Rick Wilson Hilariously Mocks Mike Pence’s Embarrassing Flattery of Trump (Video)

While most of our attention is focused on Donald Trump and his ever-growing list of scandals, controversies, and disgusting behavior — with many people calling for him to be impeached — a lot of people seem to be forgetting just how terrible Mike Pence, the person who’d replace Trump if he were removed from office, actually is.

The guy who once called the Disney cartoon Mulan feminist propaganda, claimed smoking doesn’t kill, same-sex marriage would lead to the collapse of society, and believes being gay is a choice is not exactly a “better alternative” to Trump.

In fact, I could even argue that, in many ways, he’s worse. Especially when it comes to his radical views on religion as well as his rather creepy views on society such as his refusal to eat alone with women other than his wife.

I think it’s also important to keep in mind that, while Donald Trump’s a detestable human being, he is who he is — and Pence has chosen to support him anyway.

But it’s not just the fact that Pence backs Trump — that’s a fairly normal thing for a vice president to do for a “president” — it’s the odd ways in which he gushes over Trump that seem specifically designed to cater to this “president’s” fragile ego and insecurities.

A fact that recently led to CNN’s’ Jake Tapper bursting out laughing while airing several different clips of Pence praising Trump’s “broad shoulders.”

Even conservative analyst Rick Wilson, who’s not at all a fan of this “president,” hilariously mocked Pence’s strange flattery of Trump during a discussion with former Pence press secretary Marc Lotter.

“Mike Pence has taken on the role of being the ‘Number One Trump Cheerleader,’ and I understand that,” Wilson said. “I think he recognizes there’s a fragility about the president’s mental state and there’s a non-zero possibility that he could end up being in that chair one day because of Donald Trump’s mistakes.”

“As the noted political philosopher Beyonce once said, he ought to just put a ring on it at this point,” he added. “It’s like everything but, ‘Mr. President, can I give you a foot massage?’ It’s so over the top.”

It’s not exactly a secret that Pence wasn’t Trump’s first choice to be his vice president. He was basically the “best choice” after every credible person on Trump’s list refused to forever tie themselves to one of the biggest political mistakes in U.S. history.

Though he is the perfect type of person to be Trump’s vice president. A spineless, weak, pathetic hypocrite and “yes man” who’s going to say and do whatever Trump wants him to — including feed his ego and insecurities with strange, and even outright creepy, compliments.

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Watch his comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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