Right-Wing “Patriot” Group Sends Armed Security To Keep US Marshals From Arresting Kim Davis

Oath Keepers members patrol near Medford, Oregon in April 2015. Image via Reuters

Oath Keepers members patrol near Medford, Oregon in April 2015.
Image via Reuters

It seems like the Kentucky media and political circus surrounding Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis just doesn’t want to end, and every right-wing political candidate or organization is determined to get their moment in the spotlight with her. Just today, Rick Santorum praised her and compared her to Martin Luther King Jr. during a radio interview.

Back on Tuesday, Mike Huckabee’s staffer physically blocked Ted Cruz from getting on stage at a rally Huckabee’s campaign held for Kim Davis, because Ted Cruz wanted to claim part of the attention for himself.

Now, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes has announced that he is sending armed members of his anti-government group to Kentucky to keep U.S. Marshals from arresting Kim Davis, if Judge Bunning orders her back to jail for failing to comply with court orders.

Via Right Wing Watch:

In a phone call with Jackson County, Kentucky, Sheriff Denny Peyman and other local Oath Keepers activists, Rhodes said that he was on his way to Kentucky to help with the Davis operation. Although the group had originally intended to picket outside the home of the judge who held Davis in contempt, he said, they had changed their plan when she was released on Tuesday.

Rhodes said that the Rowan County sheriff should have blocked U.S. Marshals from detaining Davis, but since neither the sheriff nor the state’s governor will do their “job” and “intercede” on behalf of Davis, the Oath Keepers will have to do it instead. “As far as we’re concerned, this is not over,” he said, “and this judge needs to be put on notice that his behavior is not going to be accepted and we’ll be there to stop it and intercede ourselves if we have to. If the sheriff, who should be interceding, is not going to do his job and the governor is not going to do the governor’s job of interceding, then we’ll do it.” (Source)

If you’re not familiar with Oath Keepers, they’re an organization that claims to support the Constitution, and they can usually be found in areas where they can get media attention by standing around dressed in camouflage and holding assault rifles. Many are former or even current members of the military and law enforcement agencies, which are the very people the group tries to recruit to further their anti-government agenda. That is kind of unnerving when you think about it.

The group was founded in March 2009 by Stewart Rhodes, a former staffer for Ron Paul, who is revered by many anti-government groups like Oath Keepers. It’s also no coincidence that the group which previously faced off against federal agents during the Cliven Bundy ranch incident was founded shortly after President Obama’s inauguration.

“In reality, though, the group’s lofty mission statement hides a far-right, anti-government ideology and a strong dose of race-based paranoia. Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers, promotes the kind of wild conspiracy theories that have thrived since the election of Barack Obama as president, including the idea that Obama is trying to provoke a race war as an excuse for declaring martial law and discarding the Constitution.” (Source)

You know, because this group is totally not about racism, even though they made a point of showing up in Ferguson to “provide security” – despite law enforcement saying their presence was not needed and would only make things worse. Now they’re prepared to face off with U.S. Marshals should Kim Davis refuse to comply with the judge’s orders again, because (14th Amendment be damned) they think that this woman has the constitutional right to impose her religious beliefs on others.

The fact that some individuals are willing to engage in an armed showdown with law enforcement to shield a religious bigot from justice shows just how determined (and desperate for attention) the right-wing is to keep shoving their beliefs down our throats.


Facebook comments

  • Cemetery Girl

    They’re going to “intercede” in case she is sent back to jail. There was an agreement for her release, right? So is this a sign that she has every intention of being thrown back in jail?

    • Bobster Bissette

      This time, let’s just throw the damn key away and let her rot.

      • JamieHaman

        Tempting as your scenario is, we can’t do that either. If she is charged with Contempt again, she should go back to jail, no argument from me.
        What I would like to see happen, is that she is charged with abuse of power, with denying people their civil rights, gets the appropriate trial, and conviction, and then gets thrown in jail to rot.
        God knows our judicial system does that to thousands of people, with less evidence too.

      • Bobster Bissette

        Ah, one can still dream, can’t they?

      • grayguy46

        Because she is an ELECTED PUBLIC OFFICIAL, “…(T)he appropriate trial, and conviction…” is only possible if she is IMPEACHED by the KY Senate and CONVICTED….
        The key to this whole matter is the FACT that her attorney is the former DEAN of LIBERTY UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL…
        Now the Christian Right has an army to compete with ISIS…

      • grayguy46

        Do you see the pattern yet?

      • Mike Morris

        Why don’t they go over then? I’m sure they could get funding by people like yourself.

      • grayguy46


      • grayguy46

        I do not understand your point. Please explain.

      • JamieHaman

        smh. Why are you yelling at me? Why bother? While all your points are valid, elected etc. they are immaterial to the discussion at hand. It doesn’t matter who charges her, (for the purposes of this discussion) what matters is that she is charged with the numerous violations available to the Kentucky Senate. And she should be, if once again she utterly disregards the Federal Court.

      • grayguy46

        You misssed the point…

      • grayguy46

        there is a SET procedure that MUST be followed in this instance…

      • grayguy46

        Foremost, …

      • grayguy46

        She CANNOT be, summarily, FIRED, like an EMPLOYEE.

      • grayguy46

        SHE has an attorney who is working for a MUCH larger sphere of influence than is usual…

      • grayguy46

        backed by a wack-job, quasi-military group.

      • JamieHaman

        Good grief! Did I say anywhere in my comment to fire her? No.
        I did say WHO SHOULD DO THE CHARGING? No. Did I say one GD word about her attorney? No.
        Reading and comprehension skills dude.

        I want her charged with abuse of power. I want her charged wih the violation of civil rights IF she denies anyone else.

        YOU MISSED THE POINT. Go yell at someone else.

      • grayguy46

        NO. I DID NOT…

      • grayguy46

        Since she is an ELECTED PUBLIC OFFFICIAL, only the set procedure to resolve this matter of the STATE of KENTUCKY matters.

        What you want is irrelavent…

        FYI, one thing I am most certainly NOT is a “dude”…
        The fact that you use that word with an adult minimizes your credibility.

        Grow up, and DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!

      • Benbow Cheesman

        No. Whether appointed or elected, a government official may be charged and convicted of misconduct in public office. That, in itself, does not mandate removal from office, but it gives the governor, who does have the authority (I assume Wisconsin and Kentucky are alike in this) grounds to remove her from office. It happened to a former Wisconsin D.A., an elected official. It could also, of course, be grounds for recall or impeachment.

      • grayguy46

        ODDLY, I agree with your thoughts, but NOT how you express them.

      • JamieHaman

        Really? You don’t like how I express my thoughts?
        How amusing.

    • Bridgette Rodriguez

      Yes, it appears when she comes back to duty she will be taking additional actions that may go against the court’s last order. Anyone who has heard her attorneys speak to the media can see that. And, there will be another filing relating to the alleged unlawfulness of the current issued licenses (which do, by the way, appear to be in violation of KY law as they don’t have he name/title as the Clerk of the Court for Rowan County).

      • Bridgette Rodriguez
      • Dave Walters

        The licences are not against the law. The KY law clearly states that deputies may execute the duties of the elected official when that official is unable to execute their duties. That claim is a red herring.

      • Bridgette Rodriguez

        No, it isn’t. The law specifically says the Clerk of the Court’s name/title must be on the licenses, but the deputy clerks can sign them at time of issuance.

      • Bridgette Rodriguez

        See Kentucky Revised Statute Chapter 402–specifically 402.100 and 402.080. The Clerk of Court’s name/title must be on the marriage licenses. The deputy clerks can sign, but the Clerk’s name/title must be on such. That Statute has not been amended in that regard.

    • grayguy46

      Well, Ye-eh!

    • Bridgette Rodriguez

      As I predicted a few days ago and in my reply to you, below, she has filed on the marriage license issue. FYI: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/kim-davis-expanded-order

  • xnerd

    Even if you wrongly think that she can personally refuse to issue licenses, you would have to be brain damaged if you thing she can extend her will to her subordenece. ……

    There is nothing in the writer word of Christianity that would compel her to this….

    She is wrong on so many fucking levels that I’m s peach less that ANYONE can believe otherwise

  • russell conrad lewis

    Oh what could POSSIBLY go wrong here?

    So, even if she were correct in… well, whatever, because she’s not… the federal marshals are doing their job and these loons would fire on federal cops? this would ramp things up to a whole new level of trouble these loons don’t realize they would be getting into… can you say Federal Penitentiary?

    • Christopher Jimenez

      they are looking forward to it

      • bigremo

        The oathpussies don’t have the balls to fire on cops. All talk, no walk. Just little boys with little dicks holding guns until their mom calls them inside for supper. Oathpussies have a history of cowardice, their inability to summon the courage to fight will be displayed here as well.

      • grayguy46

        Wanna place a wager on that?
        $1.00 says you are misjudging this matter.
        Their RELIGION is their motivator.
        Sound familiar?
        Who is Kim Davis’ LAWYER?
        The answer explains EVERYTHING!

    • grayguy46

      IF any, or all, of the OATH KEEPERS is ACTIVE DUTY or RESERVE, HIGH TREASON may be a legitimate charge if they take up arms against the Sate or Federal officials.
      There is at least ONE member of this group that has a LONG history of mental problems and is an ACTIVE DUTY servicemember.

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    • grayguy46

      R. C. Lewis –
      You mean this is TRULY an accident waiting to happen?
      I could NOT agree with you MORE!

  • amersham46

    Some quality jail time should set them straight

    • grayguy46

      They’ll be straight when they enter and gay when they leave…
      And, maybe, HIV positive.

  • Almon Stanley

    I said it before and I’ll say it again she’s George McGovern! And it looks like it’s time to call out the National Guard just throw her and all of this fake patriot trash in the slammer with her before any innocent people get hurt!

    • JamieHaman

      lol, I think she looks a whole lot like Dick Cheney. A whole lot.

    • Teresa Groves

      George McGovern? Do you mean George Wallace?

    • grayguy46

      While I admire your passion, your understanding of the matter is flawed.

      Why, you ask?…

      She is an ELECTED public official.
      Why wasn’t the BAD HAIR the dead giveaway to the VOTERS of Backwater, KY, that she should NOT be ELECTED to replace her MOTHER in ANY capacity?

      As for the “… before any innocent people get hurt!…” part;…
      why were we NOT addressing the problem before the RELIGION aspect of this reared its hideous head?

      Do you see the parallel between the Middle East and here yet?

      • reticle

        But she can be, was, and will likely again be sent to jail for violating lawful court orders.

    • RevolutionDynamo

      Uhhhh…why George McGovern? She’s no great American leader…

    • Almon Stanley

      Okay correction George Wallace, and reminder to myself never leave a message on one of these after working an overnight and not having sleep

      • grayguy46

        AKA…Always proofread one’s work before publishing it.

  • Gary Menten

    Dear cuckoos,

    Interfering with Federal Marshals is obstruction of justice and punishable by serious jail time. If you kill a federal marshal in the performance of his duties, that is punishable by death.

    Think about that.

  • Bridgette Rodriguez

    Here’s the Oath Keeper’s actual website and direct info on their interest in Kim Davis. Hint: My opinion about them has always been the least amount of attention they get, the better–so if you are thinking of responding to them on their web or FB page, please remember this http://oathkeepers.org/oktester/oath-keepers-offer-of-protection-for-embattled-clerk-kim-davis/

  • Almon Stanley

    Well there treasonous, and let me be clear for some of you when I say it’s time to call out the National Guard I’m not talking about to arrest Kim Davis I’m talking about to guard against these people and arrest these people if they try to interfere and cause trouble!

    As for Kim Davis doll have to find other means to deal with that piece of trash, perhaps a tornado can drop a house on her or a small girl control bucket of water on her and melt her!

    At this point it seems it’s going to take something like that, this is absolutely ridiculous Kentucky and America is watching!

    • grayguy46

      Sadly, while she may be the Wicked Witch of the West, the odds of her having a HOUSE fall on her…while she is wearing horizontally-striped socks…today…

      • grayguy46

        while on tour, in Munchkin Land, are really close to between slim and none.

  • reticle

    What is these people’s endgame here? If a judge orders her to jail she’s going to jail. If these people take her away by force she’ll be a fugitive and they’ll have committed a very serious crime.

    • grayguy46

      …Forcing the case into Federal Court, eventually the Supreme Court, to show that she is being FORCED by the SECULAR government to do work her religion forbids her to do. Her ATTORNEY wants her to look like the victim of Christian persecution.

      If the courts and the State National Guards aren’t VERY firm; they will open this ENTIRE SYSTEM up to CHAOS.
      The Oath Keepers have to be stopped soon, or someone may be killed.
      In addition, apparently, there is, AT LEAST, one Active Duty servicemember who belongs to them.
      ANY and ALL of those on ACTIVE DUTY MUST returned to military control QUICKLY.

      • reticle

        It’s already in federal court I thought; didn’t a federal judge jug her?

        These nebbishes have no clue whereof they speak. Surprise.

      • grayguy46

        Nebbish. Haven’t seen that word in print or spoken for YEARS! Thanks.

  • Bedknobs_and_Boomsticks

    “is totally” — It’s a shame you mar your writing with buzzfeed-esque dialect.

  • Jim Bean

    This is bound to end up in a blood bath just like the Cliven Bundy affair. Everyone should remain in their homes until the peace has been restored.