Sarah Palin Apparently Snaps, Posts Bizarre Letter “Written” By a Dog

palin-dogWhile it’s easy to make fun of and mock a lot of what Sarah Palin does, I wasn’t joking a few months ago when I said that her behavior, even for her, had become very strange.

And when you think about it, she’s in a very unique position. She’s completely irrelevant when it comes to our actual government, but she’s still someone on par with Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh as an individual within the conservative media who has influence over right-wing voters, and some right-wing politicians.

Except, she desperately wants to be more than that. It’s clear she’s not happy simply being a member of the conservative media. She doesn’t enjoy being a political pundit (though it’s clear she likes the attention).

What she really wants is the one thing she can’t have – a leadership position within our government.

Because while she’s still fairly popular among right-wing radicals, and has influence over conservative voters in general, she would stand almost no shot at winning a key political office again. Her best bet would be as a Senator from Alaska, but I’m not even sure she’s still seen as credible enough within her own state to win that election. And she sure as heck doesn’t want to suffer the embarrassment of running, then being defeated in her own state. While egomaniacs love attention, what they really don’t like is being embarrassed on a public stage. Losing an election in Alaska would be the ultimate embarrassment for her.

And I honestly believe she’s struggled with this. One of the easiest ways to become crazy is to be rich and famous – but have nothing to do. Which must be even more difficult when you’re rich and famous, but the one thing you want isn’t something you can buy.

That might help explain a recent Facebook post she shared of a letter “written by a dog” (really written by conservative radio host Kevin Scholla) to Palin’s dog concerning the recent controversy over a picture she shared showing her youngest son Trig standing on the dog’s back.

Hello Miss Jill,

My name is Rex. My human dad does a lot of radio work and writing in support of your buddy Trig’s mom. I’m a black lab too, but I’m a mutt so I’m only part Lab. They think I’m also Jack Russell. Anyway, I’m writing to tell you that I have your (for lack of a better term) back.

That Trig kid was standing on you I see. Well that hit home! I have a six year old friend too. She’s pretty gentle with me. Girls seem to be that way. But she has this brother. He’s four and he reminds me of Trig a bit. But if you think you have it bad with Trig on your back, listen to this. He makes me play Batman every day! I have to be Ace the Bat Hound! I’m like “Dude, my name is Rex!” Sometimes I even wear a Bat suit.

There’s plenty more to read, but that sample gives you an idea of how absurd this “letter” is.

While I’ve obviously never though highly of Palin, looking at her behavior of the last year or so, I really have to remind myself that this woman was Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential candidate for John McCain. It’s a terrifying thought.

And this latest meltdown following the dog controversy only helps solidify my belief that Palin is losing what little mind she actually had left.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • wcraigjohnston

    Did I miss something? You say the “letter” was written by Sarah Palin’s friend, conservative radio host Kevin Scholla, to her dog. The letter is in the voice of another dog. Did Sarah Palin write this letter? How does this show she’s lost her mind?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of her, nor am I even a conservative, but to beat up on her for no real reason is unnecessary. She’ll take care of that herself.

    • Eric Soller

      That threw me off, too. Before reaching the end, I half-expected to find Palin’s dog’s response to the letter. Now THAT would be a story.

  • Jim Bean

    Apparently Liberals are too dense to know that the dog was permitting the kid to stand on its back. Otherwise (Duh!) it would – think hard – have MOVED!

    • tommyd

      You’re obviously not a dog owner. Most dogs, particularly labs, will often allow their owners, and especially children, to abuse and mistreat them with no complaint. That is why it is up to the adults to teach children how to treat and respect a defenseless animal. The area of the dog’s spine that Palin’s kid stood on is the weakest part of the spine. Next time you see a dog, run your fingers down its spine. In the mid back you will feel a small gap. This is where the vertebrae change direction and it the area where dogs get injured the most often.

    • Cemetery Girl

      Labs are really great sports, they let you do pretty much anything to them, but that doesn’t mean they should have to. Children have to be taught to be respectful of animals. I’m not attacking her, just saying that all children need to be taught. If one of my kids stood on our Lab they’d be in big trouble. He’d let them, although he’d groan, possibly give an annoyed cross between a growl and a groan (he’s old and has arthritis, he’s sore), but he would let them. That doesn’t mean you don’t teach kids how to treat animals. What bothers me about this (and not her, just parents in general) is they allow their children to do things that can hurt the pet, if the pet is being hurt and responds (the dog growls or the cat scratches), usually the pet is reprimanded. The child doesn’t learn not to hurt the animal and the pet is being taught it must accept the child hurting it (and instilling a dislike of children in general.)

    • D Alexx Miller

      Not the point, As an animal owner, Even if my animal would allow a small child to stand on it, I would not allow said child to stand on the animal.

      • Jim Bean

        Find. But it doesn’t make you superior. Just different.

      • Cemetery Girl

        I’m confused why you are defending standing on a dog so firmly. Is it our God given right as red blooded Americans to be able to treat a dog in any manner, even if it could hurt the dog? Then why have animal abuse laws? Now, the dog in question wasn’t being horribly abused, they won’t be showing the pictures in commercials with a sad song playing in the background, but what is so horrible abt saying that a child should be taught not to do things that could hurt an animal. I know you would expect a child to be taught other things. If a younger child picked up a candy bar at the store and walked out with it, doing so not knowing not to, and the parents just thought it was cute, you would argue that they should teach the child not to do it.

    • Eg Kbbs

      Once again Jim, you’re showing a morality that things are OK as long as the one being abused doesn’t fight back.

      Nice parallel to bullying being permissible if the victim doesn’t fight back and legitimate rape, because we all know she is asking for it.

      • Eg Kbbs

        And funny how people posting here from one political view point are making sure to jeer at anyone who is proposing that we should protect the defenseless.

        A thread you see them historically apply to so many situations.

      • Jim Bean

        No, I’ve been around dogs all my life and they are not a stupid as liberals think. Of course, liberals think that anyone/thing that is not a liberal is stupid, so . . . . . . . . . .

      • Kaye Dennis Watson

        Thank you, Jim. You’ve proved my point.

      • Cemetery Girl

        I have yet to try to observe political leanings of dogs, perhaps it varies by the dog. They are not stupid animals, they are loyal animals, perhaps too loyal. A personality trait shared by the general species doesn’t excuse not teaching children to how to treat a dog. Don’t do things that could hurt the dog (stand on it, ride it, pull ears or tails), always ask before approaching and petting a strange dog (some have physical ailments, some have fears, children don’t understand the concept of service dogs at first, then again neither do most adults…) it isn’t complex. Teach children for their sake and that of the animals.

    • Bonnie Boyles

      Don’t confuse them with common sense. LOL!!!

    • Judy Jackson

      And if it had moved suddenly, what might have happened to the little boy standing on the dog’s back? Trig could have taken a bad fall & hit his head on the floor or counter. Then whose fault would it be that a little boy got hurt? The dog’s fault, naturally.

      • Jim Bean

        I’m pretty sure neither the Palin’s nor their dog will benefit much from your maliciously motivated micromanagement.

      • Judy Jackson

        There is nothing malicious about it. As a mom & as a pet owner, I worked very hard to make sure NEITHER my son or my pets were injured by or because of each other. It is called being a responsible parent & pet owner. Unlike Sarah Palin, I am not obsessed with putting every aspect of my life on Facebook or Twitter, especially my 6 year old, special needs child.

    • mbm

      Jim Bean: Maybe, those Liberals you’ve chosen to attack are knowledgeable and responsible dog owners and recognize that many dogs, especially Labs are exceedingly tolerant, especially towards their kids/family. Just because a dog tolerates an action, does not make it right for a responsible adult to allow it to continue. That’s the purpose of parenting-teaching a child to respect an animal and not to push them beyond their limits. Animals are not furniture. Period.

  • Keith Welnicke

    She is just a stupid wanna be. How do people take anything she would say seriously? Its not just this story, but everything that seems to come out of her mouth. She really made a hit on the scene with the drunken family brawl. That should say a lot about her and her family. Can take the trailer trash from the park…………

  • fwithebull

    I’d still pound the hell outta her fine Alaskan ass,,,,,,ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

    • Brianeweis

      I hear ya, but you just might have a stalker for life

  • Macdoodle

    I saw the hate filled responses by liberals to the picture of her mentally challenged son standing on the dog posted on Face Book.The great hypocrisy of the party of tolerance.Funny how they always accuse republicans of being the hateful ones perhaps they should look in the mirror.

    • Cemetery Girl

      Why act like a child with Downs can’t be taught? Why sell the child short and believe that a child with Downs can’t learn that standing on the dog isn’t something that should be done?

      • Fina Azouz

        Why you say? Simple, she is an idiot.

    • Eg Kbbs

      Yes, because it is so hateful to stand up for the defenseless.

      As you said “liberals” I assume you are conservative. The idea of protecting the defenseless and teaching improved behavior has been mocked by the conseratives for decades.

    • Judy Jackson

      There were a lot of negative responses posted to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page by conservatives who felt that Trig should not have been standing on the dog. Typical Palin response was to delete all negative comments.

    • Kaye Dennis Watson

      Personally, I believe Trig is very probably the most intelligent person in that whole tribe. Honestly, I do.

  • Children learn from their parents on so many levels. She stated in her note, she was oblivious, turns out her kid is too.

  • mbm

    A responsible adult teaches a child to respect animals, not use them as furniture, much less post the evidence as pics on FB. Whether SP wrote the letter or asked her friend to doesn’t matter; she’s not taking responsibility, and using others as stepping stones to further her own agenda. Many dogs, especially Labs, are incredibly tolerant-that doesn’t mean they should be pushed to the limit. As this child grows and the dog ages, there may come a day when Trig stands on the dog and something snaps and this sweet gentle dog fights back. Then we’ll hear of how ole Sarah had to whip out her shotgun to defend poor Trig from this deranged beast. Shameful.

    • Chris1946

      Were you this concerned when Ellen DeGenerous posted the photo of the little girl with boots standing on a dogs back? I think not.

      • Brianeweis

        How could you possibly know what mbm thinks?

      • Cemetery Girl

        Was the child Ellen DeGenerous’s daughter, making her responsible for teaching the girl not to do something like that? I think not.

      • Judy Jackson

        NOT defending Ellen at all. HOWEVER, the little girl in the picture is a MUCH smaller than Trig & the dog is MUCH bigger than the Palin’s dog. Ellen did get negative comments about that picture & UNLIKE idiot Sarah Palin, Ellen did NOT post gibberish filled rants blaming EVERYONE else.

      • mbm

        Well, Chris1946: Despite what you “think”, I never saw the photo posted by Ellen DeGeneres until now. While I would never condone any child using a dog as furniture, the child in the ‘Ellen’ photo is smaller and there were no political diatribes posted with the photo. The differences between Ellen & SP are legion… Ellen is kind, generous, witty and a known animal rights activist, while SP is a mean spirited twit who predictably is now blaming Obama(!!) for her irresponsible actions and lunacy. You really cannot make this stuff up.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Do we know for sure that Palin thinks the letter is satire ?

    As opposed to her thinking that this is a real letter from an actual dog.

    And is her morality so warped that she thinks that anything is permissible as long as she makes up a cutesy story ?

  • Chris1946

    “At least he didn’t eat the dog.”

    • Brianeweis

      Another bizarre response from her

      • Judy Jackson

        Keep in mind that Sarah Palin is obsessed with President Obama to the point of being a stalker. Has she EVER made a statement or comment that did not mention the President? The only thing that comes close to her President Obama obsession is her obsession with social media sites. She is like a 14 year old teeny bopper.

  • eilish99

    Could she have gotten Mad Moose disease from her chili?

  • imapayne

    Palin is a attention whore much like a Kardashian. Stop advertising her