Ronald Reagan Jr.’s Rant on Trump Being ‘Unfit For Office’ is Absolutely Perfect (Video)

In general, I love genuine reactions and comments from people — especially in politics. Even if I disagree with someone on something, if they’re being genuine, then at least I feel that they’re being honest with me. Unfortunately, in today’s world where many people seem out to tell people what they want to hear as part of their agenda, rarely do we get a lot of truly genuine reactions in the media.

That’s why I appreciated what Ronald Reagan Jr. had to say about Trump. He didn’t seize on the on-going debate many have engaged in concerning whether or not Trump’s psychologically unfit to be “president,” he simply expressed his disgust about the type of person Trump is and how, based on his character, behavior, and incompetence alone he had no business holding that office.

“I have been saying since he was nominated, perhaps even before, that this is a man who is unfit for office,” Reagan Jr. said. “This is not a psychological diagnosis. I’m not particularly interested in what pathologies he may or may not have. It’s a question of character, it’s a question of personality.”

“His behavior is erratic, it’s impulsive,” he added. “He doesn’t seem to be really familiar with issues. He attacks people lower than him on the food chain, punching down. He has behaved in a way that I would describe as treasonous regarding the Russia investigation and he may be guilty of criminal activity.”

“I would say that his mental status is up for question, but I don’t say that as a psychiatrist,” he continued. “I’m not interested in that. I’m a human being. I can watch another human being and say, ‘There’s something wrong.’ And there is something wrong.”

He went on to call Trump’s view of the world “delusional,” but made sure to point out that he wasn’t saying that from a clinical standpoint, just as an “observant human being.”

Reagan Jr. was then asked about Trump’s boasting about being “like, really smart” over the weekend, at which point he called him a “danger” and “not a normal man.”

“Listen, presidents have maladies at time,” Reagan Jr. stated. “President Trump came to office unfit. He did not develop a malady at some point that rendered him unfit. He is characteristically, if not pathologically unfit, and that is apparent for all to see.”

“We’re not used to talking about presidents this way,” he continued. “It makes us all a little bit uncomfortable. But we have to get used to, I think, the reality of what is happening and face it forthrightly. This is not a normal man, normal president, in this White House now. And it’s a danger to the nation.”

What I liked about Reagan Jr.’s words is that he made sure to emphasize that he wasn’t saying any of this as his attempt to offer some sort of “medical diagnosis” concerning Trump, but that his disdain for this “president” is based on his observations as a human being watching the type of unhinged, incompetent, and morally bankrupt person Trump is. Even if there’s absolutely nothing medically disqualifying that renders Trump unfit to serve, his behavior and character — as well as his ignorance about what being “president” actually entails — provide more than enough reasons to say that he’s completely unfit for office.

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Watch Reagan Jr.’s comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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