Rick Wilson Excoriates Trump Supporter: ‘Don’t You Dare Talk About Respect’ (Video)

You won’t find too many people who oppose Donald Trump as much as conservative analyst Rick Wilson. Someone who’s never afraid to speak his mind, Wilson has made no secret of his disdain for this “president” and the people who continue to defend his vile and disgusting behavior.

A prime example of what I mean was seen on Friday when he absolutely tore into Trump supporter Paris Dennard over the right-wing’s hypocrisy when it comes to looking the other way after it was revealed that Trump not only had an affair with an adult film star, but he paid her $130,000 worth of hush money just prior to the 2016 election.

“They’ve [Trump supporters] told us over and over they will tolerate any amorality, any scuzzy behavior,” Wilson stated.

Dennard tried insisting that Trump’s avoided talking about this scandal because he doesn’t want to “dignify the story as true or false,” suggesting that he believes the “president’s” biggest concern is protecting the First Lady from a very embarrassing situation.

Eventually Wilson had enough after Dennard tried to say that the GOP’s response to Bill Clinton’s infidelity was “different” because that happened while he was an elected official, whereas Trump’s occurred when he was a private citizen.

“If your standard is that low, if your standard is that low, if you’re okay with him screwing porn stars, just say the words, ‘I’m okay with Donald Trump screwing porn stars,'” Wilson said. “Can you say that for me, Paris?”

“I will say that you have no respect for Mrs. Trump, you have no respect for his children, you have no respect for his family,” Dennard replied.

“No, I’m sorry,” Wilson shot back. “Don’t you dare talk about respect when he insulted the Khan family — when he insulted John McCain’s war service. A man who has no respect for anyone on this Earth. The fact that you’re defending him on that speaks much more about your character.”

After some more back and forth, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin finally ended the segment after Wilson really ripped into Dennard, triggering a back-and-forth that went completely off the rails.

“The argument that Donald Trump’s lifelong pattern of infidelity, adultery, shattering every vow of every one of his marriages, by his own admission, and the fact that Donald Trump screwed a porn star—I don’t think Melania Trump will be more embarrassed by what Michael Cohen or Stormy Daniels has to say than by the fact that a few months after she had a kid her husband was screwing a porn star. And that’s what you’re saying that’s okay. I get it. You accept that. That’s part of your moral landscape — good for you.”

If Trump supporters don’t want to be treated the way Wilson treated Dennard, then they shouldn’t be complete hypocrites when it comes to defending this “president.” At the very least, as Wilson was essentially saying here, if these folks are going to defend Trump, stop treating the rest of us like we’re stupid enough to think that they’d tolerate this behavior from a Democrat or someone they opposed.

That’s what infuriates me the most. That these people will look me in the eye and try to defend all Trump’s terrible behavior, scandals, and controversies when I damn well know if they were linked to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or practically any other Democrat they’d be losing their minds right about now. I’d at least have some respect — though not much — if they’d at least admit that they don’t care that Donald Trump’s a vile, racist, disgusting human being — they’re going to support him anyway.

I’d still think they were fools, and be ashamed that people could be so ignorant, but at least I’d have some respect for the fact that they weren’t trying to treat the rest of us like idiots by actually trying to convince all of us that all of these scandals surrounding Trump are somehow “fake news,” or “part of a witch hunt against him,” and they wouldn’t care if Obama or Clinton were linked to even a fraction of them.

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Watch the segment below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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