Ridiculous Ted Cruz Claims President Obama’s Rhetoric is the Same as Donald Trump (Video)

While it’s easy to bash Donald Trump’s seemingly endless stream of vile, bombastic and dangerous rhetoric, I’ve been arguing for months that Sen. Ted Cruz is actually far more dangerous as a presidential candidate than the bigoted billionaire. Ted Cruz is just about everything that’s bad about Trump – plus he’s a religious fanatic.

When it comes to Trump, I’m really not sure what to believe. The guy is a salesman, which means most of what he says is complete b.s. But when it comes to Cruz, in my opinion, he’s a legitimate sociopath. This is someone who, like Trump, will pretty much say or do anything to get elected. However, unlike Trump, Cruz is actually willing to blatantly defend bigots or do interviews with hate groups. Even when a radical pastor said that Adolf Hitler was a “hunter” sent by God to kill Jews who would not convert to Christianity, Cruz proudly embraced and defended that pastor’s endorsement. To say nothing about Cruz’s apparent love for one of the most racist members of the U.S. Senate we’ve ever had, the late Jesse Helms.

Furthermore, in my opinion, Ted Cruz is a bigger hypocrite than Donald Trump. This is someone who’s literally hated by almost everyone in Congress (including many members of his own party), yet he tries to claim he’s someone who can “unite” people and be an effective leader.

It’s ridiculous.

Well, to further prove what a pathetic liar and megalomaniac this guy is, during an interview Sunday morning with Chuck Todd of Meet the Press, the Texas senator insisted that President Obama’s rhetoric has been every bit as divisive and dangerous as the garbage we’ve heard from Donald Trump.

After playing a clip of the president pointing out the rhetoric Republicans have been using since he was elected (America isn’t great, the economy is bad and immigrants are destroying the country), Cruz blamed Obama for dividing Americans.

“Barack Obama is a world-class demagogue,” Cruz said. “That language there is designed to divide us.”

“That language is the kind of self-righteous, moralizing from the president that makes people angry,” he continued.

Todd then asked him if he thinks what the president says is worse than what Donald Trump’s been doing, to which Cruz replied, “It’s very much the same.”

He then proved how “authentic” he is by regurgitating the same talking points he’s been using for years.

This is classic Ted Cruz. He’s easily one of the most divisive politicians since Joseph McCarthy, claiming it’s other people who are the ones dividing us. It takes a lot of gall for someone who’s even despised by his own party to accuse the president of being someone who’s as divisive as Trump. Especially when he is probably even worse than “The Donald,” he’s just smart enough to keep his mouth shut and “play it cool,” hoping Trump will self-implode and he’ll be the biggest beneficiary.

As I’ve said numerous times before, Donald Trump as president would embarrass me – but Ted Cruz as president absolutely terrifies me.

Watch his comments below via NBC:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Steve Temke

    I agree. Drumpf is like that loud, obnoxious family member who always has a stupid and backward idea about everything, but is basically harmless…embarrassing, but harmless. Cruz is different. He actually bellieves all that nonsense he spouts. And he would make life miserable for a whole lot of people.

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  • noodles

    I adore how cute the cons are when claiming both sides do it. Repubs kill people and Dems are alive and annoying….see how those two things are the same. Dems fill empty seats of a court and Repubs yell court packing and then block every judge see how those two are the same. Repubs cause recessions then blame Dems, when Dems do not have recessions they take credit. See how those are the same. Repubs spend and cut taxes causing debt and Dems balance the budget and repubs yell tax and spend. I am sick of the lies.


    Cruz may well unite the American people, but they will be united against him. His religious idiocy truly does make him more dangerous than Trump because there is no horror that cannot be, and has not been, justified in the name of religion. That he can make these absurd statements with no fear of blow back from his supporters, says everything about who he appeals to.

  • Steve Vargo

    Sorry, Allen, but they both scare the shit outta me.

  • Telast

    Greaseball policy.

  • Pinot44

    Fear is something the Republicans own, they’re a very fearful lot. Let’s not fear unelectable candidates. We’re watching the death throes of the Republican party. Let’s just sit back and enjoy watching them consume themselves.