Samantha Bee Perfectly Trashes Ted Cruz: He’s So Hated, Even God Can’t Really Stand Him (Video)

Samantha Bee’s new show Full Frontal has quickly become one of my favorite weekly things to watch. She was always one of my favorite correspondents when she was on The Daily Show, so I had a feeling once her show launched it was going to be really good.

Take for instance last night when she absolutely tore into Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz. She pointed out the cold hard truth that practically nobody really likes Cruz – even many Republicans can’t stand him. When you think about how much the party loathes Donald Trump, it’s rather hilarious that the only real challenger to “The Donald” is someone who the party can’t stand, either.

“The GOP establishment is in a pickle, because the only guy within striking distance of casino Mussolini is someone they hate just as much,” Bee said of Cruz.

She then played clips of Rep. Peter King (R-NY), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Bob Dole all voicing their disdain for the senator from Texas in various ways.

“Bob Dole singled Ted out for hatred and Bob Dole has fought actual Nazis,” Bee quipped.

Bee then ran through a few things from Cruz’s past to help emphasize what a creep he really is, including him admitting that nobody really liked him in high school so he just tried to emulate what the popular kids did; showing a video where a much younger Ted Cruz says he wanted to be in a “tit movie”; and listing several comments from former college classmates calling him “arrogant,” “pretentious,” and “a nightmare of a human being.”

She also made sure to bring up facts like when Cruz was Solicitor General of Texas half the attorneys quit, and when he worked on the Florida recount there were reports of Republicans skipping meetings when they knew he was going to attend.

Next she covered religious con man “historian” David Barton’s support for Cruz and the fact that the senator’s father is someone who believes that “God’s dominion” should rule over all of society. She then aired a clip where Cruz’s father said they prayed “on their knees” for two hours, only to finally get a word from God through Ted’s wife, Heidi.

“God tells ministers Ted’s destined for greatness. Then God tells his wife he’s destined for greatness,” Bee said sarcastically. “Guys, the message is clear – even God cannot stand to have a direct conversation with Ted Cruz.”

My only complaint is Samantha Bee’s show isn’t aired four or five times a week. She definitely has the talent, wit and ability to do a nightly show. This election year could certainly use another voice like Bee’s being heard far more often than once a week.

Watch the segment below via TBS:

Allen Clifton

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