much and don’t turn that into hating Obama because America elected Obama you dumb fuck you dumb redneck sister fucking piece of shit you fucking toothless crooked fluoride lacking cocksucker!
    For David starky

  • Texan in Texas

    Hmm. You’d think with a super majority in the Senate and House, that Texas would be the standard for Republican ideals. The budget would be balanced (it’s not) traditional values would be upheld (umm…) and the invisible hand of the market would be filled with people working and prospering. Plus, with the longest serving governor in Texas history, he would be comfortable and confident with his party.
    How’s that working out?

  • I’m so pissed. The only possible solution to our corporate/fascist world empire police state is to vote libertarian. And yet a great deal of fat Americans still buy into to the lies the republicrats are feeding them.

  • Gabe

    Is Rick Perry a dumbass?

  • Freedom

    90% of the companies you work for use china products… .If this law passed 90% of you would either start taking cuts in your paycheck and or laid off…

    Do your research and you will see Hussein Barack is a tyrant taking you and your children’s freedom.

    Republitards and Democraps are ruining our American Republic!

    Stop this 2 party crap dividing our country! US AMERICANS MUST UNITE AND TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AND FREEDOMS!

  • Notyourusername

    The governor of Texas doesn’t make or balance budget, that’s the lieutenant governor.

  • Debra Ebright

    This is same man that couldn’t remember the three government departments he would do away with ! Are you really surprised !!

  • Mark Smith

    You are going to have to start paying attention. The battle has gone from the White house to the State House. the GOP can do an amazing amount of damage from the Governors office, as you as seeing. It is imperative to get rid of the gerrymandering and get these guys out….NOW!

  • Rick Butler

    Well this is what happens when people vote in part to deprive another group of having their interests represented and in kind end up voting against their own interests because they have put their trust in a snake who doesn’t really give two cents about you either. The chickens come home to roost.

  • tvol

    The 2nd Amendment does not say you can have or own a gun. Period

  • Pookiewood

    Perry is trash and as a Texan I am ashamed he is our governor as well. I was really hoping Bill White could somehow pull it off but weasily Perry got in without a debate. Then he ran for President. I’m no Barack fan but that would’ve been an easy vote. Perry showed how much of an idiot he truly. We NEED term limits!

  • Michael Cobley

    Texas is a third world country run by a mad man.

  • Michael Cobley

    Texas will turn blue when the Hispanic voters make themselves heard. Register to vote and vote. Texas has been the hick capital of the world far too long.

    • It’s my understanding that all of the major cities in TX are already blue, and their larger metropolitan areas are trending that way.

      When first-, second-, third-, and fourth-generation Hispanic voters register and vote in higher proportions than they previously have, then the tipping point will be reached, as the rural areas of the state simply won’t have the people to overcome the voting blocs of the cities and the Hispanic voters.

  • the lone star

    Gov. Perry Vetoes HB 535
    Saturday, May 25, 2013 • Austin, Texas • Veto Statement
    Share on printMore Sharing Services
    Pursuant to Article IV, Section 14 of the Texas Constitution, I, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, do hereby disapprove and veto House Bill No. 535 of the 83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session, due to the following objections:
    House Bill 535 requires state agencies, when purchasing goods, to give preference to goods “manufactured” in Texas. Current law already requires state agencies to give preference to goods produced and grown in Texas. While I support and encourage our agencies to buy goods from Texas businesses, this bill simply does not change current law.
    Since you remain gathered in regular session and continue to conduct formal business, I am delivering this disapproval message directly to you along with the official enrolled copy of the bill.
    IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have signed my name officially and caused the Seal of the State to be affixed hereto at Austin, this 25th day of May, 2013.
    Governor of Texas
    Attested by:

    you libs are a dumb bunch arent you? you should really learn to read all the news, not just what the ” progressive” turds tell you to read.and as far as Texas turning blue, your an idiot! with all the gay marriage crap you are spewing , we know its a matter of time before we out breed you. we can pro-create you cant!

    • CNNcommentor


      P.S. All that heterosexual breeding is what makes gay people.

    • Pookiewood

      Stay classy.

    • B Baggins

      Whay are you using my name?

  • bb2712

    I have to wonder what the House and Senate were trying to accomplish with this one. There are already laws to buy American, so what would this bill change? Would this only apply to state purchases having nothing to do with business purchases or individual purchases? Contrary to some of the comments on this page, it must be stated that Rick Perry is not a Moron. He is educated from one of America’s best colleges. He has helped form policies in Texas that have kept Texas ahead of the country during the economic downturn . I’m not saying the guy is perfect, but he has done a good job and should be given credit for the last decade of leading Texas, along with his associates. Somewhere in this list of comments it was stated that he vetoed the bill because it does not accomplish anything since there are already laws to buy American. If that is the case, then please explain what it is we lost by a veto? Since we are having a special session, is it possible his veto could be reversed so we could RESTATE the idea of buy American, since some find that so necessary.

  • Angelo_Frank

    The maniac doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

  • Chris Donawho

    Best for all here to get their news from reputable sources, not this hackjob of a website. The law already exists, plain and simple. Perry has always stood against big government. We don’t need laws on top of laws. Get the WHOLE story, not the Alex Jones spin-job version. Phucktards…. ALL OF YOU.

  • Troy

    None of you commenters of any stripe particularly impresses. Regardless of your political preference, it all looks like a bunch of name-calling and finger-pointing to me. This accomplishes nothing.

    Having no regulation on the purchase and use of firearms is a ridiculous concept. Also, if we, the American people, need to have weaponry to rival the government in case of tyranny (as one post says), perhaps we ought to just start buying black market nukes.

    If we, the voting public, do not start exerting our will in an educated fashion, this country is going down hard. We spend so much time on social media and pop culture that we have lost all control over the political process. We need to stop flinging left and right insults at each other and do something constructive.

    I’m worried.

  • etu

    Kakistocracy.kak·is·toc·ra·cy (kk-stkr-s, käk-)
    n. pl. kak·is·toc·ra·cies
    Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.
    [Greek kakistos, worst, superlative of kakos, bad; see caco- + -cracy.]

  • Chris

    I am assuming the author despises Diane Feinstein because she ALSO refused to debate her challenger.

  • Bob Whalen

    This Governor was a loser for the top job. He will jeopardize free trade agreements fall through the cracks. This makes a mockery of any free trade America has signed and will cause the other countries to not trust the USA period. Way to go bubble head now you know why you didn;t get past the gate and looked like a bumbling fool doing it. You might hae had a chance against Palin or Bachmann.

  • SluttyMary

    A well-regulated militia is not the same as a well-armed and unregulated populace.

  • BurtonM

    Im sure theres more to this story that this moonbat website isnt telling. Never trust liberals they lie through their teeth.

  • disqus_BgPes81HsD

    i’m actually impressed that a neo-liberal politician stuck to his neo-lib guns when it came to vetoing a populist and useless bill for protectionism.

  • Smeagol

    Reading through this, there are SO MANY different variations on what the Militia is. Our founding documents authorize the Federal Government to have a standing army. This is the Federal Army that has the responsibility to defend this nation (while it has been misused by many administrations, it is for DEFENSE, not OFFENSE). These same documents, with regard to the 2nd amendment more specifically, identify the RIGHT of a well-regulated Militia. This militia is to be regulated at the State level to protect the States from having their rights taken by the Federal Government. Then, You have the Citizens and their right to keep and bear arm. This RIGHT is to protect the citizens from a tyrannical government, wither State or Federal. So, Our country should be defended through the use of the Federal Army. The States should have their Militias to defend the State’s Rights, and the people should have their right to keep and bear arms at the individual level. Our founding fathers KNEW what it was like to live under tyranny and developed these methods of checks and balances to protect the people from the government. As for the background checks, if violent criminals were tried. convicted and kept out of society, then the need for background checks would be a thing of the past. With leniency, good behavior and plea bargains, criminals are let loose on the streets to commit crimes over and over again.

  • AnneElliot

    I’m embarrassed to admit I live in Texas; however, I do live in San Antonio, which is a blue city, but it’s still incredibly frustrating to live in the same neighborhood as people with “No Socialism” signs on the front lawn and meet people who STILL think Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii.

  • TerryIsNotMyBoss

    At least he isn’t the embarrassment POTUS is. Dude is so far in over his head you have to really feel for him.

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Romney. #Hillary16.

  • mike

    should be a buy American only unless there is no other choice, we are underpriced by foreign counties at every turn, but if Rick want to make people think he is going to buy American,, then go ahead and let him think that

  • Dominic M. Johnjulio

    And just think, the Republicans wanted to make him President! LMFAO!

  • Jeff


  • I was in the capitol yesterday. Took my hat off and stood silently befort the portrait of Ann Richards. Comparing that proud lady to the sad-sacks that followed her… I pray for the return of integrity and purpose to Texas.

    Contribute. Vote, Get involved. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

  • Cow Cookie

    It’s a special session. It’s not rocket science.

  • Aloanstar

    I didn’t vote for him and won’t vote for him next time either, but I am pretty sure he will lose this next one anyway.

  • Surelyoujest

    The next time Ricky runs for president in 2016, he wants to get all his campaign money from the chinese.

  • storm

    To bad people can’t just turn to Gary Johnson..

  • TBK Revolution

    You will not get the same product quality at the same cost from the US vs. off-shore. USA made may be of better quality but it will be much more expensive.

  • l

    Why is it that when an elected official does NOT do his job, we just sit on our hands and wait for the term to be over – isn’t there something in our constitution that says that if there is good cause we can force a change? So why don’t we???

  • John Hobie

    Texas has a lot of politicians that Texas should be embarrassed of. I mean Bush did come from there.

  • johnsmith9875

    Perry just likes those unsafe Chinese products in the hands of the Texas state employees, like those chinese exploding office chairs that can kill you instantly when the gas cylinder pops and impales you from your rear end.

  • Mase

    Any hope for Romney 2016 just ended with this.

  • what a fucking cocksucker….

  • Auric Maysen

    Is this perhaps because it’s apparently illegal to boycott Israel now and so a buy American bill that says the state should buy American whenever possible amounts, in Z.O.G.’s eyes, to a boycott of Israeli goods?

  • Jfackler

    It’s already state law in Texas to do this. That is why it was vetoed. I read the actual text from HB 535, and there is nothing in there that is not already written into state law. I would have vetoed it too.

  • patsijean

    Cannot the Texas Congress override the veto?

    • Trueblue

      No. Thanks to checks and balances, and separation of powers, and this is the very thing that made this country a once-glorious place to live.

      The more we lose those checks & balances, the more America turns into a shit mockery of Belarus, or the deceased Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

  • Bill Davis

    And the idiots in Texas keeps voting for this con man.

  • katgal1232

    I am surprised some gun toting texan has not taken him out.

  • Simple solution since it passed the legislature they can override his veto.

  • Wayne H. Franklin

    Obamacare is a scam. It forces the participating States into paying the lion’s share of the costs for all indigent medical care after the tax has been in place for a few years with no recourse or reimbursement by the Fed using those same tax monies.

  • How he could veto even his own party amazes me.

  • J F Morison

    Living in WV and not having read the Bill in question I have found one problem with it just in your description to wit ” when they are of equal cost and quality to foreign-made products.”. This is an extremely broad statement that can be read many ways. Unfortunately in our budget conscious times price matters and this bill could make no difference at all. We may be hearing “but that’s not what we meant!” when that’s what they wrote.

  • Jolly

    Independent of Rick Perry’s motives for vetoing this bill. Buy American is senseless nationalist crap after all.

  • Wiley Post

    This is what is wrong with today’s politics. Start talking about how bad Slick Rick is and someone turns it into the Second Amendment. Texas only had about 30% registered voters turn out in the last election. This is what you will get when you allow the “fringe” of any party to run the show. How far right can he go? Reelect him and see or retake your state. How else can a man be Governor for the past 13 years? Come on Texas wake up.

  • Rafael Ciordia

    Doesn’t TX law permit a legislative override of a gubernatorial ( or better said Goobernatorial ) veto?

  • todd

    Shouldnt matter if it passed with those margins it is veto-proof

  • cliff x2

    just add this to the list of anti-American decisions by this yankee transplant. oh, that was George bush. my mistake. well,,, a peanut is bigger than both their brains put together

  • GNH

    Forward Progressives: A Pudknocker-Rich Environment

    Dig a hole and bury it.

  • George

    Sheep like voting? I don’t approve of this veto, but republican sheep voting.? Really? With Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Jackson Lee, and all the other crooks and race baiters!! Look at your home before you throw stuff into my yard! If the Democrats were any more sheep, we would get wool from them!

  • Rodney

    You libtard freaking idiots. You never fail to amaze me. Your idiotic
    comments are not based on ANY facts or logic….just immature, foolish
    and emotional knee-jerk responses as usual.

    First off, I’ll bet
    NONE of you have even READ the bill Gov. Perry vetoed (I’ll bet you
    don’t even know what the bill number is)….and you don’t even have a
    clue what was in the bill.

    Secondly, the bill specified
    “manufactured in Texas” not just “made in America” (since you obviously
    didn’t even bother to read the bill).

    Lastly, do you even have a clue WHY Gov. Perry vetoed the bill? (Obviously you do not).
    Here’s why in Gov. Perry’s written response to the legislature:
    Bill 535 requires state agencies, when purchasing goods, to give
    preference to goods “manufactured” in Texas. Current law already
    requires state agencies to give preference to goods produced and grown
    in Texas. While I support and encourage our agencies to buy goods from
    Texas businesses, this bill simply does not change current law.”

  • kris

    What is funny is that this governor who is portrayed as a huge a-hole is the bad guy for not giving health care to every Texan citizen. It’s not up to the government to provide health care, if you want it go buy it. If you can’t afford it then get your ass off welfare and get a job to afford it. It’s the laziness of the American people that this shit has been brought to us. Now why the hell is it’s every one else’s problem that lazy Joe wants healthcare, who is not doing a damn thing to help him self, is it all the hard working American’s job to buy him that?

    Plus this article is bull when it is putting down such a great bill. Texas will now buy products that are made in the U.S. if they are the same price. Now places have a customer and which in turn will hopefully bring us more jobs! Only bad thing is that they will still support the out of American made products. They should only buy American made products. This is one step closer though!.

    Oh and lets not forget the fact that Texas is the most profitable state in the country. So no need for the shit talking because they obviously know what they are doing.

  • Betty Rice Black

    I would reserve judgement until I knew what else was added on to this bill. Both sides of the political fence have been guilty in the past of tacking on so much crap to a bill that looks like it will fly that the it renders the bill useless or too expensive to taxpayers.

  • John Oliver Mason

    This guy is supposed to be so patriotic, yes he sells his state to the ighest corporate bidder, plus he can talk the talk of idiots who want Texas to seceed from the Union. What the hell DOES Perry-Parrot stand for?

  • javadanny

    Does a legislative override of an executive veto not apply in Texas? They certainly have the votes in both houses.

  • Chuck Reed

    Follow the money, oh wait, you can’t anymore due to the SCOTUS vote on Citizens United!

  • Viv Arney

    Will be SO glad to see the last of this corrupt POS. The man makes Blogovich look like the a GOOD guy. His hands are so dirty. Bye bye, Pinhead – don’t come back!

  • saltcay

    There isn’t damn thing that Rick Perry could do that would surprise me anymore.

  • Namenlos

    Can they override the veto?

  • Aaron Porkstick Miller

    Doing the will of the people.

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    “This is a man who publicly slammed the 2009 stimulus bill, while privately using money from that very same stimulus to balance his state’s budget.”

    I agree with your basic point, but you’ve misused the word “privately.”

  • Matthew Reece

    Read Chapters 11 and 12 of Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt to understand why Perry did the right thing in this case.

  • jay

    Can’t they override vetos in Texas? They have the votes.

  • Trent Puckett

    Idiots – read the bill. If this bill had been passed, then all a business would have to do is to import products from overseas and repackage them for them to be considered ‘manufactured’ in Texas, and thus required by law to be given preferential status. As Gov. Perry said in his statement after the veto; “Current law already requires state agencies to give preference to goods produced
    and grown in Texas. While I support and encourage our agencies to buy goods from Texas businesses, this bill simply does not change current law.” Get educated before getting angry.

  • Sawbuck

    Funny – here is the veto message – the bill apparently doesn’t say what this article claims it says. Facts are stubborn things – so we ignore then whenever we feel like it to bolster a specious argument:


    Pursuant to Article IV, Section 14 of the Texas Constitution, I, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, do hereby disapprove and veto House Bill No. 535 of the 83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session, due to the following objections:

    House Bill 535 requires state agencies, when purchasing goods, to give preference to goods “manufactured” in Texas. Current law already requires state agencies to give preference to goods produced and grown in Texas. While I support and encourage our agencies to buy goods from Texas businesses, this bill simply does not change current law.

    Since you remain gathered in regular session and continue to conduct formal business, I am delivering this disapproval message directly to you along with the official enrolled copy of the bill.

    IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have signed my name officially and caused the Seal of the State to be affixed hereto at Austin, this 25th day of May, 2013.

  • Citizen

    After reading just one page of comments from the website, I can make only one unwavering conclusion. America is doomed.

  • TonyRo

    Hey, you guys are worried about the Governor of Texas? What about the President of the United States?! Fast and Furious? Does anyone remember? How soon you forget – his ignorance caused the death of innocent Mexicans and Americans. Is he as transparent as he said he would be? Hell no!!

    Get your priorities in order! What happened about Benghazi? Do you not care? How many people died -and why? No one cares? I can’t believe it! The Governor is small potatoes when compared to “High and Mighty” Obama.

    Perry is nothing more than a distraction to upset the those who are in denial about Obama. For crying out loud. Wake up, America!

  • Major Migraine

    With a unanimous vote already on the books, a veto seems like “easy pickin’s” to overturn. I believe it only takes 3/4th majority to overturn a veto, even on the state level, am I right? If so, why is everyone trippin’? It’s not like we didn’t already know Perry was bought and paid for by special interests. He’s not a governor, he’s a puppet and a punchline! So, they’ll hopefully be intelligent enough to vote to overturn the veto, and all’s right with the world again… right?

  • Paul

    You labor under a false impression. You actually think the government is benevolent. Governments exist for only one reason. To perpetuate the growth of government and to tell you what to do and how to live. There is only one function government has ever shown itself capable of doing well. That’s killing.

  • Stuart Watson

    Why Texas A&M hasn’t pulled Perry’s diploma is beyond me.

  • DavidHarley

    Do we really want “Buy American” campaigns? It’s the headline that’s important, not the fine print.

    What would we think of “Buy Chinese” or “Buy European”? More to the point perhaps, in view of NAFTA,” what would Texans think about “Buy Mexican”?

  • Jason Bolton

    Sheep-like voting is a great descriptor of anyone who votes republican or democrat.

  • Phenoy

    The dumbnumbnutness of Perry has reached a new subterranean low…

  • pplants

    Texas voted him in. Live with it Texas.

  • Ekaterina Kaverina

    Allen Clifton for office.

  • EmpressL

    I’ll tell you what’s wrong. Foreign products are ALWAYS cheaper cause they have a lower standard of living if they use child or slave labor. ANYTHING from China supports child and slave labor. They should BOYCOTT China!

  • Stephen Barlow

    Let’s all register Republican for 2016, vote Perry in all the primaries and then sandbag this gasbag in November.

    Kinda get the results Bush got against Kerry in 2004, but WITHOUT having to corrupt the computer tally from the voting machines.

  • Richard Cronk

    And they call us stupid up here in the north. Why did you vote this idiot into office.

  • Jay Auxier

    how do these idiots get elected?