Rush Limbaugh’s Sexist, Racist Tirade Claims People Only Like Hillary Clinton Because She’s a Woman (Audio)

hillary-rushPeople have made careers out of discussing the ignorance that spews from Rush Limbaugh’s mouth.  There are few in he mainstream conservative media who project such vile hatred and ignorance as Limbaugh.  He’s made millions being quite possibly one of the most disgusting human beings in the media.

A point he proved yet again by essentially saying that anyone outside of a white male who might be president would never be criticized because people would label the critics as racist, homophobic or sexist.  He also said that Hillary Clinton had absolutely no qualification to be President of the United States and that her supporters only like her because she would be the nation’s first female president

Limbaugh said, “The first African American president beyond criticism, you can’t criticize anything.  You can’t chronicle his failures, you can’t do anything because you’re being racist.  So if you get Hillary Clinton in there, first female president, any criticism of her will be sexist.  And if it’s an Hispanic, first Hispanic president, any criticism will be racist again – and whatever else.  And then if they elect the first gay president – then any criticism will be homophobic.”

What world are these people living in where President Obama hasn’t endured criticism?  Hell, that’s all he’s gotten from Republicans since even before he was elected.  And I can assure you, from my experience with liberals, many liberals (especially on the far left) often say “he’s no different than Bush.”

Hell, Jon Stewart, someone who’s often called a member of the liberal media, has frequently called out President Obama.

But Limbaugh didn’t stop there.  He continued to rant on about Hillary’s qualifications to be president, saying, “The fact that she would be the first female president is all they care about.  The fact that she’s not qualified, the fact that they can’t name a single achievement doesn’t matter.”

I would love someone to ask Rush, “Outside of who his father is, what qualified George W. Bush to first be Governor of Texas, then President of the United States?”

Without going into what Hillary has achieved, because that would be a whole separate article, I’ll just say she’s far more qualified to be President of the United States than George W. Bush was.  Hell, she’s more qualified than Ronald Reagan was.

But then Limbaugh continued on, claiming that liberals are the most racist and sexist people he encounters because all liberals see is “what’s on the surface.”

For those who might not recognize it, that’s prototypical talk from someone who’s a bigot.  They like to push this idea that because liberals elect minorities, or women, or other religions that we are the real racists because we clearly only elected them because of their race, gender or religion.  Not that these people are actually qualified for the job.  Oh, no.  But only because of their race, gender or religion.

Then if you call these bigoted conservatives out for their racism or sexism, they twist it around as, “See, you can’t even criticize these touchy women/minorities without being called a sexist/racist!”

They’re completely ridiculous and absolutely terrified of Hillary Clinton.  And while I obviously support President Obama, I really can’t wait until 2016 when Hillary gets elected and conservatives collectively lose their minds.

It’s going to be great.

Check out the audio of Limbaugh’s comments below via Media Matters:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Mrs_oatmeal

    Hmmm! I believe Colin Powell has come out and said she is the most qualified person in the country to be President. Isn’t he a Republican? Oh, but he is black. I trust his judgement more than the drug addled brain of Rush.

  • Marilyn DeMarco

    Rush spouts the pill popper view!

  • strayaway

    There are so many other reasons to support Hillary. She got a big promotion at the Rose law firm the year her husband was elected as Arkansas’ governor a coincidence I’m sure. Hillary proved her financial acumen when she made spectacular profits on the cattle futures market on her first try. as the President’s wife, Hillary is often credited with pushing for the bombing of our ally Serbia. As Senator, Hillary was a big supporter of Bush’s war on Iraq voting to give him the congressional power to decide whether or not to attack Iraq. She voted for the bailout of Wall Street banksters. Then, as Secretary of State, she presided over our disastrous Arab Spring policy resulting in the suppression of women and Christians in Arab countries across N. Africa to Syria as Islamists gained more power in each. Focusing on her support for the Executive ordered bombing of Libya, it alone created a clusterf— of problems including persecution of black Africans in Libya, the Islamist takeover of Mali, Benghazi, and Al-Queda absconding with 400 state of the art US surface to air missiles we were for some reason storing there. Obviously Rush is wrong about Hillary’s lack of achievement.

    Really, with more progressive Democrats such Sen. Sanders, Gov. Schneider, and maybe Sen. Warren in the wings, why is anyone wasting time defending and propping up Hillary? It is sort of like Republicans propping up another Bush. Answer: In a Bush-Clinton race corporatist oligarchs will win again no matter who wins the election.

    • thesquire1

      She was NOT a big supporter on Iraq – she voted in favour based on the same lies the rest did. I seem to recall almost EVERYONE supported the efforts to eliminate Gaddafi and save the the uprising from being a bloodbath ? As for the Arab spring, her policy was to support the uprisings (such as Libya). Unlike other times it was left to the citizens of those countries to resolve their problem and no go steaming in trying to take over. Also unlike other regimes she has the intelligence to keep the US nose OUT unless specifically asked for.
      I suspect all your points are made with a eight-wing perspective and question your motive for making them. I note Banghazi managed to creep in of course – something she bears no blame for at ALL.

      • strayaway

        Is your Iraq argument then that she is gullible? That’s not a good presidential qualification either. No not EVERYONE supported overthrowing a government by executive order. It didn’t even come up for a vote. Besides, Hillary believed that Sadam was hiding all sorts of WMDs as early as 1998 years before Bush’s war. The aftermath in Libya was worse than Gaddafi’s rule. You can suppose all you want which seems to be how Hillary passes your muster. I didn’t mention Nigeria although I’ve read article claiming that the Clinton State Department reused to declare Boko Harem as a terrorist group. Articles regarding that can easily be looked up. I mentioned Benghazi only in passing because it like the other things mentioned would not have happened if Khaddafi remained in power. Al-Queda is now operating in parts of Libya at will; something that wasn’t happening under Khaddafi.

        Why don’t you just support a more progressive peace loving, non-corporatist controlled candidate instead; at least in the primary?

        “I was one who supported giving President Bush the authority, if necessary, to use force against Saddam Hussein. I believe that that was the right vote” -Sen. Hillary Clinton

      • thesquire1

        Only as gullible as everyone else – nobody could really believe that Bush/Cheney would have turned out such blatant bare faced LIARS.
        As for Libya you can say exactly the same regarding Iraq.
        And your WRONG about Boko Harem…it was Clinton who put them on the warning list and the only reason they were not added to the Terrorist list had nothing to do with her – she pressed for them to be added. The US cannot make that decision alone despite what it believes.
        “Nigerian government and many Africa experts opposed the move when it was first considered two years ago”. Since the Nigerian President and his military are barely much different while less open, it would be a harder choice to make to designate an ‘opposition’ as a terrorist organisation as was done so many other countries which has often resulted in backing the wrong side (Israel / Hamas for example).
        Regardless of all these things why don’t you come out openly and admit to being a Republican on sheep’s clothing ?
        From my point of view she, like all the others, have failed the Palestinians by constantly backing Israel which IS a TERRORIST state !

      • strayaway

        Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich weren’t gullible. Why are you giving Hillary a pass? She was claiming Saddam was harboring WMD’s before Bush became President.

        Hillary was behind the ball on Boko Haram too. Again, you resort to what she wanted, to put them on a warning list, rather than her inability to accomplish something or even discern. She was the Secretary of State after all. Her boss is the President. Are you blaming him instead? Maybe it wouldn’t have made any difference of course. It isn’t like we can put the brakes on Islamic terrorists in every country even if they had been on a terrorist list.

        “It was not until last year, under current Secretary of State John Kerry, that the State Department listed Boko Haram as a terrorist organization.” -CBS News 5/15/14

        Does everyone here agree with Squire that “Israel is a TERRORIST state?

      • Sandy Greer

        >Does everyone here agree with Squire that “Israel is a TERRORIST state?

        Seek, and ye shall find.

        ^^^If we SEE an enemy – that is what we have. Because we approach that way: We approach an enemy, with distrust.

        If, OTOH, we see – not an enemy – but a (potential) friend – our approach is entirely different: Open, inviting. Our results will be different, because our approach is different.

        This formula works in our daily lives – in all our interactions with others. It works online, as well as IRL.

        And it can work between nations.

        Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them? ~ Abraham Lincoln

  • thesquire1

    So they only HATE Limbaugh because he’s a man then ?

  • Sandy Greer

    What I admire most about Hillary Clinton is her marriage.

    Trouble comes to every marriage, sooner or later. Theirs has been no exception. If anything, public humiliation makes it even more difficult for a marriage to survive.

    And yet, theirs did. No doubt the cynical suspect her motives. Like many, I fully expected she would divorce him when his presidency ended.

    But she didn’t. And, while it’s not a decision I would have made – I respect and admire her for it.

    They made their peace; speak well of each other; honestly seem to like, and admire one another. Their marriage endures today because she wills it so.

    Any woman who can find it in her to forgive what she has had to – who holds her head high knowing others would have chosen a different path for her to walk…

    Words fail to express the admiration, respect, and esteem with which I view Hillary Clinton.

  • mre2000

    Its a bit early to be proclaiming the winner of an election thats 2 1/2 years away. Agree with much of what you say but stop suggesting its already over.

  • Karla Shreckengaust

    I couldn’t listen to the audio. Rush Limbaugh makes me want to break things. And I like my computer.

  • DrMichael

    As a Democrat, I don’t see the likelihood of Hillary winning the Presidency. In fact, quite the opposite. The average Democrat, especially in crucial swing states like Ohio, doesn’t have faith in her and many flat out don’t like her. From my own POV, practically the only thing that might cause me to vote Republican in a Presidential race is to place Hillary on the ticket. It’s not just Republicans that don’t like Hilary, it’s mainstream America!