Right-Wing Radio Host Michael Savage Vows To Lead Armed Rebellion Against President Obama

michael savage 1Right-wing radio host Michael Savage is a very angry man, or at least he has to pretend to be one in order to keep appealing to his audience which is primarily angry, older white men. Michael Savage probably isn’t mentally ill, but it is very likely that more than a few members of his audience are. So what works better to rile up a bunch of conservatives who have nothing else to do on a weekday afternoon except get off on the latest imagined plot against their idea of America? It’s a simple recipe – just tell the audience that liberals or President Obama want to take something away from them and give it to someone they dislike. This time, it’s the good old standby – African-Americans.

Michael Savage warned his audience on his radio show “The Savage Nation” last week that President Obama might try to force Americans to pay reparations for slavery during his final year in office, and then promised to lead an armed rebellion against the government if that were to happen.

Via Right Wing Watch:

“I would fight to my death before I pay one dime in reparations and I would go to jail before I would pay one cent in reparations,” Savage said. “That would be the last straw for me, if they ever try to pull that one off, I would lead a reparations rebellion in this country. No matter what my age would be, if I had the strength from God, I would lead a reparations rebellion against the government and it would be an armed rebellion.”

Savage continued: “I would lead an armed rebellion against the government if they try to push that one down my throat after ripping off my life with affirmative action and welfare, I’m sick of it! And this gangster keeps getting away with it, this criminal in the White House, day in and day out, one lie after another, imperious, arrogant, hostile, aimed only at the white middle class. Look at his policies and tell me who he’s going after. Open your eyes, you idiots!” (Source)

With all of his ranting and raving, I wonder when Michael Savage is going to finally have an aneurysm on the air. I’ve listened to this guy quite a few times, and from an advertising stand point, he’s actually pretty clever. His voice gets higher and higher, his tone more agitated, climaxing in an explosive finish of white hot right-wing rage, followed by a sentence or two of conservative pillow talk before a commercial break where male enhancement products and other goods tailored to his audience are offered to them at a special discount when they use a special code from Michael Savage.

In case you haven’t heard of Michael Savage, you certainly have heard of the energy drink line RockStar, which he developed with his son Russ Weiner.

Weiner is the founder of RockStar, an energy drink that he developed with his dad, drawing on Savage’s previous career as a Marin County herbalist and ethnobotanist named Michael Weiner. RockStar’s herbal liver-cleansing formula is supposed to enable drinkers to “party like a rock star,” which presumably means drinking and doping. (Source)

My guess is that most members of the conservative media really don’t believe the majority of the things they write or speak. What they do believe in is the almighty dollar and in order to stay in business, they need to keep a loyal base of followers that they can sell gold bonds, untested dietary supplements, and other products to. This is why they constantly have to up their rhetoric, lest their audience become bored and tune in to a competitor who will feed their need for things to be outraged about.

The scary part isn’t the daily stream of angry rants coming from the likes of Michael Savage, Alex Jones and others. What is a cause for concern is the fact that unlike these program hosts, there are mentally ill people out there who listen to them and take their rhetoric seriously. Hate media is protected by the First Amendment, and nobody abuses the right to free speech more than right-wing shock jocks like Michael Savage who could care less about the potential consequences of their fear-mongering so long as they continue to get paid.


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