Sarah Palin Calls Limbaugh One of Her “Heroes,” Claims He Helps Make the United States “Exceptional”

palin-limbaughOne of the more unfortunate aspects of my job is having to follow people on Twitter and Facebook that I absolutely can’t stand.  The same goes for watching Fox News.  I’m convinced the career path I’ve chosen will ultimately take years off my life.

One of those reprehensible individuals that I follow is none other than Sarah Palin.  Speaking of Sarah Palin, am I the only one who wonders if John McCain sits at home sometimes just thinking to himself, “What in the hell was I thinking introducing this moron to the national spotlight?”

I really do believe that he does.

But moving on.

Today while I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I ran across a Tweet from Palin that sent me to a picture on her Facebook account of her and Rush Limbaugh taken at what appears to be some kind of book signing event in Florida.

Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh in the same room together—just let that roll around your head for a while.

Well, below this picture was a caption where she called Rush Limbaugh one of her “heroes.”  Seriously.  Rush Limbaugh, a hero?  A drug addicted, sexist, womanizing, racist, bigoted adulterer—is apparently a “hero” to Sarah Palin.

She posted:

Mega dittos from the EIB network headquarters in Florida! Got to meet one of my heroes today, Rush Limbaugh. As I’ve said many times, I was a ditto-head before ditto-head was cool! I was delighted to get a copy of Rush’s new book “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.” Great book for readers of ALL ages. Thank you, Rush, for all you do to educate Americans everyday on the things that make this nation so exceptional.

Brave, selfless, courageous people are heroes.  Role models are heroes.

Some arrogant pile of garbage who makes a living spewing vile hatred, racism and total ignorance is not any kind of “hero.”  And anyone who would view Rush Limbaugh as any sort of a “hero” only shows what a low-life piece of trash they really are.

Seriously, to look up to Rush Limbaugh?  Even many of my conservative friends think he’s disgusting.

But that’s not all she said — she also thanked Limbaugh for educating Americans everyday and being part of what makes this country exceptional.


She believes Rush Limbaugh is someone who helps “educate” Americans and is part of what makes this country “exceptional”?  She said this about Rush Limbaugh?  Limbaugh, someone who constantly degrades women and minorities.  Someone who’s cheated on several wives.  A self-proclaimed “Christian” in Sarah Palin believes Limbaugh to be exceptional?

Then these people wonder why I don’t consider them Christians.

I always knew Sarah Palin was an absolute fool, but her comments about Limbaugh have placed her in a whole new level of stupidity as far as I’m concerned.  And to think, she was could have been VP.

Sarah Palin proves why elections and voting are so important.  Just think about it — had liberals been apathetic in 2008, allowing John McCain to become president, Sarah Palin could very well be our vice president and one heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

If that doesn’t motivate you to get out and vote every election, I don’t know what will.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • disgusted with Tea Twits

    Vomiting now !

  • Mark Moss

    I’ll go one step
    further. She’s not a moron. She’s cornered the market on being brilliantly, selfish.
    The only thing she is… is a self promoting, selfish, one way, propaganda
    spewing, pretentious
    media whore. She had balls enough last week to call out the Pope for “Palling
    around with atheists” …. She was affected and offended that he didn’t
    demonstrate what HER
    version of Christianity was….. Yet, she’s found it appropriate to not only be
    seen with, but posing in pictures with such a destructive, pompous ass of a
    racist human douche’ … like that crumb Limbaugh. (Too much, too soon? – Don’t
    care) it’s beyond ridiculous.

    I feel for you having to be
    subjected to these knuckleheads on a daily basis. Sticking a fork in my eye
    would be less painful than having to follow Palin’s antics for a living. Bless

    • Francois Bergeron

      so you could say she is smart, in an evil, stupid, money-grubbing sort of way.

    • 2Smart2bGOP

      I believe that the “palling around with atheists” line came from a satirical Twitter-war that Bill Maher created for his show. As stupid as she is, that part isn’t true. I agree 100% with the rest of your post, however.

    • regressive rightwing trash

      agreed,,,,,,,,,its all about the money and she and cretins such as Limbaugh/Huckabee ( uggh)/ Hannity and michelle “no tits and HATING her life because of that” malkin are wealthy riding the stupidity of white trash rightwing “CHRISTIAN” regressives who THINK(???) that only they-and FOX “news” has Americas interests at heart


    I always want to thank John McCain for that.
    He positioned this clueless, unqualified person,
    should they have won, (shudder to even think)
    a heartbeat away from the most powerful position
    in the world! The entire GOP accepted and attempted
    to pass her off to US, the American People, as qualified
    and prepared to be president, should the 72-year-old die.

    These quotes prove we were not at all fooled then &
    they cannot EVER be trusted again……

    Jack Cafferty:
    [news clips analyzing Sarah Palin]
    If John McCain wins, this woman will be one 72 year-old’s heartbeat away
    from being President of the United States… and if that doesn’t scare
    the hell out of you, it should.

    Campbell Brown:
    In fairness, probably most people can’t name a Supreme Court case. But most people are not campaigning to be Vice-President.

    and of course the quote that put it all in a nutshell…..

    Fareed Zakaria:
    It’s not that she doesn’t know the right answer, it’s that she clearly
    does not understand the question. This is way beyond anything we have
    ever seen from a national candidate.

  • Francois Bergeron

    strange that there can’t be a leader who takes the best parts of both parties and calls it “common sense”. the idea that we have to pander to a particular base is a silly system.

  • Richard Brooks

    I wonder if crayons come with Rush’s book or do you have to buy them separately?

  • Pat

    “Birds of a feather, flock togther”, as they say. Palin, Limbaugh, Bachmann, Cruz, and the like, are what I would classify as being “mentally ill”. I truly think every one of them is a complete “narcissist”, and they constantly say things that are what someone who is “delusional” would say. “Narcissist” …………. “delusional” …………. hmmm sounds like “crazy” to me.

  • Ram Garcia

    I honestly think she’s playing the cards she was delt…..She was dingy with the media interviews and everyone, by then realized McCain had made a big mistake….Mistake for McCain but gold for Sarah Palin…She has picked up the baton and run with her being considered a dingy….That’s what keeps the media attention and the joke she has become…But she’s laughing all the way to the bank…

  • Ian Hayden Parker

    There normally is a lot of butt kissing when you are campaigning to sell your books and increase your personal wealth. Geee, I don’t think either of them are brown nosing for personal PR purposes, I am sure this is an absolute legit love fest. (sarcasm)

  • crabjack

    “And that’s what she is, the Queen of Refuse. So bow down to her if you
    want, bow to her. Bow to the Queen of Slime, the Queen of Filth, the
    Queen of Putrescence. Boo. Boo. Rubbish. Filth. Slime. Muck. Boo. Boo.

    • 2Smart2bGOP

      Love anyone who can quote The Princess Bride.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Exceptionally WHAT?

    • Myndboglyn

      They mean it like…”we love this country ‘except’ for gays, those on food stamps, and anyone who opposes any of the asinine things we say.”

    • karenlou

      Palin and her heroes–suppose she is going to tell us that God told her to charge those people who are buying her book and then posing with her for a picture–and then put the money into her own bank account. Sarah asked Him “what’s in it for us?” and He must have told her she would be richly rewarded but not to share any money with the ill or the hungry or the unemployed. Leave that charity nonsense to the Pope.

  • Grand1

    Looks very photoshopped to me.

  • Matt Begley

    Now that’s an endorsement than can take one to the top… of a dung heap.

  • regressive rightwing trash

    I still wanna sex that yummie bespectled body of hers,,,,,,,,,,,,, “drill baby drill” after I go down on her——-and if she does NOT bring me a 12 pack of VERY VERY cold YOO HOOs the liason is off,she can go back 2 her husband who needs viagra

  • Francois Bergeron

    president Palin. “shuuuuuder”….

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    I want sex with her———————- total ingratiating sex!! she is an idiot and sexy: great combination for an all-night debauchery!!

  • Avatar

    Maybe Sarah Palin didn’t get the memo about the fact that Rush Limbaugh are making America looks stupid in eyes of proud non-Americans. Both Rush and Sarah are an embarrassment to this country. Rush still haven’t packed his bags and moving to Costa Rica which is unfortunately.