Samantha Bee’s Take on Brexit and the Dangers of Donald Trump Was Brilliant (Video)

Even though it’s been a few days since the Brexit vote shocked the world, I fully expected Samantha Bee to have plenty to say when her show Full Frontal aired on Monday. Being that she’s not known as someone who’s ever be afraid to express her opinion on something, I was looking forward to hearing her take on the bigotry-driven Brexit vote.

“What were you thinking England and Whales, screwing over the rest of the world by voting stupidity? That’s our job,” Bee said, showing an image of George W. Bush.

She then mocked the idiocy of some who voted to leave Brexit, thinking that it wouldn’t actually happen and that their vote would mostly be just a protest vote, who now regret doing so.

Next up she aired a clip from one of the leading people pushing for Brexit, Nigel Farage, admitting that one of the biggest selling points — the 350 million a week they were sending to the EU would now be used to fund their health program — wasn’t actually true. That’s a pretty big deal considering that was one of the reasons why some people supported Brexit in the first place.

Bee then brought up the fact that the main reason why Brexit ultimately passed was because supporters began to heavily push bigotry and anti-immigrant rhetoric after they realized their economic fear-mongering wasn’t going to be enough. The truth is, this whole Brexit push in the first place was always largely driven by racism, bigotry and ignorance. There’s a reason why there have been so many comparisons between those pushing for Brexit and what’s been driving Donald Trump’s success this past year. She also pointed out how most areas of Britain where immigrants actually live voted to stay.

Bee ended the segment by ripping into Donald Trump. In particular, the fact that, in Scotland (a place that overwhelmingly voted to stay in the EU), the presumptive GOP nominee spoke highly of Brexit, repeatedly telling the people of Scotland that they took their country back. Again, I would like to point out that the Scottish people voted to stay in the EU by an overwhelming margin.

So, in the spirit of Trump apparently not understanding that Scotland and England are different, she brought on David Tennant from Dr. Who to read a few rather “colorful” tweets people had sent to Trump’s twitter account mocking his ignorance.

“At least there’s still time to make sure we don’t feel, in November, the way the Brits do today… take this election seriously. And, for God’s sake, between now and November — don’t blink,” Bee quipped.

Her words were very similar to what John Oliver said on Sunday night when he, too, used Brexit and the regret many within Britain are now having over the vote to warn people not to screw this election up. Like the Brexit vote, there are “no do-overs” if we mess around and end up allowing Donald Trump to become our next president.

And they’re both right. While tens of millions of Americans do clearly realize how dangerous a Donald Trump presidency would be, there are also a good chunk of folks out there who either don’t think he would be all that bad (for whatever asinine reason) or they’re thinking there’s no chance he’s going to win so they’ll do a “protest vote,” of sorts. Though we all saw what happened in 2000 when people didn’t take the threat of George W. Bush winning the White House seriously — he became our next president.

Only this time, a Donald Trump presidency would be so awful, it would Bush’s time in office seem like a dream compared to the nightmare he’d bestow upon this nation.

Watch the segment below via TBS:

Allen Clifton

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