Rick Scott Proves His Incompetence Yet Again, Accidentally Bans All Computers in Florida

Florida Governor Rick ScottI’m from Texas, so I know all about Rick Perry’s ridiculous behavior as governor.  But I’ll give him this—at least he’s not Rick Scott.

How Florida ever elected this man is beyond astounding.

Before he was even elected Governor of Florida, the man was CEO of a company which was convicted of defrauding Medicare.  It’s absolutely mind-boggling — Florida elected a man who was in charge of a company which was scamming the government, and costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Yet, there he sits as Governor of Florida.

Which means it should come as no surprise when this man acts recklessly and signs a ridiculous bill, which turns out to be worded so poorly that it essentially bans all computers and smartphones in the state of Florida.

It all came about when Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll was caught with strong ties to a charity which was suspected of being an internet gambling front.

The charity was quickly shut down.

Soon after the charity was shut down, the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature passed a bill which banned all illegal slot machines and Internet cafes, and Rick Scott promptly signed it into law.

The passing of this bill by Republicans (you know, the “small government party”) would be enough of a story by itself — except in an irresponsible haste to cover their own butts, the wording of the bill is so broad that it essentially bans every device in the state that can connect to the internet.

The bill defined illegal slot machines as any “system or network of devices” that can be used in a game of chance — vague wording that’s so all-encompassing that virtually anything with internet connectivity could be banned.  Smartphones, Smart TV’s, computers, tablets, etc.  In effect, if it were followed to the exact wording, it could almost outlaw the internet entirely in the state.

Think about that for a second.  Can you imagine the outrage that would follow if a Democratic-controlled state legislature and governor passed a gun control bill that banned any gun that could be used to fire a bullet?  There would be immediate and intense backlash and probably riots in the streets.  But that would be an attack the Second Amendment, which is one of the few that Republicans actually care about.  This Florida law is an attack on the First Amendment, so that’s perfectly fine, right?

Basically, this bill was a quick and pathetic overreaction to the now former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll (she’s since resigned) being caught connected with a charity that was busted for being a front for illegal online gambling.

It’s one thing to ban illegal gambling, it’s quite another to attack the freedom to access information.  Which is essentially what Florida Republicans and Governor Scott did with this bill.

While the law most likely would never be used to confiscate personal computers or smartphones, the fact that it was even worded in a way that it could should concern every resident in the state.

This is just another example in a long line of corrupt, unethical and downright incompetent behavior by Governor Scott.  But what more did Floridians expect from a man who was the CEO of a company that defrauded hundreds of millions from Medicare?  Strong leadership and a sense of ethics?

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Eric Morgan

    I really enjoyed the write-up. It sounds to me like some of the same type of pork barrel legislation i’ve seen slither through the NC Senate over the past week or so. Could you possibly provide me with links to the bill itself? I would be very interested in reading it. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Glad I don’t live in Florida!

    Oh, wait. I live in Texas. Damn!

    • langranny

      At least your scumbag isn’t running again.

      • Devil_Dinosaur

        Actually, it’s even better – my scumbag is probably running for president again. I’m hoping it’s at least as entertaining as the last time he completely embarrassed himself.

      • A. Goodwin

        Haha – I’m from NH where he sealed his fate with his drunken maple syrup act. At least you have Wendy Davis. That woman is tough as nails and I truly think she is helping to pave a new wave of progressive strive for your state.

      • langranny

        What do you think of Julian Castro? I was really impressed with what I saw during the DNC.

      • moonkat51

        I’d love to see either of them run for Cornyn’s seat

      • FlemingBusinessOwner

        Think he will take a lesson from Palin, and write on his hand what the three branches of government are?

      • tommie3761

        Obama thinks that there is only ONE. The Executive Branch!
        He Legislates (thru Executive Orders), Adjudicates, then tells his lackey Holder what to enforce or not enforce. All-in-all, he’s a liberal’s dream come true! Aren’t we all lucky! Welcome to the Late, Great U.S. of A.!

      • BillC

        Still upset that Mitt “The Trees are just the right height” RMoney lost to the black fella?

      • Shari D

        Yep – he sounds “butt hurt” to me……..they all do. They didn’t get their way (?) so they end up spewing all the lies, bigotry, racism, half-truths, scare tactics, misinformation, disinformation, things that have absolutely NO basis in any facts – you know, facts? Those pesky things that trip up any RWNJ TeaParty Rethuglican out there…..they can’t deal with anything even approaching FACTS – so they just get up and yell and holler anything that falls out of their empty heads…..

      • Smrt

        U also seem to forget that Obama has had fewer executive orders then any president in the past century.

      • noah vail

        shhh…don’t confuse them with facts

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        vote the ted cruz / palin ticket. pleeeeeze!! then sit back and enjoy the 8 years of Obama…8 years of Hillary,,,,8 years of Elizabeth warren. tea party whig party— say BYEBYE

      • 1EdMeadows83

        Ahhh Tommie, Thank you! I was beginning to think only sane people were on this thread. I’m always glad there is a moron or two to liven things up in a discussion on politics. I hope you don’t stop with that single inanity. I’m sure there are more ridiculous thoughts and opinions in that stultified grey matter behind those beady eyes.

      • lindylou

        OMG you are beyond stupid. here’s an actual fact:: Obama executive orders – 167, Bush’s executive orders 291. You must have gone to school in Texas where they have all the best textbooks. Perhaps that IS the only legislation moving forward, since the Tea Party Congress has blocked everything else.

      • noah vail

        ever notice how whenever a right wing nut job gets called out on his shit that its somehow always obama’s fault….roflmao

      • lindylou

        Maybe Sarah Palin can give him hints on how to write key talking points on his hand so he doesn’t have to “forget” them.

    • Garry Hall

      LOL 🙂 Oh wait a minute , I live in Ohio 🙁

    • Jerry Stephen

      Well, I live in Oklahoma, and MY politicians are the bes… Oh wait, there’s that “Global warming is a hoax” concept…
      Never mind… (in my best Rosanne Rosannadanna impression…)

      • HappyInPDXth

        LOL! Oh wait…I live in Oregon…ahahahahaha! ;oP

      • KS_grandma

        LOL 🙂 Oh Wait……I live in Kansas. We have fundamentalist Pastor Sammy Brownback! He’s gearing up to run for President, too! Should be a fun primary! LOL

      • David Wells

        Oh wait…I live in Indiana. The state that just passed a law that will put you in prison for 18 months AND fine you $10,000 if you file for a same-sex marriage.

      • KS_grandma

        Kansas…center stage of Koch Industries and Koch Brothers Charles and David, and ultra right wing Americans for Prosperity. Never met a politician they wouldn’t / didn’t buy. Believers in the John Birch Society.

      • PaulJmsn

        I’m a Kansas, too. Brownback, Kobach, the Rev. Ferd Phlops (I think that’s right – no, I REALLY think that’s right!). Ain’t we got it good?

      • A.N.G.

        Not to be picky, but that’s actually Emily Litella… 🙂

      • Jerry Stephen

        A.N.G.: I went to Wikipedia to prove you wrong… Imagine my surprise when I proved you right! Both characters of Gilda, I got the ‘signature’ characteristics swapped in my head over the years… Thank you for the correction…

      • A.N.G.

        Certainly! Any admirer of Gilda’s is a friend of mine! 🙂

      • Kiki Cayton Jones

        Happy happy happy to be living in CA

      • Tracie Kennedy

        Where people are allowed to vote on civil rights issues? Lame lol

      • Montely Wilson

        That’s why this great human enterprise is called “CIVILIZATION.” Don’t want to join, maybe we can stop the world so you can get off!

      • 1EdMeadows83

        Me too Kiki but I druther be in Washington.

    • JoeJoe

      Be glad that you dont live in AZ, we have been the butt of political news for years, thanks to Brewer, and Sheriff Arpiao. Apparently we hate hate mexicans thanks to Brewer and Arpiao, and hate the gays, thanks to Brewer, even tho we have more gay bars per capa than West Hollywood does.

      • DayDay

        Can’t forget a post someone made not long ago – You can’t spell Arizona without (R-AZ).

      • Susan Heart

        Hi, I live in Missouri, home to Todd “Women’s Bodies Have a Way of Shutting that Whole Thing Down” Akin.

      • Tracie Kennedy

        Well in TX, we have rape kits that clean everything out so you can’t get pregnant. Nice to meet you!

      • pszymeczek

        You also cant spell CRAZY without R-AZ!

      • 1EdMeadows83

        I like that one!

      • OG

        Dont forget 700 more miles of Chris Simcox!

      • handsomejack47

        But here’s a positive I see (I live in Tucson): Brewer is on her way out next year, while Arpaio is probably going to be sued out of a job for being the racist prick he is.

      • Kim Lynch

        North Carolina here…..I feel your pain….

    • Sheryl L. Sutter

      Yeah, but at least your governor doesn’t look like a crazed man; but yeah God needs to help you all in Texas too.

      • JPChicago54321

        Anyone else live in a state where the two previous governors are in PRISON?? LOL!

      • Sheryl L. Sutter

        We have Kwami Kilpatrick…however, we stopped him before he could get to the governors office…LOL

      • Patrick Carey

        You live in IL too?

    • Roggie

      I just moved out of FL back to Michigan – rick ‘the dick-tater’ snyder’s policies are just as bad as rick ‘Medicare Fraud’ scott’s, but I honestly believe my golden retriever is smarter than rick scott. I’m hoping snyder is a bit smarter. I’m also going to work on making sure snyder is a one term governor before he totally destroys my home state.

      • Michelle Rhoades

        I think we need to ban all politicians named Rick or Mitch.

      • Roggie

        I think we may have a problem with politicians that have ‘scott’ in their name, too!

      • granitegirl

        Scott Brown. Lost US Senate race in Massachusetts to Elizabeth Warren so he moved to New Hampshire where he is running for Senate against incumbent Jeanne Shaheen.

    • Tamara Musick Sookchan


  • superdoo

    Speaking of poorly written, this article gives me a headache. Have you no editing process?

    • D

      Poorly written how?

  • foo

    its so embarrassing to live in Florida sometimes. There are many many of us who are just disgusted, embarrassed, and frustrated. It really sucks living in the state that seems to be the heart of the tea bag nation.

    • Serena

      Agreed! I live here too; I look fondly back to Gov. Grahm & even Gov. Charlie Crist; who’s a Republican turned Democrat & now, an Independent. I think he’s gonna make a go @ the WH in 2016.

      • Nancy Wiesenberg Dloughy

        Actually, Gov. Crist was a Republican, turned Independant, and is now a Democrat. Last I heard, he’s going to run for Governor again. All I know is that Gov. Scott needs to GO! I didn’t vote for him! And I also want to get the hell out of Florida.

      • Sherry Griffith Burke

        me too if only I

        could sell my house … I’m out of Florida

  • margmej

    This proves that our apathy could cost us a government that is tiranny.

    • Devil_Dinosaur

      “This proves that our apathy could lead to a tyrannical government.”

      Fixed that for you.

  • Lori Machin

    Unfortunately, I live in Florida. This is just the latest in a long list of reasons why my family and I need to get the hell out of here. My husband was resistant to the idea, but this should convince him. He’s a computer specialist. Oregon and Washington state are sounding pretty good right now. My daughter could get a college education in Oregon, and the state legislatures in both states seem to have at least half a brain.

    • James King

      The PNW welcomes you 🙂

    • Princess Mononoke

      I live in Tennessee right now and I’ve been looking in WA state at land. It’s the right decision….these people are crazy.

      • moonkat51

        Just be sure you end up on the coast. Inner WA. is like Idaho.

      • Jon Trimble

        Eastern Oregon as well.

      • Susan Heart

        Ooh, Tennessee, home of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Press on, good soul! Keep those Repubs in check

      • drslp

        Come to Massachusetts! We have it all 😀

      • Scooter Livingston

        I’m a Newton native. I wish i was back there.

      • Amy Gravelle

        I live in Ct now, but lived in MA for six years..You do have it all. Springfield looks nicer and nicer to me lately.

      • fighton!

        OH BUT WAIT!! If all you reasonable people leave those states, then you know what will happen….the bozos will continue governing 🙁

      • PaulJmsn

        Excellent point. We leave and the red state gets a little redder. We stay and at least there’s still a bit of blue in the red. In some cases that might actually make a difference.

    • Mirsh

      I hear ya. I live in Virginia, and there’s plenty of crazy here to make me wanna look elsewhere.

    • Mitzi

      I’m from Portland and we welcome you. A few crazy things here for sure, but overall, I feel like our government leaders are some of the better ones. US Senator Ron Wyden, for example, is a great guy who really truly seems to be working for the people. Shocking, I know. My state representative, Tobias Read, is a thoughtful, concerned, active leader, who responds personally to every email I send him on issues.

      AND we have great beer. And wine. And coastline. And mountains.

      • Serena

        Oregon, here I come!! Ya’ll need any nurses?

      • Keith

        Yes, I have to echo all of that. It is a great place. I loved it so much I just got employed by a company located in Portland. So much more rational than NC and its legislative “leadership” right now that seems to think education is a threat to democracy. The only threat is that educated people will never vote for lunatics like this.

      • jiminsanmateo

        Mother is from Portland and I used to play in Westmoreland Park and swim in Sellwood pool as a kid. Great place to be. Lots of green, good transportation, friendly people. And no sales tax! I’m sure they make it up in other ways.

      • Bluesyinohio

        And People.

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Lived in Oregon all my life, and can’t imagine living anywhere else. But hey, guys, I’m kinda thinking of our late, great, Republican (back when that wasn’t a bad thing,) governor, Tom McCall, who famously said, “Come to Oregon, enjoy our beautiful state, but don’t stay.” I LOVE when I hear out of staters say, “Who would want to live in OREGON?? It’s gray and rainy ALL THE TIME!” To those ignorant souls, I smile and say, “Yes. Yes it is. Don’t move here.” (Today was clear, sunny and about 85 degrees, like last week. And next week.) And yes, fabulous beer, (more breweries per capita than any other city in the world, except Munich) world class wines, ALL the beaches are public, mountains, lakes, rivers, desert high country…..you name it, we’ve got it in spades. And a good, predominately progressive attitude to boot. I’ll add Congressman Peter DeFazio to the list of our better state leaders.

      • 1EdMeadows83

        Both of the Northwest states are great. Of course, WA is greater.

      • LateNightLarry

        I could get snarky and say “But California has the best wines.”… but I won’t.

      • KyliesMom

        I went to college in Oregon and lived there for ten years. It’s not without its conservative (and redneck) elements, but moving back there is sounding mighty good right now.

      • 1EdMeadows83

        And Republicans in the East, just like dear old Washington.;-(

    • 1EdMeadows83

      Florida has some good things, Daytona Beach, Miami BEACH, Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel Island and my birth city, St. Pete.

      • disqus_i1sZFT5pdb

        Being a nice place to visit doesn’t make it a good place to live. I’ve lived here for 30 years, and I’ve seen it change, and those changes have not been for the better, I assure you.

      • 1EdMeadows83

        Yeah, I lived there 85 years ago but I left as soon as I saw what was coming. I was 6 weeks old at the time;-)

  • mx

    Florida is one scary place – we got slithery legislation all over the place – after all hanging chads; then last year the Florida legislature filed suit to overturn a redistricting requirement imposed by the Voters! Apathy has created this mess across the board, in all states and at all levels of government.

    • sara

      Thank you !!! you are so right in a way we have made our bed with Apathy on every level. NOW it is time to take the bed down. VOTE and get your friends to vote too. Have house parties to discuss issues and help others understand what is happening. We made this mess and we can get out of it too. Running doesn’t help you children it leaves them learning if you don’t like something just go run somewhere else where you THINK it is better…did you ever hear the saying the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. well it is true.

  • joe blow

    and yet its ok to re-elect a crack head?

    • Devil_Dinosaur

      To which re-elected crackhead are you referring?

      • Gary Smith

        Rob Ford? That’s Toronto, though.

  • Putting aside his stupidity – I’m confused. I thought an Internet Cafe was a place where you could have coffee and surf the Internet. Why would anyone shut those down. Is it really something else?

    • Devil_Dinosaur

      Did you read the article, or just the headline?

      • I read the article and when I was done that was the only question I had. Actually I had read another article as well that stated all Internet Cafes shut down immediately. I was just actually looking for a definition of Internet Cafe as it applies to this article. I really didn’t think that was a question worthy of that slight insult. lol..Nevermind.

      • Jeffrey L. Bass

        I wasn’t clear about the Internet café either, though what a crazy situation nonetheless.

      • DannyEastVillage

        Yeh–like, does that mean that Starbuck’s now has to rip out their WiFi?

    • GatorKim

      These internet cafes are specifically for gambling. It is a MAJOR money operation. But they should call them something other than internet cafes. That name implies the old definition which is what you were thinking of.

    • MPrado

      Because the bill says “any “system or network of devices” that can be used in a game of chance” — so this definition includes computers & other gadgets (smartphones/iPhones, tablets/iPads) since any of those you could use to connect to the internet and online gamble with.

  • Timdude

    The theme that all of these fellows are being elected in the first place is; Opposition to abortion. Who votes with this single minded approach to policy choice? The elderly and retired voter. They have nothing to lose with regard to any other issue. Their future is locked in and assured. They also have strong moral ties to maintaining this debate above all else. The problem is motivating the people who have every reason to seek change in economic, social and pro working person issues. These places (like Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, NC, Texas) all have this one dynamic within the voting cross section. This is the reason these people are being elected in the first place; after all they have not represented the mainstream middle class. They don’t have to because the mainstream middle class has not and will not appear at the voting booth for their own interest. Except maybe in a Presidential election.

    • Lori Machin

      I vote in every single election, and have since I turned 18, 22 years ago. But you’re right. Too many people don’t bother. I have been encouraging my oldest daughter and all her friends to study the issues and the candidates, and to exercise their right to vote. Their generation (18-25 yr olds) is our best hope for reclaiming our states and our country. I’m proud to say that my daughter and her friends are all registered Democrats.

    • anntracy51

      not so fast…. don’t put all retired folks in one boat… I’m a retired person who is PRO CHOICE and lean more to the left of most progressives….

  • Mainah

    Well, I don’t think it will stand up. You can’t restrict people’s ability to information and how would he even go about enforcing it? Is he really going to close down all internet Cafe’s? Doesn’t most Starbucks, McDonalds …etc. have free wifi? What the hell are people doing? Passing bills for the sake of looking busy? Is anyone paying attention? This is really sad and scary all at the same time.

    • summerinbbh

      Maine’s Gov is not too far behind these idiots.

      • Mainah

        Tell me about it. I didn’t vote for him. He’s made us look like morons every step of the way. Finally, we get mentioned on National news and it’s because of the jack-hole things he says and does. He’s sulking right now because both the republican and democrats came together and wrote their own budget and not used his. He tried to veto it but they overturned him. Now he is sulking. Oh, and he’s a bully, too. Can’t wait for election time!

      • moonkat51

        You’d better hope it’s not a three way race again. That is how he “won” last time.

      • Mainah

        After his budget got voted down by both republicans and democrats, he said he wasn’t going to run for governor. Then later said maybe he was going to go for Congress. Oh Lord … pray that he doesn’t. It is bad enough when your state drops from 47th on forbes to 50th. ouch. And his reply to that was nonsensical. He thinks the ranking has something to do with welfare but never bothered to check his facts before he issued a statement. What an embarrassment. *face palm*

  • Jerry

    What do you expect from Heaven’s waiting room…

    • Devil_Dinosaur

      Heaven? I think you’re being too optimistic.

  • Haha! I dont have to deal with this shit. I live in Toronto, where the worst things politicians do is smoke crack.

    • Serena

      Does Canada take in Americans?

      • Katey Kane

        You gotta be smart enough to marry a Canadian and get yourself in through the door! That’s what this former Floridian did…!! And not a moment to soon.

      • Heather Daniel

        My brother married a Canadian – and they can’t live in either country together. So it’s not a solution.

  • Frank

    “banning illegal gambling”? Its illegal and banned. Isn’t that redundant?

  • Ken-the-wise-one

    What a total load of crap. Thanks for reminding me how ignorant the progressives are in this country. Other than that, this was a total waste of ten minutes of my life.

    • Mainah

      Then why did you bother? Is it not true? If you are calling the author a liar … shouldn’t you back that up with some facts? Im an independent so if you plan on attacking me as a “liberal” you just got some time saved.

    • Gary Smith

      How about you point out your objections then, slappy?

    • ZeroDelorean

      How could this article take you an entire 10 minutes to read? You may possess the wisdom of Solomon but you read with the ability of a first-grader.

  • jacob

    I live in NC, where our governor has no spine, he will let the NCGA pass ludicrous laws and sit back and let it happen and act like he has no control… and I suppose he doesn’t, he is just a lapdog for Art Pope… these Republican governors all seem to be idiots…

  • PhilA

    Beware of small government messiahs whose real goal is to limit your freedoms that don’t agree with their crooked politics.

  • Tommy Sauter

    Oh come on. The whole article was fine until you compared it to a gun ban. This is just poor drafting, which is embarrassing enough by itself. I doubt that the bill was actually meant to ban all computers or interrupt access to information.

    • cpartist

      No it wasn’t meant to ban all computers,smart phones etc but the way the law is written it can. The potential problem is if person A takes issue with something person B posts online. They can then go to the police and use this law to shut the person A’s computer, smart phones etc down, even if the person has not used it to gamble. They don’t have to gamble; all they need to do is have a device (ie: computer) that could be used to gamble.

      • Tommy Sauter

        This is true. However, I this won’t happen! I’m recent law graduate, so I spent a bit of time studying statutory interpretation.

        As soon as this law is abused in this fashion, it can be challenged in court as a facially ambiguous law. The court will look to the intent of the legislature by reading transcripts from debate on the bill and other statements surrounding its passage. In this case, the court will probably find that, at a minimum, the law was not intended to apply to all computers operating in the state of Florida. At its maximum, the law will be voided and the legislature will have to give it another go.

        That said, its still embarrassingly bad lawyering to say that

        “illegal slot machines [are] any ‘system or network of devices’ that may be used in a game of chance.”

        Whatever staff attorney drafted this bill did a sloppy job, or a draft copy was rushed through committee for one reason or another.

    • DannyEastVillage

      But it’s a bill that would certainly come in handy to quash electronic networking of political dissent, now wouldn’t it?

      • Tommy Sauter

        Yes, until it is soundly rejected as a completely over-broad statute by the state SC.

      • Gary Smith

        The fact that it would so clearly be quashed as unconstitutional — something patently obvious to even legal neophytes — is just a measure of how poorly the bill was written.

        See also: the Bush Administration’s attempt to railroad through a bill about the tragic Terri Schiavo case.

      • Tommy Sauter

        Exactly. I am a “new” lawyer and I can see how legally unsound this is..

  • bailey78

    Well it is floriduh after all.

  • motherunit

    Another story that needs the “NOT AN ONION STORY” disclaimer.

  • no more left wing wacko

    Jeff Peppler this one i would partly agree with he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but at the same time this is coming from the left wing wacko’s if we going to talk about governors lets look at bloomberg and the countless dumb ass’s out there. the bill was to ban internet calf’s from gambling and he was not the one that wrote the bill , again he did not read it to well, and it could be used against all floridians. but was not meant for that, with that said he is not trying to ban soda’s, salt, sugar, food, mcdonalds and every other fast food company, and the countless other things the left wing wacko’s are trying to do, and being this was brought up by the left wing wackos i would not believe anything from it, if anyone was going to abuse it, it would be the left wingers. im sure someone will change the law, it was ment to stop the rip off online gambling and tax fraud.

    • cpartist

      Except Bloomberg is a MAYOR; not a GOVERNOR.

  • no more left wing wacko

    you people should use your brain instead of liberal media, your sheep following a wolf, scott banned illegal gambling and tax fraud companies with this law. its not perfect but its also a step in the right direction. more than what i can say about how the country is being run. and scott is pulling jobs into florida, do some research before you bitch about someone. and fact check anything the liberals are preaching to you. wake up america.

    • Steve Temke

      And just what would you recommend we use to obtain those facts? That “fair and balanced” FOX News?

    • cpartist

      No, that is what they wanted the law to do. Use YOUR brain. What happened is the way the law is WRITTEN makes it potentially illegal to have any computer device.

    • ZeroDelorean

      I hate it when you fucking assholes use the word liberal as an insult. Also, where do you get off thinking you know if the country is being run poorly? I mean, you don’t even know the difference between “your” and “you’re” or to capitalize the word “I” or any word at the beginning of a sentence for that matter. Not the best course to take when you want to seem superior to those you’re feebly trying to insult.
      Hey, at least you forgot to call everyone sheeple. That makes you seem slightly less stupid, but only slightly.

  • disqus_3PpI2W1DX9

    Oh Wait a minute I live in Virginia where Ken The Cooch is running for gov and The Bishop is running for Lt. Gov and some putz name Obenshain who once introduced a bill that essentially said all women who have a miscarriage had to report it to the police within 1 day or be arrested….

    LOL…interesting how all the Oh Wait a Minutes I Live in ….(fill in the blank) are all from folks in states run by TeaPublican/Evangelical/Neanderthals

  • lm

    What an ass! glad I don’t live in Florida. He has already ruining the educational system in Florida. He’s done all kinds of damage to the university systems there.

  • Garion Hines

    Florida,you’re only getting what you voted for ? ijs

    • Nancy Wiesenberg Dloughy

      Didn’t vote for the moron, thank you.

  • ziggywiggy

    at first I thought this was an Onion headline

  • Kethric

    This means that the Gov. and the Repubs in the Legislature should be the first ones arrested and tried under the new law. Round them up and throw them in jail. Thank goodness Arkansas Repubs aren’t this stupid.

  • Laura Duck

    I know the Republicans are anti-education, but this is over the top for even them! Maybe this is the next step in their vision of science: return to simpler times by banning technologies one at a time.

  • drslp

    I have to say, I have very little sympathy for Florida. They voted for him and his ilk. They have no one to blame but themselves. Believe me, when Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s senate seat, the voters in Massachusetts got a huge wake-up call to make sure that never happened again. As a result of massive grass roots & GOTV work, we elected Elizabeth Warren.

    • Nancy Wiesenberg Dloughy

      And again, I repeat…I didn’t vote for the moron. Unfortunately, enough idiots did, and now we’re stuck with the moron until the elections roll around again. WHY do people that don’t live in Florida ASSUME (and you KNOW what they say…when you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME) that EVERYONE that lives here voted for him??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! He’s a travesty.

  • Sheryl L. Sutter

    How in the hell did he become governor of anything…his maniacal gazes creep me right out. You know when you meet someone and you know instantly that something is not quite right with them…I get the same vibe from just pictures of this guy. Now take into the fact that he is outlawing computers, pipes, you name it…yeah, my intuition has always been good to me and it’s not wrong here. God help you all in Florida cause you’re going to need it.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      I know exactly what you mean. The very first time I ever saw Rand Paul I had an instant and intense dislike of him.

  • Kat Mandu

    It is confounding that any person with an ounce of intelligence would sign such a bill. Especially from a party that wants government out of voters lives. For shame on Florida. Hanging chad to Scott, you guys have become the laughing stock of the nation, well deserved.

  • Aspacia Lindstrom

    How’s NC, that’s where we would like to flee to.

  • Austin Gag

    You know what else is “vague wording”? This entire article, considering you quoted five, virtually meaningless, words from the bill. The rest was a fabrication of your (the author’s) mind. I could quote (sarcasm) you by saying ” The article talks about ‘Rick Perry’ and how he can be considered the best governor in the history of governing.” That, however, would be a blatant lie. The article provides no factual backing for itself, something necessary to sway people to your side of an argument :b

    • Austin Gag

      Lets not forget the plagiarizing of “system or network of devices” that may be used in a game of chance.” (from Link two in the article). Changing it to “‘system or network of devices’ that can be used in a game of chance” doesn’t make the cut for rewording :b

  • Chuck Reed

    Where is the outrage in the alleged “Liberal Media” ?
    Does this mean perhaps the far reaching grasp of Liberal Media may be a myth?

  • Dennis Forsberg

    People are putting to much into this. Why cant it be a bill that just eliminates illegle gambling ? Does everything always have to be perfect and correct ? If you really want more clairification, Just ask for it. Does whining on the internet accomplish anything ? I dont live in Florida so does my opinnion even count ?

  • Chuck Reed

    Rick Scott knows he is on his way out, no Koch money will be backing this putz, the Koch’s will back an opponent in the primary!

  • Larry Martin

    Florida may be a place I consider to move as I have just retired, but I cant as long as people that hate me are in office.

  • David Ramsey

    I just read this from my computer…IN FLORIDA!!! I must be a criminal.

  • mona19595

    Can’t this man be impeached? Not sure if you can impeach a Govenor but hey why not………..

  • rpoll2012

    Thank God I do not live in Florida….oh wait minute too many sinkholes…forget it Florida is going to sink anyway….

  • Linda

    LOL! Oh wait….I live in Michigan! Crap!

  • “While the law would most likely never be used to confiscate personal computers and smartphones…”

    WHATEVER makes you say that?

    It’s called “selective enforcement”.
    The law is on the books; if before the court, it would have to be enforced. But only a very few would be arrested for that alone, usually it would be tacked on as an additional charge to “disorderly conduct” or “resisting arrest”. Additional pressure to take a plea bargain, or face decades in jail, for “walking while Black”.

  • Scooter Livingston

    As a Florida resident, 2014 cannot come soon enough. Oh shit, I’m on a computer. FUCK!!! The Florida State Troopers are breaking down my door! I’m in trouble..they want to arr

  • mikeybeila

    This guy is a bigger Moron than W ever was..

  • David Lee Moreno

    Well, has anyone here ever considered that it’s the whole team R vs. team D paradigm that is causing troubles like this? Seriously, there are good republicans and democrats and bad ones. How about looking at the issues and stances before just blindly voting party lines. Hell, if you’re unsatisfied, just vote 3rd party to show your disapproval of the choices. When they give you a choice you like again, go ahead and vote major party again. Instead of complaining and laughing at the other side, how about doing something about it.

  • Mandy PNW

    I’m just going to take this moment to say “I love Washington state”. I can make my own decisions about my body and reproduction, death should I ever have a terminal illness, who I can marry, and smoke a joint. Seattle bans plastic bags at stores, but I can live with that. Viva the land of sane(r) politicians.

  • Baron_Raibert

    Every time I look at US politics I wonder how the U.S. of A. can claim to be a democracy. How is it a democracy when the positions are sold to the highest bider?

  • Alexander

    Good thing I live in Louisiana! Oh..wait….my govenor is to busy trying to gain votes because he wants to run for President…and our education is turning to absolute shit…

  • Xandra

    Thank God Florida is taking the heat off of Arizona for a while. I would type more… but the heat just turned me into a lizar………

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      Your comment made me chuckle.

  • Leon


  • lakeviewer

    Unfortunately living in the state of Fitzwalkerstan, we here in Wisconsin have seen this kind of crap way too much. Our Governor is the head Koch Brothers Puppet. The same type of agenda is being orchestrated right from the corporate offices to all these mindless Teapublican Governors. You may recall thousands of angry Wisconsinites holding a recall of our lying Governor who uses “Conquer and Divide” as his golden rule. Would like to hear from Anonymous about info. they may have on Diebolt vote flipping that may have been used in that recall election. Just say’n.
    You know; the Governor that had a fake Koch brother call him on that phone call that went viral. The one that had a year long “Jon Doe” investigation uncovering Walker’s administration corruption leading to several staff members of his Milwaukee County Executive office doing time for felony’s and embezzlement of monies and taxpayer time.

    With his “Pied Piper” leadership, his Teapublican legislators have ramming bills through party line closed door late night sessions, giving power to this Governor to sell off state public assets and no bid contracts at his corporate owners request. On top of quietly signing the abortion bill that requires a woman to undergo an ultrasound. Again the fixation the Teapublicans have with the control of Vagina’s. We also have a bill that was pushed through our Teapublican lead legislation written by corporate resources of the mining industry, giving them full rains without accountability to rape our northern Native American’s land. On top of that; this corporation has now hired military style masked guards in camouflaged uniforms carrying automatic assault weapons to protect their equipment in the north woods.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch; more and more taxpayers are learning about these and more tactics being pulled and the cost to the future of taxpayers.
    Time to take a good look around the country and pay attention to the destruction being done through out these states.

  • carlos Javier

    i moved when he got elected just as i said i would.. and they are not using the law to confiiscate equipment now but someone will someday.

  • Rafael

    I live in FL and the fact that these idiots in FL voted for him because he was a Republican is shocking enough. I also can’t believe he was not in jail let alone run for governor.

  • Jrtokin

    This is just another example in a long line of corrupt, unethical and downright incompetent behavior by Governor Scott.

    It all came about when Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll was
    caught with strong ties to a charity which was suspected of being an
    internet gambling front.

    Let me get this straight.
    All these “politicians” can commit crimes in the hundreds of millions of dollars and there’s probably a thousand of these people spoken about in various media over the last 6 months, like it’s a resurgent outbreak after the election follies (here in Canada) of misbehavior, law-breaking and outright crime which leave medium or lower income families struggling and going without.
    And NOTHING happens to them?
    Well, they “step down” from their position (WITH BENEFITS AND RETIREMENT PACKAGES) but there is NO CHARGES and NO JAIL for these criminals?

    Instead, they get offered other lucrative positions within government (or some big corporation that were prime lobbyists for that individual/party) and end up being those people who make up rules that the whole of society has to follow.
    It’s no freaking wonder things are like they are. We have the insane running the looney-bin.
    If they can jail someone for years just for owning a plant, one would think these piss-ants should be on death-row for how many people they affect with their greed and law-breaking.

    I think my American brothers and sisters can agree that this system is a huge FAIL, and needs immediate redress.

  • nolaredhead

    In 50yrs, most of Florida won’t be there anymore anyway..Thanks to climate change & the seas rising, which Republicans refuse to acknowledge, most of Florida will be underwater by then. And instead of addressing the issue, the elected officials there would rather take away your sick pay and computer access.

    Then again, I live in Louisiana where Jindal gives tax money to christian schools to teach kids that men rode dinosaurs to work…*sigh*

  • Heather Daniel

    Does anyone else see that this man and his mother look like the undead?

  • openlyblack

    The Banana Republics of Florida and Texas.

  • bigremo

    Don’t judge an enemy by what he WILL do, judge him by what he CAN do. Perhaps the law shouldn’t be used to confiscate PCs or smartphones, but, if it can, someday it will.

  • Jude LeBlanc

    Why would anyone sane run for office considering what the media does to you. Seems only the insane see it as a path to exert their power perversions. I’ve seen the crazies infect those with a minimum of power and it’s not pretty, it’s very scary. So the inmates are running the asylum.

  • dragonfirez

    I live in Florida!!!! OMG _ only in Florida could this happen!! BTW – Scotts company, HCA (Health Care America) was charged and convicted of the LARGEST Medicaid fraud in the HISTORY of the US!! Fined the largest fine ever imposed on a company for fraud. Scott walked away from the CEO position before the final judgment came down with over $416M in personal wealth!!! He was never charged!

  • Robert

    Wow, you complain about something like this, yet, you applaud and support the passage of 2000 page bills, that no one read before voting on them, that is costing Billions, and, as we are fast finding out, can’t even be implemented, because it was so badly crafted, yet, we are still paying the bill for it’s non-implementation ??

  • Angela Monger

    I just want to say that I live in Texas. And I share many people’s pain in this comment section. I actually used to be proud to be from this state. Sigh.

  • jim s


  • Blue in Louisiana

    can’t wait to vote our dumbazz Jindal out!!

  • Cargapalitos

    You get what you deserve when you are an uninformed voter. It’s h

  • Alan Foxman

    Ah yes. Governor Voldemort. So embarrassing. When I ask some republicans here how they could have voted for someone who ran a company that was fined a billion dollars for defrauding medicare, they typically look at me like I grew a 2nd head. They had no idea, they say. I ask them if they had picked up a newspaper during the election because it was all over the news. I’ll give you two guesses as to where they say they get their news from. Hint: It ain’t the newspapers.

  • Stephen Barlow

    Crist will soon have revoked all the Scottcrap laws, IF the Floridians are SMART ENOUGH to vote the RED MENACE out of Tallahasse.

  • lindylou

    If the people of Florida reelect this shit, I hope they DO lose the internet.