Samantha Bee Shreds the ‘Forgotten Taint, D*ck and Assh*le’ of the Republican Party (Video)

This is probably the third or fourth time I’ve asked for this, but can we please get Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal on at least four times a week like The Daily Show? Every single Monday she does an absolutely fantastic job of skewering the idiocy that we often see in politics. In particular, the endless list of absurdities we’ve witnessed this election from the Republican party.

Bee was especially on her game last night considering it was “New York primary eve.” Clearly, as a resident of New York, today’s primary election brings with it a little more attention as she’s been there to see a lot of the madness take place firsthand.

Well, needless to say, she did not hold back in ripping into all three Republican candidates.

She started off by tearing into John Kasich for some rather strange attempts to pander to the Jewish community by often citing religious references, even trying to link Jesus Christ to the passover – something that happened thirteen centuries before Christ.

She also mocked Kaisch for having a little more “freedom” to say and do what he wanted considering he doesn’t have to worry about getting any votes.

“Look at how much you can have when you don’t have to worry about getting any votes,” Bee quipped. “That’s the upside of being the neglected taint between the Republican primary’s d*ck and assh*le.”

Bee then mocked a Trump speech where he went on another one of his comical “we’re going to win so much Americans are going to get tired of winning” rants by having a full-on “win-gasm.”

“Win me harder,” Bee said. “Win all over me; just try not to win in my hair!”

Next up was Cruz, who she poked fun at for telling a story in front of his daughters that involved p*rn (sorry, Google doesn’t like the word), followed by his wife telling a story where he supposedly bought “literally” 100 cans of soup soon after they got married.

First, who tells a story related to p*rn in front of your small children – and who the heck buys 100 cans of soup? Look, I like soup, but I would never buy 100 cans of it at one time unless I was feeding an army.

It seems like no matter what’s linked to Ted Cruz, it always just seems so – creepy.

If you have a few minutes, you should definitely check out the segment. Her show is already really good and you can tell it’s only going to get better. At this point, I would say Bee has more than superseded Trevor Noah as someone I watch for a satirical take on actual news. I really do hope that, at some point, she gets more exposure because she’s definitely proven that she has what it takes.

Watch the segment below via TBS by way of Crooks and Liars:

Allen Clifton

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