Samantha Bee Hilariously Dismantles ‘D**k-Waving Little B**ch’ Donald Trump (Video)

It goes without saying that Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee has been one of Donald Trump’s most vocal critics since her show launched a few months ago. Not one to pull any punches, Bee has been extremely blunt about her feelings concerning the self-admitted sexual predator and alleged billionaire.

Take for instance Monday night when she absolutely tore into the Republican presidential candidate who, two weeks away from Election Day, has managed to become an even bigger national embarrassment than he was before.

Bee started off with a few shots at the media for having such low expectations for Trump’s behavior that, as long as he doesn’t “hulk-out on stage or grab the foundational principles of our Republic by the p–sy,” they’ll claim he performed well.

That’s absolutely true. For many in the media to declare Trump “presidential,” he simply has to avoid being exactly who he is for a half hour or so and they instantly start heaping him with praise — because that’s how low the bar has been set.

However, she had a slightly different take than most of the media on Trump’s continued insistence that he might not accept the results of the election in two weeks.

“Concede, don’t concede, we don’t give a f*ck,” Bee quipped. “We’ll be busy swearing-in the 45th president.”

She also went after Republicans who’ve been acting “shocked” by Trump’s lack of respect for our Constitution and democracy by pointing out their total hypocrisy. These are many of the same people who’ve refused to take up President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, they’ve spent years pushing the myth that voter fraud is rampant, and they’ve given credence to this idea that the media is some corrupt extension of the Democratic party. As Bee pointed out, Trump is a near-perfect example of exactly what the party has become.

Though Bee’s most impassioned part of the evening came when she began to discuss abortion and Trump’s ridiculous insistence that Clinton supports abortions up until the “final day” of the pregnancy. Yes, Trump literally claimed that Clinton supports the right for women to have an “abortion” on the last day of a pregnancy. For the sane people reading this who aren’t complete idiots — that’s called giving birth.

Samantha Bee then praised Clinton’s passionate rebuke to Trump ignorance about abortion and preposterous fear-mongering about babies being “ripped from the womb.”

“Men, if you don’t get why it’s important to have a woman as a major party nominee, check your social media feed,” Bee said. “Actually, log in as your wife. You’ll see that all week women have been sharing deeply personal stories of pregnancies that went wrong.”

“They were buying t-shirts and warming to a passionate, unapologetic feminist we haven’t seen since the 90’s,” she added. “One who stood in a shower of sh*t and managed to do what 16 primary candidates and the entire Republican establishment couldn’t. Namely, beat this d*ck-waving, Berlusconi knock-off like a little b*tch.”

If you like Samantha Bee, you absolutely should take a few minutes to watch this segment. She was hilarious, passionate and absolutely blasted Donald Trump and the entire GOP for subjecting the country to this level of shame and embarrassment.

Watch the segment below via TBS:

Part 1

Part 2

Allen Clifton

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