Rush Limbaugh Pushes Conspiracy that Voter Fraud Might Be the Reason Why Democrats Keep the Senate

You know how often I heard the term “voter fraud” prior to 2008? Practically never. You know why that phrase was rarely uttered? Because voter fraud isn’t – and has never been – an issue. And no matter how much Republicans try to act like it is, it’s just not. There’s absolutely zero evidence anywhere showing that voter fraud is a problem.


In fact, a study found that over a 12 year period (2000-2012) there were 2,068 cases of alleged voter fraud. Not convicted, just alleged. 

So, out of literally hundreds of millions of votes cast over a 12-year period, a fraction of a percent of those votes were alleged to be fraudulent.

To put it into perspective, let’s look at just the amount of votes cast in the presidential elections since 2000 and we’ll just say that every single one of these 2,068 cases were isolated to presidential races. They’re weren’t, but we’ll say they were as a hypothetical just to show the true absurdity of this myth of rampant voter fraud.

During the presidential elections between 2000-2012, roughly 478 million votes were cast. So, that means even if the only votes we focus on during that 12-year span are the 478 million votes casts during four different presidential elections, only 0.00044% of those votes would have been alleged to be fraudulent. And that’s not including all the votes cast for congressional, state and local elections. So that 0.00044% is actually a high estimate considering I didn’t include any votes outside of those cast for presidential candidates.

In other words, voter fraud is not an issue.

But like with most everything else Republican related, reality isn’t what’s important. It’s what they want to believe. But when it comes to these voter ID laws, reduction of early voting times and other neat little “tricks” Republican legislatures have been using to make it more difficult for Democratic voters to vote curb fraudulent voting, it’s not even about being right on this issue.

Because they know they’re trying to rig elections. And the worst part is, most conservative voters really don’t care. They damn well know voter fraud is some b.s. propaganda being pushed by the right much in the same way they’re trying to claim “women’s safety” when passing these new strict anti-abortion laws.

So, when Rush Limbaugh (who was recently chosen as the least trusted source for news in the country) suggested that if Democrats keep power in the Senate this November it could be because of voter fraud, you know it’s absolute and complete nonsense.

And despite the fact that there’s been absolutely zero credible evidence anywhere showing “rampant voter fraud,” Limbaugh said, “That kind of stuff is happening all over the country, I’m convinced of it.” 

He’s “convinced” of it. And one of the reasons why he believes voter fraud is an issue – cable ratings.

“They don’t have any audience on their cable news shows,” he said of liberals. “They’re not these rock star, popular, admirable figures that people run around emulating and wish they were like.”

Let’s look at a reality as to why Fox News crushes every other network in ratings.

First, because it’s the only channel conservatives will trust. And when a news network panders to its viewers, as opposed to simply reporting factual information, of course it’s going to get higher ratings.

Second, liberals don’t just go to one source for our information. We’re splintered throughout several news channels and sources at any given moment.

Let’s not ignore the fact that conservatives are often older and far less tech savvy. I rarely watch cable news. I get most of my information through websites, blogs, videos, various streaming news services, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other more “high-tech” ways. Why waste 3-4 hours a night watching a bunch of commercials and filler segments when I can get the news I need, or want, practically whenever I want?

Liberals aren’t typically traditional sit at home and watch cable news all evening people. We’re a smartphone owning, tablet using, tech savvy bunch. We’ve realized that technology has afforded us the ability to not sit at home all evening watching news. We can get it on the go, whenever we want, from whatever source we choose.

So this ridiculous argument that Fox News it the “best news source” simply because their ratings are high is complete nonsense.

Fox News is nothing but an entertainment network, masquerading as a news channel, pandering to conservative voters by telling them what they want to hear instead of what’s actually factual – then they’re calling that “news.”

But all this rhetoric is just a plot by conservatives to continually push this idea that voter fraud is rampant and Democrats winning in some of these closely contested races is “proof” that voter fraud is costing Republicans elections.

And Republicans will believe it, not because there’s any evidence to support any of this propaganda, but because they want to believe that their delusion about rampant voter fraud is real. Even if reality undoubtedly proves that it’s not.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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