“Rolling Coal”: The Newest, Immature Conservative Protest Of Obama

roflbot062714So there’s this story going around about how some climate change denialists are purposely altering their trucks to spew large, black plumes of exhaust in protest of the EPA and of course, President Obama. The form of protest is known as “Rolling Coal” and it’s yet another silly, cut off your nose to spite your face move on the part of some conservatives who are upset at the EPA for enforcing pollution regulations.

So what is “Rolling Coal”? It is modifying a truck so that it will burn excessive fuel, creating a large plume of black smoke that blows back into the faces of drivers behind them. It’s stupid, immature, and it can be dangerous not only to the environment, but to other drivers due to a lack of visibility caused by a blinding cloud of exhaust.

The pollution pageantry has its origins in Truck Pulls, a rural motorsport where diesel pickups challenge one another to see who can pull a weighted sled the farthest. In order to have an edge, drivers started modifying their trucks to dump excessive fuel into the motor, which gave them more horsepower, torque, speed and a better chance of winning. It also made their trucks emit black smoke, an affectation that apparently won the hearts of country boys everywhere. Today kids will spend anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 modifying their pickups for this sole purpose; adding smoke stacks and smoke switches (which trick the engine into thinking it needs more gas), or even revamping the entire fuel system. (Source)

Yeah, you read that correctly. People spend thousands of dollars so that they can pour EVEN MORE expensive fuel into a vehicle which already guzzles diesel like John Boehner guzzles red wine. And apparently, wasting money on already expensive diesel fuel on deliberately spewing clouds of black smoke into traffic and the atmosphere is the new way to be an absolute dick to everyone else because you don’t like environmental standards.

Rolling coal is different and totally legal process from removing the filter. And yet it has everything to do with the EPA. It has everything to do with Obama. It has everything to do with the tax credits that go to hybrids and electric cars.

“I run into a lot of people that really don’t like Obama at all,” said one seller of stack kits from Wisconsin. “If he’s into the environment, if he’s into this or that, we’re not. I hear a lot of that. To get a single stack on my truck—that’s my way of giving them the finger. You want clean air and a tiny carbon footprint? Well, screw you.” (Source)

Here’s the face of the anti-Obama, anti-liberal, anti-environmentalist movement, y’all. What they’re really saying is “I don’t like the President, government regulations and people who want to take care of the environment, so I’m going to shit all over everything I love and waste thousands of dollars in order to prove my ridiculous point.”

The meme below which I found on a “Rolling Coal” Pinterest site sums up the juvenile behavior of these folks.


There’s certainly a place for big trucks, and they’re everywhere here in Louisiana. Construction sites, agriculture, oil field work or hauling your boat to the coast for a day offshore – those are all things you need a truck for and diesel trucks are designed for these purposes. In fact, when we get more than a few inches of rain down here, a lot of roads are only accessible to people with jacked up trucks and they’re often literally lifesavers. But altering your vehicle and wasting thousands of dollars just to prove a political point? Come on now, that’s just wasteful and hurting yourself in order to try to get a cheap rise out of people.

A lot of these people are probably outdoorsmen, and they probably know deep down that what they’re doing is immature, expensive, and destructive to the forest and streams their families hunt and fish in. Yet they’re willing to destroy the things they love and waste fuel, in order to spite the president and environmentalists. You know, it is possible to protest and debate ideas and policies like adults, but apparently that’s something that has been lost on the modern fringe of the conservative movement. Like the Open Carry Texas idiots carrying assault rifles into grocery stores and restaurants, the “Rolling Coal” protestors are intent on being absolute dicks in order to make their point – and then they wonder why we laugh at them?


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  • Debra Diroll

    While driving home though Virginia, we encountered 2 of these imbeciles spewing smoke all over the freeway. It is dangerous and clouds the air in front of you. I totally agree they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

  • Jessica Neubauer

    These people have thousands of dollars available to make their trucks burn even MORE expensive fuel? Guess the economy i doing just fine.

    • Rod Haney

      I’m more curious where does such an inbred redneck even get the money for this. Surely their PT job at the local gas station can’t pay for it,,,

      • Parker Engelhard

        you’re a fucking idiot hahaha

      • Rod Haney

        Thanks a lot there Gomer. Y’all can run along now back to yer pals and tell em how you told off that edumacated feller.
        Have a nice day.

  • Scott Amundsen

    Confucius say the smaller the penis the larger the plume.

  • Julie McClanahan

    Just because they don’t believe in climate change doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. They will ruin the environment, which we are supposed to be good stewards of, and then blame the aftermath on Obama. I love the comment from the person who said, “Obama likes reading, so I’m going to gouge my eyes out.”

    • Dave

      “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” – Neil deGrasee Tyson

  • joe dudas

    They’ll stop when postings like this stop….. their 5 mins of fame …

    • ziggywiggy

      wish it was true…but they were doing it before it was ever reported

      • joe dudas

        Twits are all the same … stop paying attention to their silliness and they go on to something else for their attention fix.

  • Kato

    Hey redneck ouch. Obama’s hurt by that. Thanks I LMFAO

  • william

    I read that these yahoos are more prone to cancer from breathing in the intense diesel fumes that their trucks are spewing out,, and I’ll bet they will be the first ones in line for Obamacare when their Dr tells them they have 6 months to live or treatment for lung cancer is going to cost half a million $

  • John Bottomley

    How to be an asshole; a primer.

  • Michael Siever

    Do these anus divers know that the EPA was created by a Republican President? Just wondering…

    • hennypenny

      You are right on Mr Siever! Coal it’s a dead thang…time to move on! This is the first post in years that a comment actually new the correct history of who authorized the EPA! thank you! look at my pic Mr Siever I used to live and work in the coal industry. I am ashamed I left such a mess for children. my home I built with my own to hands is now totally useless due to mining and fracking without a legal permit under former Governor McDonald . We had to leave!

  • Philip Bunn

    Two glaring pieces of misinformation in this article: Smoke dumping from diesel trucks has been around a lot longer than Obama,so it’s not really a new trend at all, and diesel trucks get remarkably good gas mileage.

    • LoveOurCountry

      Thank you captain obvious you missed the whole point and regurgitated the obvious. Diesels smoke. They’ve done this since 1885 when the first paraffin engine ran. Obviously unmodified diesel trucks get fairly decent milage considering their size. However the concept of dumping excessive fuel by modifying the prom’s for the sole purpose of getting black clouds is fairly new. (“Yey look Cleatus I’m a choo choo train!”) This has been increasing in popularity for 3 maybe 4 years now. To the average dip$hit teenager spending daddy’s dough this may seem like an eternity but to old farts such as myself this is pretty f*cking recent.

  • Cmo

    Hey, let them do it. They need to buy more gas to make their smoke plumes (even against the better mileage of a diesel) which means they are paying more towards the gas tax. So they can help fund more road construction

  • Carol Kouyoumdjian

    What words are there to describe such childish jerks?? I have seen these people & did not understand at the time. This is stupid beyond belief!! I bet the Republican conservative group is” so proud ‘ to have more jackasses on their team!!!!
    Yes, it is as dumb as carrying around assult weapons to stores. These people do not realize what image they project to the rest of the world, nor do they care, as their actons show us all. I am embarrassed for their families who have to live with them. If they have children, who go to school, even they would know better.
    Spewing hate ~~ is what it amounts to.

  • William Akers

    Rudeness is not a political statement, it’s the way children act when they want their way & are too self-centered [arrogant & unconcerned] to consider the impact of their actions…

    • Rodolfo

      That comment somehow made the image of Nancy Pelosi sprig to mide

      • Rodolfo

        “spring to mind”, that should be (old keyboard – old poster)

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Still not sure I agree regardless of grammatical accuracy.

  • BD

    Just a warning to any Rolling Coalers out there… if I see you you’ll be rolling sugar in your gas tank!

    • Bob

      We use aftermarket fuel systems with 2 micron filters. It will not effect us, and we do not have gas tanks, our trucks do not run on gas

  • robingee

    They think they’re pissing off Liberals, when really we’re laughing at them. I encourage this behavior! Go for it, Cletus! Breathe in them fumes!

  • Creation Stepper

    another good reason to live in chula vista, california. none of these fucking idiots around here.

    • Peter Klim


      • Shawn

        That kind of deusche-baggery would not last long in Cali. Drivers there can report other drivers if their tail pipe is smoking. They’ll then have to go to a state ref.

  • Peter Klim

    Where did the false idea come from that this is “totally legal” as stated in the article? It is ILLEGAL according to EPA rules and a cop should at least issue a “fix it” citation for excessive emissions. I hope it’s pricey enough and comes with ‘enhancements’ to make these rubes think twice about doing this. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face…

    • dustin

      Depends on the state just because it’s federal law doesn’t mean it’s state law. Here where I live there are no emissions on diesel and I completely removed the emissions off of my truck solely for fuel mileage gains. Makes a difference from getting 13.5 mpgs to 22.3 mpgs by removing everything that chokes the motor nevertheless it still puffs black smoke. And think about this your vehicle still emits more than twice what my truck does since black smoke is carbon and that falls to the ground it does not continue into the atmosphere.

  • unusualmind

    That’s what I don’t get about these people. If you’re an outdoorsman, do you really want to hurt both the environment that you love and your political point by bringing something like that to beautiful nature preserves which would not only anger people who love nature but those who are just there to enjoy their vacation time? How exactly does that win you supporters. And that guy from Wisconsin is an idiot. Everyone who lives in Wisconsin knows that part of their economy is fueled by Illinoisans coming up to visit their beautiful nature sites. Is he really willing to sacrifice the economy of himself and others, including many, many families, just to make an immature political point.

    • Jessica Neubauer

      Yes. Yes he is.

    • Mick

      Diesel emissions fall to the ground, to heavy to rise up to the atmosphere and hurt the environment, isn’t there more things to be worrying about? Get a life.

      • unusualmind

        If you have a life, why are you responding?

      • Mick

        I have 1 post, you my friend have 10,165. Your argument is invalid

      • unusualmind

        So then, if you have a life, why are you responding?

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Exactly what political point are they trying to prove?

  • Dale Mark

    This has nothing to do with President Obama it’s been going on since they started to put diesel engines in pickups.

  • decreator

    Idiots! Gullible, easily manipulated idiots!

  • Nick

    People who “roal coal” give all diesel truck owners a bad rep. Diesel trucks come factory with EPA regulated junk. If you remove this junk it allow the engine to breath better. (Also I must add, it is a engine not a motor. Engine run off fuel and combustion. Motors are electric, hydrolic etc..) the EPA put this junk on there to solve the “soot” problem but it hurts the engine more than it helps. The EPA is government, the government controls fuel. So why would they want a vehicle to get better fuel mileage without this stuff? One that’s out for the money. It’s all a big circle. The EPA regulates what a truck can as far as mileage with their DPFs, EGRs and stupid Uera tanks to get worse fuel mileage which in turn creates more revenue in fuel prices for the government. Think about it people. It’s a crooked system we operate under.

  • Dylan

    This article has it all wrong. Burning excessive fuel? Black smoke is unburnt fuel that blows out the exhaust. I own a diesel, and yes it blows smoke but only if I floor it. And no, you don’t spend THOUSANDS of dollars. All you need is $500 on a tuner to better program your computer. Not “TRICKING”, just changing your vehicle parameters if any of y’all know what that is. This article needs to be rewrote with facts instead of opinions. This is giving us diesel enthusiast’s a bad name.

  • crosstown

    Great country we live in….

  • eye roll

    Oh brother. Something that just used to be country bumpkins having a little bit of fun is now the subject of left vs. right political hysteria. Lets talk about bunker fuel on ships if you want to talk about pollution, not some redneck’s F350.

  • Jake

    Some of this is true. Some people are just ignorant, just like all the guys that throw a supercharger/blower on that corvette they just bought. Diesel guys are increasing air and fuel quantity to increase performance. And all the expensive fuel being poured out of the smoke stacks is still giving us 20+mpg. I for one do not go around laying smoke on all the “tree-hugging liberals” like claimed, there will always be the people to ruin it. And for the person that asked how the rednecks/inbreds can afford it? It’s not uncommon to make 80-100k in the diesel industry

  • Austin

    Little do all of you know it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to modify your engine to pour out black smoke it can cost a few hundred dollars to non, and all of you are to ignorant to know that trucks with highly modified engines a lot of the time the smoke is a by-product and if you knew anything about emission you would know MOST of the emissions that comes out of a tail pipe of a diesel falls back into the ground. Don’t get me wrong some chemicals do rise into the atmosphere but far not as much as a gas engine would.

  • bptr

    How exactly are morons who pollute and waste like crazy – INTENTIONALLY – “Conservatives”???
    What exactly are they conserving?  STUPIDITY and assholeness?