Rick Perry’s PAC Now Profiting By Mocking Our Legal System With Embarrassing T-Shirt

Every time I see or hear Rick Perry talk, it blows my mind that he’s the longest serving governor of Texas. Heck, it blows my mind that he became governor at all. He reminds me of a male version of Sarah Palin. Except, unfortunately, he didn’t quit halfway through his first term.

Well, as many people might have heard by now, Governor Perry has been indicted on two different felonies. Not only that, but recent information has come out that seems to indicate Perry didn’t call for the resignation of other District Attorneys who had been convicted of the same crimes for which he called for Rosemary Lehmberg’s resignation.

Though the other three DA’s just happened to be Republicans – and not investigating his office for corruption.

But since Perry’s indictment, he’s made an absolute mockery of our judicial system. He’s dismissed these charges as a “political stunt” even though a grand jury (not one individual) declared that he should be brought up on charges.

Though even if he feels these charges are politically motivated, that’s no excuse to act as flippant and careless as he has throughout this whole process. I’m not saying he has to outwardly show distress if he feels confident that he’s innocent, but as a governor he should at least respect our legal process. Which he absolutely hasn’t.

The latest show of disrespect comes by way of his PAC (RickPAC) that’s now selling t-shirt’s with Perry’s mugshot on them. But not only that, they put the mugshot of Rosemary Lehmberg on the back.

Real classy, aren’t they?

Perry even posted a link on his Twitter account people could use to buy one of the shirts.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 2.30.02 AM

I just want to remind everyone that this is the Governor of Texas behaving like this. His actions remind me more of some spoiled rich kid who thinks they’re above the law than someone who’s supposed to be a grown man and a public servant.

Again, I don’t care if he believe that he’s innocent, this isn’t how someone in his position should act when facing such serious charges.

It’s behavior like this that makes me absolutely embarrassed that this man is the governor of my state.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jo Clark

    What an arrogant bastard. I soooo hope to see his fall.

    • CommandoCody

      you democrats put the worst person in office ever. Rick Perry for president.

      • Sensi

        not many worse than G dub… and who’s fault was that?

      • drorez

        Rick Perry is a dumb idiot. Did you not see him try for prez last time around? The guy made Geroge W Brush look like a genius! LOL. FAIL.

  • Jaina

    The big question is: Will he actually serve any real time? My gut says he’s too privileged and his flippant attitude is because he knows it.

    • Bonta-kun

      Might not serve time, but as a freshly-convicted criminal would he be able to continue his political “career”?

    • mms

      Bad case of affluenza.

    • DavidD

      He is trying to put the fix in even as we speak and I am getting an impresion that some powerful people in the GOP here in Texas wouldn’t be upset with Perry out of the picture.His hubris will be his downfall and obstruction of justice charges may come out of the actions he is commiting now.
      Not many tears were shed for Tom Delay.They kept him out of prision but many were relivied the little backstabbing SOB was out of power.

  • TaxPaying American Voter

    3rd class douchebag. Prosecution has this case all but wrapped up. This will be better to watch than Mittens going down in gop flames.

    • jrutter

      I so hope you are correct!

  • john

    Those T-shirts have a typo. Under his mugshot they spelled ” for abuse of office and coercion of a public official” wrong

  • katherine norton malek

    He’s been abusing his power for a long time. Wouldn’t have gotten away with what he has in some other States. Perry is more like a mob boss than a Gov. Nevertheless, it will not surprise me if he gets off AND is re-elected. It is Texas afterall.

    • DavidD

      He is not running again and Texas does not exist in a vacumn.If the GOP gets it’s way and it will if people don’t show up and vote them out Texas will be the norm in the rest of the Republic.

  • mms

    What a wonderful world it could be if he manned up and took responsibility for his actions. But alas, he is not a respectable man.

    • Eg Kbbs

      Funny, when someone is charged for a crime, all the fiscally responsible conservative republicans in my neck of the woods call for the person to save the taxpayers money and enter a guilty plea. (Either that or talk about saving even more money by just lynching the person).

      Any chance Perry is going to prove himself a fiscally responsible repub and admit guilt ?

  • DavidD

    It’s going to catch up with him.I’m sure his lawyers are frantically trying to get him to shut up and not futher show his disrespect for the judicial process.
    Judges don’t like that no matter who you are and his bully boy tactics and childish memes will get him no where when his case is before a judge and jury.
    Perry is a disgrace to the state of Texas and shows what happens when people don’t show up to vote.

    • Fustercluck

      Unfortunately you’re talking about a state that couldn’t even uphold the conviction of Tom Delay – arguably one of the most crooked politicians in living memory. So I don’t know how optimistic I’d be that Perry has anything to worry about when you’re dealing with a state that probably couldn’t uphold the conviction of Charles Manson if he would have been a Republican at the time.

      • DavidD

        There is a lot of truth in what you say but De Lay had enough sense to be quiet and let his lawyer work the system and get off from his obviously guilty behavior.
        Perry is openly baiting the judicial process and judges don’t like that and as I stated earlier other GOP irons may be in this fire.They would backstab old Good Hair in a New York minute if they could profit from it.
        We might just be able to clip his wings like Tom Delay who was truely as you said a repulsive crooked little spud or he might get away with it.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Throwing an election and the only true voter fraud in modern history except for George Bush’s two elections should be a Capital Crime. Because it’s TREASON to abuse power like that.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Sadly, Perry PERSONIFIES TEXAS. I used to HATE driving down there BECAUSE of all the Perry’s on the streets.

      • DavidD

        Most people down here despise Perry even people who vote the straight GOP ticket.
        He personifys Texas in your mind Steve but not in ours.
        We stopped him on the Trans Texas Corridor and on forced vacinations.
        You shouldn’t get yourself so upset.We are just individual human beings just like you trying to get by and make an honest living.
        We deserve to be thought of as those individuals .
        We will take care of Perry.I think the knives are out and his own people will bring him down.
        I may be wrong but I smell Karl Rove in this.Those leaks just didn’t fall from the sky to the Dallas Morning News.
        I think the grand jury testimony is very damaging to a lot of people and Rick is getting thrown off the sled to feed the wolves.
        Like you I hope it blows up in all thier faces.We could use a break.

      • Stephen Barlow

        If that is true, then WHY did “the majority of those who despise him” ELECT HIM THREE TIMES?

        I know, the Texas heat induces hallucinations. Most of America might like country music and the Dallas Cheerleaders, but we really are annoyed at best by Texas arrogance and inflamed egotistical self importance.

        Individually you are, but as a separatist culture, Texans are an embarrassment to most Americans.

        Perry is not running for governor again and will NEVER get more than single digits in a presidential race. he’s to much of a Texan. LMAO.

        Maybe they came from the Office of Integrity that was investigating him for corruption. Only Republicans do things like Watergate and The Florida recount scam in 2000. Didn’t Tom Delay get jailed for trying to fix an election? But you Texans are so proud of him that you let him out of his cage!

        Why are you SO KEEN on limiting the numbers of voters?
        Why do you think every woman is worth only 3/5ths of a man in the workplace?
        Why do you hate 40% of your population enough to profile them and arrest them twice as often as whites?

        I am glad you are wise enough to see the blessing that throwing Perry to the wolves is, but do you realize it changes Texas’ corrupt politics not one bit?

        Can you name one honest Texas politician in American history?

      • DavidD

        Most people in Texas did not vote for Perry because most people in Texas did not vote.
        The Democratic Party instead of running as FDR Democrats run just to the right of the RWNJ so working people don’t see much difference .
        I know you are frustrated but we have 10 million Democrats here but they don’t vote.
        Hyberbole and generalization based on anger at a bad situation is not productive but coming together with people on the same side as you would be .
        I can’t help your dislike of individual’s conduct but most people here are actually from somewhere else.
        Houston is the most cosmopolitan city with the first gay mayor of a major city in the country.
        All the major urban counties except Tarrant,which is were Fort Worth is voted for the President.
        Honest Texas politicans,Doggett,Barbara Jordan,Wright Patman,Sam Rayburn,Ralph Yarbourgh,the Castro Brothers,Juan Seguin come to mind off the top of my mind.
        The Right has the power but we have the numbers .Unity of purpose will defeat the GOP if we don’t waste time slamming each other.

  • Jim

    Too bad he isn’t being tried in Illinois. Here we send crooked Governor’s to prison. We’ve had four of them over the years.

  • Jim

    We’re non-partisan too. We’ve convicted two Democrats and two Republicans. C’mon Texas, move the trial here.

    • DavidD

      Can we duct tape Ted Nugent to his back and y’all still take him I know it’s asking a lot but since y’all are in a generous mood..You’d have to hose em down real good after we shipped them book rate as Ted has got that bad incontinence and Lower G.I. problem.

  • Michael Siever

    I do love when bullies get called out on their behavior, the first thing they do is insist that they are the victim.

    • Eg Kbbs

      Looking back on elementary school, the bullies often managed to position themselves in a position where they became the favorites of teachers. Think Cartman on South Park as the dearest of his mother.

  • Alyce Rosenthal

    I agree as a citizen living in Texas, it is embarrassing. What a numb knuckle!

    • DavidD

      My family had an Uncle Rosy in it.He was an engineer from Chicago and his last name was Rosenthal.He didn’t tell when we stole his cigars and sounded like the actor Sheldon Leornard which was pretty exoctic to us little kids in Texas.
      He loved us and we loved him back .He and Aunt Eunice had a boy named Jim.

  • Marilyn

    I so hope they find his ass guilty as hell. He is arrogant and an idiot…I agree that I am embarassed to have him as governor of our state!

  • Nanette Price

    I hope she sues the crap out of him.

  • Fabj

    He’s such a piece of shit

  • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

    Oh my god!! What a fool!! It is SO embarrassing to think that he has been “running” this state for so long and we have let him just run all over us with his behind the scenes schemes and phony explanations of what is happening to the money in this state! He sure did a number with education here when he wouldn’t touch his precious rainy day fund and instead just watch as districts had to let teachers go and curriculum had to be dropped. These t shirts are the ultimate embarrassment!!

  • David Blough Sr

    “PRIDE——Comes before a fall”

  • birdbrain53

    Then there’s the legal issue of using Lehmburg’s photo without permission.

  • Brian_pdx

    I don’t get Texas, you have to work hard at being stupid enough to vote for Perry, Gohmert, Cruz and other morons they put in positions of incredible responsibility. Screw up your own state. That is fine but don’t send d-bags to Congress to screw up the whole country.

  • Can’t he use the “That was *before* I picked up these Mass Intelleck-to frames for my glasses” defense?

  • Stephen Barlow

    Palin as a 3 term Gov of Alaska I could tolerate a whole lot more than 2 years of Perry screwing up the lives of 26 million people.