RNC Attacks President Obama for Not Passing Gun Reform Bill

boehnercantorFile this under “You just can’t make this crap up.”  The RNC recently put out an ad which includes an attack on President Obama for not passing…

Wait for it….

Gun reform.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.  The RNC has put out an ad which attacks President Obama for not passing the very same gun reform which 41 Republican Senators voted against a couple of weeks ago—defeating the bill.

First, let’s try to ignore the fact that this ad resembles a sequel to The Blair Witch Project more than a reputable political ad…

But what this ad basically does is attack Obama for not getting enough legislation passed in his first 100 days of his second term.  The main 2 points it focuses on are the sequester (caused by Republicans when they took the debt ceiling vote hostage) and the defeat of the gun bill which would have expanded background checks (again, which 41 GOP Senators voted against despite over 80% of Americans supporting expanded background checks).

It attacks his leadership.

Only just yesterday Republican Senator Pat Toomey flat out admitted that many Republicans vote against legislation simply because it’s what the President supports.

So how the hell can this man lead, and get things passed, when the measuring stick Republicans use on whether or not they support a bill rests not on what’s in the bill, but whether or not Obama supports it?

The entire ad is simply pathetic.  It’s more right-wing rhetoric blaming the President for the problems caused by Republicans.

It’s really a good thing Republicans have trained their voters to deny reality and follow orders, otherwise no sensible person could ever buy this kind of ridiculous propaganda.  And that’s what it is—propaganda.

Republicans damn sure know they’ve obstructed anything and everything the last 4 years trying to make the President look bad.  They know they caused the sequester.  And you’d have to be an idiot to blame Obama for gun reform not getting passed when he would have signed the bill that expanded background checks the moment it landed on his desk had 41 Republicans not voted against it.

You can’t come at me saying “liberals hate facts” when your side produces such blatant distortions of basic, indisputable realities.

Do you know why the RNC made this ad?  Because they know millions of Republicans are sheepish enough to believe it.  That is how ignorant the GOP treats their voters.  They know they can make some ad based completely on a lie (hell, their entire Presidential convention last summer was based on a line said by President Obama taken completely out of context) and their supporters will loudly cheer and applaud the thing because they’re just too damn ignorant to think for themselves.

This ad wasn’t made by far right-wing personalities like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck who constantly make up information to try and drive ratings, it was made by the Republican National Committee.

But the sad thing is, when I first saw it, I had to make sure it wasn’t made by The Onion—and that says enough about the current state of the Republican party.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Will

    Considering who the ‘heads’ or ‘leaders’ are of the Republican Party in the House and Senate, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? Answer: NOTHING!

  • The Blame Obama Party is at again

    • The other shoe

      and the blame the bush party is still going pretty strong too.

      • PJ

        Considering all the damage Bush did, it is well placed blame.

      • Unlike them, we actually keep reminding you of what Bush actually did. Your party just pulls accusations out their… um… elephant.

      • Bush actually did ruin this economy and Obama tries but as you can see from this article the RNC will blame Obama for everything and anything!
        That’s all you have as a comeback? Wow what losers.

      • Will

        I think you’re on the wrong site, bagger. FascistRepublic.Com is that way –>

      • annie63

        Blaming bush is warranted, check the facts, the man didn’t even pay for the war’s he started, Georgie actually put his eight years on a credit card and walked away leaving the American people and the next President,( which is Obama), to pay for his debt, these are facts, and can be checked every day for the next million years, facts don’t lie, right wingers do…

      • txbillmc

        And not to count over 48,000 soldiers with injuries and 10’s of thousands of those with amputations and other very serious injuries.
        There is absolutely no estimate of the long term cost of dealing with the physical injuries and then probably over 100,000’s with mental trauma

      • When 3000+ soldiers killed in Iraq spring back to life I’ll forget about Bush.
        When about 8 trillion bucks slide back into the economy I’ll forget about Bush.

      • Mama62

        Not to mention over 50,000 wounded or the thousands of Iraqi civilians killed. But hey, he has a nice new library so he must be ok.

  • What is even more frightening is that they get away with it (with their base).
    “Democracy without education is doomed to fail.” Thomas Jefferson.
    Sad, sad, sad.

    • >> “Democracy without education is doomed to fail.” Thomas Jefferson.

      Why do you think school funding keeps getting cut?

  • The other shoe

    OR is this really just once again an add paid for by some liberals in the name of their opposition as several were during the last election?

    • Not This Again

      I think you’re on the wrong site, bagger. FascistRepublic.Com is that way —->

    • Just when you think a GOPbagger can’t get any more stupid.

    • Oh, the conspiracy!! Sounds like it’s time to refill the meds…

    • Do you have anything constructive to say??

  • Memeremalek

    They know an ad like this is just what the Obama-bashing right wing religious zealots aka Todays Republicans can sink their teeth into. They’re well aware they don’t need a shred of truth, because the level of intelligence of Todays Rep. is so low they have ro jump up to get down. They believe things like Obama is a Muslim extremist, he’s the head of Al Qaeda, not a US citizen, caused the deficit & is responsible for crashing the economy. Christ, they believe he has a professional dog walker paid for with taxpayors $’s. They BELIEVE all that shit & more. This ad… this is a cupcake for them.

    • I wish I could like this post more than once.

    • But you believe all the crap that rolls off Obama’s lips. Wake up man, you’re in chains and you don’t even know it!

      • I believe way more things he does than all the things republicans say that I know are wrong. And they keep saying things that are OBVIOUSLY wrong or completely stupid. Repeatedly. I mean, to some of them Obama is still a Kenyan. How can you take republicans seriously?

      • But he stated he was Kenyan born.

        “Here’s Obama’s full bio from the 1991 brochure:

        Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law
        Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of
        an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended
        Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for
        Business International Corporation. He served as project coordinator in
        Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was
        Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago’s
        South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident
        in his first book, Journeys in Black and White.”

      • Someone just can’t get over the fact that YOU LOST TWO ELECTIONS.

        You’re likely to lose a whole lot more, and you’re so STUPID you can’t even figure out why!

        That’s how political parties go extinct. Conservatives are obsolete.

      • The editor of that biography long ago said that was an error on her part. Try researching before blindly believing the republican birther BS.

      • Hundreds of statements showing that President Obama was born in Hawaii, yet you still decide that this is the correct one! PATHETIC!

      • Why do you post this CRAP? Are you a pathological liar? Just stupid? I’m going with both.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        You’re so cute…and SO WRONG!

      • Oh Harley, please get yourself to the nearest mental health professional. I don’t think they can cure you but they can provide some meds that will reduce your hallucinations.

      • Not only was that an error but even if he was born in Kenya, his mother was American which made him an American citizen. Case closed. And enough with your bigotry toward Kenyans.

      • christian_928

        Dude. Get a life. You’re kind of a moron. HE never stated that he was born in Kenya. A promotional brochure was put out for a book, his biography, which NEVER stated he was born in Kenya. In fact, Andrew Breitbart, (whose site published the brochure), publicly stated he did NOT believe the President was born in Kenya. He further stated he thought it was an example of how pr people had tried to present Barrack Obama in different ways at different times in his career. You really should stop while you’re, well I was going to say ahead but that’s not really the case. You should just stop. It’s patently clear that the right wing KNOWS you’re a bunch of idiots and will put out whatever they want to try and get you riled up. Mission accomplished. You KNOW that the republicans killed gun reform and yet you will still jump on the band wagon to blame the president. That is the very definition of a clueless dipshit. Go fraternize with the rest of of your inbred clan and leave reality to the grown ups. That is all.

      • Maybe you should stick to Honey Boo Boo reruns, Harley Bobb.

      • Supreme Court dismissed law suits against Obama’s legitimacy. State of Hawaii confirmed his birth certificate – you can go to see it yourself for $100 fee.

      • Try looking back at the election. Romney and virtually every other Republican candidate flip-flopped their stance based on their current audience and the day of the week.

      • You Obama-bots need to keep up with current events….Obama won the election!

      • Michael Siever

        Don’t you mean Obummer stole the election?

      • Stole how? Can you prove the election was not simply won? Or are you just not happy with the victor and simply refusing to acknowledge a fair victory?

      • Michael Siever

        I was being sarcastic. I was making fun of Harley Bobb…

      • Ah, my mistake. See the problem of the internets.

      • Oh, tell us, tell us how you know the election was stolen. I’ll pour myself another drink, put my feet up, and laugh like anything at your moron show.

        Come on, little wingbag. Entertain me.

      • Michael Siever

        I’m not a right-wing windbag. I was making fun of the poster above me, bashing Obama.

      • yarniac

        I got your sarcasm… but seriously, sometimes sarcasm gets lost on the interwebs.

      • Guest

        You mean like Georgie stole the other two? Wrong, but thanks for playing Stump The Troll.

      • Romney’s son bought a bunch of voting machines in some states. So did a company that Romney used to run. I am of the mind that Romney bought and fixed many voting machines and STILL couldn’t win the election.

      • txbillmc

        The hacking group Anonymous has claimed that they found a program that was devised by Republicans to alter the Ohio vote totals in favor of Mitt Romney.
        They negated that attempt so the vote was accurate.
        That was why Karl Rove on FOX News broke down ranting that President Obama COULD NOT HAVE WON because he thought the VOTING NUMBERS had been altered

      • Yes, Rove was stunned that their tricks weren’t working in Ohio and that’s why he kept saying Obama had not won the state when he had!

      • You’re so wickedly clever, Michael! What a witty remark! “Obummer”

      • Morgan Sheridan

        Perhaps quote marks on “Obummer” would help emphasize the sarcasm.

      • OK, dumb shit, tell me how Obama stole the election. You are such losers you don’t even know when you lose!

      • And what color underwear they had on.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        What crap? Be specific. And what chains? The only people that scare me are conservatives.

      • Oh, for God’s sake. A troll, how cute.

      • I would like to thank all you Obama-bots for sharing your opinions and thoughts of me. Yet again you have proven that deep down in every flaming liberal-shit-stain beats the cold heart of a totalitarian.

        Long live the Marine Corps and General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, OORAH!!

      • Pecker Chino

        Hi Harley Bobb,
        How’s your sister-wife? Been to Deliverance recently?
        May the south rise again like a loaf of Jewish Rye bread!

      • With comments like yours Pecker, I see you ‘re the typical liberal-shit-stain.

      • I will say one thing Pecker Chino, your sister and your mother like it doggy style.

    • Unbelievable how evil and disgusting today’s gop has become. Their blatant racism, disrespect, ignorance and 2nd grade pettiness towards Obama is getting to downright treasonous. This total bs outrage on Beng over 4 deaths while ignoring the 4500 US service members that were killed in a war that became the biggest lie ever told is beyond reason. angry, l’il troll mccain on talk shows every Sunday bashing Obama is way past old. He should have to take a stress test, a mental capacity test, and be ordered to go to anger management. Anyone that angry should never be in charge of anything. He is a total embarrassment every time he opens his disgusting mouth. He thinks that’s he’s Obama’s boss! What an fing moron. mccain has been a failure in everything he has ever done. Totally clueless on nat’l security and defense and he runs around like only he, the maverickiest maverick ever can keep us safe. This moron probably would’ve had us invade Canada for some unknown, crazy reason. Maybe to start a war even more ridiculous than gw just to try and top him. Meme excellent post.
      Iraqi Slaughter Vet

  • Paul

    If only politicians would tell the truth, but that is a bit too much to ask for.

  • What do you expect from a party whose chairman is an alien from a Star Trek movie by the name Reince Priebus?

    • I thought it was Reince and Repriebus…

  • They say that adjectives were created not to use them but understand me … is that you have the same weakness that show below …

    (It is not difficult in our minds, trained to dictate socially acceptable behaviors, words, sentences that show our sense but, we know, hide-block insult if we “focus”, but ..).

    Beasts,vampires.Rats sewer, lumpen lumpen same!

  • Eric G

    The depths of stupid knows no bounds

  • Anyone who doesn’t watch Faux News, knows that the Republicans voted down the gun bill. Now they are trying to blame it on the President because they know that 90% of Americans are for it and need a scapegoat.

  • They need to require an IQ test in order to vote, that would do away with 99% of Republicans, since their shoe size is probably higher than their IQ.

    • lisha

      Actually this comment is tied with Nicholas’s ignorant comment. Hahahaha!

  • To be a republican voter is to be an ignorant (and/or stupid) racist.

    • Lisha

      THIS is actually the most ignorant comment I’ve heard in a while!

  • Lfw23

    An extreme right political organization built on religious fiction that brainwashes its flock with fear and lies. Sounds frighteningly familiar. They are almost as anti-American as Al-Quaida.

  • luvzcookiez

    Ok, let’s filibusterer the gun control act and then blame Obama for not getting it passed. Gee, a new strategy for the Republicans. I bet no one will notice, either,

  • This is the new GOP?…They tell lies like someone suffering from pathological psychosis!! They know that their uneducated base will believe whatever they tell them! For proof, just look at the comments from the two inane bagger trolls on this thread…yes I’m looking at you HB & shoe!!

  • I can’t believe even Republicans are dumb enough to believe this crap. Generally people wait a decade or so before trying to rewrite history. This is basically the Republican elected officials saying to people who vote Republican, “We know you’re stupid enough to believe this shit.”

  • It makes me crazy when I read this stuff! They’re lying scum bags with no degree of decency or morals, and they call themselves christian. They’re racist bigots so are the people that actually listen to them. We need to get rid of these guys, 2014 can’t get here soon enough.

  • Can we just send ALL the Republicans to Costa Rica? And take Rush Limbaugh with them, he promised he was moving there anyway.

  • Oh those GOP’s, never misses an opportunity to make me laugh!!!

  • Daaadd … Johnny’s touching me!

    No I’m not! Tommy’s calling me names!
    You’re a poopy face!
    I hate you!

    You’re stupid!
    Daaad … Tommy got caught vandalizing school property yesterday.

    Yeah, well Johnny beat up a kid last week for his lunch money.

    Hey Dad .. where ya going?

  • LOL These is the same bunch of morons who voted against the bill now want to blame it on Obama after they start taking heat over it. Bad thing is their far right wingers will believe anything these morons say

  • The Republican Party really need to stop being a hyprocrites.And talk about what they know

  • “That is how ignorant the GOP treats their voters.” It’s not wise to call others ignorant in such a horribly written sentence. You have a college degree? Hard to believe.