Samantha Bee Obliterates the Hypocrisy & Racist Roots of the “Christian Right” (Video)

I’ve often referred to Samantha Bee as somewhat of a mix of Jon Stewart and John Oliver. I’ve found her comedic style to be closer to Stewart’s, but her overall subject matter to be more in line with Oliver’s tendency to take different angles on stories and expose details that aren’t often discussed nationally.

Take for instance last night in one of her best segments thus far where she obliterated the hypocrisy and racist roots of the “evangelical Christian right.”

She started out by mocking the fact that evangelical conservatives rejected an actual evangelical Christian in Sen. Ted Cruz for Donald Trump.

“Most evangelicals said ‘No – we’re going to go for the thrice married foul-mouthed tit judge who likes Planned Parenthood and thinks Corinthians is a type of car upholstery.'”

She then pointed out that there was a time when Christianity really wasn’t intertwined into the Republican party like it is now, explaining how the GOP eventually became this Bible-thumping bunch of hypocrites who feel that they should have the right to force their views on everyone else.

“To understand how we got there, we have to go back to origins of the new religious right,” Bee said. “It wasn’t abortion that birthed the religious right. It was good old white Nativism and anti-government anger when the IRS challenged evangelicals’ god given right to go to school without black people.”

Yes, one of the key events that triggered religion to infuse itself within the Republican party was a “Christian school” that was being targeted by the IRS because it considered anyone who supported desegregation to be going “against God.”

It wasn’t abortion, premarital sex, birth control or abortion – it was racism that began the Christian right’s rise to political prominence within the GOP.

Of course, that shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows anything about history.

Prior to evangelicals rising to power within the GOP driven by racism, Republicans had already been implementing the “Southern strategy” to court the vote of angry white people who felt their “country was being taken away from them” because African-Americans were finally starting to be given the Constitutional rights they had long been denied. There’s a reason why when infamous racists like George Wallace and Strom Thurmond abandoned the Democratic party in the 60’s, they rushed to become Republicans – the party that was now embracing bigots and racists like themselves.

I absolutely loved Samantha Bee doing this segment Monday night. While a lot of people frequently assume many aspects of the modern-day GOP are linked to racism, it’s nice when someone of national prominence actually covers these stories that aren’t all that difficult to find. Bee brilliantly shed light on the fact that this wave of evangelical hypocrisy that’s taken a firm grasp on a large part of the Republican party was awoken because a bunch of racist whites felt like their country was being taken away from them, and their values were being tarnished by liberals and various minority groups seeking equality for all Americans.

In 2016, we just call those folks Trump supporters.

Watch the segment below via TBS:

Allen Clifton

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