Sad Troll Ron Paul Issues Dire Warning About Liberals to Conspiracy Nutter Alex Jones

Ron Paul appears on Alex Jones' show on October 21st, 2015

Ron Paul appears on Alex Jones’ show on October 21st, 2015

Last week, GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul claimed that if Bernie Sanders was elected, the possibility of genocide in the United States would exist. Paul falsely compared Sanders’ belief in democratic socialism to the communist dictatorships of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, and stated that socialism could lead to genocide to those who resist it.

That was last week, and that was Rand Paul. Today, his father Ron Paul appeared on conspiracy peddler Alex Jones’ Infowars program to make the tired claim that liberals are coming for our guns, and that we would eventually end up under a dictatorship.

Via Right Wing Watch:

The elder Paul told Jones that eventually the people will be driven to violence, which would then lead to calls for authoritarian government and gun confiscation.

“If push comes to shove and there’s violence in the street, they’re going to look for a strongman, they’re going to look for somebody who is an authoritarian and said the violence in the cities won’t last, and then people will say, yeah, that’s right, we can’t have anarchy, and they will capitulate,” he said. “The day will come.”

The only form of gun control that’s appropriate, he said, “is taking the guns away from the bureaucrats, the government and taking the guns or restricting the guns use of the president starting wars.” (Source)

What’s incredibly hypocritical of both Ron Paul and his son Rand is that the two of them have rubbed elbows with individuals like Don Black, people who espouse racism and believe that Adolf Hitler was a hero. While neither Ron or Rand have openly stated that they share the same views, neither of them have unequivocally rejected that ideology either, probably because they don’t want to anger the extreme fringe elements who agree with them on some issues and have donated money to their campaigns.

Media Matters has also noted that Rand Paul has appeared on Alex Jones’ shows since the 1990s and has enjoyed the political and financial support that Infowars has provided. After all, the anti-government conspiracy crowd is a small but enthusiastic demographic – which also happens to be a lucrative niche market that Alex Jones and others have made a living exploiting.

It’s quite possible that deep down, Ron Paul and his son don’t believe in all the blather about dictatorships and gun confiscation. Maybe all of those racist newsletters and ties to Neo-Nazi sympathizers that Ron Paul has been blasted for – even by conservative publications like American Thinker – are just a long con.

The problem is while the Republican Party claims it doesn’t have a racist element, they don’t mind pandering to them and conspiracy nuts when it is politically and financially convenient – and few people have done this as successfully as both Ron and Rand Paul have over the years.


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